Williams vs Williams…the Sister Act

July 4, 2008 bsmith101
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Taking Wimbledon by storm the Williams sisters are going to lock horns on Saturday morning in this year’s Women’s Final. 

When asked by a reporter about the possible outcome on Saturday, Venus said it this way…”It’s every woman for herself.

And those sound like fighting words to me. 

Saturday morning in front of your television sounds like it could be one of the hotest seats to watch one of the most anticipated games in the Tennis World…Williams vs Williams in the play off of all play offs…the Wimbledon Ladies Final.  And I plan to be right there with my eyes glued on every whizzing ball.

Depending which sister wins…it could mean Venus’ 5th Wimbledon win…which would the first for any woman…or Serena’s 3rd Wimbledon win…which would also set a record for sisters having won Wimbledon.   But one thing is for sure in terms of cash money this will put both Venus and Serena over $20 million in tennis winnings…not  pincluding their endorsements and those surely to come following this year’s Wimbledon.

Yes, they’re in the money.

Go girls…go.  You mean lean tennis machines.


Well, today is the 4th of July and I hope you have something special planned.

A Bad Practical Joke… 

Did I hear right?

Some man somewhere is supposedly pregnant? 

I mean I saw it on some morning show.  I could understand how it could happen if he were one of those babies borned with both sex organs.  And they, his parents and pediatrician decided that the male parts were more prominent.  But in order for him to be pregnant that would mean he was gay.  But even so…how could he become pregnant from indulging like that?

It has got to be a prank.  Or some type of medical mistake…because it is not physically possible.  And it is certainly out of sync.

Well, I just heard the whole story on Mr. Mom.  I knew it was out of whack. 

Turns out it is a woman who became a man.  Enough of that story…you can figure out the rest.  I don’t have patience for it.  Not that I am passing judgement.  But I just don’t like people who want to play games.

If you want to be gay…be gay.  But turn yourself into a man…as if that can really be done.  

I mean who can really change what God has done? 

You can camouflage yourself…my that I mean make changes to your exterior…but as this episode shows the inside  can’t really be changed.  But to go through the operation and do things to yourself and then want to give birth…well, I’ve already said it.  It is just plain out of sync.   And I have already spent too much time on the thang…which is probably the reason why it was all done in the first place. 


Well, we made it.  We’re here.

The average gas here is $4.05 per gallon whereas in Massachusetts it is about $4.16 per gallon…and even more in Connecticut.  And certainly a lot more in New York City. 

On the highway while traveling here we found the gas prices to be about the same though at one Sunoco gas station it stated that the gas price was $3.98…at a station where you gas up first…hadn’t seen one of those in a very long time.  But after we gased up we found out that the price was $3.98 after some type of rebate that you had to mail in for.  Needless to say…that was highly deceptive and we weren’t too happy after being taken like  that.

Detroit is big and spread out.  Most of the roadways are at least 4 lanes wide with some as wide as 6.  Imagine that…6 lanes wide going up Michigan Avenue.

The dealerships here are huge and are very classy, and the vehicles look different to me for some reason.

Practically everything here says GM or General Motors.  There seems to be a lot of abandon buildings too all over the place.  Detroit has very long stretches of roadway running all through it and over it.  And along the way you can see the effects of loosing so many jobs by the auto industry blite that hit them.

They also have 2 casinos here in the heart of downtown Detroit.  The place is loaded with nudie clubs, fast food restaurants, pizza places, Chinese food and plenty of soul food joints.  And right across the water is Canada of which you can go and come as you like into Ontario.

But unlike New York City, the city isn’t quite as dirty.  I can see what this place will look like in a few years…not that it looks so bad now…but nowhere as beautiful as Chicago.

From our hotel room we can look out at the Michigan River where fireworks are probably due to go off sometime later tonight.  The waterfront is really fixed up and you can walk or jog along it…or just sit out and look across at Canada which really isn’t that far across from Detroit…maybe 4 miles or so if that far.  And sometime during this trip besides going to Motown, I will have to get over into Ontario.

That reminds me…on the way over to the Cobo Center, Detroit’s convention center, there were two little girls on our shuffle bus service from the hotel.  I was amazed by their conversation, they were talking about China…and these little children were maybe about 7 or 8 years old.  And I was just really surprised to hear them engrossed in a conversation about something international.  And then as the shuffle bus neared the Cobo Center, which sits on the waterfront, they started talking about Canada.  These kids are way ahead of us…but it also just shows how much more prepared for tomorrows world they will have to be.  So, it was interesting to hear those two young girls were already learning about these countries and had enough knowledge on them to entertain themselves discusing them in their spare time.  I was happy to hear it.

Poor Christi Brinkley in divorce court for the 4th time.  Poor woman she continually seems to make the wrong choice when it comes to men.  And many women do it.   Most of the time they reject the people who could be best for them for vain reasons such as looks or whatever.  But looks should never be a reason for making such a decision as many people change so much over time that if that were your only or primary reason for saying ‘yes’ to someone…it is very much likely that you may find yourself in a marriage or situation that is wrong for you and not happy.

 Well, so much for me pretending to be Dr. Ruth.

We’ve got to catch up with some family later for a cook-out.  I have yet to meet them but I know it will truly be fun.  My mother when she came to a convention here many years ago met them too for the first time which is how we knew that they were here.  It is nice to find long lost family.  So, it should be interesting.

Enjoy your day today.   God bless…

…and oh, yes…happy 4th  ©2008

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