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R. Kelly…what should have happened

Well, I am feeling a bit rested now.  Got a little sleep…woke up at about 12 noon.  My eyes were still a bit blurry so I couldn’t see much.  So, I decided to turn on the Word Channel which streams over the net…and I happened to catch Rev. Jamal Byant delivering his Father’s Day Sermon.  Which was entitled something about R. Kelly.

I have to admit Rev. Byant made some very poignant points concerning R. Kelly, his trial and its outcome of which you can see and hear over his website.  He lead his sermon off by stating facts on Kelly’s musical history, his awards, musical talents and past sexual problems even prior to his last visit into the courthouse. 


I didn’t know that Kelly was a 38 or 39 year old man, making him nearly 40 years of age.  Nor had I known that there were other instances where he had allegedly engaged in having  sex with 2 other under age girls, whom he later paid off to keep from facing prosecution.

And then there was, of course, that other highly known incident involving Kelly where he crossed over onto foreign soil to marry a very young and under aged Aaliyah whom he had been sexually involved with…and married to avoid prosecution, of which the marriage was later annulled.  And no charges were ever brought against him.  So, began his long line of known acts as  a sexual predator of young children.

Having not seen the video of Kelly and the young girl whom the trial centered around during his most recent legal woes concerning his inability to keep his hands off under aged extremely young young girls…having not seen that video while it was floating around, after all, why would I want to see such garbage?  But it was Kelly’s delight in remembering those very explicit encounters via video typing them…and playing them over and over for some type of sick sexual self-gratification that landed him in hot water this time around and facing prison.  This homemade video was the primary source of evidence in the case.  But having not seen that tape…near the end of the trial I became curious.  So, I googled it and went up on youtube…and though the sequence on youtube is exceedingly brief…only seconds long…there was no doubt in my mind that it was R. Kelly.

A point which Rev. Bryant brought out in his sermon…that the jurors agreed that it was Kelly in the tape…but get this…but they were not sure who the young girl was.  So, therefore they decided that based on that they could not convict Kelly. 

Now…let me just count to 10 very slowly before I go any further.


Who cares who the girl was!  

In the few seconds of that tape on youtube…the girl entered into the frame before the tape ends.  And clearly she was somebody’s baby girl.  There was no doubt that that child was exceedingly young…very much under age.  She looked as if she could have been 12…maybe under but certainly not of age.  She was clearly a young child.

I could care less if the girl who it was said to have allegedly been in the tape did not want to get involved in the case…and I can understand why.   And what did it matter…she was under age…and very much so.  Therefore, R.Kelly had committed a crime by engaging in sexual intercourse with an under age child…and he should have been found unequivocally… guilty   

Like the two little girls before her or neither after her…she too may have very well been paid off.  But still the tape showed R. Kelly, who shot the footage himself, engaging in sexual acts with a minor.  That is what the case was about…not who was she?  Just that the other party in the tape was under age…and she was.  Very much so.

There was no question as to who the male party in that tape was.  R. Kelly front and center…and I didn’t have to squint to be able to tell it was him on the tape adjusting the video camera as he prepared and beckoned the little girl towards him as he gyrates himself waiting on her to come between his legs.

There was clearly no way that R. Kelly should have walked away from that courthouse a free man.  But the fact that his lawyers were able to keep the case out of court for 6 years spoke volumes as to its possible outcome.  The further removed a case is in terms of its actual trial date…the more detached and removed people become from the crime…and it becomes easier to come out of the trial with a favorable verdict for the defendant.

R. Kelly is unquestionably a pedophile.  He is an adult who is sexually attracted to children.  And that is just plain sick. 

To corrupt and to steal little girls and/or little boys on anybody’s part, man or woman, is evil. 

Everyday children everywhere are being violated and their feeling of self-worth riped from them.

Men from this country and elsewhere fly abroad to indulge in sex with under aged children in many undeveloped countries where children are sold openly as sex slaves and prostitutes.  Their young lives crushed.

Just last week in this country the FBI organized a sting operation called “Operation Cross Country”  which ended in the rescue of some 21 children who had been forced into sexual slavery as prostitutes, both young boys and girls.  Some 356 people were arrested for engaging in the sexual trafficking of minors.  From Sacramento to Atlanta, and points east and west, a total of 16 cities were involved in this sting operation.  

“Operation Cross Country” was a 5 day nationwide manhunt for criminals who pose as living and breathing humans but who are actually low life animals who make a living off the backs of under aged children by selling them to people as sexual objects.  These people were operating right here in this country out of truck stops and selling children over the internet.

Not all children who are forced into prostitution are runaways…and even if some are runaways should they be used in such a way? 

Many of these kids are kidnapped and usually go listed as missing.  They are drugged up and fed alcohol so that they barely know their own names.  And they find themselves condemned to hell right here on earth where they become invisible.

I can say all of that because I watched an expose’ on television once…only it was about young women in this country who had been rescued from the same thing…pretty young college girls…high school teens…etc.

There is a sickness in the land…and it is vile.  It has no boundaries…or limits. 

Recently I read an old Vibe article that was on the DeBarge’s, a back in the day singing group of highly handsome brothers and their sister.   The story was so sickening to me that I had to stop reading it and put it down.  To think that they had been sexually abused throughout years by their own father…all of them and there were 10 of them was more than I could bare to continue reading. 

Home is suppose to be your haven from the ills of the world and predators.  Not the place where your predators can take you at will. 

Another story that showed up recently was that story of the young…well, she is not young anymore…as her father held her hostage in a dug out crawl space in his basement fathering 7 or 8 kids with her…with the oldest one being 19.  She and her children had been locked in that tiny little crawl space for 24 years…and her children had never seen daylight.  This was another story that I had to set aside and just stop reading anything further on it.

These things turn my stomach.  They are an outrage and whenever these people are located that prepetrate these kinds of crimes they should never be allowed to walk away from their acts.  In fact, new laws, tougher laws need to be written and drafted into effect to deal with all the evils that are over running the land.  The old laws are just not stiff enough…because if they were then we should be seeing less of these kinds of crimes instead of more. 

Many of these people get very little time…when in fact they should be locked away forever.

I will never forget the show I watched on Oprah once.  A 65 year old janitor in a housing complex in Chicago, an ex-sexual offender and predator.  He had been released from prison and was working in the project…which of course projects are full of children.  He grab a young very attractive girl and drove her to some isolated area where this 65 year old senior sexually assualted her, drew acid upon her and shoved her into a street drainage hole, leaving her for dead.  Somehow the girl survived but she was grossly disfigured.  What a hideous crime.

The man was said to be grandfatherly in nature…but he had a deep dark secret…like R. Kelly.  He liked little girls.

No amount of stardom or celebrity-dom should ever play a factor in the exercising the law…and certainly money should never be allowed to be used as force to silence people.  The law is for the lawless…not for some but all who would break it…including R. Kelly.

One note on my gay pride blog…that was not to say that I in any way condone homosexuality.  No, not in any way.  However…

I have a vast amount of knowledge on the matter…and it comes from experience, relationships, family and friends.

To God be the glory…   Have a wonderful day.  I think I am going to now work on my website that I would like to have up before we leave out of here for Detroit on Tuesday.  I might have to pull another all nighter to do it.  But right now…I’m thinking about getting some more sleep…so, I guess the all nighter tonight is out.  Besides it’s 4:33 in the AM right now and I would to be able to see through some not so blurry eyes in the latter part of this morning.  

Plus I am being bombarded by a bunch of hot-flashes.  I told my son that I was burning up…and he told me…

“Ma, it’s not hot.”

So, there you have it…from a very hot ol’ me.    God bless…  ©2008

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It is 2:30 in the morning and I am just now getting up.  I did a marathon yesterday…I stayed up all night without sleeping in order to push out some paperwork that I should have done long ago.  Have you ever had something you really needed to do but just could not bring yourself to get it done? 

Though I stayed up all night to do it…I never once touched what I was suppose to do until about 6 o’clock in the morning.  That’s how much I really didn’t want to do it…something that I should have gotten done back in May.  But as the legal clock was ticking, I could not afford to get out of this month, June, without at lease attempting…and I say that because I may have missed the deadline already.  But I just couldn’t drive myself to do it when I really should have…and I am usually not a procrastinator.

After one legal battle after another this year, 7 classes, 21 credits this past semester…and what seemed to me to be one controversy after another…I am tired. 

So, dealing with yet one more legal affair, which by all accounts should have been done away with last year…I just…I just did not want to do it. 

Call it frustration.  Call it laziness…call it whatever you want.  But I just did not want to do it. 

So, I stayed up all last night realizing that if it was going to get done…this was my absolute last chance to try and get it in. 

It had been a legal issue dating back to 2002, dealing with an automobile accident in which my son’s car was pretty much totaled while he was away at school…since which we had been back and forth to North Carolina in trying to get the matter resolved.  And since we had gone this far and to not see it through…  Well, I had to force myself.

What lawyers count on…is that you will give up…grow tired and concede.  They bank on it in fact.  So, they keep you tied up for years running back and forth. 

Most lawyers won’t even take a case that they don’t perceive is worth it (in time and/or money).  So, unless you have a little knowledge and possess some willingness to sit in law libraries doing a lot of reseaching…you are out in the cold.  You may have a case but no lawyer is willing to take it…because they don’t want to take the time or the frustration of handling a case which might get drawn out in court for years…of which there is not real money involved in it.  And then nobody wants to go up against the giants…because the giants have plenty of money and don’t mind trying to wear you down.

But sometimes you just have to go for it…for yourself.

This issue was one of those.  It involved my son’s life and wellness…and I could not let it go without a fight.  It was never about money…as we were entitled to money.  But the issue was they had endangered the life of my son knowingly.  And when nobody would take the case to represent my son fairly…I stepped in as a party to the case since I had purchase the vehicle and had been the one responsible for paying it off long after its demise.

Our giant was Allstate.  And though they sent out teams of lawyers against us…the facts bore us out.  We won.  And we had no lawyer representing us…and we made every court date though it was a 12 hour drive from our home…and there were over 10 court dates plus mediation, hearings for motion after motion…of which against all those lawyers…for the most part we still prevailed.

There is nothing like being blessed and highly favored.

But last year June was finally due to be our trial date.  And…BAM!  A surprise ruling just before seating the jurors.  I was removed from the case and told I was not a rightful party to the case.  Now my son was placed in a position of having to present our case. 

Now, understand this…I was the one who had filed the suit on “our” behaves.  My son had no involvement in the case other than being the person behind the wheel at the time of the accident…of which he clearly was not at fault.

As the judge was unwilling to hear my arguments as to why I should not be removed from my own case…and was unwilling to allow my son any time to prepare to move forward with our case….there was nothing that we could do. 

My son looked at me with a gleam in his eyes and whispered…”I can do it, ma.  Ma, I do it.”

I said, “____, this is not Judge Judy.”

And he said again, “Ma, I can do it.”

Well, even if he couldn’t…we had no other options in light of the Judge’s decision.

My son was amazing.

I could not believe it.

In all those various trips back and forth to that North Carolina courthouse, my son had never said one word in the courtroom…it had all been me.  Every argument, every document, every motion…everything having to do with our case including bringing the law suit had been me.  And there was my son in that courtroom, on a beautiful sunny day last June, going through jury selection like a champ, submitting evidence, questioning witnesses… like Perry Mason.  He was astounding.  I doubt that I could have done a better job.

And the best part was when he himself took the witness box and the Judge questioned him.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house…not one in the courtroom.  Even the other side…as they watch their case go out the window before them by a couple of amateurs 

My son was great. 

And I say that beyond being just a proud mother.  I never would have thought he would have been able to carry it off…but he more than carried it off.  He swept through it…and stole center stage doing it…like a pro.

With each time we had to gone back and forth into the courtroom…each time we came back a little bit better and more prepared than the last time.  So, by the time the case was finally bought to trial we were so up on it…in terms of big posters of the pictures of the car etc.  Even down to knowing what other cases had been brought against our defendants that were similar to points in our case. 

BUT.  There had been something that we had not been prepared for.

After the Judge dismissed the jurors telling them they would have to return to the court the following day to deliberate their verdict in the case…the judge turned to my son and asked him to “show damages.”

My son didn’t have a clue what the judge was asking him for.  And then the judge commence to dismiss our case.  Meaning that it was…it was all over. 

After all those years of preparing for our case and going back and forth to North Carolina…our case was now thrown out of court.

Therein lays my frustration…we had won.  There had been no rebuttal of our evidence from the other side.  No cross testimonies or witnesses to the contrary.  We, my son and I, had successfully crossed over the bridge to the other side.  So, then why now should I still be faced with having to generate yet more court documents concerning this case?

We had won.

But we had not been prepared for the other side to steal our win from us.  We had been set up…and it had all been a sham…the whole hearing…to an unforeseeable end.  That is what it was that they swung in our direction…a sham.

Lawyers look to see what judge is going to be in what courtroom…they look for judges who are favorable to them, who belong to their country club, whom they play golf with etc…etc…even in some cases may be related to.

Don’t let anybody tell you that justice is blind.  It is a lie.

Now, we are on our way to the Appellate Court.  I will keep you abreast.  But thank God…I finally got our paperwork together. 

I had intended to make the post office yesterday…but it wasn’t until after 3 in the afternoon on Saturday that I finally had everything printed out and copied.  By that time all the post offices here in our town were long closed. 

In New York City, at 34th and 8th Avenue the post office is always opened.  It never closes…except for on legal holidays…in fact it may not even close then.  Outside of that 24/7 that post office is always open…but not that way here.

So, I missed the post office and almost missed UPS.  Got there just seconds before they locked their doors.  Didn’t want to spend all that money…but had to get my documents to the court before this month was up.  And it still might be too late.

Sometimes you just got to get over your frustration and do what you gotta do no matter how you feel about it.

Easier said than done.

I will let you know how the Appellate Court goes.  Looking forward to our 4th…June certainly blew by…in fact this whole year.  July is beating at our door and soon it will be August and back to school…some more aggravation.  An issue I have to settle there…I had put that off too.  Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered.  You would rather not face some things. 

I hate controversy.  I dislike having to deal with them.  But I guess as long as we live there will always be one controversy after another.  Some matter that you have to tend to…or contend with.

It is now 5 o’clock in the morning.  And I didn’t have anyone else to talk to.  Well, that is not quite true…that may have been the case once upon the time.  Or what I thought was true back then…but certainly not now.

And I think I am going to consult Him right now…and read a little. 

Planning on being in Detroit during our 4th…and I’m so happy I was able to get that document out to the Court of Appeals.   What a weight…

I was so tired by the time I got through with it…not to mention how I kept finding myself dozing off at the computer while typing it up…along with rushing so much just to get it done…over a 100 pages of text I had to generate…and as the court required it to be done.  So, I really had to push myself…luckily I had done all the legal reseach in advance.  Otherwise it would have been impossible to do in one night.  No, it was several days of culinated work.  

I am just so happy to be through with it.  So much so…that I never even checked any of it for errors.  One reason being… I could barely see anything anyways…as my eyes were so crossed by 3:40 yesterday afternoon from lack of sleep that it would have served no purpose for me to even try…because I could not see anything much less a bunch of errors on over a 100 pages of court documentations.  (Just a note…I finally, did check it a day later…and had to send a revised package to the court ASAP…and plead upon the court to accept the amended document.   You only get one crack at it…so, it has got to be your best shot…and the high court…as well as, any court is no joke.  Long before you walk through the door the judge…and in this  case the judges…have read and make all kinds of decisions based upon the points of arguments in your documentation)

On my way home after getting the package off…I was so tired I had to fight to stay awake at the wheel as I drove out to the airport to deliver my package to UPS.

I was so tired…that I even forgot to get the address to the courthouse where I was to send my package.   So, I had to end up calling information just to get the address…more time…more money.

So, no political commentary…no, not this morning.  Or any discussion on hot news topics…noooo, not today.   Because…I’m just toooooo tired.

And now…I’m too tired to even go any further with this blog.  I hope some of this made sense.  I am not going to even bother to read it.  As I can barely see…   goodnight…or maybe I should say good-morning.  Enjoy your Sunday. 

And…God bless

ps…well, I did go back over this.  And happy I did…though I had to almost put my nose to the screen of my computer in order to see… but I am just too vain to have posted this blog without first trying at least check it for errors.  Of which there were many.   Though I must admit…I made a lot of spelling errors and forgotten words here and there while writing these blogs. 

Since I am mentioning it…let me say sometimes to pays to mis-spell a thing or 2.  On the day I wrote my blog about those 17 girls and their pregnancy pact…I spelled pact with a “K”…it was also the way that many people spelled it as they searched for that story over the internet.  So, on that day due to my mis-spelling over 240 people found their way to this blog site.

Now, that is truly something.  And so wasn’t my son whom I love dearly.  He is just the best person.  And I say this often…and it is the truth.  He is a far better person than his mother.  And I should know.

Thanks for reading.  ©2008

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Have Gun Will Travel, The Right To Bare Arms

The Suprem Court today agreed that individual Americans have the right to keep, have and to bear arms in a vote of 5 to 4 striking down the D.C .ban on hand guns.  A constitutional decision guaranteed to surely come to mean we all loose.

The Washington, D.C. ban was a 32 year old ban which the Supreme Court said was illegal and violated the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.  That amendment was written in during the Constitution Convention of 1787 stating that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Now living in the 21st Century some questions can be asked about the validity of that amendment today considering today’s violent culture.  Where guns are not used primarily to protect but to commit…crimes.  Every city and town in this country is faced with serious issues concerning increases in violent crimes of which guns are often times involved in. 

For the judges who voted to lift the ban on hand guns in D.C., which has a very high rate of violence…but for those judges the violence in the streets, school yards, businesses and homes in D.C…that violence may not have any affect upon them when they go home to exclusive or gated neighborhoods.  But for the everyday people who live, work and go to school in DC there was a reason why such a ban was put into place in the first place.

The issue of guns and violence in this country is a very big issue and a sincere problem in this country…and the out look does not look better…particularly not in light of this recent Supreme Court decision.  During the 1700’s perhaps there was a need for the militia, bands of men who carried guns, walking around to protect people, their land and other property and were used as their armies. 

But does the same hold true today?  

No, it does not.  We have Police Departments, paid civil servants who earn their pay filling that capacity.  So, there is no need for every citizen to bear arms in order to ensure their or anybody else’s security, safety or rights.  Furthermore, additional societal  development and organization over time since 1787 has removed the need for it.

In fact, today just the opposite is necessary.  We need more effective laws to get all these illegal guns off the streets and criminals locked away…not allowed to go into courts for a hearing then given another date to return back to court where they are then given another date to come back…as they are allowed free to rome the streets and neighborhoods at will.  The ineffectiveness of the court system is a joke to most criminals.  Which is why they continue to perpetrate more and more crimes.  

I am not a big freak on capital punisment.  I certainly don’t want to see more and more men or any one in jails and prisons in this country.  But I do believe that the laws are for the lawless…and therefore if you perpetrate you need to be regulated and dealt with appropriately.

I most recently myself got arrested.  It is a shame to wait until you get up in age and start finding yourself in jail. 

At any rate I had gone to court to take care of some family business when suddenly I was ordered to put my hands behind my back.  I was shocked.  I had no idea what was going on.  And suddenly the judge began talking to me about having a warrant for my arrest for not doing jury duty.

I was livid and I could barely gather my thoughts.  I ended up spending my whole day in jail over an error.  This kind of thing should never happen.  Not to mention that I was handcuffed and would have been shackled, but by the grace of God.  I am still sieving. 

What an embarrassment to be marched through the halls of the courthouse like a common criminal. 

How could such an error like that happen?

Because of problems in our legal and court systems errors do happen…and many times those who should be locked up never do…or end up spending very little time for whatever it was that they had done.

However, in no way should we be regulating more laws that aid and assist criminals to be criminals.  So they can walk into court after they shoot somebody for no reason…and say, “Well, I had a right to protect myself.”

This is not the wild wild west.

The criminals aready have guns.  Most decent people don’t want a gun anywhere around them.  So, why should we have to contend with the possibility of getting caught up in the crossfire of some lunatics suffering from road rage or gas pump frustration?

And it is a known fact that if you own a gun…in the heat of a moment you are subject to use it.  We have all gotten angry and wanted to kill somebody.  And if at the time we could have…we would have.  But I thank God now for temperance…but there was a time I didn’t have any.

 It is clear that this country is in need of gun controls that work not laxed restrictions which now allow every man, woman and child of…I don’t know what age…in Washington, D.C. to legally start packing a hand gun.

The question is…how long will it take the other states to follow?

Talk about opening up the flood gates.

This month is flying by so fast that I will soon wonder where did my summer go? 

Haven’t done much.  Need to clean the house but just can’t seem to get into the mood.  But I will soon get tired of looking at it and get busy then sit back and  marvel at what I did.  And think, “wow…”.  Then commence to get it right back into the state I just finished taking it from.

Can’t stand the clutter.  But I’ve got all summer to think about cleaning it up.  Except the bathroom and kitchen…those things I must do.  And do regularly…couldn’t stand it any other way.  And I always make my bed.

Maybe, I’m not so bad after all.  Enjoy your summer and don’t let yourself get bogged down.   God bless…  ©2008

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Gay Pride, Black Music Month, Sex & Living Single

Well, June is Black Music Month and Gay Pride.  All across New York City most of this month things have been hopping…events and been taking place all over the city.  Events here and events over there, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Yonkers etc.  But Sunday is the big day…the parade comes up 5th Avenue and moves across 7th Avenue when it hits the Village onto Christopher Street and then a “party ain’t a party unless I run…”

During all the hoopla over same-sex marriages I keep asking one thing.  Why are people so up in harms about it?  It is not like gays have not been marrying each other for years.  It probably dates back to before Christinaity.  Hold it…wait a minute…before you go bonkers and start to debate me on the issue.   Let me just say that the Greek Culture was known for it and homosexuality is spoken of all through the Bible along with a wide variety of other things…and nobody has stopped doing them either.  

However, the point I am trying to make if you would just hold off for a moment…is this.   That the only difference now that various states are slowly starting to sanction the union of same-sex couples as being legal it allows them to reap the benefits that come along with being married…such as being able to file their taxes together, having the right to have a say so during medical emergencies etc.

But at least the gay men and women want to get married.  That is all I am saying.

What about the “so called” straight couples?

Why don’t they want to get married?

This is really where I have been trying to get to in a round about way.    Because I think this is a even greater issue.  We could talk about fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lying, cheating, stealing, swearing, killing, raping etc…all of which are sins no matter how you lay it out…say it…or who is doing what.  

But this thing…where everybody is just shacking around and half playing house…this really bothers me.  I can’t really understand it.  Moral codes are rapidly disappearing all over the world.  Of which most of them start in the home.  But if the home has no moral codes…then what have people to operate with when they are outside of the home?

That guy who stole 24 years of his own daughter’s life.   He locked own his daughter away in a basement crawl space…which he meticulously built just to imprison her…for using her as his personal sexual slave while claiming she had run away…and caused her to bare 7 or 8 children that were both her sisters and brothers and to whom she was also their mother. 

That man’s excuse, and we will not call him “father,” was that after his father left their home when he was a kid…he and his mother used to…and I will stop right there…because the story is too sicking.  But it failed to remove any responsibility from that man for his own self-serving acts perpetrated upon daughter…and subsequently his children/grand-children.  What a sick story. 

When you think of all these children being molested and killed, women beaten and raped, murdered…pregnant women killed by their husbands…one has to wonder what is going on. 

What is going on?

Going back to the issue of marriage, no’…’sex, yes.’

Oh, I know everyone has their own reasons for not wanting to get married…or vice versa.  

I have a friend who has lived with someone this way for over 20 years.   I have heard and can sympathize with her reasoning.  However, marriage  I think is important to sealing and bonding people together.  Which I guess this is why gay people also desire to marry.  

Though  today many heterosexuals seem to believe marriage is just plain old fashion…and seems to have very much fallen by the wayside.  They believe that marriage is not the thing to do.  And particularly not right now.   Maybe later…but not right now.

Why would you want to think that?

It is not logical.  As though you believe you will always look as good or great as you do now…or always be healthy.

However, they want all the benefits of marriage.  Like getting up every morning with somebody laid up beside them.  And not be ready for any of the commitments.

I, however, could not imagine anything more beautiful.  I can just see the look in Adam’s eyes as he gazed upon Eve and spoke these words.

“…bones of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman…”  His woman, Eve.  Shakesphere could not have said it better. 

The thought that Adam came into the world as a man. 

Can you imagine that? 

Adam was never a little boy.  That is a fascinating thought.

Now, let me go back to my actual thought.

There is something about having that paper that not having it just cannot do.   or replace.   For one thing it can protect you and entitle you to things that you would not be entitled to without becoming married.  Certain benefits like medical coverage, retirement benefits, military compensations etc. all go along with being married to someone who is entitled to them…not to mention their social security benefits and medical benefits.   

Secondly, say you both should live a very long time and one of you dies…well, I have seen how families can just come in and take over everything and shove the survivor out of the property and everything else.   (This is one of the biggest reasons why most gays want to get married because they acquire so much together.  Some even have businesses and large property holdings etc.)

But even more importantly…it is just the right thing to do.  If you love someone marry her or him.  Do it the right way…and don’t do it because of the sex or because you want to lock somebody down…or box them in.  Do it for love.

That is why gays are doing it. 

You can’t fault people for falling in love.  It may not be your choice but at least for one thing…they are eagerly running to the altar.  Can’t say that about heterosexuals, or non-gays…or however or whatever you want to say it.

I think the focus should come off of the gay community and get on why aren’t the heterosexual or straight people marrying?  That to me is a greater issue and one we might be able to fix.  But we must first find out why marriage isn’t the in-thing to do any more?  Or why marriage is no longer anticipated institution which it once was…and still should be?

Has the institution of marriage been so tarnished that many people simply just perfer to lay around and jump from bed to bed?

What happened to giving your children some real foundation?  Like having both a mother and a father, married to one another and living together caring for their children.   I wonder just how many of those 17 girls who made that pact in Massachusetts came from families that had both a mother and father under the same roof, living as man and wife?

Talk about those 17 girls who made that pact…they were thinking about as clear headed as many older women think that they are.  Many women lack any type of understanding or vision toward their futures.  This is prinary reason why some women when they get older start to begin to feel desparate.  They have played around all of their lives…and then they hit 40 or 50…and now any old thang will do.  They just want to get married.  They are desparate to get married…and they settle for any ol’ thang they can find.   What a mistake.  And it is so sad.

Why wait until you are nearly dead to consider marriage?

Well, happy Gay Pride and Black Music Month.   To all my sisthas and brothers enjoy Sunday in the City and be safe.  In your times of trouble remember you can always call upon the Lord.  And when you get to Fire Island take a dip for me.

Love you all.  Holla.    …and God bless…

  • “He is the answer…oh, yes He is.”   ©2008


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The stats don’t lie, Mama/Baby-Daddy Drama


Wow, I can’t believe that so many people are zeroing in on this thing and reading my stuff…and evidently nobody is disagreeing with me.  And I really don’t mind hearing from the other side…tell me off…disagree with what I have to say and I won’t hate you for it.  I may just not post it…that’s all.   Just kidding.

Do you think that when this has all been said and done that I might end up being a superstar?


So, let me not continue to slap myself all across my back…Ooouch!  And take this time to thank you for tuning in…ahhhhh…I mean downloading this page.  Would hate to say…”my blog.”  Like I really own it.  That would just be too terribly big headed of me.  But thank you for doing so anyhow.  My mother thanks you…my father – well, let me stop…because they couldn’t possibly thank you.  But as their child and representative, I sincerely thank you.  So, keep reading and hitting me up.  I love hearing from you and I know alot of you have far more interesting things to say than I do.  So, let yourself run free.


It is going to unfold.  At this very time all those men who were so generous with their to sperm in order to assist those young school girls to get pregnant…can’t you just see them lawyering up right now?

I mean after all it’s a big story.  And somebody is going to want to be the first guy out of the box…to get his picture all over the papers and on Goodmorning America.

And that is the problem.  Every wrong deed somehow always ends up getting some type of glorification.  Murders on deathrow get lawyers who become their agents selling interviews to the highest bidders.

These people should all be taken quietly…and walked down a long dark hall to never be heard of again.  Then there wouldn’t be any such thing as “copycating” this or that.

I’m tried of reading and hearing news items about men killing their pregnant wives…after watching endless media attention to Scott whatever his name after he killed Lacey.  The guy was turned into a virtual urban legend and some kind of playboy.  He was a murder.

Look at how some kids want to dupicate these school massacres.  They all want to put on trench coats and wear dark sunglasses…and get into some kind of countercultural doomsday groove.  Those who conspire want to dupicate or somehow equal if not try to surpass the murdering spree of those 2 boys on that dark day at Columbine High.

It’s all that 15 minutes of flame thang…even Ojay has to keep doing something stupid in order to keep his face before the camera.  It is contagious.  And we are all hypocrites because we just can’t seem to get enough of it.  We hate it…yet we love it.

We have all heard  that saying, “That even bad press beats no press all.”

So,  what if they have to kill, mutilate, torture, demean, lie, scheme, fraud, rape, steal, jump out a window…some people will do it…and if they live afterwards…love all the attention that they are getting for it.  Or in the case of the kids that they get it after they are dead and gone…after having taken a few innocent people with them to the grave.  How morbid.

It is all very preverse.


The mama/baby-daddy drama is about to unfold on those 17 teenage girls who star in the pregnancy pact story.  And look for grand-ma and grand-daddy’s to get into it.  It is all about money…Larry King will soon be calling.  And watch out for the copycats.

Have a good one.  Tonight maybe I will get into bed before 5 AM…I’m going through menopause and just cannot sleep.  I lay there…and my brain doesn’t even have enough sense to start counting sheep.   But at least ways you can rest.  I guess at least one us has to have her our ears to ground so she can share what what she hears with others.   God bless….  ©2008

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Teen Pregnancy Pact 2, Sex Ed, R. Kelly


I had no idea that most of those 17 girls in Massachusetts who made that pact to get pregnant were all bascially about 15 years of age.  I guess we could throw out a bunch of words like ‘young and stupid.’  But what would it do to call them stupid…it’s not like taking an exam and being able to cram to up your score.  They can’t go back and undo it…not that they would consider such a thing because they viewed it as a game.  Something they continued to indulge in until they got the outcome that they wanted.  And that was to be impregnated.

In listening to the news segments you would think that this was an isolated thing (these 17 grade school girls making a pact to get pregnant).  Oh, I am sure maybe the rest of the young girls haven’t made a pact…but they might as well have.  When you can walk into any high school or middle school in America and find more than half of their population being young teenaged mothers and fathers…something is wrong.  And it has been wrong for some time now…not just since hearing about this ‘so-called’ pact…and about those 17 deranged and highly mis-guided girls who for ‘ha-ha’s’ decided to make an ridiculous pact to get pregant.

There is an epidemic spreading across America called teen pregnancy.  It is rampant and it is a huge issue that is not an enigma peculiar only to the Gloucester, MA, school system.  This problem is in every high school and middle school in this country.  I can say that because as a teacher in the public school system I had the opportunity to witness it first hand.  And now that children are developing so rapidly and early in terms of their physical development this problem will soon undoubtedly hit the younger grades as well if we are not careful and begin to act now. 

As quietly as it has been kept there have already been incidence’s of very young girls as young as 11 and 12 becoming pregnant and having babies.

How has this all come about?

By throwing open the flood gates of the sexual revolution and leaving it unmonitored we have done it.

We have allowed sex to become the societal norm and the barometer by which we measure who is or is not worth paying attention to.  We have allowed it to set the standards and marks by which we live and/or fall. 

Marriages fall apart when the sex life is gone.  Priest have crossed lines drawn in the sand…which were supposedly indelible.  Governors have vacated offices amidst scandal.  Teachers have fallen by the wayside by daring to touch the forbidden.  Presidents and elites…bad boys and bad girls dot the landscape from page to page. 

Parent or stranger or care provider or television programmer who has shielded our children from the sexual storm? 

Little wonder the kids frolick like rock stars from bed to bed.  And those of us not living under the daze of sex…we have long turned a blind eye on the problem and have chosen to try and ignore it…as if it were not all around us. 

Did we really have to hear about 17 high school girls making a pact to get pregnant to elicit a reaction from us to this problem?

It is an epidemic.

In most schools around this country we would be hard pressed if we could find 10 girls in a school building who were not indulging in some form of sex.  Most girls and boys that line the upper level school hallways are mothers and fathers, and some of them second or third time around…and their numbers far exceed that of those students who are not.   Vast number of students are having sex…it is a known fact of which the kids are not even ashamed to disclose or talk about openly amongst themselves…or others.

It was not until this very moment that I recall having a conversation about this time last year with a young lady who had graduated from high school already.   She told me that she felt pressured to have a baby because all of her friends had babies.  She went on to say that she felt that her friends were angry at her because she was not like them.  Meaning she was not a mother.  She was 21 years old and a friend of my son.

This is serious.

I looked at the girl (I was a bit stunned) and said, “If your friends are mad at you it’s because you don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter everytime you want to go somewhere.  And they’re mad at how you can take your money and spend it on yourself and not have to worry about buying Pampers or baby formula.  Believe me.  They’re not mad at you.  They are jealous of you.”


While watching a news segment about the Gloucester mess…the school district was trying to detemine how much more sex education they needed to throw at their problem of rising pregnances in their schools…a problem everywhere not just in Gloucester. 

But the mere fact that the school officials in Gloucester believe that more sex education may be a cure all…signals that they clearly do not understand the breathe or depth of the problem and that the problem is much BIGGER than just their school system. 

The problem of sex is a cultural problem which has taken a hold of the minds of our kids, children, young adults, middle-aged people, seniors etc.   It has lead many kids to believe that they know everything there is about sex while possessing no real understanding of sex at all.  If they understood then they would understand that sex is a gift…something special and it should be treated with the utmost respect and forbearance.

The kids are easily swayed and tantilized by sub-cultures and negative behaviors which they seek to emulate to the peril of their own lives and futures. 

But what is our excuse?

Why do many adults have as much difficulty dealing with sex as the kids do…and some more so?

It is a question I cannot possibly answer when you talk about adults and sexuality.  The answer can be as wide and as varied as the people themselves.

The primary root to this problem is that no one is going to hold them…the kids…or those 17 girls who made that  idiotic pact  accountable. 

They are under age so, therefore, they are not responsible for their actions.  

They weren’t fully aware of the consequences. 

They just don’t understand.

We can come up with all the excuses…and as many as we want to.  But somewhere along the way these kids are going to have to start accepting some accountability for their own actions and take responsibility for them.  Without doing so they will continue to make one stupid mistake after another and never learn anything.

Those 17 girls purposedly went out and got themselves impregrnated.  Mostly they were under aged girls seeking out men…based upon information in the news.   The fathers of these babies and babies to be by these 17 girls were over the age of 20, with one of them being homeless and 24 years old…while most of these 17 girls were just 15 years old. 

What level of sex education could have stopped these girls? 

But for the kids it gets down to one major point….responsibility or the lack thereof.


And since being implemented into the curriculums in our school systems that is the problem…what has sex education done?

What level of success has sex education had?


Now more than ever before more and more teenage girls are becoming pregnant while still in grade school.

More and more little mothers and fathers occupy seats in our grade schools than ever have prior to the addition of sex education in the schools here in America. 

There is no need for sex education in the schools because the vast majority of kids could teach the teachers a few things about sex…and some have.   That is how versed they are on the subject.  And they have and are learning it the old fashion way…by doing it and in record numbers. 

There is so much sex going on in school that sex ed is more like child’s play to them…one big joke.  The kids are doing it on the school buses, in the bathrooms, locker rooms, empty class rooms, broom closets, auditoriums…you name it.   And if they can’t learn it amongst themselves…there are few good teachers and other faculty eager to give them a one on one.


Fresh on the heels of the R. Kelly trial outcome, the returning of those children to their Mormon families and hearing the story about the 17 girls who made the pact to get pregnant…not to mention that terribly distrubing story of the father who kept his own daughter locked down in a crawl space in his basement for 24 years while fathering her 7 or 8 children… 

In this season of predatory extremes, 17 young girls entered into something that they may or may not have had the full and complete comprehension of the gravity of their actions…but certainly the men involved cannot say the same.  They were not children, grade school or otherwise.  But no matter how the opportunity availed itself upon them they should be prosecuted to the fullest letter of the law…without the strings and failures of the R. Kelly trial, who should have been locked away long ago…back when the story of him and Aaliyah first broke, when she was just a kid.

But so much for all of that heavy stuff…if we stayed immersed in the dark side of everything we would never see the sunny side of anything.  And though I enjoy the rain, I also love looking up at big beautiful clouds on glorious summery days.  Here’s a smile for you…and rain or shine it’s your day.   Enjoy it.     God bless…  ©2008

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Bear Sterns, Vice Pres, Obama…


How many of these stories about insiders ripping off investors are we going to hear and bear? No pun intended but at the end of the day tax payers end up having to pay for it…that’s what really gets me. These guys always end up walking away with millions and leaving poor everyday people (tax payers) to bear the burden of their misdeeds while they always get to keep most of the money that they stole while perpetrating crimes.

Oh, sure we could say, “shame on you”…but they’ve heard that already. Or we could say, “Let’s make ’em sign a pact to stop lying, cheating and stealing, and never do it again.” But didn’t we do that too?

You do remember that don’t you…Bush organized it and issued the code of ethics that all the executives were suppose to sign. But then let’s face it…would you cease to be a fraud, liar, thief and a cheat if George Bush gave you a document like that? Even Bush himself probably had his eyes closed with his fingers crossed behind his back as he put his signature on the document putting that supposed code into affect. And you know what…we haven’t heard anything about it since. And that all happened the first or second year after Bush stole, lied and cheated his way into the Oval Office.

But let me go to Martha Steward…how is it that she was ushered so quickly into prison when these Bear Stern exec’s (that they caught with their hands in the cookie jar…lying to investors while cashing in on their side of the table aiding in destabilizing the countries housing market). Just how did these two Bear Sterns exec’s manage to go off on vacation and spend millions in stolen hard cold cash while partying? What happened to freezing assets and not allowing crooks to put a hand on anything before their day in front of the judge?

Talk about some double standards…and the same thing with those Enron guys. It was the exact same scenario…and look how perfectly timed that was. The big Enron chief died before the trial and the jurors could be seated. How perfectly timed that was…couldn’t have happened by accident. And poor Martha they couldn’t rush her off to prison quick enough. In fact, it happened so fast it’s a wonder Martha didn’t get whip-flash.

Integrity and honor were something applauded and celebrated years ago. But today you can barely find them…either of them. Lying and cheating have become part of today’s culture. It is not just in the corporate world or Wall Street…it is in government, the court house, the school yard, college campuses, homes, churches…relationships, marriages, operating rooms, hospitals…television, news, internet…everywhere. And some of the places where lying, cheating, stealing, abusing etc. dominate the most are some of the most shocking.


Noooo, not Hillary. I could care less what Hillary wants. She does not even deserve a consideration. Anybody who would single-handedly try to railroad any political party in this country to forcefully submit to their will…their demands…their-their…(SIGH) can’t think of anything else…but she should not be lauded or applauded and touted as some type of national hero…or should I say she-ro.

All along the campaign during the Democratic Primary, Hillary refused to play fairly…even down to the end. Had not the Political New York Heavy Weights gone after her and forced her to surrender, submit, give-in etc…etc…she would have gone before Judge Judy seeking out recourse and some type of resolution in the courts…of which she may still try to do as she merely suspended her campaign as she voiced. This, of course, had been a consideration of hers all along the campaign trail that even those close to her were disclosing all over media if Hillary failed to get the nod from Party. And they were all very clearly angry (Hillary’s people) and did not mind trying to get people to cross over and cast their votes for McCain in light of Hillary not becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party Presidential Election 2008.

Shame on Hillary for causing such discourse by trying to motion women and poor middle class Whites to cross over to the other side and vote for McCain. And she wants to purposely break Obama’s bank roll by having his people pay off her campaign debts which she so unabashedly, shamelessly and recklessly continuously kept pouring into her sinking ship of a campaign knowing that she would be looking to hit up Obama for the reimbursement. And we thought Nixon was tricky. He could have taken some lessons from Bill and Hillary.

If Obama were to choose Hillary as VP, and he won’t, but if he were to do so…he really wouldn’t be able to sleep. Talking about having to keep one eye open and a finger on a trigger…and I don’t even believe in guns. But if Obama got a phone call in the middle of the night it wouldn’t be about how he would handle the situation or the crisis. No, that would be the least of his worries…he would first have to be careful to stay away from all the windows…and remember to keep low because Hillary could be out in bushes.

I know Hillary is dangerous.

There is this saying about a woman scorned…maybe you know it.

If Obama chose Hillary…well, let’s just say it this way…the brother would have to start packing. Let’s face it…she has put out the code word and everything else against Obama. And all this, mind you, while she wasn’t even VP but just another person in the race.  Imagine just how much more dangerous Hillary Clinton would be to Obama if she were his VP.


Finally got a chance to hear the speech which Obama gave at a church in Chicago on Father’s Day.

Personally, as always Obama gave a great message…and that is what it was. He was invited to speak at a church on Father’s Day. So, what else would he have talked about? And it was a Black church…so, why wouldn’t he talk to them about Black Men stepping up and being responsible.

But clearly anyone hearing that speech by Obama could apply it across the board to men in almost all the various groups. Many men today totally disregard their responsibilities…whether it be inside or outside of marriage. What better day to have such a dialog than on Father’s Day. And Obama is destined to become one of the great fathers of this country.  So, who better than to take the time on Father’s Day to give it…in this day where we need leadership to step up to the plate and lead not only in words but by example.

It is unfortunate, however, that every time Obama speaks he is going to have to be dissected not only by White folks but by Black folks as well…believing that everything he says is politically motivated or that he has some kind of special agenda.

Enemy Combatants…

Labeling is everything…and the Bush Administration knows how to get around everything simply by refusing to call things what they are or as they are. This might just be a little something that the Bush Administration, however, picked up from the Clinton Administration when Clinton refused to called the Rwanda Genocide a genocide until some 100 days after it had begun and came to an end, in 1994.

Bush has been such a good student in learning how to not play the call it what it really is game…you can actually see how well it works by his phrasing of our current economic depression as a mere “Slow Down”…not a recession but just a little ol’ slow down.

So, Bush has applied the same little trick to how the US has classified various prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. By classifying prisoners as detainees rather than as enemy combatants has allowed the US Government to squirm around and not have to adhere to any of the codes of ethics or of conduct instituted by the Geneva Convention in regards to treatment of prisoners, the interrogation of enemy combatants etc. These little games, however, and that is what they are…games…fool no one…foolish…and are fools play.

The tarnishing of America’s image is something in which the Bush folks have not spent one night losing any sleep over. It is truly a very sad commentary on the legacy of any so-called President of the United States. However, to put at the jeopardy thousands of innocent enlisted men and women lives who risk being captured, tortured and/or killed every day in places where dismay and mayhem was perpetrated by this country under the Bush Administration is incomprehensible. And to heighten the likability of them being tortured and butchered because our government, the US government, refuses to play by the rules and adhere to the Geneva Convention is a grave mistake.

In every discourse, someone has to take the high road…and it will never be this country under the rule of Cheney and Bush.

Really, at the end of the day what would it hurt to allow detainees in Guantanamo Bay to have their day in court? Not unless this government has scooped up a bunch of people who really knew nothing and have had nothing to do with terrorism…just people used to make it look good by having large numbers imprisoned to aid somehow in the appearance of the Bush group seemingly looking good and as being effective in its war on terrorism. Truthfully, do not put this pass them.

That would be an outrage wouldn’t it…to find out there may be a bunch innocent people grabbed up and carted off to Guantanamo Bay for years and detained there with no kind of recourse or time table…or possible no way out. To allow anyone out who has been detained falsely under the Bush Administration would certainly guaranteed the possibility of future problems for the USA…as some of those detainees (who may have been falsely imprisoned) are bond to come out very bitter and harboring great hatred and resentment towards America now even if they may not have before.

What a mess the Bush Administration has gotten us into…and so foolishly.


I haven’t gotten over the spinach thang to tell you the truth. It is not that I have been eating spinach all that long. I really started about, I don’t know, maybe some 20 years ago…and I won’t tell you how old I am but that is far less than half of my age. But once I started eating spinach, mostly in salad…can’t really stand it cooked…I kind of grew to like it. And wouldn’t you know it…once I finally started eating my spinach it comes up being tainted…and I haven’t touched it since.

Now, tomatoes have hit the list. One good thing about tomatoes…you can always grow your own…cheaper that way too. And it doesn’t take a lot to grow them or to get them to grow. Funny the home grown tomatoes actually taste better anyway. And if you never noticed…and I hate to tell you this…I never noticed it either until somebody pointed it out to me…today when tomatoes rot they start rotting from the inside out. That never was…well, back in the day. (for some reason while writing this blog I’m beginning to feel old…real old)

All the un-natural techniques of growing fruits and vegetables today, as well as, pumping up everything…cattle…and those poor chicken. I really feel sorry for them. I can’t imagine being shut-up in a dark sealed off in a place where they are feigning night 24 hours, all day and night, to continuously have me producing eggs…ughhhh! It just doesn’t sound right. And the size of some chickens today can rival the size of a small turkey. (can’t get away from that word ‘today’ for some reason)

Salmonella is all over the place…tomatoes, spinach, chicken, hamburgers etc…etc… And if that doesn’t get ya’ there is Mad Cow disease, Bird Flu, Foot and Mouth disease and who knows what else…they never tell us everything until it is upon us and at least twenty or more have come down with it. I remember sitting at home in New York afraid to go out because the city would out all night busy spraying mosquito’s.

If you have noticed nothing tastes the same as it did years ago. Sometimes you just want to shout enough is enough…these scientist have just gone too far. Whenever I look at steak I never know if I’m eating one of poor ol’ Dolly’s off-springs…that could account for why most meats taste old and lack the favor of foods from yesterday. At lease those in Africa were wise enough to say no to bio-generated foods. Who would want it? That’s is how they got into trouble with AIDS. Nobody talks about it…but do you remember that ship they used to call the Good Ship Hope that used to carry thousands upon thousands of bags of blood to Africa.

Nobody of course talks about it…but that ship did used to exist and they even used to run commercials about it and their great humanitarian deeds. Nobody calls that ship’s name now…not since Africa suffers so heavily from HIV and AIDS. So, of course, the Good Ship Hope’s name has not been brought up, especially not since it has been discovered that blood is the number one means of transmitting AIDS.

But going back to the foods that we eat it is little wonder people are suffering from all kinds of nerve and other disorders…it’s all the chemicals in our water and our food. Everything is shot up with this or that. Yes, larger is better in some things but not in all things. And not matter how you try to get away from it…it really doesn’t matter who plants what or where…because chemicals are everywhere…in all our water, in the soil…everywhere…even in the air we breathe.
We have truly messed up this planet…little wonder Mother Nature is striking back. (I don’t actually believe in Mother Nature…but I do believe in God and retribution)


No matter how much we try not to acknowledge it this gas thing could get a lot worst. Based upon the prices that other countries pay we have really had it easy, and that really goes for everything…just talk to some foreigners. But who cares about other countries…we live in America!

Greed being what it is…it was just a matter of time before our prices started to catch up with the rest of the world. We, Americans, after all, have had the most disposable income in the world for a very long time…and for the most part our government has held back the super dogs from ripping every penny out of our little ol’ hands. But today our government is in bed with many those super dogs and just doesn’t mind passing legislation to help them, themselves and their friends to get richer.

A lot of things have changed since the influx of the Bush Administration into the White House. When you consider how rapidly under Bush the gas prices have blown-up…it is not just Exxon or Sunoco who should be called in to chat with the Senate and be investigated…but Bush and his gang too.

It is not a secret how closely tied Bush is to the companies making all these stellar millions while we have all have had to tighten our belts and go without. Think about it…when Bush went into the White House where were the gas prices…maybe at what…a $1.39/gal for regular gasoline…think about where it is now? Just how did that happened and so rapidly?

Nothing can happen as fast as our gas prices skyrocketing without some inside help. For one thing by going in and invading Iraq, Bush more than orchestrated this. At the very on-set when Bush started talking about invading Iraq most people here in America and elsewhere saw the invasion for what it really was…that it was all about oil. Not quite in the way as we all thought though. It was about the stifling of the oil market by disrupting the oil output coming out of Iraq thereby causing the oil world to go bonkers…and push up prices by destabilizing the Middle East even further and the OPEC Moguls.

If you think for a moment that they, Bush/Cheney and everybody around them didn’t have stocks in Sunoco, Exxon, Mobil, Texaco etc. and everything else having to do with basic home utility services and fuels…then you are living in the Dark Ages. They are all making out like a bunch of bandits drinking pina coladas waving a finger in the air with a hand on their hip dancing around the glow of the ol’ camp fire while singing songs and occasionally taking breaks to punch up their accounts on their Blackberries to see just how much more their fuel investments have grown within the last 15 minutes.

When you can manipulate the market…you can also help yourself to lots of the benefits and rewards of doing so. And as President of this country George Bush and Dick Cheney have been able to do pretty much anything and everything they have wanted to do including torturing prisoners which is clearly against International Law, eavesdrop and spy on American citizens etc. They launched a pre-empted strike on the Iraqi people, instituted wire tapping, torture and the Patriot Act which in essence gave Bush and his crew carte blanche as to whatever they wanted to do almost without limits as long as they framed under the guise of being in the best interest of National Security.

When you consider the gas shortage of the 70’s…it paled in terms of the prices we see at the gas pumps today at prices well of over $4.20. When the gas shortage of the 70’s was over it was finally disclosed to the American public that there really hadn’t been a gas shortage…because the government had never come close to having touched our own gas reserves…this mind you after a very tremulous period in American history where people were being killed at gas pumps fighting over gasoline…and then there was the gasoline rationing instituted by the government where depending upon the last number on your license plate you could or could not buy gas only to find out that we had not really been in a gas shortage after all.

Our government from time to time has been cruel without measure or reason…what was the purpose of having done that?  Money.  Then like today.

Bush having gone into Iraq and disrupted the oil supply by bombing everything was a very good way of ensuring a certain desirable outcome…like escalating gasoline prices. Before going into Iraq the outcome undoubtedly had to been weighed and the consequences probably had been of great consideration by the Bush Administration. So, the only logic for making such a decision could have only been if the benefit of obliterating Iraq outweighed the consequences of not invading Iraq.

There is this saying that the rich only want to get richer.

Surely, all that effort was not solely for the removal of one man and his two sons. There had to be something more to the invasion of Iraq. And we all know it was never about weapons of mass destruction.

Here is what it was…the idea was to make the rich richer…and if anybody among that group wasn’t rich prior to the bombing of Iraq…they quickly pulled together some money from somewhere, invested it in Sunoco and anything else that had to do with fuel, oil, utilities etc…and have made a bundle. And they are still making bundles of money on the Iraqi War while it is costing us over a billion dollars per day. And as if financial cost were not enough…consider the innocent lives on both sides. And here we are in America fighting to keep our heads above the water as the prices for everything shoot up due the inflated costs of oil and gasoline.

Now, Bush is calling to end the band on off-shore drilling as a means to decrease the rising cost of fuel from abroad. He says that now that gas prices are climbing over $4…”…it is now time to end the bands.”

Well, who caused the increase in the first place?

Now, Bush wants to turn it around? What in the eleventh hour? Yeah…and at what costs? And to whose benefit?

They’re in the oil business, folks. The Bush’s are oil barons. George Bush and the Republicans got us into this mess and he is not in business of turning anything around…but more money.
When was the first time you got into your vehicle and had to decide upon what errands you could afford to run that day…and what you could do along this or that route while carrying out some other errand?

It is called bundling…and you’re doing it…and I am doing it. This is something we never really had to think about before. But when you consider that nearly $4.50 gives you what you used spend $1.05 at the pump a few years ago…bundling is the only way to go.

My mother used to take us in the car and drive us through the countryside on beautiful summer days stopping by fruit and vegetable stands along the way. And many times we would find ourselves out on the Connecticut shoreline taking in the sun and racing through the rushing ocean waters lapping at the beach sands. But who can afford it today at the prices we pay at the gasoline pumps at today’s prices. To get in your car and go anywhere is like going on vacation now…we have ended up paying $100 to $300 or more a week just to get around town.
Think about it…putting $5 worth of gas into your tank today is just a little above putting in a dollar’s worth yesterday…I mean years ago. I understand that we live under the domain of inflation but something seriously wrong with this picture.

Perhaps we can’t say it all started after George Bush got into the White House…but these soaring runaway prices have. And the funny part about it is…everywhere he goes he rides for free.


Did you know that prior to George Bush presidents were paid only $200,000 a year. That was up until Bush stole his way into the White House. After Bush took over the country the presidential pay shot up (just like our gas prices but faster) to $400,000 a year.

To think we pay Bush double the amount of money Clinton was paid during his 8 years in the White House is mind bobbling. Talking about an over paid executive.

That’s not all…we not only pay him all that money but with every bite he takes, every piece of toilet paper or tissue he sneezes into we pay for it. So, to think that Bush is the one responsible for our fuel shock at the gas pumps, our food shock in the grocery stores, and our shock over prices in department stores and pharmacies etc. around the country is…is…is…(you fill in the blank…I can’t think of anything right now because many people are hurting…and really hurting from what this man and his administration has done). And it is a shame.

Thank God a new day is just ahead. Change is in the atmosphere.


When I read the newspaper and see all the foreclosures, forget about around the country, but right here! Right here where I live…it is hard not to feel for our fellow Americans who are faced with foreclosure, high education costs, runaway medical expenses etc…it is hard not to feel some level of empathy…and even more so if you have to go through some of this yourself.
Foreclosure is no joke. You do not go to bed and sleep…because you never know what you are going to wake up to in the morning. The fear our home being sold over her head is quite frightening. So, I have come to remember to pray for everyone going through this process.

I also had to go through most of my winter, last year, without heat or hot water…that too taught me how to pray for others going through that…for those without a home or roof over their head. I can’t imagine it…but I do know that it has to be a grievous state to be in.

It is funny if you don’t have to go through some of these things yourself you will never know just how much others have to contend with…and just how disconcerting it all can be.

But thank God we serve a mighty God who is true to His word. He will never forsake you…and it is true that the righteous never ever have to beg for bread. So, if you are going through something be encouraged. I’m thinking about you and praying for you. Remember it is only a test…you will come through like pure gold.

It is funny as I now more than ever thank God for all that He has done for me…and is doing. And my appreciation for the simpler things in life has grown…as they give me my greatest pleasures. Sometimes I can just sit and look up at the sky for great periods of time and just marvel at the goodness of God. And I am constantly thanking God every time I get into the shower for the hot water and the warmth in the house…and how He straightened out our mortgage situation.
He is good…and good all the time. God Bless…  ©2008


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Pregnancy Pact

One of the dumbest things I ever heard.  A pregnancy pact????  17 school girls????

Where are the parents of these kids?

Oh, that is what we always hear as if parents can really control what they teenagers…or smaller children are really doing.  Most of them we don’t really even know.  What kids show at home and what they do at school or in other public places when parents aren’t around are two different things.

The only way you can really combat this kind of thing is to train up your kids…I really hate that word…as if they were a bunch of baby goats…train up your children so that they possess their own minds and truly know the difference between right and wrong…and will deter from the wrong things in life.  Now, that is hard…it really is hard as the core of it goes to who your children truly are as people.

Some children are naturally just not going to do certain things no matter how much other kids try to push them to do so.  I was one those.  Even as an adult, people would always be trying to get me to go against something that I just did not want to do.  I don’t know how many people tried to encourage me to drink, smoke, have sex and get high…and most of the time most of those occasions were not even inter-related.  But there was something in me…maybe it is just DNA…but I was different and no amount of peer-pressure could make me do most of those things.  Though sometimes I would give in just a bit…and take a sip because they would keep pushing.  But what was not for me was not for me…and beyond that tiny sip…that was it.  No.  And never again…and I meant it.

But today’s kids, children, teens, young-adults etc. are inundated by a plethora of influences that quite frankly pale to anything that came my way.  With the main influence being sex and primarily sex before marriage and extremely early in age. 

And it is really not their problem since we are really the culprits.

Having grown up in a time when sex was never spoken, never allowed to be alluded to in songs or seen on screen or tv…when we finally became of age and had the power to do so “we” unleashed the sexual revolution.  “We” head the corporation smearing sex all over the place. “We” hire the models, write the copy, shoot the ads, pay the artist and determine who will or will not be the next super-star…not the kids…they just suck it up. 

We have done it.  We were the rebels who have set today’s trends by promoting, exploiting and setting the trends and styles that have imploded into today’s sexual revolution.  “We” set in the forefront who the kids idolize and emulate.  And “we” all may not have had a personal hand in it…but just how much have “we” done to stop it?  Nothing.

So, now our kids are so bent out shape “we” don’t know what to do.  It is as though Pandora’s Box has been opened and now there is no turning back or trying to strove all these ill’s we’ve unleashed back inside.

High schools and Jr. High schools (middle schools) are populated with little mothers and fathers walking through their hallways today.  Kids who should have nothing more on their minds than tomorrow’s exam but today you find them having to rush home to breast feed their babies.

They have forsaken their innocents to dip and dap at something which they have no complete meaning or understanding of other than it feels good.

So, why should 17 highly foolish young girls in Massachusetts who make a pack to all get pregnant shock us so much when all they read in magazines or watch on tv are a bunch of people in Hollywood…mostly unmarried getting pregnant and glorifying motherhood and fatherhood…for as long as the cameras are shooting. 

But they…the kids…they don’t know the reality.  Those people they go goo-goo over…when the cameras go off they (those stars) turn around and hand their baby’s over to the nanny while they go off and hit Sunset Blvd. or Wilshire Blvd. partying into the wee hours of the morn.

So, who should “we” blame?

I have never been an advocate of Sex Education in the classroom…believe or not I once had the luxury of subbing a Sex Ed class once for high students.  Take it from me they were leaps and bounds beyond me…but in terms of sex that’s not so hard to be.  I was stunned really by the pictures in the book of the venereal diseases…they were more than enough to make anyone push back from the table.  But I guess such pictures don’t have the same affect on the kids…because they still indulge as though none of this stuff is true.

But going back to my story…if you knew me…you would know that I would be the last person to put in a Sex Ed class to teach it.  After all what do I know?  Nothing.  I will be the first to admit it…and probably not the only person to say it.  Because I have friends who can attest to it.  And that is exactly my point…who do they have teaching your kids this junk?  They don’t have be certified to teach Sex Ed.  It is usually tied to what used to be Home Economic Class…you do remember those classes don’t you?  Where they taught you how to sew and cook.  Well, do you remember your Home Economics teacher?  Is that really the person you want teaching your child sex????

Now, here is why I have never been big on Sex Ed in school…or anywhere else really…I mean really…who is teaching the animals?  Some of this stuff is just natural.  But anyways, I do believe in abstinence…having the ability to forbear somethings…in life many things.  This is paramount to success.  

I feel for those 17 school girls who were somehow encouraged to enter into a pact that will certainly impact them for the rest of their lives and those whom they will bring into this world. 

Parenting is no joke…and certainly is not a game.

At last…I have gotten around to writing another blog.  This is hard work you know?  I can’t imagine trying to do it everyday.  I mean I do have a life you know?  (smile)  God bless…  ©2008

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Guantanamo Bay

Can You Help a Sistha Out?

For the life of me I cannot figure out how it is that America came to be in possession with that piece of property on the other side of Cuba, where since 9/11 people have been picked up, imprisoned and/or detained.

Just how did Castro allow that?

This past semester I took a course called “Just War Theory.” Near the end of the semester the chapters touched upon non-enemy combatants and the Geneva Convention etc…  As I sat in the class I was appalled to hear 3th and 4th year college students defending this country’s treatment of international prisoners whom the Bush Administration labeled as Al Qaeda agents…people whom the US Government claims are directly associated with the Taliban, bin Laden and/or other dissident groups…or people who may…or may not know some type of information concerning these groups.  Several of our classes discussions centered around the Geneva Convention which clearly states how prisoners are suppose to be treated, their care, their living quarters, their rights etc…and what type of interrogation techniques could or could not be employed against them.

A detainee peering out of a cell at Guantanmo Bay.  (2006 Photo by Brennan Linsley -- Associated Press)

The many acts of degrading and torturing prisoners in Abu Ghraib were all acts going against the standards of treatment of enemy prisoners as set forth by the Geneva Convention…as well as those acts of torturing and degrading prisoners in the prison in Guantanamo Bay.  Grabbing up people and shuffling them off to undisclosed locations is illegal, also, and amounts to nothing more than shear kidnapping…of which this country is also guilty of.

General Colon Powell, as Secretary of State, said it well when he sent out his memo laying out for the Bush Administration that they could take one of two roads…the high road or take the low road in regards to prisoners and torture.  And Bush and Cheney’s choice was and has been the low road.  Having chosen that road only has made America look as bad as those who attacked us on 9/11…because they could…and because we can. 

Nuclear War…

I also found it curious while sitting in my class and listening to my fellow classmates that they felt that no country had ever dropped a nuclear bomb…this mind you as they even refused to accept this fact out of our own textbook.  Now, I have read mis-information in textbooks…but there is one country which has dropped an atomic bomb.

 Does anybody remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki???? 

My classmates tried hard not to accept this…but I kept hammering it in that we, America, had…not one but two of them…(check your history…and absorb it).

I heard somewhere that history…always repeats itself. 

What better way to cure yourself, than to first say I need to be cured.  To hope over time that what has been done will be washed away as folks die off…and that our tainted history will go to the grave with them…is a fallacy…and certainly a false hope.

During the days of the Cold War…the days of ol’…the Cold War worked only because there were two major players only…us and the USSR, the Soviet Union.  But today with everybody and his brother running around trying to arm themselves, and buying most of this stuff on the black market…and I do believe in the black market (wherever there is a dime…or a quarter to be made…somebody is going to try and make it…it is what they call capitalism…and it is global)…and this all makes the world a very unstable place.  Better to rid the world of the atomic bomb than to have everybody suit-up.  The unfortunate thing, however…someone is bound to want to keep theirs.

Destiny graduated last night.  So, we were all out at Texas Road House getting our order of steak and double loaded sweet potatoes.  Hope you’re having fun…happy to be out of school.  Just gonna kick up my heels and talk to you for the rest of the summer.  Holla back…and God Bless…  ©2008

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Hello world! Obama, Hillary, Bill…and me

To think that someone is allowing little ol’ me a platform to voice my highly opinionated thoughts anywhere in this universe…it is a dream come true.  Can’t stand high tech stuff…I don’t want any ringtones or a cell phone that takes pictures, nothing…but think I might actually get to love this blogging thing…because I have a lot to say.  And now thanks to this high tech outlet I can say them to someone other than my niece’s cat.

(1)  I thought we lived in America?

Whatever became of the right to have freedom of speech?  I don’t know how many times marches and rallies were allowed to the KKK (Ku Klux Klan…the clueless and mindless…oh, well…that’s another subject)  in various cities (north and south) in this country…because whether we liked or not they had a right to voice their mindless opinions. 

Then why during this pre-election period had several occasions arose that people were ousted from various campaigns for having said things like… “Hillary is mean”???    If she is mean…she is mean.  And no amount of reshuffling or rephrasing is going to overcome it.  The truth is the truth.  And truthfully speaking she and her husband did some pretty mean spirited things during the primaries which spoke volumes towards who they truly are.  They were the ones who introduced the race card…they were the ones touting that “they” represented the poor white voters of America.  Since when?  I’ll tell you when…since she needed them and couldn’t think of another way to win…and it still wasn’t enough.

Frankly, that Priest who spoke in the church where Obama used to be a member, he really told the truth about Hillary.  That whole enactment was directly out of network tv (the nightly news) and had it been done on Saturday Night Live nobody would have said anything.  Also, as quietly as it has been kept I heard commentators stating those exact same things at the very time they were taking place (it is in the news clips).

But going back to my initial thought…isn’t this America?  Our right to freedom of speech is drafted into the fabric of the Bill of Rights called the 1st Amendment.  So, what I could not understand was that all during the primaries people were being given the boot because they voiced their opinions.  What?  Let me say it again…all during the primaries this past Spring various members of all the primary campaign groups vying for the Presidency of the United States all lost people close to their campaigns due to those people saying something.  And the number one adversaries leading these charges were journalist (what a bunch of hypocrites) sent out by whatever political group they favored to smear and smutty up the other side as much as they possibly could by unseating whomever they could.  And look for it to get worst as we draw nearer and nearer to November…when it is time to really cast our votes for who will become President of the United States.  And dare I say…look for more tricks by those underhanded, double-dealing, side-talking, conniving, backstabbing-(PAUSE)  Oh, I’m sorry…I got carried away…REPUBLICANS!

(2) What did you think about Hillary trying to rewrite the game as she went along?  At first Obama had the majority vote and Hill had the delegates…then the tables turned.  When she had the delegates and Obama was winning state after state…Hill was singing ‘well, let the delegates decide.’  Yeah…that was before Obama started to dwindle her delegate count and finally overtook her even in that.  Then near the end of the primaries Hill started picking up states…only mind you…after the Republicans began to try and throw the primaries in her direction.  And why not?  The Clintons exited the White House amid a myriad of unresolved issues of which the Republicans would have anxiously welcomed revisiting.

And all that stuff about “…so my daughter and all your daughters”…hog wash…that’s all that was.   It had no real meaning for Hill other than being just another ploy to try seek out some level of loyalty from a very underserved group.  What a bunch of crock that was coming from Hillary Clinton, and about as truthful as Hill saying to the poor people in the hills of West Virginia, Tennessee etc., who make their living going down into dangerous un-monitored coal mines, breathing in cancerous polluted air whilst drinking and bathing in filthy polluted water while providing this country with one of its most valuable and most highly under-rated commodities, coal…saying that she knew them and felt their pain?  Oh, yeah…while stepping out of what limousine?  Or while getting on what jet plane and turning up to her lips a glass of what top-shelf drink?  Whilst all the while they (Hill and Bill) were trying to frame Obama as the elitist…insane…when they have double the millions…in fact almost 3 times as much money as the Obama’s.  And she wants Obama to pay off her Primary debts which she liberally and unabashedly kept sinking into that sinking ship called her campaign…be real.  If she loaned it to herself then let herself pay it back…it’s what we do in the real world when we take out loans and create debt. 

But oooh no they’re different, those Clintons.  In real terms it was her money…loaned to herself…so, if she gave it back to herself what would that hurt?  Least ways she wouldn’t have to worry about any interest accumulating on it.  Why should Obama give up any of his donations (which he will surely need to use during his run against McCain) to reimburse Hillary for going to the Mall and spending her own money on herself?   (This may well be but yet another Hillary scheme…if Obama ran out money during the final leg of his campaign to the White House and lost…Hillary could step in and say “See, I told you he couldn’t win.”  But he really lost because he ran out of money…due to reimbursing Hillary’s…what nearly $10 or $15 million back to her.  But everybody would be reporting the lost as Obama was ‘weak, inexperience, lacked diplomatic credentials, lack of voter confidence, etc.’…and guess who would be leading the charge?  That’s right…our girl Hill…team player that she really is.)

She knew she was loosing…and yet Hillary continued to pour money into her campaign knowing that whoever would become the nominee for the Democratic Party would be put on the spot to do so…to pay off her debt.  And lets face it unless you were either pretty dumb or lost in space somewhere you had a pretty good idea that Obama was going to end up being the nominee…it was in the numbers and he had them…all of them. 

So, yeah…Hillary kept pouring in the money…because she knew one way or another it would end up being somebody else’s responsible.  Either she was going to reimburse herself out of her own campaign money or she would break poor old Obama down and try to wiggle it out of him and the Democratic Party.  She should fall down on her knees and repent right now.  But that’s how insiders play…they stack the deck and never play fair…and always want you to look like the bad guy.  Personally, I hope Obama doesn’t give her a dime…not one thin dime.

(3) To anyone thinking about self-publishing…let me give you the dis’ on that.  And you will probably hear it only here.         a.  no matter how much you investigate a publishing company you will never know them until you have to work with them.      b.  they may look like the best thing since Santa…but I am telling you be weary of anybody wearing a red jump suit all year round.    c.  you’ve checked out their product and their publications look great…right?   yeah, right…..   contact the authors and asked him or her what the first cover looked like and how much were they were charged for another cover.  (I even got a cover design that had been used for one of the company’s prior author’s book…and they still wanted to charge $250 for a re-design)   d.  find out their charges for corrections because you would be surprise just how expensive making corrections can be.  (let’s just say after a $50 sur-charge for corrections the cost at the company I used, it was $2 per correction and that only covered type-po’s…..’alw’ instead of ‘all.’   then there were errors that company made in reformatting my manuscript…errors in spacing…even to not wanting to in my table of contents, want to assign the page numbers to various sub-sections)…where is Batman or Superman when you really need them?  Oh, brother…  

All I can tell you when they ask you for the money first (and my process was on-line…the first part of the process was to pay them)…realize you are already in trouble.   That was the easiest part of the process; it rapidly went downhill from there.  There system suddenly became convoluted so much so I couldn’t readily tell how to submit my manuscript or anything else…but they had my money.  And I am very computer literate.

The next morning after failing to move forward with my order on-line, I called the company and ended up having to email them my manuscript (instead of being to do over their system).  I added rush order service and something called ‘author’s press release express.’  It all was an exercise of just giving away my money.  I spent over $2,000 for something which from day one only got worst and worst. 

Remember I just told you that I paid for rush service.  Well, on the 11th day after having placed my order for this company’s services I came to find out my the staffer handling my service at the time had not put my order through as of yet…because during those 11 days he was busy trying to get me to buy yet another service from his company that would have cost me another $299.  So, I had paid for rush service believing that once I had placed my order with them that they were working on producing my book.  But they were not…because it was actually sitting in limbo somewhere while this guy was trying to add to his commission by getting to buy something else.

Furious at this, I demanded back my rush service money as well as cancelled the other additional service which I had foolishly bought into…believing I was dealing with a fine and upstanding religious printing company (Oh, and I am going to tell you their name…just keep reading I have more to tell).

The next thing to happen following my dissatisfaction regarding my rush service…or the lack thereof, was this service which they call ‘authorlinks.’  It is where authors go on their websit, put in your user code and password in order to access notices that the company forwards to you regarding your book, sales, production etc.  But the access code they gave me never worked.  Upon calling and talking with thr other person who was assigned to me once my book was finally put into production…she commence to tell me how my user information did work and how she was looking at my notices inside my box, and that I had 12 notices.  I told her it did not matter that she could access them when I could not.  Well, this was just too big of a thing…she had to send a notice to the techy people and how they had 500 other authors and none of them had any problems accessing their box…etc…etc…  You would have had to be on the other line to really get a picture of this story…I never recognized that at the time it was all a game at first.  So, she told me until they could fix it she would email me my typeset manuscript and anything important…which is what she did. 

My manuscript had some 260 pages…from which I found 150 errors which I had failed to pick out before sending it in to them…and it is a good thing I kept going back over and over my work before submitting it to them because I had had no idea about the charges for corrections.  But with far less than 1 error per page and only one paragraph that needed to be redone (which they considered a major change) I thought I was doing pretty good…I wasn’t going to be too bent out of shape.  The fee of $314 to make my corrections didn’t overwhelm me…because I would rather have a professional product…and a bunch of type-po’s and grammatical errors take away from any book or any other printed material.  But about 8 of my errors were errors done on the part of the company and were not mines…and they refused to adjust them.  And not only did they refused their errors but to make any corrections until I paid them the $314…this mind you while they were still in procession of my $2000 and had yet to refund me for the 2 services I had previously cancelled, and had already paid for.  I absolutely refused to give the company another dime until they forwarded me my correction…for one main reason…because the company refused to make many of the changes which I requested even enough they claimed that my 150 changes…basically misspelled words…deemed that they needed to retype set (that was what the $314 was supposedly).  But if they had to retype set…then why couldn’t they also make all the necessary corrections which had text all jumbled up (errors that happened on their end)?  I was simply not going to pay for corrections which I was not sure about what I would be getting, and highly unsure about what I was suppose to get.  This held up my book for another 2 weeks (14 days).

By having bought into their rush service my book was suppose to be published within a 45 day span.  There we were still at the starting gate locked at a standstill with 25 days already lost, no refund of the money for the services I had cancelled, and here came the cover of my book.

Upon putting in my order for service the company provided an area where you tell them your thoughts regarding your cover design.  One of the key requests regarding the design of my cover was that there were no people on my cover.  Secondly, I requested a sophisticated ritzy design as my book was entitled “The Bishop’s Wife.”  And I got anything but what I requested.  First of all there was a woman on my over dressed in some type of sundress…no jewelry…no Sunday suite…nothing ritzy and certainly nothing sophisticated about it at all.  In fact it was quite plain…and on top of it all…from the very moment I saw that cover I knew I had seen it somewhere before.  And I had.  It was the cover of another author’s book which this company had published.   What a disaster.  And they still wanted me to pay for it.

After trying to straighten out the mess with the company and to get them to refund me for the services I had cancelled…all to no avail…I decided to sever my ties.  I’ll have to get back to you on that as I am still waiting to hear from them on it.  But I will probably have to take them to court.  

Sometimes you just have to recognize something for what it is.  I had a bad feeling about this company from the moment I tried forwarding my manuscript to them.  When the first thing they took was my money and failed to provide an adequate system for me to also forward my manuscript…that in of itself should have sent off bells in my head…and to a degree it did but not enough to keep from trying to work with them to get my book published.  It was all one big mistake…right from the start. 

I thought I had made the best choice…that they were a bit more expensive but I believed that I was going to get what I paid for.  And you know what…I really did.  I got just what I paid for and deserved…because I decided to judge a book by its cover.  The website of the company looked great, the services sounded great, their product (or what I thought were their products…books by other authors) seemingly all looked great.  But you really can’t judge a good book by its cover.  I should have contacted some of those authors.

And that company’s name is Xulon Publishing or Printing out of Longwood, FL…and they called themselves a good Christian company.  Don’t you believe a word of it.  And you can tell ’em I’m going to tell the world just what kind of company they truly are.

Now, that I have gotten that off my chest who knows what I will be talking about tomorrow.  I’m widely versed, highly knowledgeable…and would love to hear what you have to say.  And did I tell you I write screenplays and once won a law suit where the judge not only awarded me my money back but the car too.  Only the Lord…I used to think I was smart.  But now I know better…I give honor where honor is due.  God Bless…  ©2008

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