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June 26, 2008 bsmith101
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Well, June is Black Music Month and Gay Pride.  All across New York City most of this month things have been hopping…events and been taking place all over the city.  Events here and events over there, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Yonkers etc.  But Sunday is the big day…the parade comes up 5th Avenue and moves across 7th Avenue when it hits the Village onto Christopher Street and then a “party ain’t a party unless I run…”

During all the hoopla over same-sex marriages I keep asking one thing.  Why are people so up in harms about it?  It is not like gays have not been marrying each other for years.  It probably dates back to before Christinaity.  Hold it…wait a minute…before you go bonkers and start to debate me on the issue.   Let me just say that the Greek Culture was known for it and homosexuality is spoken of all through the Bible along with a wide variety of other things…and nobody has stopped doing them either.  

However, the point I am trying to make if you would just hold off for a moment…is this.   That the only difference now that various states are slowly starting to sanction the union of same-sex couples as being legal it allows them to reap the benefits that come along with being married…such as being able to file their taxes together, having the right to have a say so during medical emergencies etc.

But at least the gay men and women want to get married.  That is all I am saying.

What about the “so called” straight couples?

Why don’t they want to get married?

This is really where I have been trying to get to in a round about way.    Because I think this is a even greater issue.  We could talk about fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lying, cheating, stealing, swearing, killing, raping etc…all of which are sins no matter how you lay it out…say it…or who is doing what.  

But this thing…where everybody is just shacking around and half playing house…this really bothers me.  I can’t really understand it.  Moral codes are rapidly disappearing all over the world.  Of which most of them start in the home.  But if the home has no moral codes…then what have people to operate with when they are outside of the home?

That guy who stole 24 years of his own daughter’s life.   He locked own his daughter away in a basement crawl space…which he meticulously built just to imprison her…for using her as his personal sexual slave while claiming she had run away…and caused her to bare 7 or 8 children that were both her sisters and brothers and to whom she was also their mother. 

That man’s excuse, and we will not call him “father,” was that after his father left their home when he was a kid…he and his mother used to…and I will stop right there…because the story is too sicking.  But it failed to remove any responsibility from that man for his own self-serving acts perpetrated upon daughter…and subsequently his children/grand-children.  What a sick story. 

When you think of all these children being molested and killed, women beaten and raped, murdered…pregnant women killed by their husbands…one has to wonder what is going on. 

What is going on?

Going back to the issue of marriage, no’…’sex, yes.’

Oh, I know everyone has their own reasons for not wanting to get married…or vice versa.  

I have a friend who has lived with someone this way for over 20 years.   I have heard and can sympathize with her reasoning.  However, marriage  I think is important to sealing and bonding people together.  Which I guess this is why gay people also desire to marry.  

Though  today many heterosexuals seem to believe marriage is just plain old fashion…and seems to have very much fallen by the wayside.  They believe that marriage is not the thing to do.  And particularly not right now.   Maybe later…but not right now.

Why would you want to think that?

It is not logical.  As though you believe you will always look as good or great as you do now…or always be healthy.

However, they want all the benefits of marriage.  Like getting up every morning with somebody laid up beside them.  And not be ready for any of the commitments.

I, however, could not imagine anything more beautiful.  I can just see the look in Adam’s eyes as he gazed upon Eve and spoke these words.

“…bones of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman…”  His woman, Eve.  Shakesphere could not have said it better. 

The thought that Adam came into the world as a man. 

Can you imagine that? 

Adam was never a little boy.  That is a fascinating thought.

Now, let me go back to my actual thought.

There is something about having that paper that not having it just cannot do.   or replace.   For one thing it can protect you and entitle you to things that you would not be entitled to without becoming married.  Certain benefits like medical coverage, retirement benefits, military compensations etc. all go along with being married to someone who is entitled to them…not to mention their social security benefits and medical benefits.   

Secondly, say you both should live a very long time and one of you dies…well, I have seen how families can just come in and take over everything and shove the survivor out of the property and everything else.   (This is one of the biggest reasons why most gays want to get married because they acquire so much together.  Some even have businesses and large property holdings etc.)

But even more importantly…it is just the right thing to do.  If you love someone marry her or him.  Do it the right way…and don’t do it because of the sex or because you want to lock somebody down…or box them in.  Do it for love.

That is why gays are doing it. 

You can’t fault people for falling in love.  It may not be your choice but at least for one thing…they are eagerly running to the altar.  Can’t say that about heterosexuals, or non-gays…or however or whatever you want to say it.

I think the focus should come off of the gay community and get on why aren’t the heterosexual or straight people marrying?  That to me is a greater issue and one we might be able to fix.  But we must first find out why marriage isn’t the in-thing to do any more?  Or why marriage is no longer anticipated institution which it once was…and still should be?

Has the institution of marriage been so tarnished that many people simply just perfer to lay around and jump from bed to bed?

What happened to giving your children some real foundation?  Like having both a mother and a father, married to one another and living together caring for their children.   I wonder just how many of those 17 girls who made that pact in Massachusetts came from families that had both a mother and father under the same roof, living as man and wife?

Talk about those 17 girls who made that pact…they were thinking about as clear headed as many older women think that they are.  Many women lack any type of understanding or vision toward their futures.  This is prinary reason why some women when they get older start to begin to feel desparate.  They have played around all of their lives…and then they hit 40 or 50…and now any old thang will do.  They just want to get married.  They are desparate to get married…and they settle for any ol’ thang they can find.   What a mistake.  And it is so sad.

Why wait until you are nearly dead to consider marriage?

Well, happy Gay Pride and Black Music Month.   To all my sisthas and brothers enjoy Sunday in the City and be safe.  In your times of trouble remember you can always call upon the Lord.  And when you get to Fire Island take a dip for me.

Love you all.  Holla.    …and God bless…

  • “He is the answer…oh, yes He is.”   ©2008



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