Have Gun Will Travel, The Right To Bare Arms

June 27, 2008 bsmith101
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The Suprem Court today agreed that individual Americans have the right to keep, have and to bear arms in a vote of 5 to 4 striking down the D.C .ban on hand guns.  A constitutional decision guaranteed to surely come to mean we all loose.

The Washington, D.C. ban was a 32 year old ban which the Supreme Court said was illegal and violated the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.  That amendment was written in during the Constitution Convention of 1787 stating that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Now living in the 21st Century some questions can be asked about the validity of that amendment today considering today’s violent culture.  Where guns are not used primarily to protect but to commit…crimes.  Every city and town in this country is faced with serious issues concerning increases in violent crimes of which guns are often times involved in. 

For the judges who voted to lift the ban on hand guns in D.C., which has a very high rate of violence…but for those judges the violence in the streets, school yards, businesses and homes in D.C…that violence may not have any affect upon them when they go home to exclusive or gated neighborhoods.  But for the everyday people who live, work and go to school in DC there was a reason why such a ban was put into place in the first place.

The issue of guns and violence in this country is a very big issue and a sincere problem in this country…and the out look does not look better…particularly not in light of this recent Supreme Court decision.  During the 1700’s perhaps there was a need for the militia, bands of men who carried guns, walking around to protect people, their land and other property and were used as their armies. 

But does the same hold true today?  

No, it does not.  We have Police Departments, paid civil servants who earn their pay filling that capacity.  So, there is no need for every citizen to bear arms in order to ensure their or anybody else’s security, safety or rights.  Furthermore, additional societal  development and organization over time since 1787 has removed the need for it.

In fact, today just the opposite is necessary.  We need more effective laws to get all these illegal guns off the streets and criminals locked away…not allowed to go into courts for a hearing then given another date to return back to court where they are then given another date to come back…as they are allowed free to rome the streets and neighborhoods at will.  The ineffectiveness of the court system is a joke to most criminals.  Which is why they continue to perpetrate more and more crimes.  

I am not a big freak on capital punisment.  I certainly don’t want to see more and more men or any one in jails and prisons in this country.  But I do believe that the laws are for the lawless…and therefore if you perpetrate you need to be regulated and dealt with appropriately.

I most recently myself got arrested.  It is a shame to wait until you get up in age and start finding yourself in jail. 

At any rate I had gone to court to take care of some family business when suddenly I was ordered to put my hands behind my back.  I was shocked.  I had no idea what was going on.  And suddenly the judge began talking to me about having a warrant for my arrest for not doing jury duty.

I was livid and I could barely gather my thoughts.  I ended up spending my whole day in jail over an error.  This kind of thing should never happen.  Not to mention that I was handcuffed and would have been shackled, but by the grace of God.  I am still sieving. 

What an embarrassment to be marched through the halls of the courthouse like a common criminal. 

How could such an error like that happen?

Because of problems in our legal and court systems errors do happen…and many times those who should be locked up never do…or end up spending very little time for whatever it was that they had done.

However, in no way should we be regulating more laws that aid and assist criminals to be criminals.  So they can walk into court after they shoot somebody for no reason…and say, “Well, I had a right to protect myself.”

This is not the wild wild west.

The criminals aready have guns.  Most decent people don’t want a gun anywhere around them.  So, why should we have to contend with the possibility of getting caught up in the crossfire of some lunatics suffering from road rage or gas pump frustration?

And it is a known fact that if you own a gun…in the heat of a moment you are subject to use it.  We have all gotten angry and wanted to kill somebody.  And if at the time we could have…we would have.  But I thank God now for temperance…but there was a time I didn’t have any.

 It is clear that this country is in need of gun controls that work not laxed restrictions which now allow every man, woman and child of…I don’t know what age…in Washington, D.C. to legally start packing a hand gun.

The question is…how long will it take the other states to follow?

Talk about opening up the flood gates.

This month is flying by so fast that I will soon wonder where did my summer go? 

Haven’t done much.  Need to clean the house but just can’t seem to get into the mood.  But I will soon get tired of looking at it and get busy then sit back and  marvel at what I did.  And think, “wow…”.  Then commence to get it right back into the state I just finished taking it from.

Can’t stand the clutter.  But I’ve got all summer to think about cleaning it up.  Except the bathroom and kitchen…those things I must do.  And do regularly…couldn’t stand it any other way.  And I always make my bed.

Maybe, I’m not so bad after all.  Enjoy your summer and don’t let yourself get bogged down.   God bless…  ©2008


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