McCain what a joke…. a debate delay?

September 25, 2008 bsmith101
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Seriously, who is John McCain trying to fool?

Wanting to put off the debates? 

At first he was complaining that Obama didn’t want to do any of those little group forums that every one claims he does so much better in.  Now, he wants to say that because of the current economic crisis…the $700 billion bailout and amid other economic woes…that he should be in Washington taking care of business rather than debating.  Well, that might be true if he were on any of the economic committees handling it…but he is not.  Also, only if he had some divine power or wisdom of which he could share on the matter…of which he does not.

Lets face it…as Friday night’s Presidential debate nears, McCain’s feet are getting colder and colder.  So much so that he called his own personal Washington meeting…where as reports have it he sat around looking like a duck out of water, very lost and didn’t have much to say.  Kind of sounds like this could possibly be an analysis of his possible showing during the Friday night debate.

Awh, come on…lets face it folks.

John McCain is not a match for Barack Obama.  And unless there is some unforeseen act of God, Obama is sure to eat John McCain up and spit him out to dry. Which when you look at it…McCain really should not have been the Republican nominee anyways.  But somehow the Republican ticket got split and out leaped McCain as the front-runner during the Primaries.  He  never had enough money andhad had a series of other problems.  Then he gets lost while delivering speeches on television…I actually couldn’t keep up with his jerking from one TV camera to the other.  I thought it was sad how McCain during the Republican Convention…whether they either tell them on the teleprompter when to turn and what direction to turn in…that John McCain looked so ridiculous doing it.  He would turn one way then suddenly almost leap in the other direction.  It was very distracting.  But somehow he made it through.   Then the Republicans did what they do…no matter what or how bad their man or woman does…they applaud them saying-

“What a wonderful convention.” 

“He was great!”

But the real question here is…

“Will he make it through on Friday night?”

Yes, McCain has a lot to be worried about.  I would try to have bailed out of 1st Presidential debate too between him and Obama.

I actually I really can’t wait until Friday night…and that is not to say that I am wishing John McCain ill, because I’m not.  I just want to see who looks and sound more Presidential and answers the questions well.  And also I want to hear what both men have to say…and what plans they have for making America better.

I really think it is very tellig that the Republican party is really rallying around Sarah Palin more than their supposed main man, John McCain…and he’s suppose to be their pick for President of the United States.

The funny thing about Palin…is that obviously the Republican party doesn’t trust her on her own.  So, why then should she become Vice President of the United States?   They are afraid of letting her do any interviews…and now they won’t even let her out on her own.  She is being forced to stump the circuit with McCain.  That’s really a good way of keeping her quiet. 

Now, where are all those feminist? 

This sounds so…so…so chauvinistic!  Can’t talk for herself….how…how dare they.  Those…those…those Republicans!

Well, a beautiful remainer of your day.

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