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Bush failed economics… and 9/11

After 8 years of essentially nothing but a bunch of failed economic schemes on the part of the Bush Team where we have seen one large company after another go under, Enron, WorldCom, AIG, Bear Sterns…now Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac and many large banks are headed for the drain.  Somebody needs to call in the plumber…and I guess that is what that $700 billion bailout is all about.

But what could have led George Bush to possibly believe that anybody in their right mind was going to underwrite for him a blank check giving him what would have amounted to a have virtually amounted to a $700 billion free roller coaster ride with taxpayers money with no oversights written into it…no promise of ever getting back…and was earmark directly to Wall Street.

Paulson had real cause to get down on his knees in the Senate and beg Nancy Pelosi to bless him with what evidently his boss, George Bush, had sent him to Capitol Hill to do…beg for it.  And as he dropped to his knees he was probably snickering to himself thinking about the big bonus he was going to get for brokering the deal.   And everybody…including large number of Republicans (well, it is an election year even for them…and many of them would like to return to Capitol Hill after November too)…so, they hemmed and haa-ed until finally all slowly broke down and gave him a yes.

Henry Paulson declaring that we were in a dire straits and if we didn’t act quick the walls would come tumbling down…sounded much like what Bush spewed out while rushing Capitol Hill into signing in that thing that…thereby ingratiated George Bush with the first blank check…called the Patriot Act.  And there was nothing Patriotic about it…it just gave Bush and all his little men much to much power, infringed upon our rights of privacy, allowed them to essentially set up a dictatorship right here in America.  And they had wrote it in a way that no one could…either say anything…or pose them any opposition.   They in effect have had total and absolute free reign.

At that time the powers that be on Capitol Hill…blindly turned everything over to a bunch of crooks worst than Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the George Bush Administration gang.  The Senate gave them everything but the kitchen sink without any restraints, oversights or means of appeal.  George and his people got to do whatever they wanted to…and they did.  That is exactly how he happened to order a preempted strike against Iraq…which unarguably has been one of the biggest financial mistakes in Presidential history…and World political suicides since Woodrow Wilson launched the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Bush and his crew put us into a war without end that has been draining this country of manpower, lives and absolutely huge unheard of amounts of money per day.

Since George Bush stole his way into the White House in 2000 this country has suffered one calamity after another.  Today America is in its worst financial condition since the Great Depression with both the Euro and the Chinese yen outperforming the American dollar.  Eight years of Bush Economics has virtually put this country in receivership to both China and Europe.

Since George Bush’s cooked the books on weapons of mass destruction throwing us into ‘yes’ a very un-necessary war inflation has ran wild in this country in ways we would and could have never imagined in the years prior to Bush taking over the country after Bill Clinton.

Who would have thought we would have ever seen nearly $5/gallon of gasoline at the pumps in this country?

When the gas went up…the food costs went up…clothes…medical expenses…everything went up.  And they are not going to come down…even if the cost of gas temporarily has .  The cost of gas as we once knew it is gone.  It will never be anywhere near where it used to be…$1.99 to $2.50/gallon ever again in this country…thanks to George Bush.

Everybody around the world, at the time….realized that when Bush had declared he was going to strike Iraq that the decision was for one primary reason…that decision was for the oil.  He sent troops in to plunder and destroy the infrastructure of that country…that could have never been about just a single man and his 2 sons.  The orders were too broad, too vast and far to destructive to have ever have been just about Saddam Hussein.

Halliburton was sent in….and a bunch of Halliburton sub-companies…all companies with special ties to Bush and his Administration were the only companies given contracts to enter Iraq to supposedly rebuild that country at a cost of billions of dollars to America’s taxpayers.  While Halliburton and others sent back to the U.S. Pentagon a bunch of bogus invoices and padded bills…filled with lies stealing from everyday people like you and me millions upon millions of dollars…for which they suffered no penalty and/or penalties for and are still on the Pentagon payroll.

Bush stole his way into the highest seat in this country…and immediately ate away the Bill Clinton surplus plunging America in a deficit his very first year in office.

Once he stole his way into the Oval Office, America came under attack for only the second time in her history…but this time it wasn’t some small distant South Pacific island that was hit.  A strategically planned and deployed attack on America took place on September 11, 2001… the likes this country or no country has ever seen.  It was a day I will never forget along with millions of other Americans and millions around the world.,0,855202.story,0,2436591.story


At the time I lived just on the other side of both the Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bridges, in downtown Brooklyn. 

I remember awaking to one ambulance and siren after another…non-stopping all day. 

I remember looking out my bedroom window and watching the Twin Towers engulfed by heavy black smoke that soon became white/grayish billows of smoke as they went down. 

I remember the congestion of that day of all the roadways being block, train service being suspended, people having to find their way out of darken train tunnels all over New York City.   No cabs or buses allowed through the police barricades posted all through the city in every borough…nobody could drive anywhere. 

I remember looking out the window and watching as people lined the streets passing out bottles of water to those laden with ashes from their heads down who were walking the streets in disbelief trying to find their way home from Wall Street. 

I remember sitting near the radio listening and waiting most of the day…and all of the night to the reports…the questions… and people searching for answers. 

I remember hearing that the Pentagon had just got hit…and then how a plane went down in Pennsylvania.  And everyone was trying to figure out how many more planes were out there…and wondering what would be the next target…and where? 

I remember getting dress and walking into the Brooklyn Mall area with droves of people rushing pass me…stopping to stare into the window of an electronic store to watch the TV monitors along with many others who gatheed around…just watching the towers getting hit time and time again.  And hear in disbelief “Just like in the movies.” 

I remember trying to find my way to one of the medical emergency centers set up all over New York for victims so that I could volunteer.

I remember going to the medical center they opened up in downtown Brooklyn near where I lived…and nearing the location seeing the staff standing outside their door turning droves of people away who had all come to volunteer just like me.   But they had no victims…there was no one to help.  Because they had either gotten out…or they were gone…as if they had never been.

I remember crying and wondering about friends who worked in those buildings…if they had survived? 

I remember my utter and complete feeling of lost and being lost during that whole day. 

I remember how everything had been turned upside down…and I was sitting in the midst of it less than a mile from Wall Street and the World Trade Center.

I remember the days that followed…how there was not a sound down in the subways. 

I remember how no one spoke…not one word…not even a whisper.  There was no laughter or mirth on the trains, or buses or anywhere in New York.  Every face was like stone…expressionless, empty, devastated and shocked beyond all words. 

New York was in shock for months…and New Yorkers rallied behind each other as never before during that day, and days to come.  Every fraction and group was dissolved…everything that had separated them was gone…they were all now only New Yorkers and they had been attacked.  And nothing was as unusual.  But nothing would ever been the same ever again…the towers were gone.

The towers lit your nights…gave you direction if you got lost.  They stood beautifully…long tall and straight as could be.  From Jersey to Far Rockaway…from Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx…the towers stood as beacon on a hill lighting the way home…and now she was gone.   And nothing would ever be the same.

Definitely hope you are registered…this upcoming Presidential Election is so important.
Well, enjoy your day.


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Gloucester MA Officials have it all wrong… Baby Pact

What would make the Gloucester School Officials feel that they could possibly curved the current cultural trend of teenage pregnancy?

The first thing they see wrong is…is that the problem is only a local one.

The second thing is…is that they believe it can be curved by a little more sex education and some more condoms.

Before sex education arrived in schools in America there was far less sex and pregnancy going on among teens in school.

This thing is at epidemic proportions.  It is serious.

Today most high schools, and a lot of what used to be Jr. High Schools…called Middle Schools today…are also becoming highly populated with little mothers and dads roaming and running through their halls.

The problem…to you folks in Glouchester…is not more sex ed and condoms but teaching the kids how to abstain from having sex.  You need to show how having a baby…and or children in their early years can really impact their future years.  And then thirdly, rather than trying to make it easier on them by suppling them school day-care…you really need to let them struggle a bit with trying to get their child care arrangements and schedules together for themselves.  You might just find that there won’t be so many of them so willing to make pacts or babies either.

The truth of the matter is…is that teen pregnancy is a major problem in this country and it does not seem to be getting any better.  Clearly, it is an issue which sooner or later is going to have to be seriously addressed. 

These kids have no idea how important these early years are for them.  Not to mention for some of them they are making decisions which will clearly impact them and frame every important decision they will have to make for a very long time…and will certainly play a crucial role in most …if not all of the future decisions that they make.

Just the other day I found myself having to have a heart to heart discussion with one of my little nieces.  She just recently entered into the 9th grade this year…and she seems to have a problem getting to school on time.  I informed her that everything she is doing in school today is preping her for life after school.  And that if she couldn’t get to school on time now…she wouldn’t be able to get to work later…nor to her classes once she got into college.  Because what you practice now is important.  But it also gets down to responsibility.  I told her that it was her responsibility to ensure that she had success later on in her life by preparing for it now…it was her responsibility to get to school on time.  I told her it was her responsibility to ensure herself of a successful future tomorrow…today.  And that  cannot be done by making a bunch of bad choices at very early ages.   

Having children is no joke…and babies need responsible maturing people to handle the responsibilities that they bring.  People who are capable of making real and intelligent decision in terms of their overall care and invest in who they become as people.  No little grade school child can do that…as they are still babies themselves.,8599,1815845,00.html,2933,382021,00.html

Speaking of abstinence…isn’t it something most of us practice everyday?

Who doesn’t want sex?

But we don’t run out like little dogs or cats…or any animals trying to get it.  And if you do then you shouldn’t.  The cost of indulging like that could cost you your life or a lifetime of certain types of medication…just watch the television commercials of people claiming to have this or that.

Over time we have all learned to become responsible.  Some longer than most…and for me particularly so.  But I am there…or should I say here now.

As adults we have all learned to control ourselves.

Okay…well, maybe some people haven’t.

But in the end saving yourself and waiting on the right person can go a really long way…towards how much you have left to pour into that real relationship that you had been hoping for…but were too busy chasing after all the wrong stuff.

I can’t imagine sharing myself with everybody.  I have never let anybody just use me. 

I don’t know.  Maybe we should instill in our youth a sense of pride…maybe that is what they are lacking.

Enjoy your weekend.  It’s raining here…but I love it.  I love the rain.  And this morning I got a chance to step out in it and walk with the one I love…God.  It was just Him…me…and the rain.

And I definitely hope you are registered…this upcoming Presidential Election is so important.

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McCain what a joke…. a debate delay?

Seriously, who is John McCain trying to fool?

Wanting to put off the debates? 

At first he was complaining that Obama didn’t want to do any of those little group forums that every one claims he does so much better in.  Now, he wants to say that because of the current economic crisis…the $700 billion bailout and amid other economic woes…that he should be in Washington taking care of business rather than debating.  Well, that might be true if he were on any of the economic committees handling it…but he is not.  Also, only if he had some divine power or wisdom of which he could share on the matter…of which he does not.

Lets face it…as Friday night’s Presidential debate nears, McCain’s feet are getting colder and colder.  So much so that he called his own personal Washington meeting…where as reports have it he sat around looking like a duck out of water, very lost and didn’t have much to say.  Kind of sounds like this could possibly be an analysis of his possible showing during the Friday night debate.

Awh, come on…lets face it folks.

John McCain is not a match for Barack Obama.  And unless there is some unforeseen act of God, Obama is sure to eat John McCain up and spit him out to dry. Which when you look at it…McCain really should not have been the Republican nominee anyways.  But somehow the Republican ticket got split and out leaped McCain as the front-runner during the Primaries.  He  never had enough money andhad had a series of other problems.  Then he gets lost while delivering speeches on television…I actually couldn’t keep up with his jerking from one TV camera to the other.  I thought it was sad how McCain during the Republican Convention…whether they either tell them on the teleprompter when to turn and what direction to turn in…that John McCain looked so ridiculous doing it.  He would turn one way then suddenly almost leap in the other direction.  It was very distracting.  But somehow he made it through.   Then the Republicans did what they do…no matter what or how bad their man or woman does…they applaud them saying-

“What a wonderful convention.” 

“He was great!”

But the real question here is…

“Will he make it through on Friday night?”

Yes, McCain has a lot to be worried about.  I would try to have bailed out of 1st Presidential debate too between him and Obama.

I actually I really can’t wait until Friday night…and that is not to say that I am wishing John McCain ill, because I’m not.  I just want to see who looks and sound more Presidential and answers the questions well.  And also I want to hear what both men have to say…and what plans they have for making America better.

I really think it is very tellig that the Republican party is really rallying around Sarah Palin more than their supposed main man, John McCain…and he’s suppose to be their pick for President of the United States.

The funny thing about Palin…is that obviously the Republican party doesn’t trust her on her own.  So, why then should she become Vice President of the United States?   They are afraid of letting her do any interviews…and now they won’t even let her out on her own.  She is being forced to stump the circuit with McCain.  That’s really a good way of keeping her quiet. 

Now, where are all those feminist? 

This sounds so…so…so chauvinistic!  Can’t talk for herself….how…how dare they.  Those…those…those Republicans!

Well, a beautiful remainer of your day.

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$700 billion bailout …Republican nightmare

Somebody should have seen this coming.

A $700 billion government bailout?

A need for a government bailout this big didn’t just happen over night. 

A bailout of over hundreds of millions of bad mortgages…gotten through greedy companies who sought only to enrich themselves causing much pain and devastation across the United StatesAmericans have really been suffering…but not until Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac hit the rocks did the Bush people seriously seek to do anything.

And now we, the taxpayers, are going to have to suffer from yet another Bush Administration fumble.  In light of the upcoming elections, just about a month away, it is with good reason that the Republicans are taking a lead on this one, and seeking to push as much as they can push through before the election come November in order to try to ensure no landside in Obama’s direction. 

And why not seeing they were the ones who caused it in the first place. 

So, there is little wonder why the Republicans are rushing…trying to solve this massive problem which could potentially destablize the entire American Economy.

Poor upper govenment management on the part of the Bush Economic people has caused this country to sink to levels it has never seen before.  The amounts of money sought to rescue Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac are unheard of…and far exceed anything during the Great Depression.  Though Bush and his people have refused to call this time what it is…and it certainly is not just some kind of a ‘slow down.’ 

No, it is far more than that…and far greater than that.  And people thought that Bush’s father was out of touch.

From the on-set of George Bush taking control of the United States government, we have had nothing but problems…as if 9/11 and a un-necessary war costing us millions per day were not enough.  Now, the most unpopular President in the history of the United States…a dunce who should have never been allowed into the Oval Office in the first place has sent this country reeling out of control financially and otherwise. 

Everything is out of control and from day to day the average American doesn’t know what new mess they will awaken to that has been brought on my George Bush and his people.

What an out and out shame.  To think that some poor guy…and it will be some poor guy who will be going into the White House following the November Presidential Elections…to think that he will have to try to clean up…rectify…and restore this country as best he can is a travesty after the mess that his predecessors, the Bush Administration, has left him with. 

Because if it is Obama…those Republicans will certainly claim that Obama was the cause of it…just the way they tried to say Bill Clinton had done certain things which was why George Bush dwindled the surplus that was left behind.

But careless thinking got us here.  It was definitly the cause…and without any form of opposition.  For some reason the Republicans have been allowed to run a muke for the past 8 years…doing whatever they willed.

Yes, carelessness got us here…and since going into the White House, George Bush has been nothing but careless, carefree and cared about nothing.  So, just how was that kind of thinking going to do anything for America…and/or her people?

Lets get out the vote.   Every vote counts.  And…yes, it’s definitely time for a change.  Not just a change in the name of the person who occupies the White House…but an overall change in thinking and doing.   This country needs people genuinely interested in America for the masses of her peoples sake…not a chosen few.    VOTE….OBAMA

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McCain… Republican Convention… Lies


Reform…Change …McCain????

The real agents of change…McCain…or Obama?

It was interesting hearing the Republicans talk about change during their convention as though they were the first to conceptualized that idea of change…or that America was in need of a change.

And man do we need a change.

And that change is by way…of removing the Republicans out of office…getting their hands off of regulating the business of the United States of America.  Under Bush this country has hit rock bottom.  It has gone to places where it hadn’t been since the stock market crash of the 1930’s bringing about the Great American Depression, which lasted into 1940’s.

How could one group of people do so much damage?

From a huge surplus left by Bill Clinton to a massive deficeit that continues growing moment by moment as another bullet is shot or a war tank is moved through the dessert sands of Iraq.

Under Bush has come war, attacks on American soil, home foreclosures, U.S. takeovers of huge companies  with the hope of trying to stablize a highly flautering economy.  Companies like Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae…who ever thought anything would happen to her…or them?

And they say that Bush was an Economics Major

Well, that is one degree that Yale should go back and reclaim quick before everybody starts wondering just what is Yale teaching its Economic Majors?

It is easy to preach change…but without it being actually in your heart…or having the heart to actually implement it….change just becomes a catch phrase…a means of merely trying to get elected without the hope of making any change.  And that is exactly what ‘change’ means to the Republicans.  It is a catch phrase…a practical joke that everytime they said it…they almost choke trying not to laugh.

Those Republicans…they have no real desire to change anything.  And why would they want to?

From what I heard at the Republican Convention….they’re all happy with the way things are.  And why not…they have reaped the benefits from this mess that the Bush Administration has sunken us into. 

Who ever heard of paying $4.00/per gallon for gas in America before George Bush got into office?

Even under Bush senior…this country still was under 90 cents per gallon for gasoline.

But when you go into office and the first thing you do is increase your own salary that really should speak volumes to everybody in the country.  Bill Clinton as President of the United States only received $200,000 a year…but George Bush felt that wasn’t enough.  So, the President’s salary went up to $400,000 a year.  That meant that within the first 4 years of Bush’s term he was paid all of what Bill Clinton got for the whole of 8 years Bill was in office.  And Bill Clinton never took any 4 week vacations at any time while he was in the office of President of this country…a thing George Bush really loves to do  (that’s that party boy attitude he’s had all his life)…and he started taking them shortly after he stole his way into the Oval Office.

Honestly, when you look at the American Economy…Bush has really been on vacation for his entire 8 years that he has been in the White House.  Well, maybe if he had…then maybe we wouldn’t be here where we are right now. 

What a mess!

So, yes…drinking champagne and watching their stocks vested in fuel, food goods etc. go soaring through the roof those Republicans loved that. 

Why shouldn’t they?

They’re making money.  That’s why they are against better health packages for employees, more taxes for the richer Americans, help to the poor, disabled, sick and disenfranchised

When you get right down to it….those…those…those REPUBLICANS are a selfish bunch!

They could care less about anybody but themselves.

So, for the most part they enjoy their standing in America…they are vested.   Vested in things remaining just as they are.

When you looked out upon the people who filled the coliseum where the Republican National Convention took place…it looked more like a meeting of the Wall Street Klan.  They for the most part looked like a bunch of stuff shirt business people (who all by the way looked sad to be at their own convention).  The Republican Convention certainly didn’t seem to have a cross section of people from all sectors of America as were the people that attended the Democratic  National Convention.  And besides that…the Republican Convention didn’t have one person who was just an ordinary Joe or Jane who came up to tell their story…like the Democratic Convention did.  And all of those stories were quite moving and compelling…as to what the Republicans have done to the American Economy and how people…everyday people are truly suffering.

Not only did there seem to be a deep difference between the 2 types of crowds attending the various Political Conventions…but also…the Republican National Convention was geared towards personality and had nothing to do with what the maverick McCain would do differently for America.  In fact, the whole Republican Convention was one big war hero story.  It would have been great for Memorial Day or something…but it didn’t speak to what McCain plans to do for America.

The Republicans attacked Obama…his eloquence and ability to rally the crowds.  But they failed to offer up any meat on a Republican agenda.  They talked ‘change’…and spoke about ‘reform’…but never said ‘how’…or what differently they were going to do.  Because the reality is…it is all talk as it has always been when it comes to the Republicans. 

The Republican make promises…but only continue to enrich the rich and could care less about those who are struggling to keep above the water…as the Republicans steadily watch their bank accounts grow having invested in energy, oil and whatever else that is bleeding us into nothingness…we who don’t have their deep pockets…and have to work hard at trying to make every dollar stretch as far as we can get it.

McCain may well have been a hero…but having served in the military and making the decision to stay with his troops is not something that many others also did not decide to do when they had the option of doing something else.  I have watched stories of such people all the time on PBS.  And no one has said of them-

“This qualifies you to become the next President of the United States.”

If so, then we would see more military people running for political office along with mostly lawyers and other professional types who choose to become Senators, Governors, Mayors etc…  But no, you don’t see them…those just plain military people…and if they were to stand up and say-

“I can do a better job than of those guys.”

Somebody would tell them to sit down….and that they just did not have the experience or whatever else it takes to be in politics. 

So, therefore, military service is no prerequisite to be President of the United States…nor can it be a substitute for qualifications or experience.  When your military record is all that can stand on or all that can be said about you…one really has to wonder about John McCain.  And believe me that Republican Convention was all about John McCain’s military record.  Not once did I hear about some bill or anything else he managed to push through.

I say, give me a person who knows what it is to serve people though he may have not have been Governor or a corporation executive…but a honest caring person who has made it his life work to serve the everyday woman and man.   And that is the history of Barack Obama.

“Drill, baby…drill.”

Sounds like the Republicans don’t mind destroying what little lands this country has set aside in order to protect certain eco-systems and various species of wildlife, foliage etc.  As long as they can make money the Republicans could care less about anything else. 

Is this not the very reason that the investigators laid claim to about Hurrican Katrina?

Did they not say that that if the wet lands had not been removed that perhaps New Orleans might have had the flooding it suffered?

It was the eco-system that had been destoryed in order to increase the city limits…and in the end nature dealt New Orleans a death defying blow by the name of Katrina.

But destorying the eco-systems mean nothing to the Republicans.  Because they reap all the benefits and none of the fall-out from such decisions.

Money is the only thing most Republicans put first.

That sign being waved by many at the Republicans at their National Convention which said ‘Prosperity’ looked so much like a Hersey’s Chocolate wrapping…to me that I started craving a Hersey’s bar for the remainder of the night.  And finally got one just this week.

Prosperity…not change is what the Republicans want.  Its their same old game…they’re just trying to repackage it and give it a new name.   And during their own convention those Republicans were bold enough to display large signs reading just that…”Prosperity.”

Remember to get registered if you are not…the clock is ticking.  And be sure if you are registered to go down to the Voter Registration Office in your city or town and double check on your registration…just to make sure you won’t run into any problems on election day.  You vote counts.

Well, God bless…and enjoy the rest of your day.  And thanks for reading…and please remember to share this blog address with your friends….‘…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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17 and Pregnant… more onPalin …Foreclosures

I just finished having one of the most disappointing conversations a couple of days ago.  It was with a young lady who goes to our church and who is one of the friends of my son, who happens to be biology major at Harvard. 

Well, we got on the topic of Palin and her daughter, the one who is pregnant. 

At some job wherever she works…she said that if it were her who was pregnant the media would have been talking about ‘baby-mama’ this or that. 

And you know…she is right.

But because it is Palin’s daughter everything is okay ‘because this is what kids do now days.’

But is that an accurate assessment?

Does the fact that Palin and her daughter both being white make a difference in how teenage pregnancy is viewed in this country?

If Palin were a black woman and her daughter…of course…was black would she just been considered as another anti-black statistic?

Oh, you know…

“That is what those people do.  They don’t work…they just lay around having babies.”

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that stereotype.

Had Barack Obama had a daughter who was 17 there is no doubt that the White House would be way out of his reach…and a very distant fairytale for him and his family.  He family would have been classified as ghetto, he and Michelle as being ‘no good’ parents.  And on top of it all they would be told that all black folks like to do is to make babies and collect welfare.

That has widely been a major stereotype that many black people have had to live with for most of our years here in America…with everybody failing to mention how they used breath us for the sole purpose of making children for which they sold off into slavery.  Because in this country when black folks were brought here…they didn’t even consider us human.  So, they treated us like animals.

I think it ironic that a black man should find himself in line to be the next President of the United States of America considering our history in this country.  When I think back on the black people who were tarred and feathered and then hung from trees…it makes you wonder about this country. 

Michelle Obama clearly how nothing to appologize for when she said-

“For the first time in my life-”

When Cindy McCain then came out saying-

“I have always been proud to be American.”

How very different a life and history of being American the 2 women have they both had.

Cindy will never be able to say her family was branded and herded, shoveled off into slavery, beaten and whipped, then made to be 2nd class citizens in this country. 

Now, here again comes this issue of double standards in America.  How America views white teenaged white girls getting pregnant, and how they view teenage black girls or hispanic girls getting pregnant.  And it is not the same.

One group is vilified and demonized while the other is covered and held pure even though.

Going back to that disappointing conversation…I must say I do see the draw back of too much Education when not properly measured.  It will corrupt some peoples ability to clearly look beyond the a highly tainted range of ideas infused into your head.

Though this young lady said had it been her…she would have been faced with the ‘mama-baby’ drama thang, but she did not see where Palin’s daughter being pregnant should matter though it would if it were Obama’s daughter.  And she refused to acknowledge that this way of thinking was a double standard.

If it matters for one then it should matter for both.  If Obama had a 17 year old daughter who was pregnant…and that could keep him form running for the White House.  Then the same should hold true for Sarah Palin…and nobody should back down off of her on this issue.  Because they wouldn’t if it were Obama.

Frankly, I think Palin is a con-artist and highly over-rated.  Too bad all the Republican hopes are on her and not on John McCain.

I keep hearing how the government is going to do something to help people in foreclosure.  Well, what about those people who waiting around for a couple of years now and have already lost what little they had to companies, banks and other predators who prepetrated upon?

Something should be done for these people too.   There should be some type of recourse for them financially…as it is alreay too little too late as far as they are concerned regarding their property.  And believe those foreclosure guys when they come to get you…they are like thiefs in the night.  And very very nasty about it.  I feel for everyone who has to suffer due to them.

And when exactly is this government help for current people in foreclosure come?

Will it come before these companies snatch the carpet from up under us?

Well, enjoy the weekend.  And remember your vote counts…if nothing else the Democratic Primaries should have taught us all that.

Remember ‘…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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Palin treatment… oh, give me a break!

I get so tired of hearing how Sarah Palin shouldn’t be treated. 

Well, then she needs to get out of the race if she can’t stand up to the heat or the test.  Because landing the second most important seat in America  demands that you must be able to stand on your own 2 feet at the very least.

First, you hear how Joe Biden has to be careful how he debates her.


Does the college debate coach tell his male debaters, “You’ve got to be careful how you debate the girls?”


This whole thing is absolutely absurb.

Debates have nothing to do with gender but everything to do with the mind, how one thinks, their feelings on certain topics etc.  So, just how does Sarah Palin’s sex play a role in how Joe Biden should debate her?

It doesn’t.

Palin can either handle it or she can’t.  And if she can’t then she certainly shouldn’t be in consideration for the second most powerful seat in America, where she could possibly find herself sitting in the top seat should anything happen to McCain.

So, those feminist who say, “Oh, why should they ask Palin that?”  or “Why should media ask Sarah Palin this?”    “They wouldn’t ask that of a man.”  

Then you feminist who want it one way but not the other…don’t turn around and say Sarah Palin should get into the boxing ring…and then tell Joe Biden he’s got to be careful how he jabs her, and he can’t throw any knock out punches.  While  Sarah Palin is free to swing and bite poor ol’ Joe any why she sees fit,  no bars limit.   

Talk about a bunch of double standards. 

I am all for women, but the women on my block can stand up to any man.  And when they need something to even or balance the playing field they are not afraid to grab up a frying pan or a pastry rolling pin to go at it. 

Maybe if Palin can’t handle it…maybe, she should just to go back to the kitchen and brush up on her pan handling or pin rolling techniques.

And yes, a mother with 5 kids, Sarah Palin should be at home caring for her children particularly if one of them is a new born (infant).  Just how is Sarah Palin expected to perform her offical duties as Vice President or possible President of the United States when her baby or any of her cildren is suffering with a 110 degree temperture and Russia is threatening to strike Bosnia and Iran launches its first nuclear weapon…and terrorist have just bombed Manhattan for the 2nd time?

Hope you’re registered?

Remember ‘…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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Serena and Venus… at it again… Palin 2

Okay…okay.  Maybe I am a wee bit late.   But what about those Williams sisters?

Serena took the US Open Women’s Final for the…now get this….for the 3rd time.  This mind you after she and Venus were fresh off from Bijing and having brought home the gold in the Women’s Doubles.  And, of course, after Venuus took Wilbledon for the 5th time.

But as they had in England at Wimbledon, the 2 sisters had to meet up again…but this time it was in the Quarter Finals in Queens, New York this past weekend in the US Open…and Serena (rated as #4 in Women’s Tennis) and Venus (#7)  they went at it hard.  But Serena prevailed having won…7-6, 7-6.  It is hard to believe that in 2006 Serena was rated below the top 125 Women in World Tennis…a fall from #1 over 5 years ago.  After winning this past weekend…she is back at World #1 female tennis player.

What a year for Venus and Serena Williams…chi-ching

Their parents must be…and family at large must be extremely proud of them.  And what absolutely great role models they are for young children, teens and others around the world. 

Their’s is truly a telling story of what belief in yourself, detemination, fighting against the odds, defying the odds, depth of character and a great family foundation can do for any child.,-Jankovic-to-meet-for-U.S.-Open-title


While the Republicans are wildly applauding Sarah Palin, I have some serious doubts about her.

For one thing…yes, I do believe women are capable…and many times more than capable  of doing things over and above many men.  But when a woman has 5 children…she is vastly limited…if indeed she has any concerns concerning the care  and the personal development of her children. 

This morning while sitting in class my professor read the NY Times article about Palin and how she had kept her last pregnancy secret…even from own her parents and children.  The story tells how a very pregnant Palin went off on various trips knowing that her amniotic fluid was leaking.

What woman does that?

Already knowing that her last child was going to be faced with certain challenges…why would Palin jeopardize her child even further?

Though Palin claimed that she would become an advocate for families with special needs children…what about having been an advocate for her own child when he needed it most?  While he was still in her womb.  She seemed to have had no care about him and his possible life altering problems with her amniotic fluid leaking.

It sounds to me very much that the loving caring mother that Palin tries to present to the public may really not so loving and caring after all.  Just where was all that love and caring when it came to her own child…whom she had been informed would have Down Syndrome?  Yet, chose to ignor that his very life support…her amniotic fluid was leaking.

How could she have subjected that little child still in her womb with such a nonchalant attitude for his well being knowing that her amniotic fluid was leaking?  Instead of bed rest…she chose to fly off and do things which put that child’s life at even a greater risk…to the point where the child was born a whole month before it’s due date.  Thank goodiness for that or he may have died.

What in the world could she have been thinking?

It sounds more like to me she was trying to use her own form of birth control.

Almost immediately after giving birth to her last child, she returned to her office and resumed her duties as Governor of Alaska only some 3 days later.  Healthy though her new born may have been and is…but the fact that he came a whole month early and that his mother had been leaking amniotic fluid signals that he might have needed a bit more attention following his birth just to ensure that he was really alright. 

But that is not what Sarah Palin did.  I’m not saying she should have taken off some time…but she could have set up an office in her home and worked in between caring for new born baby.  And now with her baby just 7 months olds…she has decided to hit the trail and go stomping as VP canidate to the White House.

So, when does she slow down to take care of her family?

Do they have any importance to her?

Okay, maybe she was a soccer mom…but I would like to know just how active a soccer mom she was?

Or maybe somewhere down the line she turned in her soccer mom hat for her own blind ambitions too.

I fail to see where Sarah Palin is a champion of anything…at all.

And frankly while watching the Republican Convention…I kept looking at her youngest daughter and thinking-

“Why hadn’t anybody combed her hair?”

I’m not trying to be mean…but truthful.  It is what I thought. 

I come from a family of 8 children and whether it was off to school or to church…or anywhere…there were things my mother never overlooked in terms of our care and appearance.   My brothers stayed in my father’s barber chair and we (girls) were always getting our hair done…daily by our mother up until the time she started taking us to the beauty salon.  And I will not talk about our clothes or shoes…but we were very well maintained…all 8 of us.  I would not expect to see anything less of any mother but even more so of a woman the stature of Sarah Palin.

We have special needs children in our home…my parents adopted one…but both have been in our house for over 22 years…in fact they are a part of us.  Since they both are males…when my brothers got their hair cut so didn’t both Johnny and Eddie.  And they were both as equally maintained as we were when it came to our clothes and shoes etc.  My parents never made themselves look good and left us around looking like something else.  No…no…

Sarah Palin seems to be a mother more concerned about herself than her children…and wanting to sit in the 2nd most busiest and important office in the country rather than considering herself with the needs of  her young children.   Every decision she has made thus far speaks to that…she has little to no time for her family…and since she has young children they require time.   Especially, since she will soon also be a grandmother.  And anybody who has special needs children knows for certain that they can take up more of your time…if indeed you care about them.

Well, hope you have a beautiful day.  I’ve got to dash to my next class…and grab something to eat.  Remember ‘…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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Star Jones… and her new friend

Good for Star Jones.

Though often critized, I have to say I feel for Star.  She was a large size woman who desperately wanted to be loved yet somehow be under the realm of what and how God had ordered it.

Though  her first marriage was a sham because Al never was quite honest with her, she tried to make it work…even acknowledging as in the Bible that the man is suppose to be head of the household.  I can’t knock her for that.

Though she weathered the storms of her first marriage and sometimes seemed a  bit extreme particularly concerning her anger towards Barbara Walters…who afterall had given her job when most people had forgotten her following Ojay Simpson’s fall from fame…and her coverage and legal expertise she gave on his case.

Though I will say that it is hard to recognize her these days due to her weight loss and some possible other surgery…I can applaud her for not getting the gastric bypass surgery and trying to encourage other women to do the same. 

This new person in her life looks a lot more mature…and is certainly better looking…handsome even…and he can cook.  His name is Chef Herb Wilson…and Star may just start packing back on those pounds.

So, I’m happy that she has found someone new and hopefully he will make her life complete…that of course…and the Lord.

Well, God bless…enjoy your day and be encouraged.  And don’t forget to share my blog address with your friends, family and everybody else you know.   ….‘pass it on…’,,20223174,00.html

Oh, yeah…

Thought the Republican National Convention was pretty boring.  It was more like a convention for war vets.  Might have played well if it were during Memorial Day or Veterans Day…since for the most part that is all they talked about.  If his history as a captured POW is all he has to talk about…as it was during their convention…then McCain is in serious trouble.  Because America needs more than an old man sitting around a camp fire reminiscing.

Sorry, and please don’t take offence if you are in the military or a Vet…I do not mean to insult but to merely state fact…it has nothing to do with not respecting the service and lives of those who put their lives on the life to serve and protect us all.  ©2008

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RNC…in a word ‘boring’…. Lieberman …Palin

I have been trying to catch the Republican National Convention and hadn’t had much success…until last night.  It lacked the excitement of the Democratic Convention and the overall enthusiasm of the Democratics.  In fact, the auditorum seemed to be filled more with a bunch of people who really seemed as though they didn’t want to be there.  And I really couldn’t blame them.  They had no music…and they definitely seemed to be not having any fun.  Based upon the shots, it would seem that even the TV camera crews had a hard time finding interesting coverage to shoot…not even of people talking and smiling at each other.

And as small as that venue looked to be many large sections were also left open and quite vacant.

Poor Republicans even their offers of free buses to get people there didn’t seem to work.

And was it ever so boring…with a capital “B.”

If you believe in luck…even that didn’t seem to be on McCain’s side either…as the first night of their convention everything was cut short due to Harrican Gustav.  Which I guess really gave them an excuse for ending a dismal turnout and dull evening of events during night one.

However, that turn-coat Joe Liberman seemed to be right at home amongst all those Republicans last night.  He even for the first time that I’ve seen him at a potium…seemed relaxed and right at home while socking it his ‘so’ called fellow Democratics.  In fact, Joe seemed to down right enjoy it…and way too much.  The man has no pride…and honestly, no integrity.

No matter what McCain’s reasoning was concerning his pick of Sarah Palin…it could never be equal to the pick that Barack Obama made when he chose Joseph Biden as his running mate.  And try as they will…Palin is a hard sale because if for no other reason…nobody knows her.  So, between now and November the McCain crew is going to have spend lots of money tring to introduce what they hope will be an Ace in the hole.

Only thing though…Palin has a 17 year old daughter…after 5 months (about as long as her mother has been mayor)…of walking around pregnant and not married…is suddenly on her way to the alter.  Sounds like a shot-gun wedding to me. 

Under no circumstance had the shoe been on the other foot…if Obama had a daughter who was pregnant and out-of-wedlock could he have dared to have hoped to get within a stone’s throw of the White House.  No, he and his daughter would have just been another statistic concerning the woes of black folks.  This is something commonly known as ‘double standards’…something that black people can tell you a lot about.

But for Palin’s daughter

“Oh, these things happen.”

“You know how the kids are today.”

Yeah…well, if Sarah Palin is or was such a good administrator how come she couldn’t have managed her own home fires a lot better? 

Oh, I know kids do what they want to…but some of them have a bit more respect.  Some rebel just to get attention.  While others walk, act and talk like they come from something…‘called good home training.’     And no matter what people say…there are still some girls who ‘say no’…to drugs, sex or anything else negative or that could profoundly impact their lives…or cause an embarrassment to their family.

Simply saying it’s how things are today…really does not make it okay….and honestly it is not enough.  But it does speak to something that very well may be lacking in Palin…as it was with the Bush’s…who couldn’t control their daughters either.

Whatever happened to raising up good wholesome children without any excuses?

There is probably a lot more about that Palin family to be uncovered…it is in the family pictures.  They seem a bit too clean cut…to…to unreal…and natural.  Not the happy home they try to depict.

Sorry, Obama.

Though Obama has called for the media to lay off Palin’s family…if the shoe were on the other foot…the Republicans would be having a feeding frenzy on him and his family.  And it would be none ending.  But even in this…speaks volumes to the man whom Barack Obama is.

Jimmy Carter had his brother…but lets face it…they were both grown men by the time Carter went into the White House.  And there just wasn’t much Carter could do with dear ol’ Billy.

Well, hope you had a beautiful day.  I had a busy weekend for the past couple of weekends…and classes got started back today.  Can’t say if I am happy or not about it.  I’ll have to let you know that some future time…as I am still undecided.  Though I had thought about taking some time off…but then I would have wished I was in class.  So, I didn’t do that.  

Since my broadband service is out…I had to go back to watching a little TV in order to see the Republican Convention.   Thank goodness for PBS…otherwise I would be lost…as I don’t have cable.  

Well, God bless…  and ‘pass it on…’  ©2008

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