Hello world! Obama, Hillary, Bill…and me

June 13, 2008 bsmith101
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To think that someone is allowing little ol’ me a platform to voice my highly opinionated thoughts anywhere in this universe…it is a dream come true.  Can’t stand high tech stuff…I don’t want any ringtones or a cell phone that takes pictures, nothing…but think I might actually get to love this blogging thing…because I have a lot to say.  And now thanks to this high tech outlet I can say them to someone other than my niece’s cat.

(1)  I thought we lived in America?

Whatever became of the right to have freedom of speech?  I don’t know how many times marches and rallies were allowed to the KKK (Ku Klux Klan…the clueless and mindless…oh, well…that’s another subject)  in various cities (north and south) in this country…because whether we liked or not they had a right to voice their mindless opinions. 

Then why during this pre-election period had several occasions arose that people were ousted from various campaigns for having said things like… “Hillary is mean”???    If she is mean…she is mean.  And no amount of reshuffling or rephrasing is going to overcome it.  The truth is the truth.  And truthfully speaking she and her husband did some pretty mean spirited things during the primaries which spoke volumes towards who they truly are.  They were the ones who introduced the race card…they were the ones touting that “they” represented the poor white voters of America.  Since when?  I’ll tell you when…since she needed them and couldn’t think of another way to win…and it still wasn’t enough.

Frankly, that Priest who spoke in the church where Obama used to be a member, he really told the truth about Hillary.  That whole enactment was directly out of network tv (the nightly news) and had it been done on Saturday Night Live nobody would have said anything.  Also, as quietly as it has been kept I heard commentators stating those exact same things at the very time they were taking place (it is in the news clips).

But going back to my initial thought…isn’t this America?  Our right to freedom of speech is drafted into the fabric of the Bill of Rights called the 1st Amendment.  So, what I could not understand was that all during the primaries people were being given the boot because they voiced their opinions.  What?  Let me say it again…all during the primaries this past Spring various members of all the primary campaign groups vying for the Presidency of the United States all lost people close to their campaigns due to those people saying something.  And the number one adversaries leading these charges were journalist (what a bunch of hypocrites) sent out by whatever political group they favored to smear and smutty up the other side as much as they possibly could by unseating whomever they could.  And look for it to get worst as we draw nearer and nearer to November…when it is time to really cast our votes for who will become President of the United States.  And dare I say…look for more tricks by those underhanded, double-dealing, side-talking, conniving, backstabbing-(PAUSE)  Oh, I’m sorry…I got carried away…REPUBLICANS!

(2) What did you think about Hillary trying to rewrite the game as she went along?  At first Obama had the majority vote and Hill had the delegates…then the tables turned.  When she had the delegates and Obama was winning state after state…Hill was singing ‘well, let the delegates decide.’  Yeah…that was before Obama started to dwindle her delegate count and finally overtook her even in that.  Then near the end of the primaries Hill started picking up states…only mind you…after the Republicans began to try and throw the primaries in her direction.  And why not?  The Clintons exited the White House amid a myriad of unresolved issues of which the Republicans would have anxiously welcomed revisiting.

And all that stuff about “…so my daughter and all your daughters”…hog wash…that’s all that was.   It had no real meaning for Hill other than being just another ploy to try seek out some level of loyalty from a very underserved group.  What a bunch of crock that was coming from Hillary Clinton, and about as truthful as Hill saying to the poor people in the hills of West Virginia, Tennessee etc., who make their living going down into dangerous un-monitored coal mines, breathing in cancerous polluted air whilst drinking and bathing in filthy polluted water while providing this country with one of its most valuable and most highly under-rated commodities, coal…saying that she knew them and felt their pain?  Oh, yeah…while stepping out of what limousine?  Or while getting on what jet plane and turning up to her lips a glass of what top-shelf drink?  Whilst all the while they (Hill and Bill) were trying to frame Obama as the elitist…insane…when they have double the millions…in fact almost 3 times as much money as the Obama’s.  And she wants Obama to pay off her Primary debts which she liberally and unabashedly kept sinking into that sinking ship called her campaign…be real.  If she loaned it to herself then let herself pay it back…it’s what we do in the real world when we take out loans and create debt. 

But oooh no they’re different, those Clintons.  In real terms it was her money…loaned to herself…so, if she gave it back to herself what would that hurt?  Least ways she wouldn’t have to worry about any interest accumulating on it.  Why should Obama give up any of his donations (which he will surely need to use during his run against McCain) to reimburse Hillary for going to the Mall and spending her own money on herself?   (This may well be but yet another Hillary scheme…if Obama ran out money during the final leg of his campaign to the White House and lost…Hillary could step in and say “See, I told you he couldn’t win.”  But he really lost because he ran out of money…due to reimbursing Hillary’s…what nearly $10 or $15 million back to her.  But everybody would be reporting the lost as Obama was ‘weak, inexperience, lacked diplomatic credentials, lack of voter confidence, etc.’…and guess who would be leading the charge?  That’s right…our girl Hill…team player that she really is.)

She knew she was loosing…and yet Hillary continued to pour money into her campaign knowing that whoever would become the nominee for the Democratic Party would be put on the spot to do so…to pay off her debt.  And lets face it unless you were either pretty dumb or lost in space somewhere you had a pretty good idea that Obama was going to end up being the nominee…it was in the numbers and he had them…all of them. 

So, yeah…Hillary kept pouring in the money…because she knew one way or another it would end up being somebody else’s responsible.  Either she was going to reimburse herself out of her own campaign money or she would break poor old Obama down and try to wiggle it out of him and the Democratic Party.  She should fall down on her knees and repent right now.  But that’s how insiders play…they stack the deck and never play fair…and always want you to look like the bad guy.  Personally, I hope Obama doesn’t give her a dime…not one thin dime.

(3) To anyone thinking about self-publishing…let me give you the dis’ on that.  And you will probably hear it only here.         a.  no matter how much you investigate a publishing company you will never know them until you have to work with them.      b.  they may look like the best thing since Santa…but I am telling you be weary of anybody wearing a red jump suit all year round.    c.  you’ve checked out their product and their publications look great…right?   yeah, right…..   contact the authors and asked him or her what the first cover looked like and how much were they were charged for another cover.  (I even got a cover design that had been used for one of the company’s prior author’s book…and they still wanted to charge $250 for a re-design)   d.  find out their charges for corrections because you would be surprise just how expensive making corrections can be.  (let’s just say after a $50 sur-charge for corrections the cost at the company I used, it was $2 per correction and that only covered type-po’s…..’alw’ instead of ‘all.’   then there were errors that company made in reformatting my manuscript…errors in spacing…even to not wanting to in my table of contents, want to assign the page numbers to various sub-sections)…where is Batman or Superman when you really need them?  Oh, brother…  

All I can tell you when they ask you for the money first (and my process was on-line…the first part of the process was to pay them)…realize you are already in trouble.   That was the easiest part of the process; it rapidly went downhill from there.  There system suddenly became convoluted so much so I couldn’t readily tell how to submit my manuscript or anything else…but they had my money.  And I am very computer literate.

The next morning after failing to move forward with my order on-line, I called the company and ended up having to email them my manuscript (instead of being to do over their system).  I added rush order service and something called ‘author’s press release express.’  It all was an exercise of just giving away my money.  I spent over $2,000 for something which from day one only got worst and worst. 

Remember I just told you that I paid for rush service.  Well, on the 11th day after having placed my order for this company’s services I came to find out my the staffer handling my service at the time had not put my order through as of yet…because during those 11 days he was busy trying to get me to buy yet another service from his company that would have cost me another $299.  So, I had paid for rush service believing that once I had placed my order with them that they were working on producing my book.  But they were not…because it was actually sitting in limbo somewhere while this guy was trying to add to his commission by getting to buy something else.

Furious at this, I demanded back my rush service money as well as cancelled the other additional service which I had foolishly bought into…believing I was dealing with a fine and upstanding religious printing company (Oh, and I am going to tell you their name…just keep reading I have more to tell).

The next thing to happen following my dissatisfaction regarding my rush service…or the lack thereof, was this service which they call ‘authorlinks.’  It is where authors go on their websit, put in your user code and password in order to access notices that the company forwards to you regarding your book, sales, production etc.  But the access code they gave me never worked.  Upon calling and talking with thr other person who was assigned to me once my book was finally put into production…she commence to tell me how my user information did work and how she was looking at my notices inside my box, and that I had 12 notices.  I told her it did not matter that she could access them when I could not.  Well, this was just too big of a thing…she had to send a notice to the techy people and how they had 500 other authors and none of them had any problems accessing their box…etc…etc…  You would have had to be on the other line to really get a picture of this story…I never recognized that at the time it was all a game at first.  So, she told me until they could fix it she would email me my typeset manuscript and anything important…which is what she did. 

My manuscript had some 260 pages…from which I found 150 errors which I had failed to pick out before sending it in to them…and it is a good thing I kept going back over and over my work before submitting it to them because I had had no idea about the charges for corrections.  But with far less than 1 error per page and only one paragraph that needed to be redone (which they considered a major change) I thought I was doing pretty good…I wasn’t going to be too bent out of shape.  The fee of $314 to make my corrections didn’t overwhelm me…because I would rather have a professional product…and a bunch of type-po’s and grammatical errors take away from any book or any other printed material.  But about 8 of my errors were errors done on the part of the company and were not mines…and they refused to adjust them.  And not only did they refused their errors but to make any corrections until I paid them the $314…this mind you while they were still in procession of my $2000 and had yet to refund me for the 2 services I had previously cancelled, and had already paid for.  I absolutely refused to give the company another dime until they forwarded me my correction…for one main reason…because the company refused to make many of the changes which I requested even enough they claimed that my 150 changes…basically misspelled words…deemed that they needed to retype set (that was what the $314 was supposedly).  But if they had to retype set…then why couldn’t they also make all the necessary corrections which had text all jumbled up (errors that happened on their end)?  I was simply not going to pay for corrections which I was not sure about what I would be getting, and highly unsure about what I was suppose to get.  This held up my book for another 2 weeks (14 days).

By having bought into their rush service my book was suppose to be published within a 45 day span.  There we were still at the starting gate locked at a standstill with 25 days already lost, no refund of the money for the services I had cancelled, and here came the cover of my book.

Upon putting in my order for service the company provided an area where you tell them your thoughts regarding your cover design.  One of the key requests regarding the design of my cover was that there were no people on my cover.  Secondly, I requested a sophisticated ritzy design as my book was entitled “The Bishop’s Wife.”  And I got anything but what I requested.  First of all there was a woman on my over dressed in some type of sundress…no jewelry…no Sunday suite…nothing ritzy and certainly nothing sophisticated about it at all.  In fact it was quite plain…and on top of it all…from the very moment I saw that cover I knew I had seen it somewhere before.  And I had.  It was the cover of another author’s book which this company had published.   What a disaster.  And they still wanted me to pay for it.

After trying to straighten out the mess with the company and to get them to refund me for the services I had cancelled…all to no avail…I decided to sever my ties.  I’ll have to get back to you on that as I am still waiting to hear from them on it.  But I will probably have to take them to court.  

Sometimes you just have to recognize something for what it is.  I had a bad feeling about this company from the moment I tried forwarding my manuscript to them.  When the first thing they took was my money and failed to provide an adequate system for me to also forward my manuscript…that in of itself should have sent off bells in my head…and to a degree it did but not enough to keep from trying to work with them to get my book published.  It was all one big mistake…right from the start. 

I thought I had made the best choice…that they were a bit more expensive but I believed that I was going to get what I paid for.  And you know what…I really did.  I got just what I paid for and deserved…because I decided to judge a book by its cover.  The website of the company looked great, the services sounded great, their product (or what I thought were their products…books by other authors) seemingly all looked great.  But you really can’t judge a good book by its cover.  I should have contacted some of those authors.

And that company’s name is Xulon Publishing or Printing out of Longwood, FL…and they called themselves a good Christian company.  Don’t you believe a word of it.  And you can tell ’em I’m going to tell the world just what kind of company they truly are.

Now, that I have gotten that off my chest who knows what I will be talking about tomorrow.  I’m widely versed, highly knowledgeable…and would love to hear what you have to say.  And did I tell you I write screenplays and once won a law suit where the judge not only awarded me my money back but the car too.  Only the Lord…I used to think I was smart.  But now I know better…I give honor where honor is due.  God Bless…  ©2008


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