On the road again…Losing a friend…

July 15, 2008 bsmith101
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Just getting in from New York City.

Finally got in to check on my friend who we believe is about to pass.

Through the graciousness of my son the opportunity availed itself. 

Though they predicted rain the sun came out.  So, I had to pull out the sunglasses and clip my hair back as I like to drive with the wind blowing in my face.  I think this comes from a habit I developed while driving up and down on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago in my sports convertible…with the lake to my right and the impressive Chicago skyline to my left. 

Oh, how I used to love making that trip up and down the drive…watching the large beautiful yachts peacefully settled in the wonderfully blue waters of Lake Michigan, which line Chicago from one side to the other…rendering much of it beach front property.

Wasn’t much traffic getting in or out of New York today. 

How do you go to say good-bye to someone whom God has enriched your life with?

How do you stand and see someone in a state that you know that they do not want to be in?

I am one of the worst people to go and visit anyone in the hospital. 

As I hit the door I started crying…and calling upon the name of the Lord.

I don’t think we place enough value on people who are older.

Just yesterday she celebrated her 95th birthday.  And after suffering a stroke which has rendered her virtually helpless…unable to speak, eat, walk etc.   And yet strong…and yet holding on.

We would often laugh and try to figure out just how it was that we first came together…and neither of us could remember.  I suspect that it really doesn’t matter.  The fact is…is that we did.   And my life has been the better for it.  And I hope that the same can be said of me in regards to her.

Through all the estate issues, legal issues and other woes I had a confidant, a friend, a person who listened…and never passed judgement…and often times filled me up with such wisdom that if I had been required to purchase it…Oprah couldn’t have bank-rolled it for me.  Because even Oprah wouldn’t have had enough to pay for it.  And I got it for free.

When I cried…she heard me.  When I laughed…she laughed with me.   When I needed guidance…she gave it to me.  When I was weak…she spoke strength into me.   When I faltered…she straightened me and put me back on course.  When I would have turned and ran…she blocked me. 

When I would bare my soul…she would withhold all comments until after I exercised some decision on the matter.  Then she would almost leap up  exclaiming over the phone-

“I don’t know what took you so long.  I would have done that a long time ago.”

We cannot purchase wisdom.

For it is not up for sale.  Yet it is readily available…if we avail ourselves to it.

Honor those who have walked before us.  Cherish the moments you have with them.  Give ear unto them and what they have to share on the matters.

Don’t let wisdom flee from you without tapping into it

There are some who are wiser and richer in their wisdom than others…seek them out.  And give of yourself to them…as they impart unto you.

I am happy I finally I got into New York.   I feel alot better now.

I have let alot of opportunities get pass me when I should have said, “I love you.”

But today wasn’t one of them.

God bless…  enjoy your day and put a smile on someone’s face.

ps…hope you have had an opportunity to check out my LINK to Phillip Brooks’ website.   If so, then you know what I mean when I say…”He is good.”    www.phillipabrooks.com

Talking about being good…let me just say this.  God is good….all the time.  Oh, yes….He is.  ©2008


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