Michelle Obama delivers…

August 26, 2008 bsmith101
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Her simple elegance and charm more than rose for the occasion.  Her beauty and intellect combined with passion for her family, children, parents and husband radiated all through her.

She was gracious and poised…didn’t come out wearing a $10,000 something by such and such…or burden down with fancy jewelry.  She was simple and that spoke volumes about the family that will be replacing the Bush’s in the White House.

She didn’t get bogged down in political rhetoric.  No, this was from the heart and she spoke it like someone having a conversation with a friend.  Her sincerity was written upon her face.  There was no showboating or trying to be cool…or even trying to look super elite…or ‘I have arrived.’  She was just a woman who loved a man, had bared him children and was trying to shed some light on who they and he were.

From the moment Michelle Obama hit the stage she was a winner…she grew up being a winner…had winning parents…and later married a man who is also a winner and knows the work and effort it takes to win.

The 2 of them had learned from their parents…how to work for what they wanted…that life wasn’t easy…and that in it you have joy and pain…but by applying yourself you could increase your odds against having much pain…and greater than necessary struggles…and, also, how to abide in the light of hope.  And to always…always keep an eye out in order to help others.

They learned that it doesn’t hurt to look back and give back.  They learned that earning lots and  lots of money is nice…but it doesn’t satisfy the soul. 

They learned that life was bigger than just themselves…and that its greatest assets were those around them whom they could shed a little sunlight into their lives…or give them reason to hope for a better tomorrow.

Michelle gave a champion of a speech…and she delivered it better than most of us could because she told it from her heart.  It was her story…an American story of how people all around this country triumph over the odds.  How maybe they shouldn’t have but they did.  How they pursued when others would have turned back and said-

“My father is too sick.”

“We don’t have the money.”

“I can’t do it.”

Naw…true champions overcome the odds…no matter what they are.


Michelle Obama may well become the Princess Di’ of the United States.

And Obama’s sister was equally as beautiful and intelligent.  What a great family…on both sides.


Senator Ted Kennedy

In my opinion he has always been under-rated.  Perhaps the single most Liberal Democratic (and never been afraid to be called one) in the US Senate.  He has always fought for the ‘less than’…those in most in ‘need of’.    And of course, I will always remember how he slashed out at those nastier than usual Republicans at their unmerciful and shameful threatment of Anita Hill when she was forced to Capitol Hill to testify against Clarence Thomas.

Last night he was like a little boy in a candy store.  Happy to be there…and they welcomed him with loving arms.  And he chuckled and grinned most of the way through it.  What a great moment in history.

Hope you are registered.  November promises to be a great time and historical.

I caught the convention on CNN.com LIVE and I must say that I am so happy that they were streaming it…as well, as the Primaries.  Without them I would be lost…it is great to have these news sources working diligently trying to insure that people around the world have access to viewing these events.

Well, hope you have a beautiful day.  I am gearing up for a long hard weekend…got lots to do.   God bless…  and ‘pass it on…’ www.bsmith101.wordpress.com  ©2008


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