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September 19, 2008 bsmith101
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I just finished having one of the most disappointing conversations a couple of days ago.  It was with a young lady who goes to our church and who is one of the friends of my son, who happens to be biology major at Harvard. 

Well, we got on the topic of Palin and her daughter, the one who is pregnant. 

At some job wherever she works…she said that if it were her who was pregnant the media would have been talking about ‘baby-mama’ this or that. 

And you know…she is right.

But because it is Palin’s daughter everything is okay ‘because this is what kids do now days.’

But is that an accurate assessment?

Does the fact that Palin and her daughter both being white make a difference in how teenage pregnancy is viewed in this country?

If Palin were a black woman and her daughter…of course…was black would she just been considered as another anti-black statistic?

Oh, you know…

“That is what those people do.  They don’t work…they just lay around having babies.”

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that stereotype.

Had Barack Obama had a daughter who was 17 there is no doubt that the White House would be way out of his reach…and a very distant fairytale for him and his family.  He family would have been classified as ghetto, he and Michelle as being ‘no good’ parents.  And on top of it all they would be told that all black folks like to do is to make babies and collect welfare.

That has widely been a major stereotype that many black people have had to live with for most of our years here in America…with everybody failing to mention how they used breath us for the sole purpose of making children for which they sold off into slavery.  Because in this country when black folks were brought here…they didn’t even consider us human.  So, they treated us like animals.

I think it ironic that a black man should find himself in line to be the next President of the United States of America considering our history in this country.  When I think back on the black people who were tarred and feathered and then hung from trees…it makes you wonder about this country. 

Michelle Obama clearly how nothing to appologize for when she said-

“For the first time in my life-”

When Cindy McCain then came out saying-

“I have always been proud to be American.”

How very different a life and history of being American the 2 women have they both had.

Cindy will never be able to say her family was branded and herded, shoveled off into slavery, beaten and whipped, then made to be 2nd class citizens in this country. 

Now, here again comes this issue of double standards in America.  How America views white teenaged white girls getting pregnant, and how they view teenage black girls or hispanic girls getting pregnant.  And it is not the same.

One group is vilified and demonized while the other is covered and held pure even though.

Going back to that disappointing conversation…I must say I do see the draw back of too much Education when not properly measured.  It will corrupt some peoples ability to clearly look beyond the a highly tainted range of ideas infused into your head.

Though this young lady said had it been her…she would have been faced with the ‘mama-baby’ drama thang, but she did not see where Palin’s daughter being pregnant should matter though it would if it were Obama’s daughter.  And she refused to acknowledge that this way of thinking was a double standard.

If it matters for one then it should matter for both.  If Obama had a 17 year old daughter who was pregnant…and that could keep him form running for the White House.  Then the same should hold true for Sarah Palin…and nobody should back down off of her on this issue.  Because they wouldn’t if it were Obama.




Frankly, I think Palin is a con-artist and highly over-rated.  Too bad all the Republican hopes are on her and not on John McCain.

I keep hearing how the government is going to do something to help people in foreclosure.  Well, what about those people who waiting around for a couple of years now and have already lost what little they had to companies, banks and other predators who prepetrated upon?

Something should be done for these people too.   There should be some type of recourse for them financially…as it is alreay too little too late as far as they are concerned regarding their property.  And believe those foreclosure guys when they come to get you…they are like thiefs in the night.  And very very nasty about it.  I feel for everyone who has to suffer due to them.

And when exactly is this government help for current people in foreclosure come?

Will it come before these companies snatch the carpet from up under us?

Well, enjoy the weekend.  And remember your vote counts…if nothing else the Democratic Primaries should have taught us all that.

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God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008


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