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July 2, 2008 bsmith101
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Just finished doing my laundry…and no we haven’t left yet.  Running a little behind but we will get out of here some time tonight…dash into Jersey and pick up my sister-in-law…then on to Detroit

Seems like a lot of people have plans to hit the road this holiday.  The gas prices are not holding us down.  Though when running around town, I now think about what and what I can hit along the way to a destination.  Like if I’m going to the grocery store, maybe I might need something from Walmart which is also going that way.  Or from CVS…or maybe something from McDonals…all on the same route.  I call it bundling…and in terms of watching the gas gage…it works for me. 

You can burn up gas quick running around town aimlessly.  And when a full tank can run you a $100 if you have a truck…you really don’t want to do that.  Better start planing your errands.

So, since I’m still here just thought i would take this time to say something.  Like how about those Williams sisters?


I just finished watching some footage on them making it into the semi-finals at Wimbledon.  During Serena’s match she hit…get this 8 ace’s.  And yesterday Venus hit the fastest ball ever served by a woman.

The expectations are high that there may be another Williams sisters showdown in the finals this year at Wimbledon, which of course, Venus won last year for the 4th time while being the lowest ranked woman to win Wimbledon, at a ranking of 9th highest Woman Tennis Player in the World at the time.

It is good to see their growth and development, and just how close knit the Williams’ are as family.  Their parents have done a very good job at keeping the wolves out and at keeping them level headed, bright, humble and philantrophis’.  There was a time when many media people felt that their father was crazy when he refused to allow anyone to coach his daughters but him…and he really knew nothing about tennis.  But he had a belief.  He believed that his girls could become tennis champions.

Perhaps he knew far more than any of us ever gave him credit for.  He was the one after all who started throwing tennis balls at them as tiny little girls when he saw how much could be earn playing a simple game with a racket.  He believed and they made it happened.

The same could also be said about Tiger Woods and his dad.  Both fathers seemed to have instilled in their children that they could do anything…and to never stop striving and achieving.

It is wonderful to see what families can accomplish when they work together.

There is nothing like family.

And Venus and Serena are also playing doubles at Wimbledon, as they usually do whenever one or bother of them aren’t suffering with injuries.   Now, wouldn’t that be something…if Venus and Serena come out as the doubles champions and end up in the finals playing against each other too?

This could be the year Venus and Serena take Wimbledon by storm…well, I think they have already done that more than a few times…but never a double whammie.  Sisters emerging as the Doubles Champions at Wimbledon, and the final’s winner and play each other for that crowning victory. WOw…

Some FACTS on the Williams sisters…

1.  Venus has a degree in Fashion Design having graduated the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Fl., 2007 

2.  Serena is an 8 time grand-slam champion

3.  They are currently ranked as the number 6th and 7th Top Women Tennis Players in the World

4.  In career prize money, Venus has won nearly $19 million dollars while Serena has inched beyond the $20 million mark

5.  Together they have been in 28 Grand Slam Championships

6.  Venus has won Wimbledon 5 times

7.  Venus and Serena won gold at the Bijing Olympics 2008 as the Women’s Doubles Champions

They are just two lean mean sports machines.  WOw….

And they travel no where on tournament where neither their mother, or father, or both of their parents are not in the grandstand supporting their very talented and regal girls.

ps…I’ve got to clean the bathroom and mob the floors before I get out of here.  So, I better get started.  I don’t want to come back to a dirty house.

And don’t forget…if you get out on the road…please drive with care.

 Well, God bless…   ©2008


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