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September 3, 2008 bsmith101
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I have been trying to catch the Republican National Convention and hadn’t had much success…until last night.  It lacked the excitement of the Democratic Convention and the overall enthusiasm of the Democratics.  In fact, the auditorum seemed to be filled more with a bunch of people who really seemed as though they didn’t want to be there.  And I really couldn’t blame them.  They had no music…and they definitely seemed to be not having any fun.  Based upon the shots, it would seem that even the TV camera crews had a hard time finding interesting coverage to shoot…not even of people talking and smiling at each other.

And as small as that venue looked to be many large sections were also left open and quite vacant.

Poor Republicans even their offers of free buses to get people there didn’t seem to work.

And was it ever so boring…with a capital “B.”

If you believe in luck…even that didn’t seem to be on McCain’s side either…as the first night of their convention everything was cut short due to Harrican Gustav.  Which I guess really gave them an excuse for ending a dismal turnout and dull evening of events during night one.

However, that turn-coat Joe Liberman seemed to be right at home amongst all those Republicans last night.  He even for the first time that I’ve seen him at a potium…seemed relaxed and right at home while socking it his ‘so’ called fellow Democratics.  In fact, Joe seemed to down right enjoy it…and way too much.  The man has no pride…and honestly, no integrity.



No matter what McCain’s reasoning was concerning his pick of Sarah Palin…it could never be equal to the pick that Barack Obama made when he chose Joseph Biden as his running mate.  And try as they will…Palin is a hard sale because if for no other reason…nobody knows her.  So, between now and November the McCain crew is going to have spend lots of money tring to introduce what they hope will be an Ace in the hole.

Only thing though…Palin has a 17 year old daughter…after 5 months (about as long as her mother has been mayor)…of walking around pregnant and not married…is suddenly on her way to the alter.  Sounds like a shot-gun wedding to me. 

Under no circumstance had the shoe been on the other foot…if Obama had a daughter who was pregnant and out-of-wedlock could he have dared to have hoped to get within a stone’s throw of the White House.  No, he and his daughter would have just been another statistic concerning the woes of black folks.  This is something commonly known as ‘double standards’…something that black people can tell you a lot about.

But for Palin’s daughter

“Oh, these things happen.”

“You know how the kids are today.”

Yeah…well, if Sarah Palin is or was such a good administrator how come she couldn’t have managed her own home fires a lot better? 

Oh, I know kids do what they want to…but some of them have a bit more respect.  Some rebel just to get attention.  While others walk, act and talk like they come from something…‘called good home training.’     And no matter what people say…there are still some girls who ‘say no’…to drugs, sex or anything else negative or that could profoundly impact their lives…or cause an embarrassment to their family.

Simply saying it’s how things are today…really does not make it okay….and honestly it is not enough.  But it does speak to something that very well may be lacking in Palin…as it was with the Bush’s…who couldn’t control their daughters either.

Whatever happened to raising up good wholesome children without any excuses?

There is probably a lot more about that Palin family to be uncovered…it is in the family pictures.  They seem a bit too clean cut…to…to unreal…and natural.  Not the happy home they try to depict.

Sorry, Obama.

Though Obama has called for the media to lay off Palin’s family…if the shoe were on the other foot…the Republicans would be having a feeding frenzy on him and his family.  And it would be none ending.  But even in this…speaks volumes to the man whom Barack Obama is.

Jimmy Carter had his brother…but lets face it…they were both grown men by the time Carter went into the White House.  And there just wasn’t much Carter could do with dear ol’ Billy.


Well, hope you had a beautiful day.  I had a busy weekend for the past couple of weekends…and classes got started back today.  Can’t say if I am happy or not about it.  I’ll have to let you know that some future time…as I am still undecided.  Though I had thought about taking some time off…but then I would have wished I was in class.  So, I didn’t do that.  

Since my broadband service is out…I had to go back to watching a little TV in order to see the Republican Convention.   Thank goodness for PBS…otherwise I would be lost…as I don’t have cable.  

Well, God bless…  and ‘pass it on…’ www.bsmith101.wordpress.com  ©2008

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