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July 29, 2008 bsmith101
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Finally, went upstairs to do something I have been putting off.  

Well…I wasn’t really putting it off…because I really wanted it done.  I just didn’t want to be the one to have to go up there and do it.

For every woman considering getting rid of her husband.  Keep him if for nothing else  or for no other reason…but to go upstairs and get rid of the raccoons which have invaded your attic.

That is my dilema.  A family of raccoons have taken over my parent’s attic.

A few weeks ago, I went to Lowels and bought a hammer…I know, I said daddy had all of these tools…but I don’t know where to find them.  They’re downstairs in his workshop somewhere. Which when daddy was alive he kept well organized…but having been deceased for a couple of years now…his tools have all been gone through…and nothing is as daddy had had it down in his workshop or anywhere else.   

Which is, of course, my problem.  The house is in vast dis-repair.

But from the attic the raccoons can have their run of the whole house pretty much.  They can run from the attic straight down into the basement.

Since coming home from Detroit, I have been kleenly aware that a raccoon was in the house.  As  I opened the back door and stepped into the hallway to gain access to the downstairs apartment…I could hear it upstairs in the hall…eating something and it sounded like sharpening something. 

And I knew what I was listening to…because I had encountered a raccoon earlier a few months ago in the house.  It had gotten into the kitchen…but my niece’s cat soon resolved that issue by chasing it out into the hallway and up the stairs. 

I had initially thought that that raccoon had gotten in through a basement window or something.  So, we would leave open the back hallway door with the hope that it would exit the house.  Which I though it had…until I got in from Detroit.  But I was totally unaware that we had a whole raccoon problem in our house until our neighbors later shared with me.

After getting back from Detroit…then came the neighbors…telling me that they had been watching these raccoons night after night crawling into our attic through the roof.  And not only that…but they told me that their was a family of them up there in our attic.  And at least one of them was larger than a cat.

I could only wonder why they hadn’t bothered to tell me this before. 

So, of course, I would want to secure upstairs to at least keep the raccoons from coming downstairs and prohibiting me from accessing the basement…you know the washer machine…and for the oddest reason we now have started to have problems with the electric…the refrigerator and stove keep going out.  And since everything else is on…I usually don’t realize the problem until some while later.  This means…I have to go down into the basement and hit the circuit breakers…something I just found out about…thank God for men who know something.

The first time the problem happened I was sitting at my computer…like now…and there was some type of electrical surge.  It didn’t bother my computer though but I did recognize that something had happened…but everything as far as I could see at that time was alright. 

Much later…hours later…no, more like some time later…like the next day…that’s when I came to realize that the refrigerator wasn’t working.  This I found out after finally reaching into it to get myself something to drink…and since no one else would be going into the refrigerator but me as I am currently the only here…so, there was no way for me to discover the problem until I finally opened the refrigerator and found out that my water wasn’t cold.

My mind went to calling an electrican…in fact I tried but the guy who had given me a card…well, his phone was not in service.  Which was kindda alright because I was wondering…”how am I going to afford an electrican?”  But when you have to do something…you have to do it…and that is why I had decided to called the electrican in the first place.  It was a problem that had to be fixed.

I’m finding that with property…there is always something.

The only something I used to have to worry about when I had my apartments were the landlords.  And oh…yeah, the utility bills.  But not now.  I’ve got to worry about the roof, the taxes, the mortgages, the yard, the trash, the water bill etc…etc…etc…   A house is no joke.  But at the end of the day…you’re paying for something that is yours.  And no matter how you chop it…it just feels a lot better than paying on something that belongs to somebody else…and that you will never own not a even a piece of.

Shortly after being told the electrican’s phone had been disconnected, I got a call from the guy who I bought my bought my grill from…you know the grill I intend to go into business with just as soon as I can get enough money to buy some food to put on it.  Well, after telling him my delima…he calmly told me that the refrigerator and stove are both on 2 separate lines because they use so much electricity…and that I probably needed to go down into the basement to throw the circuit breakers to get them back on.

And it was just as he said.

I have been home in my parents house trying to straighten out our estate matters since 2003, and I can’t remember there being this kind of problem with our electricity.  Because since that intial time the electricity on the stove and refrigerator has gone out 3 or 4 times in the course of 2 weeks.  Which signals to me…that I still need to call an electricity because something must be wrong.

But as I had started buying meats and things and stocking them in the refrigerator and freezer…I was forced into a position of having to go downstairs into the basement.

Which means razor sharp teeth or not…I was going to have to deal with my raccoon problem myself.

I had actually been waiting on a man to come by…any man…so I could send them or him to block the attic door and secure it so that the raccoon could not come downstairs.  But to no avail…no man.  Not even one of my brothers… 

I thought about calling the handy man whom I hired occasionally to do odd jobs around the house…but I always have to pay him.  And I have no money…it is all invested in my up and coming business.  So, I couldn’t call him…besides still I owe him $10.00 anyways.

So, what is a girl to do?

Well, I wasn’t going to let over $150.00 in meats go down the drain.  Are you crazy?

No, it meant I…I had to face my raccoon problem alone.  I would have to go out on the front porch get the wood I had cut to size from Lowels for the purpose of blocking the attic door…the pad lock that I bought for the purpose of securing the chain that holds the attic door close…and my brand new hammer…well, you know…to bang with.  We were all going to have to go upstairs today…and now.  Because I was not going to let my meat spoil.  No, way.

So, I did what I had to do.  I put on some thick jogging pants, an old pair of thick sneakers…got one of the fireplace pokers…stuck my hammer into the side of my jogging pants and went up stairs…me and my neice’s cat.  I was prepared to do battle.

It was going to be either those raccoons…or me and my meats.  And I had decided it was going to be me and my meats.  The raccoons would have to be block off.

It took me a while to get up those few stairs…I was exercising caution.  Nothing like a little caution…but I wasn’t being afraid.

By the time I was banging those boards into place and securing that pad lock onto the chain…I was singing as loud as I could-

“Thank you, Jesus…for giving me the victory.”

Next I had to go down into the basement.  But I wasn’t sure if a raccoon or 2 wasn’t down there.  But I didn’t have anybody I could deploy on the job…other than me and the cat.  Though I thought about calling my son.  But if anybody had to get attack by the racoon…I rather that it was me and not my son.  So, I didn’t call him.

So, it was me and my niece’s cat…again.   Thank God for the cat…she is no joke.  My kind of girl.  We went downstairs and did what we girls had to do…we hit the circuit breaker.

And there was no raccoon to be seen.

But I think I need to get married…because this ‘doing it for ourselves’ stuff is for the birds…and it is definitely just not making it…least ways not for me.  I gave up manual labor a long time ago.  And I have no intentions of being drafted back into it…and particularly if it includes varmints!

And I don’t want to chase any racoons!

Hope your day wasn’t quite as interesting. 

After all of that I had to shower…can’t stand to be dirty.  Just thankful I finally boarded up that attic door.  But I will have to go back up there because my pad lock was a little too big for the chain.  So, I ended up tying the chain and securing the pad lock over the knot to keep it from moving.  But I definitely need to buy a smaller lock…just so I am sure that door is secure until I can afford to have the racoons chased out and the roof of my parent’s house totally fixed.

Well, God bless…

I am putting the finishing touches on my book, “THE BISHOP’S WIFE”.  I couldn’t afford to get a copy editor so I had to go back through it myself and try to catch all the errors.  And if you have read these blogs…well, you know I don’t always catch everything.  But I try.  

I can’t stand to read something that is littered with type-pos or other errors.  It is so distracting…and then I used to teach English…well, worked as Sub teaching English and Math…though I did end up becoming a regular teacher too.  I was an Art teacher in one of our local High Schools. 

I am so picky about English though.  There are so many things I just can’t stand.

I can’t stand when someone is talking and they say ‘ta’ instead of ‘to.’   ‘Ta’ drives me crazy.

And I can’t stand the ‘is’ and ‘are’ thing either…I don’t know what is the problem that people can’t get it right.  And it wasn’t such a problem before…but language…proper language is really going to the dogs these days.

I finished the “THE BISHOP’S WIFE” back in March, but because of all the problems with the printer, Xulon Printing, it hasn’t been printed yet.  But they offered me a deal, and if you want to know the deal you can email me via the comments section and I will tell you….but they offered me this deal…so, based upon that I decided to go forward with them.

But remember what I said about my book, “THE BISHOP’S WIFE,” when it finally comes out I will let you know where to buy it…which actually I can tell you that now.  It will be available via, of course,, Barnes & Noble, via my website and through Xulon.  But I will keep you posted as to when you can buy it.

But when writing anything you really have to put it away for awhile before you can really catch all the errors…or most of them.  I am continuously finding errors in these blogs…which is why I go back and periodically re-read them.  Without a fresh pair of eyes when going over text for errors you will just keep seeing what you think you typed or be reading it as it should be…not as it is. 

So, I have kind of been redoing my text…and actually I am glad I have had this chance.  Because it was really loaded with all kinds of errors…as most of time when I was working on the book…creating the story…I was working until 3 or 5 o’clock in the morning then leaving out to go directly to school as I was carrying a full credit load of classes (21 credits to be exact)…meaning I was extremely sleepy and quite tired during the whole time I was creating “THE BISHOP’S WIFE.”  

But I had to keep pushing myself…and a lot of the time I was so tired literally I could barely see.  But I would be trying to plug along anyhow…with one eye open and one eye closed…because I knew I had to get it done.  So, I had to force myself to complete “THE BISHOP’S WIFE” even if I was tired…and even if I could hardly see…and even if it meant walking into class having not gotten any sleep at all.   I had to do it…and that’s what I did.  I forced myself to complete the story…to finish the book…and I did.  I got it done.

I rarely write narratives…fictional books or short stories.  Because for the most part I spend my time writing screenplays or plays which are the 2 basic areas of writing that I have always been the most interested in until recently. 

I say until recently because now I have started receiving information that is non-screenplay or play form…but it is coming to me in the format of a book.  I write in whatever format the stories come to me in.

As my history has basically been writing in either a screenplay or play format…I have never had to struggle with the stories…but I find writing a book different.  For me when writing a screenplay the screenplay unfolds before me as if I am seeing it at the movies.  It is the same kind of thing for plays…except I see them being perform on stage…as I am creating the text.  I hear every voice and know every nuance, and every character.

Because I do not try to plot or create a story…no, I allow the story to develop on its own (but everyone has their own techniques as to how they write and develop their stories and characters).  I am always surprised by the course of events, the cast of characters that pop up in my storylines, their dialogs and the eventual end of my creative writings…be they a play or a screenplay or Radio Drama.   And that whole proccess is even more interesting and exciting to me when I am creating Radio Dramas. 

There is something about Radio Dramas that really excite me when those stories come to me.  I guess it is that they are a bit trickier and have to be paced quicker than writing a regular screenplay or play because of all the on-running storylines, varied sub-plots, and of course more main players due to the varying storylines.  Having to create all of that dialog…which when you think about a Radio Drama it is nothing but a lot of dialog, some music and sound effects…that in of itself forces you to become more creative.  You must master creating natural sounding conversations which have to move the storylines along without getting bogged down.  And finally, writing a Radio Drama is more of a balancing act than anything else…trying to give equal time to 2 or 3 storylines.  To be able to create a good Radio Drama is truly prefecting of the art of story telling.  The unfortunate part about it…there isn’t a great demand for Radio Dramas anymore…they for the most part are a thing of the past…very sadly.

Imagine spending $2000.00 on something…to self-publish a book that everytime you picked it up to look at it…you cringed.  Because that is exactly what I would have been doing…had I printed “THE BISHOP’S WIFE” with all the errors that I just located this weekend while going back over the story…not to mention all the prior errors I had found earlier.  If I had printed that book with all those errors in it…I wouldn’t have been able to look at it.  It would have been a total waste of my money.

There is nothing worst than a book printed with a ton of errors…2 are too many.   And I am not saying it is perfect…that is not what I am saying.  I am trying to get it to perfection…and it sure is a lot closer to it now than it was before.  But one thing is definitely for sure, it is a lot better piece of work too than it was before I found this last group of some reall horrid errors in my text.  I caught stuff that would have really made me sick to my stomach…missing words…tons of them.  To have printed my book earlier would have been more than embarrassing to me.   It would have been a disgrace…of the professional I think I am.

So, before I send it out…I’m going to go through it again. 

I think you will like the story…it is fictional about a 50’s something woman who marrys a Bishop, but she can’t let go of her thoughts about an old flame.  Definitely, not biographical.  Well…it could be…but not.  Least ways I don’t think so…   You’ll just have to read it.   “THE BISHOP’S WIFE”…one thing for sure it is radical.  You will have to hold onto your seats for this ride.   So, look out for it.

Talking about language…here’s your Chinese for today.

If you remember I taught you… Ni hao….meaning ‘hello’  of ‘good morning’

the word “hao” is Chinese for ‘good’  ….‘ni’ prepresents the person   and ‘nim‘  a group of people    as in  ‘nim hao’  or ‘ni hao’  ….pronounced as  “nimb how”    and   “knee how”

Ni hao ma?     How are you      pronounced…‘knee how ma’   you can answer simply by saying ‘hao’ meaning ‘good‘  or that you are well.     So, ‘hao’ means good.      or you say the same thing to a group of people by saying….

Nim hao.     which means  ‘hello’ to a group of people      when you add the ‘ma‘  you have the sentence into a question….  nim hao ma?    meaning ‘how are you’…which would really translate to ‘how are all of you’.

When you hear the word ‘gor ren’  sounds just like the bird’s name ‘wren’…..when you hear ‘gor ren’ they are talking about a group of people.   Here again I have given you my verision of what it sounds like…not the exactual Chinese spelling of the word.        If you were to say “Mei gor ren”  …you would be saying that you are American.   It is pronounced  “May gor ren” ….I am American.

I am sure that saying will come in handy in China if you go to the Olympics.

And one more thing about those raccoons…I could never have gone up there if had not I believed that God has given us dominion over every living thing.  It’s in the Bible…and He is true to His word.   Be bless…  

Be good…and don’t forget to keep sharing this blog with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, classmates, the woman in the grocery store, your church…etc…everybody.  For interesting…information and insightful information…    …pass it on…

I am not chasing any raccoon!  And I mean it!

I’ve got to find me a husband. ©2008


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  • 1. Lorelei  |  July 29, 2008 at 5:28 am

    lol that is a good enough reason for me to marry 🙂 As for the self publish, I used Lulu for one and Amazon’s POD service for the second. I totally am for the Amazon service because since its POD you can edit it continuously for grammar, spelling and minor edits.

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