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$700 billion bailout …Republican nightmare

Somebody should have seen this coming.

A $700 billion government bailout?

A need for a government bailout this big didn’t just happen over night. 

A bailout of over hundreds of millions of bad mortgages…gotten through greedy companies who sought only to enrich themselves causing much pain and devastation across the United StatesAmericans have really been suffering…but not until Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac hit the rocks did the Bush people seriously seek to do anything.

And now we, the taxpayers, are going to have to suffer from yet another Bush Administration fumble.  In light of the upcoming elections, just about a month away, it is with good reason that the Republicans are taking a lead on this one, and seeking to push as much as they can push through before the election come November in order to try to ensure no landside in Obama’s direction. 

And why not seeing they were the ones who caused it in the first place. 

So, there is little wonder why the Republicans are rushing…trying to solve this massive problem which could potentially destablize the entire American Economy.

Poor upper govenment management on the part of the Bush Economic people has caused this country to sink to levels it has never seen before.  The amounts of money sought to rescue Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac are unheard of…and far exceed anything during the Great Depression.  Though Bush and his people have refused to call this time what it is…and it certainly is not just some kind of a ‘slow down.’ 

No, it is far more than that…and far greater than that.  And people thought that Bush’s father was out of touch.

From the on-set of George Bush taking control of the United States government, we have had nothing but problems…as if 9/11 and a un-necessary war costing us millions per day were not enough.  Now, the most unpopular President in the history of the United States…a dunce who should have never been allowed into the Oval Office in the first place has sent this country reeling out of control financially and otherwise. 

Everything is out of control and from day to day the average American doesn’t know what new mess they will awaken to that has been brought on my George Bush and his people.

What an out and out shame.  To think that some poor guy…and it will be some poor guy who will be going into the White House following the November Presidential Elections…to think that he will have to try to clean up…rectify…and restore this country as best he can is a travesty after the mess that his predecessors, the Bush Administration, has left him with. 

Because if it is Obama…those Republicans will certainly claim that Obama was the cause of it…just the way they tried to say Bill Clinton had done certain things which was why George Bush dwindled the surplus that was left behind.

But careless thinking got us here.  It was definitly the cause…and without any form of opposition.  For some reason the Republicans have been allowed to run a muke for the past 8 years…doing whatever they willed.

Yes, carelessness got us here…and since going into the White House, George Bush has been nothing but careless, carefree and cared about nothing.  So, just how was that kind of thinking going to do anything for America…and/or her people?

Lets get out the vote.   Every vote counts.  And…yes, it’s definitely time for a change.  Not just a change in the name of the person who occupies the White House…but an overall change in thinking and doing.   This country needs people genuinely interested in America for the masses of her peoples sake…not a chosen few.    VOTE….OBAMA

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