Joseph Biden, Obama’s choice… history in making

August 23, 2008 bsmith101
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It was no secret to me.

There could have been no better choice or a person who I think compliments the Obama ticket more than Joseph Biden.

If you want to see the reasons as to why I think Joe Biden was a sensible and most logical choice…you’ve got to read my other blog… …and CLICK on Biden’s name under Barack Obama in the colum to the right.

Having picked Joseph Biden…merely means to me that Obama is really taking this thing seriously.  And he is ready to…or should I say…has been playing to win all along.   That really is something which he had made quite clear fairly early in his bid to the White House, from day one.

Obama didn’t graduate off the streets…go to Princeton…and come through Harvard…to get stupid now.  No, his ever move…in my opinion have been ‘ordered’ by God.   This is destiny…and we are all bearing witness to it. 

Barack Obama could have made a lot of other choices that might have possibly given him more possible momentum…and maybe a few more votes…like picking Bill Richardson of New Mexico.  This, of course, would have garnered Obama much more enthusiasm and trust in the Hispanic community.  It would have been an easy choice…but Obama went with his heart.

No doubt there are going to be people who will be disappointed.  Namely…Hillary and her crew…just to name a few.

But had they been in Obama’s shoes…and wanting to pick the best person for the job-

“Would they have done anything less…or chosen differently?”

I have hired many people…and it only came down to who was the best…who could do the work…handle the responsibilities…could stand the test…could be counted on…etc…etc.  And at the end of the day…what their past work history looked like…it speaks volumes.  And if they didn’t have a past work history…it got down to what did I sense about them.

Clearly, Joe Biden earned his way onto the Obama ticket…and he didn’t do it through any large financial contribution to Obama’s champaign.  He did it through may years of tiredness work in the US Senate…and always challenging what was right…and that with great devotion.

Now, lets see if McCain can beat that?

He might try to pull one out of the hat…by putting a woman on his ticket.  McCain needs all the tricks he can muster in order to try and stop Obama from reaching where he was born to be…as Moses was.

Go get ’em guys.

I am so happy for them both…Obama for making a great choice.  And for Biden for finally reaping the rewards of many years of dedication…in a field he really loves…and a chance that no one ever gave to Ted Kennedy in appreciation for all of his work and tiredless efforts in the political arena.

It’s Obama and Biden all the way, baby!

Yea! Team!,0,5741095.story

Now, lets get out and vote come November.

Can’t wait until the coverage starts for the Democratic Convention.

And I definitely want to see if Hillary or any of her people are going to try and start something. 

It promises to be interesting.

That’s politics, folks.  

Well, God bless…   by the time you read this it will be sometime Saturday, Sunday or Monday …..but enjoy anyhow…whenever you read it.   And don’t forget to tell all your friends and everyone else about this blog…‘pass it on’  ©2008

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