The stats don’t lie, Mama/Baby-Daddy Drama

June 26, 2008 bsmith101
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Wow, I can’t believe that so many people are zeroing in on this thing and reading my stuff…and evidently nobody is disagreeing with me.  And I really don’t mind hearing from the other side…tell me off…disagree with what I have to say and I won’t hate you for it.  I may just not post it…that’s all.   Just kidding.

Do you think that when this has all been said and done that I might end up being a superstar?


So, let me not continue to slap myself all across my back…Ooouch!  And take this time to thank you for tuning in…ahhhhh…I mean downloading this page.  Would hate to say…”my blog.”  Like I really own it.  That would just be too terribly big headed of me.  But thank you for doing so anyhow.  My mother thanks you…my father – well, let me stop…because they couldn’t possibly thank you.  But as their child and representative, I sincerely thank you.  So, keep reading and hitting me up.  I love hearing from you and I know alot of you have far more interesting things to say than I do.  So, let yourself run free.


It is going to unfold.  At this very time all those men who were so generous with their to sperm in order to assist those young school girls to get pregnant…can’t you just see them lawyering up right now?

I mean after all it’s a big story.  And somebody is going to want to be the first guy out of the box…to get his picture all over the papers and on Goodmorning America.

And that is the problem.  Every wrong deed somehow always ends up getting some type of glorification.  Murders on deathrow get lawyers who become their agents selling interviews to the highest bidders.

These people should all be taken quietly…and walked down a long dark hall to never be heard of again.  Then there wouldn’t be any such thing as “copycating” this or that.

I’m tried of reading and hearing news items about men killing their pregnant wives…after watching endless media attention to Scott whatever his name after he killed Lacey.  The guy was turned into a virtual urban legend and some kind of playboy.  He was a murder.

Look at how some kids want to dupicate these school massacres.  They all want to put on trench coats and wear dark sunglasses…and get into some kind of countercultural doomsday groove.  Those who conspire want to dupicate or somehow equal if not try to surpass the murdering spree of those 2 boys on that dark day at Columbine High.

It’s all that 15 minutes of flame thang…even Ojay has to keep doing something stupid in order to keep his face before the camera.  It is contagious.  And we are all hypocrites because we just can’t seem to get enough of it.  We hate it…yet we love it.

We have all heard  that saying, “That even bad press beats no press all.”

So,  what if they have to kill, mutilate, torture, demean, lie, scheme, fraud, rape, steal, jump out a window…some people will do it…and if they live afterwards…love all the attention that they are getting for it.  Or in the case of the kids that they get it after they are dead and gone…after having taken a few innocent people with them to the grave.  How morbid.

It is all very preverse.


The mama/baby-daddy drama is about to unfold on those 17 teenage girls who star in the pregnancy pact story.  And look for grand-ma and grand-daddy’s to get into it.  It is all about money…Larry King will soon be calling.  And watch out for the copycats.

Have a good one.  Tonight maybe I will get into bed before 5 AM…I’m going through menopause and just cannot sleep.  I lay there…and my brain doesn’t even have enough sense to start counting sheep.   But at least ways you can rest.  I guess at least one us has to have her our ears to ground so she can share what what she hears with others.   God bless….  ©2008


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