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June 25, 2008 bsmith101
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I had no idea that most of those 17 girls in Massachusetts who made that pact to get pregnant were all bascially about 15 years of age.  I guess we could throw out a bunch of words like ‘young and stupid.’  But what would it do to call them stupid…it’s not like taking an exam and being able to cram to up your score.  They can’t go back and undo it…not that they would consider such a thing because they viewed it as a game.  Something they continued to indulge in until they got the outcome that they wanted.  And that was to be impregnated.

In listening to the news segments you would think that this was an isolated thing (these 17 grade school girls making a pact to get pregnant).  Oh, I am sure maybe the rest of the young girls haven’t made a pact…but they might as well have.  When you can walk into any high school or middle school in America and find more than half of their population being young teenaged mothers and fathers…something is wrong.  And it has been wrong for some time now…not just since hearing about this ‘so-called’ pact…and about those 17 deranged and highly mis-guided girls who for ‘ha-ha’s’ decided to make an ridiculous pact to get pregant.

There is an epidemic spreading across America called teen pregnancy.  It is rampant and it is a huge issue that is not an enigma peculiar only to the Gloucester, MA, school system.  This problem is in every high school and middle school in this country.  I can say that because as a teacher in the public school system I had the opportunity to witness it first hand.  And now that children are developing so rapidly and early in terms of their physical development this problem will soon undoubtedly hit the younger grades as well if we are not careful and begin to act now. 

As quietly as it has been kept there have already been incidence’s of very young girls as young as 11 and 12 becoming pregnant and having babies.

How has this all come about?

By throwing open the flood gates of the sexual revolution and leaving it unmonitored we have done it.

We have allowed sex to become the societal norm and the barometer by which we measure who is or is not worth paying attention to.  We have allowed it to set the standards and marks by which we live and/or fall. 

Marriages fall apart when the sex life is gone.  Priest have crossed lines drawn in the sand…which were supposedly indelible.  Governors have vacated offices amidst scandal.  Teachers have fallen by the wayside by daring to touch the forbidden.  Presidents and elites…bad boys and bad girls dot the landscape from page to page. 

Parent or stranger or care provider or television programmer who has shielded our children from the sexual storm? 

Little wonder the kids frolick like rock stars from bed to bed.  And those of us not living under the daze of sex…we have long turned a blind eye on the problem and have chosen to try and ignore it…as if it were not all around us. 

Did we really have to hear about 17 high school girls making a pact to get pregnant to elicit a reaction from us to this problem?

It is an epidemic.

In most schools around this country we would be hard pressed if we could find 10 girls in a school building who were not indulging in some form of sex.  Most girls and boys that line the upper level school hallways are mothers and fathers, and some of them second or third time around…and their numbers far exceed that of those students who are not.   Vast number of students are having sex…it is a known fact of which the kids are not even ashamed to disclose or talk about openly amongst themselves…or others.

It was not until this very moment that I recall having a conversation about this time last year with a young lady who had graduated from high school already.   She told me that she felt pressured to have a baby because all of her friends had babies.  She went on to say that she felt that her friends were angry at her because she was not like them.  Meaning she was not a mother.  She was 21 years old and a friend of my son.

This is serious.

I looked at the girl (I was a bit stunned) and said, “If your friends are mad at you it’s because you don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter everytime you want to go somewhere.  And they’re mad at how you can take your money and spend it on yourself and not have to worry about buying Pampers or baby formula.  Believe me.  They’re not mad at you.  They are jealous of you.”


While watching a news segment about the Gloucester mess…the school district was trying to detemine how much more sex education they needed to throw at their problem of rising pregnances in their schools…a problem everywhere not just in Gloucester. 

But the mere fact that the school officials in Gloucester believe that more sex education may be a cure all…signals that they clearly do not understand the breathe or depth of the problem and that the problem is much BIGGER than just their school system. 

The problem of sex is a cultural problem which has taken a hold of the minds of our kids, children, young adults, middle-aged people, seniors etc.   It has lead many kids to believe that they know everything there is about sex while possessing no real understanding of sex at all.  If they understood then they would understand that sex is a gift…something special and it should be treated with the utmost respect and forbearance.

The kids are easily swayed and tantilized by sub-cultures and negative behaviors which they seek to emulate to the peril of their own lives and futures. 

But what is our excuse?

Why do many adults have as much difficulty dealing with sex as the kids do…and some more so?

It is a question I cannot possibly answer when you talk about adults and sexuality.  The answer can be as wide and as varied as the people themselves.

The primary root to this problem is that no one is going to hold them…the kids…or those 17 girls who made that  idiotic pact  accountable. 

They are under age so, therefore, they are not responsible for their actions.  

They weren’t fully aware of the consequences. 

They just don’t understand.

We can come up with all the excuses…and as many as we want to.  But somewhere along the way these kids are going to have to start accepting some accountability for their own actions and take responsibility for them.  Without doing so they will continue to make one stupid mistake after another and never learn anything.

Those 17 girls purposedly went out and got themselves impregrnated.  Mostly they were under aged girls seeking out men…based upon information in the news.   The fathers of these babies and babies to be by these 17 girls were over the age of 20, with one of them being homeless and 24 years old…while most of these 17 girls were just 15 years old. 

What level of sex education could have stopped these girls? 

But for the kids it gets down to one major point….responsibility or the lack thereof.


And since being implemented into the curriculums in our school systems that is the problem…what has sex education done?

What level of success has sex education had?


Now more than ever before more and more teenage girls are becoming pregnant while still in grade school.

More and more little mothers and fathers occupy seats in our grade schools than ever have prior to the addition of sex education in the schools here in America. 

There is no need for sex education in the schools because the vast majority of kids could teach the teachers a few things about sex…and some have.   That is how versed they are on the subject.  And they have and are learning it the old fashion way…by doing it and in record numbers. 

There is so much sex going on in school that sex ed is more like child’s play to them…one big joke.  The kids are doing it on the school buses, in the bathrooms, locker rooms, empty class rooms, broom closets, auditoriums…you name it.   And if they can’t learn it amongst themselves…there are few good teachers and other faculty eager to give them a one on one.


Fresh on the heels of the R. Kelly trial outcome, the returning of those children to their Mormon families and hearing the story about the 17 girls who made the pact to get pregnant…not to mention that terribly distrubing story of the father who kept his own daughter locked down in a crawl space in his basement for 24 years while fathering her 7 or 8 children… 

In this season of predatory extremes, 17 young girls entered into something that they may or may not have had the full and complete comprehension of the gravity of their actions…but certainly the men involved cannot say the same.  They were not children, grade school or otherwise.  But no matter how the opportunity availed itself upon them they should be prosecuted to the fullest letter of the law…without the strings and failures of the R. Kelly trial, who should have been locked away long ago…back when the story of him and Aaliyah first broke, when she was just a kid.

But so much for all of that heavy stuff…if we stayed immersed in the dark side of everything we would never see the sunny side of anything.  And though I enjoy the rain, I also love looking up at big beautiful clouds on glorious summery days.  Here’s a smile for you…and rain or shine it’s your day.   Enjoy it.     God bless…  ©2008


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. George  |  June 25, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    Maybe that girl that got entangled in the R Kelly mess could have learned from one of her elders…like the teens on baby borrowers. even they would know better than that. and they would teach their temporary children the same thing…

  • 2. Elder Larry D Bowe  |  June 26, 2008 at 1:34 am

    An opportunity of Crisis Proportion for Our Youth!
    BSmith you are correct this is about Responsibility! The Ability of our youth to Respond to a society that has exploited sexuality to the point that even our most venerable do not know how to respond to a opportunity to build relationships and their futures in a responsible manner.

    “CAROLINE COUNTY, Md. – Police say that five boys will be charged as adults, between the ages of 14 and 16 for the alleged rape of the 12-year-old girl, in February. According to investigators say the incident was reportedly overheard being discussed by the suspects while attending school during the week after the incident occurred. Police say several of the juvenile suspects were allegedly bragging about the incident in the presencse of other students, which resulted in the incident being disclosed to police”.

    So when do we take the time to teach our youth the value of integrity in all they do?
    When do we teach them how to build relationships and care for one another as a process of community? I pray my sons have learned how to treat any female by how responsibly I have treated them or their mother. I am not saying I have been perfect, but I realize our boys and girls are in trouble and someone needs to not just talk about it, we need to respond to our youth responsibly.

    The Elder Larry

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