Star Jones… and her new friend

September 5, 2008 bsmith101
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Good for Star Jones.

Though often critized, I have to say I feel for Star.  She was a large size woman who desperately wanted to be loved yet somehow be under the realm of what and how God had ordered it.

Though  her first marriage was a sham because Al never was quite honest with her, she tried to make it work…even acknowledging as in the Bible that the man is suppose to be head of the household.  I can’t knock her for that.

Though she weathered the storms of her first marriage and sometimes seemed a  bit extreme particularly concerning her anger towards Barbara Walters…who afterall had given her job when most people had forgotten her following Ojay Simpson’s fall from fame…and her coverage and legal expertise she gave on his case.

Though I will say that it is hard to recognize her these days due to her weight loss and some possible other surgery…I can applaud her for not getting the gastric bypass surgery and trying to encourage other women to do the same. 

This new person in her life looks a lot more mature…and is certainly better looking…handsome even…and he can cook.  His name is Chef Herb Wilson…and Star may just start packing back on those pounds.

So, I’m happy that she has found someone new and hopefully he will make her life complete…that of course…and the Lord.

Well, God bless…enjoy your day and be encouraged.  And don’t forget to share my blog address with your friends, family and everybody else you know.   ….‘pass it on…’,,20223174,00.html

Oh, yeah…

Thought the Republican National Convention was pretty boring.  It was more like a convention for war vets.  Might have played well if it were during Memorial Day or Veterans Day…since for the most part that is all they talked about.  If his history as a captured POW is all he has to talk about…as it was during their convention…then McCain is in serious trouble.  Because America needs more than an old man sitting around a camp fire reminiscing.

Sorry, and please don’t take offence if you are in the military or a Vet…I do not mean to insult but to merely state fact…it has nothing to do with not respecting the service and lives of those who put their lives on the life to serve and protect us all.  ©2008

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