Joe Lieberman a big joke… and turncoat

August 15, 2008 bsmith101
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What a jackel Joe Lieberman is.

He is as bad as Clarence Thomas…can’t determine who he is or where he should be.

First he was Democratic…but kept voting and siding with Republicans for most of the debates voted on in the Senate during the Bush Administration.

Then Connecticut finally got tired of him…well the Democrats did and gave him the boot…by putting in Ned Lamont as their 2004 Connecticut Senate Candidate.

He lost the race against Ned Lamont during the Connecticut Primary…then he became an Independent.  And ended up winning the Connecticut Senate seat anyways…thanks to probably a lot of Republicans who liked what Lieberman was doing.

Why didn’t he just turn around and declare himself to be Republican…and call it day?

Oh, yes…didn’t want to give up becoming a Senate Chair…of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee…of which he was in line for.  With Lieberman at the head of Homeland Security this could account for why FEMA can’t get anything done right…and its total ‘no care’ attitude towards caring for and protecting Americans.   Poisonous…contaminated trailers…leaking tanks…you can read about them in my blogs on

Recently Lieberman has been out campaigning with John McCain trying to aid him in winning the White House.  And there is also some talk about Lieberman again getting on a ticket as a VP…John McCain’s.

When challenged by the Democrats concerning his non-party activities, Lieberman donated $100,000.00 to help Senate Democrats Campaign Committee…after which they backed up off of him.

Guess money still talks…and particularly still very much so on Capitol Hill.

Joseph Lieberman is clearly a man who has lost his way.

Too bad Ned Lamont didn’t win in the Connecticut Senate racehe clearly would have been a better candidate.  For one thing he would be busy at home in Connecticut sorting out the affairs of Connecticut instead of running around the country trying to promote Republicans and get John McCain elected President.

Well, hope you had a beautiful day.     

Lately, I’ve been a bit tired.  Had a long weekend this past week.  Was trying to get my business up off the ground…but it has been cold and wet.  So, I didn’t do much.

Now I am prepping everything…and this is a whole lot better.  I’m ahead of the game this weekend…and that is good.  So, I guess I will rest up in between my prepping…and hopefully will be well rested by this weekend.

Decided not to go to my friend’s funeral today.  And I must say that I feel a lot better for having made the decision not to go.  I would have only cried all the way there…and cried all the way back.  Woke up early thinking about it though.  But for me…not going to the funeral was the best thing for me.  I just feel so much better than I would have otherwise.

Maybe one day I might regret not having gone to her funeral…but I thank God that I was able to get into New York and be with her before she passed.  That meant more to me than being there today sitting in a church with a bunch of people who could never know the depths of what I felt for her and all that she had shared with me in wisdom and guidance.

Well, God bless… …and enjoy tomorrow.   www.bsmith101.wordpress.compass it on. ©2008


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