Pregnancy Pact

June 23, 2008 bsmith101
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One of the dumbest things I ever heard.  A pregnancy pact????  17 school girls????

Where are the parents of these kids?

Oh, that is what we always hear as if parents can really control what they teenagers…or smaller children are really doing.  Most of them we don’t really even know.  What kids show at home and what they do at school or in other public places when parents aren’t around are two different things.

The only way you can really combat this kind of thing is to train up your kids…I really hate that word…as if they were a bunch of baby goats…train up your children so that they possess their own minds and truly know the difference between right and wrong…and will deter from the wrong things in life.  Now, that is hard…it really is hard as the core of it goes to who your children truly are as people.

Some children are naturally just not going to do certain things no matter how much other kids try to push them to do so.  I was one those.  Even as an adult, people would always be trying to get me to go against something that I just did not want to do.  I don’t know how many people tried to encourage me to drink, smoke, have sex and get high…and most of the time most of those occasions were not even inter-related.  But there was something in me…maybe it is just DNA…but I was different and no amount of peer-pressure could make me do most of those things.  Though sometimes I would give in just a bit…and take a sip because they would keep pushing.  But what was not for me was not for me…and beyond that tiny sip…that was it.  No.  And never again…and I meant it.

But today’s kids, children, teens, young-adults etc. are inundated by a plethora of influences that quite frankly pale to anything that came my way.  With the main influence being sex and primarily sex before marriage and extremely early in age. 

And it is really not their problem since we are really the culprits.

Having grown up in a time when sex was never spoken, never allowed to be alluded to in songs or seen on screen or tv…when we finally became of age and had the power to do so “we” unleashed the sexual revolution.  “We” head the corporation smearing sex all over the place. “We” hire the models, write the copy, shoot the ads, pay the artist and determine who will or will not be the next super-star…not the kids…they just suck it up. 

We have done it.  We were the rebels who have set today’s trends by promoting, exploiting and setting the trends and styles that have imploded into today’s sexual revolution.  “We” set in the forefront who the kids idolize and emulate.  And “we” all may not have had a personal hand in it…but just how much have “we” done to stop it?  Nothing.

So, now our kids are so bent out shape “we” don’t know what to do.  It is as though Pandora’s Box has been opened and now there is no turning back or trying to strove all these ill’s we’ve unleashed back inside.

High schools and Jr. High schools (middle schools) are populated with little mothers and fathers walking through their hallways today.  Kids who should have nothing more on their minds than tomorrow’s exam but today you find them having to rush home to breast feed their babies.

They have forsaken their innocents to dip and dap at something which they have no complete meaning or understanding of other than it feels good.

So, why should 17 highly foolish young girls in Massachusetts who make a pack to all get pregnant shock us so much when all they read in magazines or watch on tv are a bunch of people in Hollywood…mostly unmarried getting pregnant and glorifying motherhood and fatherhood…for as long as the cameras are shooting. 

But they…the kids…they don’t know the reality.  Those people they go goo-goo over…when the cameras go off they (those stars) turn around and hand their baby’s over to the nanny while they go off and hit Sunset Blvd. or Wilshire Blvd. partying into the wee hours of the morn.

So, who should “we” blame?

I have never been an advocate of Sex Education in the classroom…believe or not I once had the luxury of subbing a Sex Ed class once for high students.  Take it from me they were leaps and bounds beyond me…but in terms of sex that’s not so hard to be.  I was stunned really by the pictures in the book of the venereal diseases…they were more than enough to make anyone push back from the table.  But I guess such pictures don’t have the same affect on the kids…because they still indulge as though none of this stuff is true.

But going back to my story…if you knew me…you would know that I would be the last person to put in a Sex Ed class to teach it.  After all what do I know?  Nothing.  I will be the first to admit it…and probably not the only person to say it.  Because I have friends who can attest to it.  And that is exactly my point…who do they have teaching your kids this junk?  They don’t have be certified to teach Sex Ed.  It is usually tied to what used to be Home Economic Class…you do remember those classes don’t you?  Where they taught you how to sew and cook.  Well, do you remember your Home Economics teacher?  Is that really the person you want teaching your child sex????

Now, here is why I have never been big on Sex Ed in school…or anywhere else really…I mean really…who is teaching the animals?  Some of this stuff is just natural.  But anyways, I do believe in abstinence…having the ability to forbear somethings…in life many things.  This is paramount to success.  

I feel for those 17 school girls who were somehow encouraged to enter into a pact that will certainly impact them for the rest of their lives and those whom they will bring into this world. 

Parenting is no joke…and certainly is not a game.

At last…I have gotten around to writing another blog.  This is hard work you know?  I can’t imagine trying to do it everyday.  I mean I do have a life you know?  (smile)  God bless…  ©2008


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  • 1. Sarah  |  June 23, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    I think this is sick that teenagers want to get pregnant. I am 30 years old and I think socity is making it way to easy to help teenagers who have babies. Back in the day teenager girls would be forced to drop out of highschool and get thier GED later in life. We should go back to that. Maybe these teenager girls will think twice in having sex.

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