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August 14, 2008 bsmith101
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How could John Edwards hurt his wife like that?

How could he?

More than his good looks…Elizabeth Edwards was definitely an asset to her husband.

How could he have cheated…CHEATED.  That word is way to lite…for what Edwards did to her.

And he did it with someone who had none of the class or the sophictication of his wife, Elizabeth.  He did it with a woman who looked like she was direct from the trailer park.  And trailer park folk…please don’t take offense…I am sorry even to put that off on you.

CLICK BELOW to read more on this story…on how family members say Elizabeth took hearing the news of John’s betrayal.

Who is Elizabeth Edwards?

She was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in July 1949.  She is a mother of 4 children.

Their oldest child, a girl, is 26 years old.  While their oldest son, Wade, died in 1996 at age 16 in a car accident.

Elizabeth met John Edwards while they were both law students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in the mid-1970’s…and in 1977 they married.

She was a practicing lawyer up until 1996, the death of her son.

So, she is a mother, ex-lawyer, wife of a politician and currently fighting to be a cancer survivor…that is who Elizabeth Edwards is.   God bless… ©2008  …pass it on…


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  • 1. Ruthie  |  August 14, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    Ode to a Cheat

    John Edwards talked about Dad’s mill,
    While sleeping with a chick off the pill,
    He lied and fibbed to the MS press,
    And, awoke early to preen and dress.

    His wife, Elizabeth, knew the lie in 2006,
    But supported John in Iowa while sick,
    They stole Hillary’s honest votes daily,
    And laughed on cue, and hiding Rielle.

    Why did John lie like a cheatin’ rat ?
    No “New Deal” for the average Democrat,
    While Obama and Hillary fought on the stump,
    John Edwards watched Rielle grow a bump.

    Now John’s love child is common news,
    And Fred Baron has money to lose,
    Rielle, now nursing, has jetted away,
    Even Geraldo has joined the fray!

    John’s affair has hurt his poor kids,
    More than Clinton’s cigars ever did,
    A sordid tale that some call a crock,
    The only winner, a loser named Barack!

    Like dogs in heat, Edwards did pant,
    Defined forever, just like Hugh Grant,
    Tabloids paid to get the sleeze,
    Is it John’s baby, mister please?

    See Barack in Hawaii like Bobby Vinton,
    Unaware the DNC plans to elect a Clinton,
    Edwards may face time from the tax man,
    But not if a pardon is part of Obama’s plan.

    While Elizabeth cries over her brood,
    Baby mama with John was not a prude,
    Gone the innocent days of Tom Sawyer,
    John gettin’ love like a real trial lawyer.

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