Da Brat, Lil’ Kim… Foxy… Jail de ‘n’ spot…

August 23, 2008 bsmith101
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What is it with all these rappers?

DMX…FoxyLil’ KimPuffyDa Brat…Remy Ma (who ever she is)…etc…even…if I dare to mention him…R. Kelly…

It seems that if you don’t go to jail then you haven’t really made it.  Jail meaning prison is becoming the hip-hop in spot…the place to go…particularly if you need to rejuvenate your career.  It worked for Puffy…though he didn’t quite make it to prison…he stayed in the media spot light for months going back and forth to court.  And he certainly was on a decline until that night club incident in New York City.  He made it through it though…changed his name to P. Diddy…and reinvented himself…stepped up his game.  He got a reality TV show…opened a restaurant and started his own clothing line.  And I guess others in the business are looking to do some of the same on the heels of their days in court…if nothing else but sell a few more CD’s. 

But does it work for everyone?

I hope not. 

What a crazy way to go about trying to make yourself stay popular or famous…but even in Hollywood it is what they do.  That is why you can read about the ‘bad boys’ and ‘bad girls’ of tinsel town…they stay splattered in the tabloids…and E-TV dipping their heads and trying to shield their faces going in and out of jail or rehab.

They say that even bad news is better than no news at all.  And I guess they really believe it…but they haven’t been making any headlines with their music lately.  The only headlines they have been mustering is back and forth stuff to court…and finally jail time.

What would possess Da Brat to go into a club…get into a fight and then commence to cut up the girl’s face.  By now it is no secret that the Da Brat is gay…and the woman wasn’t a girlfriend but a waitress at the club.

When she was a little girl, I always thought that Da Brat was pretty and grown up she became even more beautiful…but her language and her ways need some major adjustments…they do her no honor.  Perhaps in prison she will figure it out…grow up…and emerge as the woman that God has called her to be.  Or at the very least a much better person than…what the Jamaicans call an ‘roughing ‘en’…or maybe that is a Southern term.  But you know what I mean.

Da Brat, now 34 years old, pleaded guilty to the charges and was hoping for leniency…but the judge (a black woman) felt that Da Brat was in need of what the law allowed for the crime…and sentenced her to 3 years with 7 years probation and 200 hours of community service.  Evidently, she felt the Da Brat needed to be taught a lesson…and I agree.

The waitress suffered permanent facial disfigurement…and no amount of time is ever going to heal that.

To read more on the story CLICK LINK BELOW.


Following a shoot-out outside of Hot 98 FM…in New York City…a few years ago Lil’ Kim was sentenced to prison for a year for lying about the incident…which supposedly took place between some of her people and those of Foxy Brown.  But before going to jail…Lil’ Kilm parlayed it into a reality TV show called ‘The Superficial,’ which aired on BET.  And before going in…Lil’ Kim also released a CD…she was quite a busy little bee.

Not only did Lil’ Kim have do some hard time but the judge also ordered her to pay $50,000…his way of trying to teach her a lesson.



Little Foxy Brown has seen her share of days at Rikers Island…once while she was supposedly pregnant…then again for violating her probation…then a year for contiuous bouts with the law…including attacking an employee at a Beauty Salon.   She too released a CD before going inside entitled ‘Jail Time and No Baby.’



Upon recently getting out of prison…Foxy Brown told reporters that the first place she wanted to go was to Church and get upon her knees.  Not a bad place to go…particularly with the hopes of a new start.

I hope that they will all find their way there…each and every one of them.



What a cute little girl Lil’ Kim used to be…but how could you mess up yourself like this?

The Bible says they have eyes but they cannot see…hears and they cannot hear.

Foxy says in that clip…

“I’ve been conflicted.”

Wow, you can tell that some of them do have something in them…we pray that it will come out and that they will be the role models and leaders…women that they are all called to be.

Now, here is real talent…she will probably never make as much money. Won’t make the newspapers…doubt that she will ever have to go to jail to reinvent her career…but talented nonetheless.  Ms. Rachelle Ferrell…she writes music…plays piano…and has a phenomenal voice on top of  it all.   And she didn’t have to run out to get any implanted boobs either to try and sell CD’s.  She has talent and that is all people need to see.

I am no longer obsessing over as to who Obama will pick for a running mate. 

Is it really worth it?

I couldn’t change it if I wanted to.

I just hope it is a good choice…because he couldn’t change it if he wanted to.  Once it is done…he is stuck…for better or worst with that person.

So, let it be a good choice…one that when he looks upon his choice he can say to himself-

“I made the best choice.”

And I hope that it is.

Are you registered?

Your vote is going to count.

Well, God bless…    and have a beautiful day tomorrow. 

I am not planning much…though I need to get some laundry done.

Met someone last week while I was out busy trying to make some money…got a lot of bills…since taking on the responsibility of my parent’s house. 

But he seemed nice. ©2008


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Darla  |  November 18, 2009 at 12:30 am

    I just had a comment about Michael Jackson. He really did have a skin disease, no it wasn’t evenly fade the rest was just make up. At one of his last photo shoots they have him reapplying makeup over a spot on his arm.

    • 2. bsmith101  |  November 18, 2009 at 6:21 pm

      It is widely known that Michael did not suffer any medical problem with his skin pigmentation. And if you saw him applying make-up to something it had to be an after effect of some surgery or something he did to himself.

      That whole story about him is quite sad. And particularly how much he hated himself and his body.

  • 3. Darla  |  November 18, 2009 at 12:33 am

    Oh sorry another comment, don’t set you hopes on Obama, now that he is president he has done many things to disappoint me. I didn’t vote this past election since neither candidate satisfied what I knew America needed out of their president.And I hope your faith in God is strong because he was trying to get a law past that says that nobody can say that homosexuality is wrong or a sin or that Jesus Christ is the only way from earth to glory.

    • 4. bsmith101  |  November 18, 2009 at 6:24 pm

      I still believe in Obama. But am now beginning to wonder just how much Obama still believes in himself. I do see some places where I think he has been mis-guided and/or ill-coached. But I believe in the end it will all come together for him. We must all remember that he is no super-hero. He is only flesh and blood…and subject to error…as are we all.

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