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July 9, 2008 bsmith101
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What has to be one of fastest growing companies in America, Starbucks is announcing that it will be closing some of its stores and will let go of some 12,000 employees both full-time and part-time employees.  Which, of course, as I mentioned after having visited Detroit…whenever I hear about companies downsizing I now think of what that means in terms of the people who will lose their jobs.

Though the Bush Administration refuses to call it a recession there can be no denying that the times are a bit harder for most folks…and the escalating gas prices does not make it any easier.

Though, however, while I was sitting in the convention last week and looking around at everyone, I was thinking that we, those of us in church, are looking at a time of increase.  And that our lives differ in many ways from most people…simply because we are who we are…God’s people…His exclusive property.  His elect.

I am reminded of that story of Joseph when he was asked to interpret Pharaoh’s’s dream.  That dream was about 7 years of excess and 7 years of famine.  Because Pharaoh respected that interpretation they were able to ride out those years of famine because they prepared for it. 

Preparation is so important.  We have to be prepared for anything and everything.  It is the wise thing to do.  The only point is…is that most of us live from day to day…with barely enough to make it into tomorrow.  So, to say ‘we should save’ is nice but everybody just cannot afford to save anything because they simply do not make enough money…as they can barely make enough to meet their current daily needs much less try to put some away for a rainly day.  And rainy days do come.

So, what do those people do?

Those people who lose their jobs and are not trained to do anything other than what they had done for the last 16 years.  Who aren’t as computer savy and many of their jobs and past skills are now outdated.  What do they do?

One way to off-set this…is to always look ahead.  Never get in a situation where you feel comfortable that your situation will not change.  Change comes every day.  It can come in the form of new management, a new supervisor, corporate buy-outs, deaths, changing technologies etc…change…change…change.

We have got to be prepared for change.

We have got to keep updating our skills…learn computers…new softwares.  And never lock yourself into one thing.  Develop other skills and watch market trends…and make wise and good choices.

Prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Well, I’m going to get some sleep.  I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow…I’m planning our big outdoor summer ministry affair.  So, I have got to get this permit signed by the Chief of the Fire Deptment, the city public works people, the police department, public health department etc…etc…   And then I have to start calling people to get them locked in…not to mention work on creating our flyers and other media info.  So, yes…I will be busy tomorrow.

This is for that ENTREPRENEUR in You….

And oh, yes…I’m buying a very large grill figured I need to raise some money for our event so I have decided to start selling rib sandwiches.  I couldn’t eat enough ribs while I was in Detroit.  And while on the road my son told me a story of an entrepreneur who began selling ribs out of his yard and eventually turned his back yard into a real restaurant.  I like listening to those kind of stories about people who do unique things just because they are forced to and some how become successful by having done so.

I pray that the woes of loosing a job or trying to find a job in this tight job market are not yours.  But if so…always keep in mind that when one door closes…another opens.  We all possess the powers and skills to become successful in this life.  It only gets down to…how much do you want it?  And are you willing to make the sacrifices to make it happen?

Success is not cheap and it does not come over-night.  You have to fight for success…but it is achievable.

And when I say ‘that success is not cheap’…I do not mean in the monetary sense. 

Many times you just have to get started whether you have the money or not.  Don’t wait on money…you’ll never do anything sitting around waiting on the money to come.  Get started now.  The money will come…but you must get started.  And along the way you will begin to develop relationships and other avenues that will supercede your lack of finances…and have more value to you and your business.  

Well, God bless…and I am hoping you have a beautiful day.  ©2008


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