It hurts sometimes… but you just have to say it

August 7, 2008 bsmith101
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Let me apologize to all the office workers out there…because the worker who was trying to help me…well, she was right.

I had it all messed up.  Sent them the wrong forms and everything.

So, office worker’s of America…I apologize.  It is not always you.  Nor is it always your fault.  But sometimes it is us.  (you can read my last blog to get the whole story)

I was talking with a friend most recently who told me that I rarely think that I am ever wrong.

Which is definitely not the case.

Only a fool would think that.  And there are a lot of people who believe that they are never wrong…but I am not one of them.

Not only can I be wrong…but I have done some stupid things in my life.  Said some things…that I should not have.  Acted in ways…that I wouldn’t have liked to acted but did.

That is why growing up is so important.  Accepting responsibility is a very necessary factor…and just being able to say-

“I was wrong.”

Or yes…even, “I’m sorry.”

Sometimes if you just say it to nobody but yourself…

“I was wrong.”

It is better than never saying it at all.

But here is one that really should be said as often as you can.

“I love you.”

And to as many people as you can say it to…with truth.

The Olympics start tomorrow.  I understand that there are some issues with smog.  Some of the athletes are even wearing facial masks in order try to keep out the pollution.  Though the Chinese Government says that there is no reason for alarm or concern.   They, however, placed a ban on their over 3.3 million vehicles on the road by drasticly cutting the number of vehicles they will allow to operate on the roadways during the Olympic Games.

Just a little tidbit on the effects of bad quality air

When I was in LA for the first few days it didn’t bother me…but as the days worn on.  I started feeling continuously dehydrated.  I could not get enough to drink.  I didn’t know what it was.  Then physically I started feeling sluggish…like my energy level was way down. 

It was the smog.  And LA is loaded with it…you can see it. 

When you are accustom to breathing that in everyday…of course, it won’t have any effect upon you.  Because your system is use to it…and your body has adapted to it.  But coming from the East Coast….no, baby. 

It bothered me.  And the effects of it were very real. 

Well, thanks for reading.    ….and God bless.

Oh, yes.

I’ve got to get you ready for November.  Please at some point just drop by City Hall and double check your voter registration.  There is nothing as frustrating as waiting in line to place your vote…and then being told that there is some kind of problem.

One time it was because I hadn’t filled out some consensus form which had been sent to the house.  And another time…I can’t even remember what that was about.

But both times I was prohibited from voting.  These are the kind of things which come up and can make a large difference in whose votes get counted and whose don’t. 

So, before November run into your local Voter Registration Office and just double check your status…to ensure that you vote gets into the mix and is counted.

And while you are in that office grab up some voter registration forms to pass out to all your relatives and friends…get it back from them and take them to the voter registry yourself.  Lets get everybody registered and out to vote this coming November.

And don’t forget to pass it on…. Why not share me with all your friends and family etc…etc…?   ©2008


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