Poor Michael Vick…

July 9, 2008 bsmith101
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I really don’t like animals and have never had any pets of my own outside of a couple of gold fishes.  But the Michael Vick story got to me.  I have heard a lot on the story and today he filed for bankruptcy saying he owes his creditors between $10-$50 million in debt.

I feel for Michael Vick having to go to prison for breeding and funding dog fights.  I cannot think of anything more vicious or cruel than that outside of, of course, many of the things that we humans do to each other and children.  But I once saw a dog who had been involved in that sort of thing.  She had gotten out and was running from yard to yard.

At first I was horrified when I saw the dog.  It was the ugliest dog I had ever seen.  I never realized what I was looking at a dog which had been abused and scarred through many attacks from being one of those dogs which was used in dog fights.

This poor dog was afraid of its own shadow.  When I realized what dog it was, I remembered how it had looked before when the young boys on my block used to have it on a chain as a young puppy growing up.  It was not even a shadow of what it had been.

I felt so sorry for the dog and felt that someone should put it asleep.  You would have to have had to see the state that this dog was in and just how fearful it was.  This dog that had been used as a fighter…taught to attack…so badly abused that it looked so extremely ugly and hideous. 

It had been breed to bring into the world more fighting dogs, she had been torn apart by other dogs and now left to run from yard to yard trying to find food…and afraid of everything around her.  This dog was so afraid that after my shock of seeing it come into our yard…as I don’t like anything coming into our yard…but my heart went out for this poor animal lost in this cruel world, and now left trying to search out some food.  

The dog was simply so ugly beyond anything natural.   This state was just from being used in that way…as a fighting dog.  Nothing should have to go through that.  Nothing. 

I feel for Michael Vick…but I felt more for that poor dog which had been put through that.  That dog never had any choices in that matter.  And nobody ever gave that dog a contract or any endorsements.

Still catching up on my sleep.  Today I ran around a little bit…had a few errands and some business that I needed to take care of.  I have some money owed to me so I had to go about trying to take care of that.  We put off things…and at some point we have to take care of them.  So, this was one of those days…trying to take care of business and taking care of some things I had put off. 

Needless to say…I didn’t get much of it done.  But I did set out trying to get it done.  Now, tomorrow I will get it done and move on to some other things I also put off that need to be done.  It never ends…always something to do.  And my summer is flying by.  Just too much to do.    God bless…  ©2008


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