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July 14, 2008 bsmith101
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This post is inspired by a sermon by Bishop Charles Ellis, III, of Detroit, MI, entitled “I’m Still Standing in an Upside Down World.” 

There is something about my blog on ‘Gay Pride’ which plagues me somewhat.

I in no ways intended to say or make it appear that I agree with gay (same-sex) marriages.  Oh, no…  In no way could I do that.  For those things which are wrong are wrong…and gay marriages are wrong.  And certainly go against the will of God.

However, what I was trying to say was…that I thought it was interesting that many gay people want to get married whereas many heterosexuals (for whom marriage was intended) do not.

I think that we have to be very careful in making statements that make wrong seem right…and to some degree that blog may have seemed that way to some.  But it was not intended that way.

The Bible says “With love and kindness have I drawn thee.” 

So, therefore I cast no judgement upon anyone. 

Yes, I have opinions but my opinions are not meant to comdemn.

I don’t like gay jokes…particularly from the culpit.  Because there is nothing funny about sin.  So, therefore no sin should become a joke.

Nor do I like speaking about being homosexual or heterosexual…as to speak in terms of sex is to be caught up in fleshy things…because sex has to do with the flesh.  And it is something which we all have to battle against.  

Speaking of which, you will have to read my book when it comes out, “The Bishop’s Wife”….a sho’nuf must read.  I will tell you when you can get it…as it is already at the publishers…you can read about that in my very first first blog…under ‘self-publishing.’  Well, so much for my shameless plug for my up-coming book…“The Bishop’s Wife.”

I hope I have addressed the issue of same-sex marriages, pre-martial sex (all of which you can read in my ‘Gay Pride’ blog)… along with my stance on them and other things all through my blogs…of which, if you haven’t read them all…do indeed give them a read.  And don’t forget to share this blog address  with your family and friends…and co-workers…everybody!    Enjoy…and thank you for reading. 

Be kind to those around you.  With love…champion your enemies.

I will never forget once being in downtown Brooklyn when I came across a young employee whom I had had a lot of problems with…but when she saw me downtown that day (which had been the first time she had seen me for some time)…when she saw me…she came running towards and threw her arms around me burying her head in my chest with such joy.

And I said to her as we conversed, “Patrina, I thought that you didn’t like me.”

And she answered saying, “Yes, Miss Smith.  But you were fair.”

So, I say champion your enemies and they will run towards you…with open arms.

Be good and have a beautiful day.     God bless….

ps….I have been doing nothing but sleeping.  I’m still trying to catch up to all the sleep I lost while being on vacation last week.  ©2008


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