King of Fools…Jesse Jackson

July 11, 2008 bsmith101
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I am truly just so fed up with Jesse Jackson.

What black man in the 21st Century discusses cutting off another man’s ___’_?   And this man calls himself a Reverend?

Now, I’m going to ask the question that I have never ever thought of before.

But what church does Jesse Jackson belong to?

And where does he minister at?

I have never once heard of any church affiliations concerning the right Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Clearly, he does not think much of Barack Obama

Maybe it’s Barack’s youngfulness or his vigor…but Jesse is certainly jealous of something.

Perhaps it is that Barack Obama has somehow managed to excel in anything that Jesse has ever done.  In a single bound Barack Obama has eclipsed Jesse in everything that Jesse has done including his run for the White House.

Barack Obama has ignited a movement behind him that even Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. would be impressed by.  Had Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. had half of what Barack Obama has behind him in terms of just African-American unity the Civil Rights Movement may have been 3 or 4 times the wonder it ended up being.  Dr. King had to struggle against many naysayers, the likes of which Malcolm X was one, many black civic groups and also some black churches, and clergy.

After Clarence Thomas and his so-called ‘electronic lyching’…imagine him putting those 2 words together…and it worked…he became a Justice of the Supreme Court.  But for a black man to conjure up the topic of castration against another black man in a conversation in a television studio where there are nothing but mics and cameras is outrageous…simply outrageous. 

And let me note that that conversation anywhere would have been outrageous…not just in a television studio…but in a mall, at home…in the hallway of your church…anywhere. 

That kind of thing is just crazy. 

And even more so for a man who was a supposed fore-leader of the black community and was looked upon by media as a spokeperson for black people of America.  Not to mention, that Jesse Jackson is a man who has for years claimed an undying love and respect for his people…with special  regard for those who dream big and are not afraid to challenge their dreams…by going after them.  I’m sure you must remember his “I am somebody speech.”   That speech ends with these words-

“If I can dream it.  I can achieve it.”

And for this man…this mis-lead creature to come from a time in African-American history where black men really were castrated…tarred and feathered…and lyched…AND to have been an active participant in the Civil Rights movement in the country of the 1960’s himself…to forsake all of that to say that he wished he could chop off the private parts of the first African-American to ever come within a stone’s throw of the White House…and may very well be the next President of the United States…where is your mind, Jesse Jackson?

What is it?

Is it Barack’s dashing good looks…while yours have faded?

Can you chalk it up to another episode of ‘mid-life crisis Jesse Jackson style?’

Can merely saying ‘it was a slip of the tongue’ wipe it from the record decks and playback monitors?   Or keep it off of youtube?

Or is it…that you have met someone in Barack Obama who can’t be pimped, used or abused…who failed to get caught up in your hype?  And so, you decided to take a swipe.

Slowly fading into the wind…you’ve had your days when you could remember when…

But then you would slip…and someone would have pencil or a pen…and then you would find yourself reeling again.

Reverend, adulter, old man and father. 

I don’t think that Barack’s Father’s Day speech was talking down to black people, or condescending.  However, Jesse Jackson, he may have well been talking to fathers just like you.

Slowly but surely the curtains are starting to be drawn back…exposing you while all the while pretending to be on Barack’s side.  Now, I am beginning to feel that I have more respect for Bob Johnson of BET…and that is about as low as I can go.

I know I am suppose to be Christain and Godly…but I hate deceit and deceitfulness.

With every episode Jesse Jackson’s light is growing dimmer and dimmer.  A man in the 60’s whom I thought was finer than fine, and who walked with kings.

My, how we have fallen…

Today, I did a lot of running around.  I am finally really going into the rib business.  I went out and spent far more money than I intended as I purchased utensils for my set-up.  You’ve got to have the right grill forks, tongs, bashing brush, grill scrubber etc…etc… 

I guess you can say that ‘they saw me coming.’  Now, I’m about $400 short for the grill price which I had specially made.   Oh, me….oh, my.

Enjoy your day tomorrow…as I will be spending mines probably begging my son to lean me the extra money so I can finally get my grill.  What’s a mother to do?????        God bless….

ps…keep in mind that you can share this blog or any of my other blogs…with your friends, relatives and/or co-workers simply by sending them my blog address…   And why not ‘holla’ sometime…I might just ‘holla’ back.  🙂     …thanks and have a beautiful day.  ©2008


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