Palin treatment… oh, give me a break!

September 18, 2008 bsmith101
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I get so tired of hearing how Sarah Palin shouldn’t be treated. 

Well, then she needs to get out of the race if she can’t stand up to the heat or the test.  Because landing the second most important seat in America  demands that you must be able to stand on your own 2 feet at the very least.

First, you hear how Joe Biden has to be careful how he debates her.


Does the college debate coach tell his male debaters, “You’ve got to be careful how you debate the girls?”


This whole thing is absolutely absurb.

Debates have nothing to do with gender but everything to do with the mind, how one thinks, their feelings on certain topics etc.  So, just how does Sarah Palin’s sex play a role in how Joe Biden should debate her?

It doesn’t.

Palin can either handle it or she can’t.  And if she can’t then she certainly shouldn’t be in consideration for the second most powerful seat in America, where she could possibly find herself sitting in the top seat should anything happen to McCain.

So, those feminist who say, “Oh, why should they ask Palin that?”  or “Why should media ask Sarah Palin this?”    “They wouldn’t ask that of a man.”  

Then you feminist who want it one way but not the other…don’t turn around and say Sarah Palin should get into the boxing ring…and then tell Joe Biden he’s got to be careful how he jabs her, and he can’t throw any knock out punches.  While  Sarah Palin is free to swing and bite poor ol’ Joe any why she sees fit,  no bars limit.   

Talk about a bunch of double standards. 

I am all for women, but the women on my block can stand up to any man.  And when they need something to even or balance the playing field they are not afraid to grab up a frying pan or a pastry rolling pin to go at it. 

Maybe if Palin can’t handle it…maybe, she should just to go back to the kitchen and brush up on her pan handling or pin rolling techniques.

And yes, a mother with 5 kids, Sarah Palin should be at home caring for her children particularly if one of them is a new born (infant).  Just how is Sarah Palin expected to perform her offical duties as Vice President or possible President of the United States when her baby or any of her cildren is suffering with a 110 degree temperture and Russia is threatening to strike Bosnia and Iran launches its first nuclear weapon…and terrorist have just bombed Manhattan for the 2nd time?

Hope you’re registered?

Remember ‘…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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