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July 20, 2008 bsmith101
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Today’s tempertures must have been somewhere in the 100’s.  I don’t think those Accu-Weather people know anything because they claim it only got up into the mid-70’s.   But this 100 degrees wasn’t Arizona weather either. 

No, it was hot, humid…very very very…very humid…and sweaty.

It was one of those days where you know you have a lot to do…but do nothing.  Because it is too too too hot.

Just got me a large cool glass of fresh water…and I will probably sip from that for the rest of the night.

The all mighty U.S. dollar is taking a real hit.  And based upon one report that I have read it is primarily due to…once again…Bush and his Administion not doing what it was suppose to…when they saw where things were headed…after having made several blunders to get us here in the first place.

But lets face it…when you are a billionaire…daddy’s rich…mama’s rich…you grew up rich…and currently live off the tax-payers of this country…do you really care?

That was the problem with Bush Senior…he was out of touch too.  But sonny boy…he’s more than out of touch.  He doesn’t even believe he has plunged us into a recession.  Or prehaps we should say it this way…he doesn’t want to confess to having plunged us into a recession.

So, he keeps calling it something else…like a ‘little slow down.’

A little slow down???

After 8 years of George Bush economics…and I would really like to see those Yale grades of his in economics…this country is seriously ailing. 

We had suffered more lossess, cuts, job diminishings…highest gas prices everWall Street crashes, mortgage foreclosures, waste in tax dollars…a war that nobody but George Bush and his friends wanted…tremendous lossess in lives, numerous injuries, mental problems etc. of vets involved in that war not to mention the billion dollars a day cost of that war…and raging hospital costs, medicine costs, utility costs…loss wages and benefits…and nobody had to tell us because we already knew it…our dollar just doesn’t buy as much as it used to. 

The question is…do we really have to wait until November to get George Bush out of the White House?

This man has sent this country to the dogs.

How in the world could the American public, the Senate and the U.S. Congress allow this to happen?

Did we all have our heads just buried in the sand?

This country was supposedly set-up with checks and balances to keep this sort of thing from ever happening. 

What happened to the checks and balances?

Who turned out the lights?

Now that to some degree the breath of the mess is coming to light…one thing is quite certain…

Whoever walks into the White House after George W. Bush is not going to be in for a picnic.  And he and his team won’t have it easy.   They have a real mess to try to clean up…and it is not going to be easy…and it will take some time to undo…if indeed they can.  And they will certainly have to think out of the box…because the depth of Bush’s mis-uses and exploitation of this country and the seat in which he held will take some real and new techniques to undo some great and tragic problems not only here in this country but aboard as well.

Clearly, there is a reason why George Bush has received the lowest Presidential ratings of any U.S. President…of all times.

Well, enjoy your day tomorrow…  and God bless….

If you want to read more on the story about the dwindling dollar click on the link below.   ©2008


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