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August 21, 2008 bsmith101
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What a season for Jamaica.  They are taking the Track & Field events by storm… from Usain Bolt…the lightening Jamaica’s other lightening bolts…the ladies on the track…Veronica CampbellShelly Ann Fraser,  Sherone Simpson,     Kerron Stewart etc…etc…

CLICK the following LINK BELOW to see the Lightening Bolt take the 400 meters in Bijing.                                            Shelly Ann Fraser taking the gold followed by Jamaica also tying for double silver.

Jamaica went crazy seeing Bolt take gold in the 200 meters…CLICK BELOW to watch.

             Shelly Ann Fraser—Olympics.html

Audio only on the next clip…but well worth listening to as they call the race. 

Now, watch it below…

This is so much fun.  I enjoy putting these things together…and I hope that you are enjoying it as well.,2933,404804,00.html 

A few positive words from USA’s Allyson Felix on being positive and believing in yourself.

You have got to watch this clip below…and I only thought they won metals that went around their necks. Wooa!

Some pre-warm up tips from Sanya Richardson.

Thanks, Sanya…good looking out. We appreciate the tips.

Most have been disenchanted with the coverage of the Track & Field events which always draw huge amounts of interest…but unfortunately NBC felt it was much more important to watch Michael Phelps…following and watching his every move…rather than to watch records being broken in other equally important events…and of interest to wider audiences than swimming.  Causing many who would have loved to see some of these other records being shattered in other sporting events to have missed out.

In other Track & Field news at the Bijing OlympicsBryan Clay, USA, is working his way towards his decathlon metal.  CLICK LINKS BELOW to read more on that.…/01/sp/sp02a.html;_ylt=AjsXbQYKTOdCPXWpgcM.Q_fQ1Zl4?slug=ap-ath-trackandfield-heats&prov=ap&type=lgns

More USA Track & Field news…both the men and women relay teams dropped the baton during the 400 relay…CLICK LINK BELOW to read more on the story….;_ylt=AojKliOxcQarSlbGlskYJbc1o5N4?slug=po-winnerslosers082208&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Well, if you have spent the past week getting your sport’s craze on…good for you.  There has been much to digest…and it has been exciting…seat clutching in fact.  And if you are like you have can’t get enough of Track & Field.  Well, I hope that this blog along with my other one on the Olympics has aided in some small way to help you get your dose of sports…and caught you up on things that you may have missed.  

And as I close…don’t forget…to ‘pass it on’     …God bless and have a beautiful day tomorrow.

I’m suppose to be working on my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE.  But I can’t stand hold ups.  When I finish a thang I finish it…and move on to the next thing.  I don’t like having to come back unless there is some type of benefit to doing so…in this case there was.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t hate it nonetheless.  But this delay has probably saved me a lot of money.  In fact, it has saved me money…at corrections costing $2/per correction…then consider me being ahead of the game. 

I caught stuff this time that would have definitely sicken me if my book had been published with them.  Even with these blogs…I have to keep going over and over them…often resting between reading them…so, that I can read them with a fresh eye.  That way my mind won’t read the text as I believed how it typed it…but as it is.

It is not easy…so, bare with me.  

Follow your dreams…and hold fast to your vision.

Finally, took an iron tablet today…can’t remember when last I took one.  I am trying to be diligent in taking them…but sometimes I just forget.  Then as my energy level sinks, I remember them.  But I thank God that all I need is a little iron tablet.  I am bless…and hope that you are too.  ©2008


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