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Last night…house problems….

Last night after getting in from an affair I smelled a funny odor in the house.  At first it was faint and I didn’t pay much attention to it.  But as the night wore on…nearly an hour or so eldon-house-111later…the smell became more and more evident to me.

Finally, I got up and started sniffing around.  It is funny how much like animals we are.  But that is what I did.  I started sniffing and began discounting area after area.  But the smell was growing.

I started thinking about the possibility of a fire being inside the walls.  We have all heard those stories.  How for nearly a week the family smelled something and didn’t know what it was.

Besides, I had recently had to unplug my diesel truck when I had smelled something upon awakening in the middle of the night…something that very much smelled to me like fresh popped pop corn.  It wasn’t fresh popped pop corn…but turned out to be the outlet that I had plugged my truck’s extension cord into.  More to be exact it was one of those multi-plug things we all use for our computers and everything else that we have to plug in.  But the extension cord running from inside the house to truck is constantly on…and I guess the outlet just couldn’t take it.

Upon sniffing…I found out I didn’t have a pop corn problem but an electrical outlet problem.  Which I quickly solved by unplugging the cord and cutting off the multi-outlet.  But because I have seen so many Christmas news stories about electrical outlets and Christmas trees…and of course those electrical extension cords causing fires…that I didn’t hestitate to unplug the whole thing for good.

When I smelled what I smelled this time…I immediately began to assume that maybe I hadn’t solve that problem at all.

I thought that maybe even though I had unplugged the truck and killed the outlet switch…that perhaps it had caused a fire to start in the inside of my parents house’s wall.  So, I sniffed and I sniffed but when I went near the area of the shut-off multi-plug outlet there was nothing.  Now, Sherlock really had to go to work because the smell was getting stronger…and I felt an urgent need to find it.

While I was sitting in a certain area of the dinning room the smell seemed it’s strongest.  But there was nothing there.  And when I sniffed the area…I could smell nothing outside of a whiff of the smell.

That is when I decided I better go check downstairs in the basement.

When I opened the door leading towards the back hallway of my parent’s house the smell suddenly grew stronger.  Now, I knew…I was on the right track.

As I started down the basement stairs, I felt heat like I had never felt before from down there.  In fact, I was hit with like a wall of heat.   Immediately I headed for the furnace.  And the furnace it was.

It was all lit up…bustling red hot…it was as I had never seen it before.  The coils running out at the bottom of furnace were red hot…and this was something that never was before.

I tried to look and see if the furnace was out of water.  And as far I could tell it was.

So, I reached up and took the knob to the water pipe and began to release water down into the furnace.  But the furnace response to water was violent. It started making all kinds of weird noises.  I feared that the furnace was going to blow up.  Which is exactly what I thought upon seeing how red hot all the elements on it were.  It looked like it was going to explode.

So, I quickly turned off the water upon hearing its reaction to the water being released into it.  And I ran up the stairs.  Well…I tried to get up the stairs as quickly as I could.  I went directly to the thermostat to the furnace, and I turned it all the way off.  I hoped that this was going keep the furnace from blowing up my parent’s house…which upon looking at that furnace that was exactly what I thought would happen.  I definitely felt that the furance was well on its way to exploding.

We have all read stories about furnaces blowing up…leveling the house and killing everybody inside.  That is just what I envisioned.

All I could think about was my parent’s house…and how it had no insurance on it.  If it were to blow up…where would I go?

What would I do?

Where… could I…

Not to mention…I would have been the cause of blowing up my parent’s house….something that they had work hard for…and made all kinds of sacrifices for.

So, I prayed…and I prayed…and asked God, “Please don’t let my parent’s house blow up.”

When I awoke this morning the house wasn’t as cold as I thought that it would be.  It hadn’t blown up.  But I knew I had to call the furnace people.  Because I was not going to dare turn it back on without calling someone to come and check it out first.

I was so happy that the house hadn’t gotten leveled to the ground…and that God once again had stepped in on my behalf.  And He did…as always.

So, a few minutes ago the furnace guys came and ran water into the now very cold furnace.  And after a while the water ran out of furnace onto the ground of our basement…which was the thing what they were looking to see if it would happen.

They then informed me of what they knew I really didn’t want to hear.  They told me that I should not have turned on the cold water but rather I should have turned off the furnace and then allowed it to cool all the way down first.  This is message to those of you reading this as to how not to end up costing yourself an additional $4,000 to $5,000 bill by having to replace your furnace.

Yes, that is what I have to do.

I must pay to have a whole new furnace put in because I reacted without thinking before turning on that cold water.  This was something we have all learned in our grade school science class…but who remembers this stuff when thrown into a situation many years later?

Though I must say…I am not sure that I may not have turned on that water anyway.  Sometimes we all learn best…when we end up having to pay for it.

This is a lesson I have now learned…and learned it the hard way (much like that other story I told you in a prior blog when I stuck a fork into an electric toaster while the toaster was on…you’ve have got to read that blog).  But I have now well learned this lesson too.  And I am not subject to ever forget it again.

My parents used to take us to Florida during the summer to spend some time with our grandmother.  Once, while driving to Florida many years ago when we were still kids.  I had just started driving at this paricular time.  On road down to Florida, our car overheated.  I clearly remember now…how we sat along side the road waiting on the radiator to cool down before daddy poured some water into it.  I also now remember him risking burning his hand to take the cap off the radiator so the heat that had built up inside the radiator could escape.

None of that came to me last night.

Daddy was sure something.  He really was.

Somehow, I appreciate him and all the things he did and could do a lot more now than ever before.  And it grieves me to say that…because I certainly didn’t appreciate him as much as I should have when we had him with us.

Daddy did burn his hand.  But after a while we were soon back on our way.  And everytime we stopped…daddy got out and kept checking the radiator from that point down and all the way back home.  And he never complained about his hand.

I am so happy I didn’t blow up my parent’s house.

Who cares about that furnace….that can easily be replaced.  Yes, it will take me some time.  And yes…I may not have any hot water either for a while.  But at least I still have roof over my head.

Let us all pray for the homeless and those facing foreclosure…and those who’s problems are not so easily fixed.

Early this morning I had the chance to meet Nikki Giovanni…and I took it.  I cut my History class and found my way down to the auditorium where she was speaking.  She was all of what I expected and much more.  But while there I ran into an old friend.

This old friend was a woman whom I have known from the days when my parents used to pack us up and send us off for 2 weeks to camp.  She was then one of the little campers…just like me.  But she told me how her daughter had died instantly in car crash on her way to the airport.  Then she commenced to tell how her sister, Darlene, has just passed.  Darlene had been a little camper with us…she was just a couple years older than her sister telling me the story.  She also told me how Darlene prior to dying had been in intensive care for 2 months.  And then she told me how she had also just buried an uncle.

She ended it all by glancing over at me with a pair of the saddest eyes and saying, “This has been a very bad year for me.”

When you think that times are bad…or that you have it hard.  Just keep this in mind.  That there is always someone going through something worst.

Enjoy your weekend…and be bless.

Before closing let me thank each of every one of you for reading these blogs.  About a week ago my stats for these blogs were barely over a 1,000 hits.  But that isn’t bad considering I had only gotten started blogging back in June of this year…and who ever thought I would be blogging.  I didn’t even know what blogging was…much less how to do or that I cared to do it at all.  But within a weeks time from last week I have neared almost 4,000…and that is because of you.  By some time Wednesday it may be 5,000 if not more.

When I started I wondered about how people would find my blog?

There were times when only one or two people read them…but now…it is over 200 hits per day.

I think that is wonderful. I certainly would not have thought anything like that.

Who could be interested in reading anything I have say…on anything?

I just hope that I am saying something that makes sense to you, that may inspire you…or even give you reason to pause and consider some things.  But most of all I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share with you…and be able from time to time to tell you just how good God is to me.

Thank you so very much.

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Obama Dream T-shirt by ObamaRama

TUESDAY…TUESDAY…TUEDAY!!!!!   Just can’t wait.

 Even the little ones support Obama!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

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Smile and have a wonderful wonderful weekend.  It’s nice day today.  Absolutely beautiful…very mild and no snow flurries.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your family and friends.  Thank you for reading.

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College girls…and grade school girls…Where’s the Pride?

While in the lab working on a class project.  I happen to overhear a conversation between one of the male college students and one of the female college students

For all that he was saying to her…I would have gotten up and slapped him.  But this girl took it with such ease.  It did not phaze her none in the least.

The boy was talking to her like she was nothing but a tunnel down there…and you probably know where and what I am talking about. 

Though she was none in the least embarrassed, I was embarrassed for her.

She lacked any understanding of herself and why this boy and what he was saying to her should have been offensive to her.

After thinking about it for a while, I now understand why. 

Those very girls and boys which I had discussed in prior blogs “Teen Pregnancy Pact” etc…those are the same little boys and girls who were mothers and fathers in grade school.  Well, maybe not exactly them…but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.  They just didn’t get caught…meaning ‘they had not gotten pregnant.’   

Well…well, these are those people today….they are entering college.  And this girl…well, she is a product of that mentality.

This girl whom the boy in the lab was talking to…well, they spoke so….so casual…ly.   She to him and him to her.  That one would have thought that such blatant and insulting conversation was the norm and alright.

And if any of you says it is…I will strongly beg to differ.

It is not.

That young girl is an example of what is emerging out of the school system where kids get to talk about sex and act out in ways…which…which frankly should never be allowed.

No man should ever call a woman a tramp (even in an around about way…or in mild causual conversation)…unless he first stops acting as one himself.   And even then it is not allowable. 

And believe me…there was nothing ’round about’ in the way this boy was talking to that girl. 

But why are women so degraded?

Why are we the ones ‘de-valued’?

The young girl would not be one among many of the campus whores…and I am very sorry to say that…and it really hurts me to have to call it as such…but it is true…if the male population were carrying themselves a lot better too. 

You would have had to have heard the conversation to know what I am talking about.  And for her to sit there talking with him as he laid out all her whorish shortcomings…espisode after episode…to her without so much as a grimace or a sidewise glance from her? 

It was appalling. 

This speaks volumes as to how far off the mark these young girls…young ladies…and yes…I guess….young women have fallen.  They are far off course.  And all the sex education in the world has done nothing for them…but allowed them to feel more and more like sexual objects.  And very much for lack of saying it in any other way…and they “get down with that.”

For them it is okay.  And  even seems as though they enjoy it…being known as the ‘girl who will throwdown’ or ‘go down on anyone.’   UGH!!!!!

I wish someone would dare to talk to me as if I were common.

I am not common.

I am not going to be common.

And no one is going to ride me like a horse.

Only to cast me off and turn me out to pasture like some old broken down nag.

And then have them laughing…and talking about me?


These young girls have no pride.  And many older women do not either. 

Maybe, it is that I think too much of myself?

But this thing is really ashame.  And the problem is…is that the same standards are not allotted towards men.  Throughout history the male speices if you will…has been given a free ride (excuse the pund) when it has come down to issues of morality.  If this had not been the case and was not the case today there is a chance that this topic and the approaches to it would be different in our world today.  But since the beginning of time for men in almost every country the standards have differed greatly from those applied towards women.  Morality has never stretched both sides of the aisle.

However, this would not in any more way justify such talk…but it could create a level of standards on both party’s part.   The boy in the lab, who was maybe all of 24, clearly didn’t see anything wrong in the behavior of either himself or any of his friends who were hopping on top of this girl.  Nor did he think it disrespectful to her to speak so loudly so that the entire lab could hear that sickening conversation.  And nor did she in her own ignorance care whether everyone heard.

But why should she be any more of a whore then they?

Are they not all engaged in the same thing?

Will there ever come a time again…when men protected women’s valor rather than trampled all over it?

Oh, yes…by the way…that conversation was not between a black male and black female student.  As typically many people believe that only certain groups carry on in certain ways.  This issue of sex…pre-martial sex…sex in grade school…etc…etc…is a very big issue…and it involves everybody. 

I am appalled because I have young nieces and nephews coming up in a culture that believes everything is alright…as long as it feels good.  Everything is not…alright.  Whether it feels good…or not.

As old fashion as this may sound…what it really does boils down to just one plain thing…‘self-respect.’   I don’t know how many times I used to overhear older people say that when I was growing up…but not today.  I haven’t heard it in years.  But it is what we have to teach our children, nieces, nephews etc.  They must learn how to respect themselves first.  Then they will be able to ensure and enforce that respect among their friends and peers. 

That may sound like a too simplified cure to such a big and overwhelming problem as responsible living and sex given todays sexual culture…but self-respect is the beginning root to a successful life.  Without it how does one grow, accomplish or achieve anything in life?

Well, we are inching closer to the finish line…Election Night 2008.  It will be a big and exciting night for many reason.  May God bless America!

Obama Dream T-shirt by ObamaRama

 Even the little ones support Obama!

 Even the little ones support Obama!

 Even the little ones support Obama!

It gives me such hope for this country.  It really does.

There is no country like this one. 

There is no place at all…like the United States of America.

Through all her adversities, contradictions…missteps…and fall downs…American is great.  And she is beautiful…though there have been times in her history when people, Presidents, groups didn’t always act justly, fairly or truthfully.  But through it all she has maintained her beauty…and she is worth everything we can do to save her.

In closing…let me take this time to clarify once again…that Barack Obama is not just a phenomena because he is black. 

No, it is far greater than that.  

He is a phenomena because he is who he is.  

That is what America has much to be proud of…because he is a product of her.  It has taken us much and a long time to get here.  But we are here.  And at the end of the day…it does matter.  It really really does…for everyone’s sake.

Perhaps a decent wholesome Obama family in the White House is what this country is in dire need of to get her morally back on the right track, as well.  The kids certainly need other role models other than the ones they follow in Hollywood and the Rapp world…and certainly other than the likes of a Britney Spears to pattern themselves behind.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!


Smile and have a beautiful day.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

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Smile and have a wonderful wonderful day.  It’s nice out today.  A bit cool…but yesterday we got lots of flurries….awhhhhhhh….

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends, family…just everyone…friends and woe.   Thank you for reading.

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COUNT DOWN to the White House… Obama and America’s big day…

 It’s count down time, baby.

With less than a week to go the campaigns are heating up. McCain has decided to turn up the negatives as he has all the burners working overtime.

It was thought by some that rather than going out looking like a bad looser McCain would opt for the high road.  But somehow he has not found that road to be a likable choice for him. 

Perhaps John McCain is holding out falsely for what many of  the pundits have repeatedly chimed, “that the polls could have it all wrong.”

And they might well have.  But even so…it still won’t be in McCain’s favor.  The likihood is that the pundits have under-estimated ‘the Obama effect’ rather than having not properly measured it all.

There is no doubt that many Americans are fed up with the way things have been going in the country.  And that they will show up at voting locations all across this country this coming Tuesday to prove it. 

But very little has been said about the Hispanic vote or that of women.  During the Primaries they were the ‘hot’ topic…the ‘women’s vote’ and the ‘Hispanic vote.’  But lately we had heard very little about them.  I perdict that women will hit the polls like never before as well as the Hispanics…and that they will favor Obama.

I also believe that though McCain may have believed that he had most of the senior votes…he better take another look.  They are no fools…look for seniors in very large numbers to be casting their votes for Obama, as well.  We’re talking Medicaid, health insurance, foreclosures, gas prices, raising food costs, crashing retirement funds and everything else. 

It’s Obama…Obama…Obama, baby.   It’s destiny.

Amid all the excitement of the race to the White House this year, I cannot help but think of the news anchor woman,  Anne Pressly, who was attacked and has subsequently died.  When all this got started she had no idea that she would not be here to see it to conclusion.   Nor when she decided to enter into the field of TV Journalism did she realize that one day she was going to be subject of many news stories.

It is but a sad reminder that we are not promised tomorrow…none of us. 

Police said that it appeared to have been a random robbery but she was beaten badly…that would really suggest a bit more than a random robbery.

The police also said that ‘it appeared to be a robbery’ because her purse was taken.  But people have become so sophisticated today with all the various television programs from Law & Order and everything else…that they know what to do if they want to throw the police off their trail. 

It is for this reason I do not believe DNA is a good source for determining whether or not a person is guilty or innocent…as if I couldn’t get a strand of someone’s hair and leave it at the scene of the crime.  Based upon that…that person would be doom. 

In fact, it takes a whole lot less today to incriminate someone based on DNA.  Just yesterday while taking a seat in lab the keyboard to the computer had a long strand of hair attached to it.  Wow, imagine if I was a criminal what I couldn’t have done with that?

I deeply feel for this young woman’s family and all victims of crime.  There have been many times when I came close…but God said, “no.”  

And I am so happy He did…and that He was there to keep me and protect me.   Always, right there whenever I have needed Him.  Which has been every moment…and second of my life…sometimes more and sometimes less.  But I always needed Him…to be right there in my life…whether I knew it or not.  And many times I did not know it.

Since having turned to this topic…let me also express my heartfelt sympathy for the Hudson family due to the terrible events which took place this past week.  There are no words…neither rhythm nor reason that can explain it.  And there is nothing that time cannot diminish…including pain.,2933,444330,00.html,0,356643.story

My goodness, what about those cry baby Rupublicans this season?

For years we all watched how the Republicans have out raised and spent the Democratics from one election into the other in terms of money, volunteers etc…etc…etc…   Now, the shoe is on the other foot….and all we hear is those Republicans crying about ‘how Obama said he would but he didn’t.’  

That is…how Obama said that he would not turn down government funds, which would have seriously limited his spending…whereas McCain took the government money.    As well McCain should have…since for the greater part of his campaign McCain has always had problems raising money to finance it. 

Obama on the other hand…had no way of knowing before hand, when he made the statement on government financing and accepting those funds,  that he was going to raise the money which his campaign has.  Meaning Obama has never needed to accept those funds…and McCain did.

So, why wouldn’t he have taken the sure money?

Seriously, if you were Barrack Obama…and had been capable of raising more money than the Clinton’s, George Bush and everybody else.  Then why would you opt to take the government money that would restrict your campaign to ‘x’ amount of dollars?

It would have been ill-logical…and nobody in their right mind would have done it.  Not even McCain if the shoe had been on his foot. 

So, Palin and McCain both need to stop crying foul…and all those other Republicans too.  Because you would have done the exact same thing…and to say that you would not have is well….  Well….  Well, you would be lying.

This coming Tuesday is coming fast.  And I am excited…and I hope that you are too.  Please whatever else you may have planned for Tuesday don’t forget to get out and vote…and check to see if anyone around you…or near would like a ride.

Also be sure…just to avoid any undue problems come Tuesday…just drop by your town Voter Registration office and just double check to make sure that everything is okay with your registration.  I have had this happen to me twice…and they said it was because we had not returned a census form. 

It doesn’t hurt to check so that when Tuesday comes you can get in and out of the your local polls without headache or problems.

Smile and have a beautiful day.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

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Joe…Joe …please, Joe don’t…

I may be a bit old school but one thing I know for sure…when you step up you’ve got to act and talk like you have stepped up.

I understand that Joe Biden is Joe Biden…but he is now in a whole new ball game.  And frankly, what was okay yesterday is not okay today.

He is well on his way to becoming the Vice President of the United States of America…and it is not a position where one’s tongue can be flippant or quick.  Every thought and  utterence must be weighted and considered first.  It really just goes with the turf.  When you sit high you can’t do what other people do…or say what other people say…or how they say it.  

You must always be guarded.

You must measure everything. 

This past gaff on the part of Joseph Biden was not a test of the Obama Presidency…but one of Joe Biden. 

The one thing that Americans and others around the world can be sure of…that is that Barrack Obama is not a careless person.  He is highly measured…and very well so.

The job of President of the United States of America requires such a person…because every group, every cause and every country is looking for some slip up to leap upon.  So, therefore Presidents have to exercise extreme levels of caution…as well as those around them…when they speak. 

This goes for Vice Presidents as well.  Contary to whatever Sarah Palin may or may not have believed…or even John McCain in regards to the importance of the position of Vice President of the United States.  Vice Presidents whether they work on the corporate level or in the White House all have to have a quality of discretion and precaution when they speak.

Joseph Biden has to learn he is now playing in a whole other league now…it’s not high school…and it is certainly not the Senate House of Rep’s either, it will be as Vice President of the United States. 

This is a much higher and bigger league, Joe…with far more at stake and certainly higher stakes.  So, come on and step up to the challenge and cast aside the ol’ Joe Biden…the one with the quick tongue and no forethought.

Don’t mess it up, Joe…by trying to play politics.  You are not a prophet.  Everybody knows it won’t be ‘peaches and cream’…and that trouble is always looming…and it will come.  There is no reason to think otherwise…that is rooted in history. 

That is why we all seek to put the best people in the right places to handle things…who are competent.   It is for this reason that we seek people of high caliber, who have good sense and reasoning skills, as well as the capability to show grace in every possible situation.

We are still praying for the Hudson family….after all that has been done that Jennifer Hudson’s nephew is at least returned home unharm.

Be encouraged and have a beautiful day.

We’ve got one more week to go…and I am looking forward to next Tuesday night.  I plan on sitting up all night and watching as many channels as I can as tears will surely be rolling down my cheeks as Barrack Obama becomes this country’s 44th President.   It is truly time for a change.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’

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Jennifer Hudson… Obama’s grandmother….

Since speaking with my son last night…who when I called him said-

“Oh, I thought you were calling about Jennifer Hudson.”

I said, “What about Jennifer Hudson?”

“You didn’t hear it over the news?  Somebody broke into their house and shot her mother…killing her.  And they shot her uncle and then kidnapped her little nephew?”

I said, “What???”

And I turned off the music I was listening to…and thought about it for a while.

I can’t believe it.

Here she is working hard trying to establish herself and find her way around Hollywood…and this.  What a tragic event that should happen…simply divastating.

The world is full of evil people…and this you should know if you don’t already do.

At some point after hearing about those murders in Chicago, I started thinking about how parents have always taught their children not to talk to strangers.  I don’t know why it came to mind…except some time ago I saw on television where the schools along with parents were aggressively teaching young children not to talk or walk off with any strangers.  All of this following a rash of strange cars near schools and a man trying to entice some children to get in.  Then there was those laws passed…they carried the names of the young victims of certain crimes.

No one ever said it…but as a young child, I was taught you did not talk to strangers.  They did this because they knew that the world is full of evil people and they wanted to protect us from them.  But in the recent years we have seen the level of evil escalate.

Oh, yes we are accustom to hearing stories of people breaking in and killing people…but we had never heard of the type of events that caused 9/11.   There was even a point where we had never heard of people who put razors in apples and then gave them out to children during ‘Trick or Treat’…or tainted candy.  But the world is full of evil people…and their numbers are multiplying. 

Or it could be argued…we are just hearing more about it now than we did before.  Take for instance that father in Austria who had imprisoned his own daughter in his basement for over 20 years and fathered some 7 or so children with her. 

How could that be classified as anything else other than sick…and quite evil?

That story sicken me so badly that I have until this very time had not said much on it.  But it was evil.

When I think of what I read on the once very popular DeBarge family…sicken me in the same way.  In that case it was a father destroying the lives of his many sons and daughter.  That story too…turned my stomach.

Life is hard in many ways…but these type of undue interruptions that cause even greater hardship of emotional conflict and personal hate…can have and  leave indelible marks and effects upon the lives of many who have had to endure the traumas of them.

I have a friend who was born in Chicago…during some time very early in her life she was gang raped by some boys in a vacant apartment across the hall from where she lived with an aunt. 

This aunt had been forced into the position of caring for her…as she had come into the world some time during the incarceration of her mother.  The whole story is quite sad…but following that rape she was later regularly sexually abused by her aunt’s boyfriend…all this while she was a very young child.  The trauma of her history has marked her entire life…and often when I speak with her…she talks of suicide.

There is  evil in this world.  And Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and 7 year old nephew all came face to face with it.

We can only say… 

“Jennifer be encouraged and seek solitude in the word of the Lord…for joy will again come in the morning.”

It is probably hard to believe that right now…but it is quite true.

After hearing the news regarding Jennifer Hudson’s family and then thinking about Obama’s grandmother…I started to cry.

It seems sad to me…after raising him that Obama’s grandmother…a woman he says-

“She poured all of what she had into me.”

It seems sad to think that she might not live to see him become President of the United States of America.

I can only reflect upon the times that once were…while living in the heartland of America an elderly white couple left to raise their daughter’s 2 non-white children.  I can imagine the stares they must have received while going to school conferences and while stepping into the dentist’s office or doctor’s offices with her little dark skinned non-white grand children. 

It was the times…when white parents were against their children having black friends…much less marrying someone black as brilliantly protrayed in the movie starring Sidney Poitier “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” 

It could not have been easy…they were probaly ostrasized and whispered about behind their backs about those 2 little black children that…yes, probably at first they probably didn’t even want…but through time grew to love and cherish as they grew to love and cherish them.

It is sad think that she is sick and might not live to see it.  Because there had to have been something in them that made her the way she was…and ultimately in him which has made him who he is today.  God bless them all.

Well, have a blessed day.   And enjoy your weekend…it looks as though it may rain over this way.,,20235862,00.html


And I still love you, Willis Kattrell.

Smile and have a beautiful day.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’

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Willis Kattrell… alas…


I have been doing nothing but smiling and glowing deep down inside since this past weekend…(it is a girl thang). 

It is kind of like going to church and hearing a sermon that really seeps down deep into your soul.  And you leave church feeling…feeling good all over…and glowing all through the week whenever you think about it.

I experienced one of those this past weekend.  It was at a school reunion…Black Alumni Conference for my college…and since the moment I received an email from a very unexpected person…well, I had been looking forward to seeing him.

The email that was sent to me was out of the clear blue sky…and it said-

“See you tomorrow.”

It could have been written directly from a suspense thriller. 

It had me on the edge of my seat.  It intrigued me. 

It had been some mere 40 years since seeing that wonderful smile and those teeth of life…but I remembered them well.  And that face which they lit from day to day.

Midway through the evening the following night upon not seeing him, I whispered to someone…

“Willis said that he was coming. But I guess he must be running late.”

And to my surprise she informed me by poking out her little pinky finger saying-

“That’s Willis right there.”

He had been sitting directly in front of me…and…  Well, I had not…well…he-he…  Well, he was clean shaven.  He looked corporate.

Gone was that big afro that marked his time in American history.  He was bald…but when he turned and smiled in  our direction.  There it was…that smile…those teeth.  They…they had not changed.

Upon getting the opportunity to speak with him…I did not fail to tell him of all that I had thought of him while we were in school. 

Though he too had failed to recognized me…and that was okay,  I still disclosed my undying love, my admiration, my appreciation and my respect for him.  And he stood before me so gracious, so humble and so kind just politely thanking me all the while for every kind word.

To think that I would ever grow up to be able to tell Willis all of that…oh, alas….

And Willis, he was…   He still walked like Willis.   He still talked like Willis…his voice tone was the same.  He was still pretty much basically his same size…and he still had that…that wonderful laugh. 

Yeah…I may not have recognized him at first…but he was still very much Willis.

And near the end of evening he walked over to me and turned my chin upward towards his…oh, so unexpectedly…and he kissed me. 

I have no idea how I reacted…but I have been smiling ever since.

Willis kissed me.

Did I tell you…that Willis kissed me?

Willis Kattrill kissed me.

He kissed me.  And now I know how Peppermint Patty must have felt when Charlie Brown…excused me, when ‘Charles’ kissed her.

I can’t believe it.

Oh, alas…

Willis Kattrell kissed me.

And I have been smiling ever since.  I have been feeling happy way deep down inside…because that…that…that Willis Kattrell…he-he kissed me.

Are you sure that I told you….that Willis Kattrell kissed me?

Well, he did.  And my world shall never be the same…because alas…that…that Willis Kattrell…he kissed me. 

Now, nothing will ever be the same…because….well….because Willis kissed me.

And then he introduced me to his wife saying-

“Tell her all the things you told me.”

I groaned saying-

“Awh…Willis, she already knows.”

But just in case she didn’t…I tapped the table a couple of times just to emphasize the point saying-

“Baby, you got the prize…you got the prize.”

She got Willis Kattrell…and my what a prize.

And he loved it.  He laughed.

He was standing behind me…and oh me, oh my…       

I was suddenly propelled back into the 70’s listening to that laugh.  My mind went back to when Willis had a big afro, when on occasions I would see those beautiful teeth appear from up under his wonderful warm smile.  

That Willis Kattrell…he was one of the best looking guys of the campus…par none.  And he was always a gentleman.  And then, of course, he was the guy who took the time to teAfroach me everything I learned in radio that had to do with basic board operation in the beginning stage of  what would become my profession.

It was Willis…and I was so happy to see him.

And now…I am still smiling because…  Well, because Willis Kattrell kissed me.

This is for every wallflower, plain Jane and fat girl out there who has stood around wishing she were like all the other girls.  Remember this…Willis Kattrell kissed me.  I never dreamed it.  Well, this should give you all hope…time is the great equalizer, baby.  And don’t you ever dare forget it.

I…I love you, Willis Kattrell.

Smile and have a beautiful day.

“Hey, are you sure?”

“Are you sure that I told you that…that…   Well, that…that Willis Kattrell…that he…that he kissed me?”

“Did I tell you?”

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Colin…Colin…more good news for Obama

I have always loved General Colin Powell…but I really really loved him on Sunday. 

I have admired his diligence in regard to all of his duties as a General in the Armed Forces, as Head of State, and even as a Republican

I have listen to and heard many black Republicans…most of whom have sounded like they some how had lost their way in this world… and forgot where they came from…and how they got to where they have gotten.  But most of all…they had forgotten what it is like to be…or to have been black in America.  But never Colin Powell.

I admire people who navigate their way through this life gracefully and caringly

I like to see people rise to high heights…but I especially really like those who can rise and still maintain a level of sure footing and humility.  And that is what Colin Powell showed Sunday on ‘Meet the Press.’

It is hard to come out against friends, party…your company…your church…whatever…but at times it is required.  But to be able to do it with dignity and grace is a good…and great thing.  And it takes strenght…an obvious grand quality within the fabric of General Powell.

His endorsement of Barack Obama…you could see had been done with much forethought, deliberation and reflection.  But he did what he felt he needed to do…and he did it well.  The points General Powell laid out regarding his choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States laid in Obama’s judgment, decisiveness, good temperament, great deduction skills and a believed ability that he will restore the respectability to this country that the past 8 years eroded, under George W. Bush.

I have long held and still hold…that when we look and listen to Barack Obama we are looking at destiny.  It is as much true destiny that at this time such a person as Obama has emerged.  Is destiny as much as Joseph was destined to wine up in Egypt and Moses to lead his people out of Egypt.  They had been predestinated for their times. 

No one wants to say Divine Providence…but that is what we are looking at.  And it is by Divine Providence…that we are here bearing witness to this phenomena this forthcoming November Election.  I can only wish my parents were here.  That my grandmother was here…that my great-grandmother was here…and all those hung…tarred and feathered…whipped, chained and killed in this country could bear witnesObama Dream T-shirt by ObamaRamas to this.

 Even the little ones support Obama!

It gives me such hope for this country. 

There is no country like this country. 

There is no place like the United States of America.

Through all her adversities, contradictions…missteps…and fall downs…American is great.  And she is beautiful…though there have times in her history when people, Presidents, groups didn’t always act justly, fairly or truthfully.                                                                             But through it all she has maintained her beauty…and she is worth everything we

can do to save her.,0,4586523.story

In closing…let me take this time to clarify. 

Barack Obama is not just a phenomena because he is black. 

No, it greater than that.  

He is a phenomena because he is who he is.  

That is what America has much to be proud of…because he is a product of her.  It has taken us much and a long time to get here.  But we are here.  And at the end of the day…it does matter.  It really really does…for everyone’s sake.

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Presidential Debate 3 Analysis… the finale



                      …well, maybe Joe the Plummer


 Obama…   1.  Always looked Presidential

                   2.  Laid out his financial plan well

                  3.  Never wined         

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals as President

                 5.  Clearly defined his position on Supreme Court choices, abortion, importance of Education, reforming Health Insurance, future fuel advances…

                 6.   Clearly defined political objectives as President of the United States

McCain…   1.  Looked a bit more Presidential

                   2.  Never seemed relaxed or in control

                  3.  Was a bit more forthcoming with future  Presidential plans but never went far enough

                 4.  Came off winny at times

                5.  Seemed to be more aggressive but yet would    oftentimes end up on the defensive

                6.  At times got ruffled

Clearly a better debate as both candidates did get an equal chance to clearly define themselves and their future objectives as President of the United StatesThough highly skilled and poised, Obama proved once again that McCain was no match against him.  He was still able to fend off any attacks that McCain attempted to voice against him…and this he did with great eloquence.

Though McCain appeared a bit more Presidential than in the past debates…he still did not have what Obama had.  Obama seemed far more engaging, he was not stiff or erect but leaned toward the moderator in a warmer friender kind of way.   He also talked more directly to the American public but looking into the TV camera often particularly while delivering key points of his plans and also while trying to explain how his plans would work, and how they would effect the various groups.  John McCain failed to do this.   

In fact, John McCain had little full explanation for much of what he was talking about.  He hedged questions such as how he would pick Supreme Court Judges by merely stating that he would not have a litmus them…while not saying anything about their ideologies.   He seemed to purposely want to stay away from fully answering many questions fully.  

Obama did exceedingly well in expressing his stance on abortion and a woman’s right to make her own choice.  But what I liked most of all…was his opinion on teaching restraint and abstinence.  Something I had not heard voiced by any candidate…….ever. 

Again, while Obama seemed calm and collected…McCain seemed otherwise.

When questioned about their choices for Vice President…Obama gave a fair and forthright assessment of his choice of Joe Biden.  But McCain fell short of saying that if anything should happened to him…as to whether or not he was confident that Sarah Palin was President material or would be able to handle the job.   In contrast, Obama clearly stated that Joe Biden could do so and that he felt that Biden would see through all his of plans, as well. 

If anyone was undecided…last night’s Presidential Debate should have certainly brought them closer to making a sound choice.  And the format of both men sitting closer together…and near the moderator allowed for a far greater to really examine both men close up…and it also allowed them to speak more frankly and openly.

I am sure that poor ol’ Joe the plumber probably got more than his share of phone calls this morning and maybe all through the night following the debate.  One network immediately following the debate had already spoken with him…and had recorded their interview.   All this because Barack Obama stopped to talk, shake his hand and gave Joe some of his time…while stumping for votes.  One thing about it…while most candidates merely shake a hand and keep on pushing…Obama all during his campaign did take time to meet and talk with regular everyday people.   And I guess that goes right back to his community organizing roots.
 Hope you are register…yesterday was it for here.  But we all have got to get out and vote come November 2008…and lets put somebody in the White House who will truly work for the people…won’t compromise morality…will speak truth to lies…and do his best to serve both this country and all its people who live within it. 
Your vote counts…remember that this coming November. Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

…pass it on…’ 

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What women won’t do… or men… Janet, Michael,Patti…

Just could not resist snipping this from MSN Entertainment….

Anyhoo…someone else who’s undergone gastric bypass — and a host of other procedures — is giving a tongue-lashing to stars who deny partaking in ©Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.the latest medical breakthroughs.

“Oh my God! Those liars! I hate them!” Sharon Osbourne railed during an appearance on E!’s.  “They are like, ‘I didn’t do anything.’ Meanwhile, their eyebrows are here.”

Sharon, whose plastic surgeon probably enjoys rolling around in a crisp pile of cash collected from her admitted boob job, butt lift, leg lift, liposuction, tummy tuck and facelift, reserves extra venom for a certain line-free Oscar winner.

“Can’t we all just get along? Eh, scratch that — celebrities are always so much more fun when they’re slamming someone or something. In this bad-mouthing edition, we bring you girl fighting, Botox-baiting and more.

Star Jones should just stop commenting on the past. 
“Get over it, girlfriend…and move on.”
“Those girls were hateful.” So snipes Star Jones to Essence as she calls out the supposedly vitriolic behavior of her former “View” co-hosts Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters after she announced she was leaving the gab-fest.

TRetna Digitalhe gastric bypass-slimmed Star (“That surgery saved my life,” she says) also accuses the most senior member of the coffee klatch of conspiring against her, telling the mag, “Barbara set me up.”

(In her onetime couch mates’ defense, they did have to sit through months and months of Jones endlessly babbling about her corporate-sponsored fairytale wedding to her Prince Charming, also known as Al “Legs of a Stallion” Reynolds, whom she split with in March. That would be enough to make anyone a mite cranky.)

But of a truth (as the Jamaicans say)…if I were to step into an elevator with just me and Star Jones…I probably wouldn’t know it was her.  Because I think she did more than just that gastric thang.  Her face looks different.  And I know weight lose can do that…but…not like that.     

And I have stepped into elevators with plenty of people…believe me.   It is not hard to in New York.

Once while dropping off a package at Writer’s Guild of American, on 57th Street, I stepped into the elevator to find myself in it with Ed Bradley.  You will not know how shocked I was to look up and see that it was him.

“Ed Bradley,” I exclaimed without thinking. 

It must have been the way that I said it…because I think I frightened the guy.

Then there was the time that I got into an elevator and found myself alone with Frankie Crocker.  And I will never forget the time it was me and Percy Sutton alone on an elevator…what a handsome and very kind gentleman he was.

And, oh…yes.  Going back to Ed Bradley…when the elevator door opened and Ed got off…he said-

“Hi, Leslie.”

And she said, “Hi, Ed.”

And for a moment I thought I was home watching “60 Minutes”…as Leslie Stale got on the elevator with me just as Ed  Bradleyvacated it. 

That’s New York, baby.


MSN Entertainment…here’s the link if you want to read the rest.

But what won’t women do?

I mean I am all for looking good and everything.  But what happened to-

“Growing old with grace?”tina-turner.jpg

Sharon Osbourne has had about everything done that could be done…all of which Tina Turner comes by naturally. 

And my goodness…doesn’t Patti LaBelle look good for a woman in her 60’s?   (though Patti did get a nose job some years ago)

I think I will just love what God has given me…He after all is a God of perfection.  

So, how can you improve upon that?

In regards to everything else… 

Well, God doesn’t make us fat…we do that to ourselves.  And some of those grotesque family features which some of us ‘just can’t stand.’  Well, overtime they mellow out…and over time…   Well, it all comes kind of comes together. 

The problem is…we see ourselves through everyone else’s eyes.  Or better yet…what we think is through ‘everyone else’s eyes.’  When really that is an impossible feat. 

Appreciate what God has given you. 

I learned that lesson one night while working on that job which I told you in an earlier blog was the worst job I ever had…everyone hated me there.  I was in management…my signature was being falsified on various company documents…everytime something went wrong ‘I was to blame.’ 

It was the worst possible circumstance…and I started thinking about suing the company…but God told me ‘no don’t sue.’  You have to read that blog if you want to find out the whole story…but that company ended up paying me…and paying me for a very long time…and I did what God told me not to do.  I didn’t sue them…and I got paid anyhow (hundreds of thousands of dollars)…this is God. It would have never have happened any other way.  And I haven’t had to work a day since. 

But one day while working…I was handling some business at the front counter and a woman and her male escort approached the counter.  She had been burned severely.  I could tell that at some point she most have been very attractive…but that was all gone now.  Yet, she and her escort…I called him that…but he was the man with her…they were having a good time.  They laughed and chatted as though she hadn’t a mark on her face at all.  That is when I realized…after years of thinking of myself as being ugly…that God doesn’t create anything ugly. 

We may not like what we have been given…but it is not ugly.  And Barry Gordy and the Temptations were right…beauty really is skin deep.  And that other guy was right too…”beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Was that Shakespeare who said that?

It all reminds me of Michael Jackson…just too much money and having nothing to do with it.  Nothing to do…but to sit around and think-

“How can I mess up what God has given me?”

And truly if ever there was a crime…it is what Michael did to himself.  When you look back on all those old pictures of him…you have to wonder how in the world could his mind have been so twisted with regard to his looks.  The boy was handsome…the man is a nightmare. I have always felt deeply for Michael.

Speaking of the JacksonsJanet isn’t doing well these days.  Recently she had to put off her tour.  I understand that she is suffering from vertigo.  It is a state of dizziness. We pray that God will remove that illness from her…and from my aunt Kate.,,20183520,00.html,,20183520,00.html

I have an aunt who suffers from it, our Aunt Kate.  It has been many years now…with it recently being more presistent now she told me the last time we spoke.   No one has to tell me about dizziness…and I am sure you either.  I suffered a head injury and occasionally have my moments.  I couldn’t imagine wanting…well, nobody wants it…being dizzy all of the time. 

All I can say Janet pray and have a firm believe in God…it will see you through it all.    And many times…He gives intervention.  He is just that good.

Well, be encouraged all…     God bless…and thanks for reading.

Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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The King Family embattled…3 The Book deal…

There is one thing about death…it brings about a whole other set of new found problems.

It is bad enough that a parent dies…or some aunt or uncle…but if there is anything to be gained by that passing therein lie the problems.  Before the dying person’s eyes are closed the problems start to show up…and if the self-interests begin before that…then the dying or aging party is in real trouble.  I have seen it happen…and I am going through it myself.

I would have never believed that I would be in the situation in which I now sit.  I have been in and out of court due to family matters.  Some of those times it was me bringing the charges and others it was them.  But let me tell you this…there is nothing more painful than family conflicts.  There is nothing worst than having to be forced to do things such as taking legal actions against a sibling or other family member…when you really don’t want to…but there is in many cases is no other choice but to do so.  This I know because I have been there…and still am.  But if you don’t the repercussions of in-action would be far more devasting…and much sadder when in time you look back to reflect on what you should have…could have…but didn’t.

I turned a blind eye on many things saying to myself-

“Their there and I’m here in New York.”

And I called myself letting them handle it…never dreaming to what depths they were ‘handling’ it.   I know for sure…it destroyed my father.  And I had been no help to him…because I turned a blind eye to it all…even when I saw and witnessed things for myself.  And now…I greatly…greatly regret it now.

But finally when I was forced to go home to face the mess which I had so conveniently shut my eyes to for years…which perhaps in the earlier stages would have cost less, headaches, heartaches and financial dismay had I merely stepped up early on.  But by the time I was forced to deal with it…the evilness had become rooted…and my battles are great.  And have caused me many many tears and many many sleepless nights…and days.

There is no way that I would believe that great consideration has not been taken on what going back and forth into court and having to bring one action after another against their brother Dexter would mean to their family legacy…and the memory of their mother and father, Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr..  But just like myself…Bernice and Martin, the third, either have to do it…or sit back and allow Dexter to destory everything that their mother fought for…along with totally annihilating the memory of their father, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., who gave his life for a cause in this country…which should never be forgotten. 

These things are very unfortunate…but they happen.

And they begin happening at the saddest moments in most people’s life…while having lost a very dear love one…their parent, be it mother or father…or them both.

These things keep us up at night…and find us constantly in prayer.  But along with prayer action must be taken…the prayer merely aids as a reminder that we serve someone who is greater than money.  But also prayer keeps us from having to go to jail…because that is how deep family matters can get…and many times people do end up in jail behind family disputes and all kinds of other family matters.

The latest set of legal problems facing the siblings of the Dr. King’s family…is that a law suit was again brought against Dexter to keep him from selling his mother memoirs.

At the center of this current feud is $1.4 million book deal that Dexter signed with Penguin books, however, though Dexter may well be the head of his father’s center, the Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Center of Non-Violence, in Atlanta, GA, it is Bernice King who is the head over their mother’s estate.  Yes, here we go again.  So, then why is Dexter seeking to sell something, yet another piece of their family legacy off…and believe me…he is busily trying to sell off as much of the King property, papers, photos etc…as he can. 

 Which all seems to be for guess who?

Yes, for Dexter.  His own personal gain.  Without regard to the King family legacy and what it means to their family…his other siblings…or African Americans at large.  It is all for personal gain. 

Clearly, Dexter sees the works of his mother and father as nothing more than mere assets to be liquidated and sold off to the highest bidders.  All of which are means or his way of getting rich on the backs of his parents memories.   What a shame that that is all he can see his mother and father’s legacy as.

It is sad to think this…that Dr. King would have such a son…a man who gave his life as a sacrifice so unselfishly.   But there is at least one…if not more Dexters…in every family.  Those who want whatever they can get…and he or they want it before the others get a chance to lay a claim or say anything otherwise.

I have seen it in our own affairs.  I know it destoryed my father…who would think that after working all their lives to raise a bunch of selfish and self-serving children…that they would grow up to be selfish and self-serving enough to push you out of your own home…that you worked for…that you bought…that you fought to maintain.   But it happened…and this is when I had to go home…to fight to try to get my father back into his own home.  It is quite sad when you become only a dollar sign to your children…very sad indeed. 

I know about the pain of family matters.  There can be nothing worst…than family disputes.  And they are ususally over money.  And if you say things….that is because certain things equal money.  So, yes…it is always about money…and greed.  And very much about selfishness.

It is sad…but it will be only sadder to sit around and let reckless people destroy everything…which ususally later in life everyone including the trouble-makers will regret.  And if you don’t believe it…just go to some family reunions and listen.

Presidential Election is so important.  If you are not register get registered today.  And if you plan on being away get you absentee ballot…but don’t miss out the signal most important election of 21st Century.

In our town today is the last day to register.  As my son is planning being out of town to go to Memphis…I told him to be sure to put in his absentee ballot.  For days he has forgotten to do it.  So, today after getting out of my class, I went by his job to get him so I could sit in the car downtown while he ran in to take care of his absentee ballot.  But by the time I had gotten there…he had already gone.

This November is going to be soooooo important.  It was worth the walk to his job to ensure that he got his ballot in. 

Not to mention I was talking with a cousin of mine in Philly…and she had been going to senior citizen homes and aiding them with getting their voices heard.  I think that was fabulous.  And I know that those seniors all appreciated it.

Vote.  It was something that many…even right here in America had to fight for.

Well, enjoy your day.  It’s been nice out for the past couple of days.

I haven’t gotten over my friend’s passing yet.  I still cry when I think of her.  But I am happy that she is at peace now.
 THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…CLICK this LINK to purchase my book.  You do not need a paypal account to purchase, and you can purchase using a debit card.  Thank you. 

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…pass it on…’ 

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Self-Publishing woes…

Well, it is about 4 o’clock and I was suppose to go to the bank today.   Guess I won’t have much money for the long weekend.  I’m trying not to use my bank card too much…because frankly I can never trust my balance when I do.  I did a transaction for a couple of thousand with my card…but later there was a disbute between me and the company.  At the end when I just couldn’t take it any more…and yes, I’m talking Xulon Printing…after one obstacle after another…I finally said enough is enoug and-

“Give me all my money back.”

I think that they were kind of tired of me anyway…but I never complained without good reason.  I do not like any company who feels they have you over a wheel barrel just because they have already gotten paid.  Perhaps you have experienced a simular situation.  But when you have paid $2000 plus dollars…even tolerance for the sake of just getting it done soon will fall by the wayside if the company is flagrant in their dealings.  And that is just how Xulon is…flagrant in their dealings.

Believe when I tell you-

“They only want your money.”

“It’s all a game.”

What else do you want to hear…because I could tell you a lot more.

So, I recently went over the internet to check my bank account balance after giving them the axe last Friday…and yes…they have yet to reimburse me any part of my $2000 plus.  But from the on-set I did realize that they would want to keep as much of my money as they could on  their side of the table. 

In fact, Xulon is only going to reimburse my bank account some $300…but I knew from early in the game…and had realized that I was probably going to have to go down to Florida and sue them…and that is not so bad since they are located near Orlando.  But based upon the facts…I am entitled to every dime of my money back…as Xulon failed to fairly meet any part of our contract.  And the kicker in the whole thing was as they not only wanted to rob me…but wanted me to say it was okay to rob me by having me sign off on our contract.  They wanted to rewrite our contract by getting me to sign off on an email that they had sent me.  

To have signed off on that email would have meant…had I signed…that I would have been writing away any chance of every later taking legal action against them.

I really was not born yesterday…but I think Xulon thought so.

If I had signed off on that email…they could have also printed up my book any way they pleased and just thrown it at me.  Because in essence really that was what they were trying to get me to sign off against. 

Since Xulon had failed to provide me with an original cover…as the cover they sent me to approve was actual a cover they had used for a  prior author’s book…yet they charged that design against my funds.  I had also paid for rush service which was to take about 45 days…what a rip-off that was.  That was way back in March and my book to this date had not even gotten into the print room…due to one hang up after another on Xulon’s part. 

Then they have this author’s site where you supposedly retrive your proofs and inter-office emails.  My access code…provided to me by Xulon never worked.  When I informed them that it did not…I was told they had thousands of other authors and none of them had any problems with their’s.  So, I could not use that service…for which they charged against my money…I am sure.   After going over the Galley twice…upon which the last time I thought this time it was really going to go to print finally…but this is when they held up the printing…yet again…and told me that if I didn’t sign off on that email that they had sent me they would not print my book until I did.

So, I sent Xulon an email concerning several issues…(1) since Xulon did not want to reimburse me my rush fee money ($299)…a service they never provided me…I told them I wanted 30 books instead of the contracted 10 in exchange for my money.  Now, that is fair…as the charge to authors for their books printed by Xulon is $5…at $5 a piece I come nowhere near my $299.  But I felt I was entitled to something for my money…and I was not just going to let them rob me and me not try to get something out of the deal.

I also said I wanted my cover printed on quality glossy cover stock…really is that too much to ask for?    Besides, Xulon claimed that they did that anyways.

So, then why did they want me to sign off  on the printing of my book…if they already provided all of that?

Because I told them that if the printing of my book didn’t meet with the quality and expectations I had paid for…then I would not be satisified. 

And why should I?  

I had afer all paid them more than $2000 to do the job…for which they had breached every term and condition concerning the services that they claimed to provide.    Such things like…a professionaly designed original book cover.  Xulon even goes as far as asking you for your suggestions for the cover…of which they follow nothing.   I said put the title in thick bold fonts…not.  I said no people in the design…not.  I said something classy and ritzy…very not.

So…I said it in my very first blog…and I am going to say it again.  You will never know the type of company you are dealing with until you actually go into business with them.  Some people may fair well with a company…but that may not be your experience.   We weary of the sharks.

However, look out for my book, “THE BISHOP’S WIFE”…once I get it published…and it will be published.  I know you will enjoy it.  It is my second piece of fictional work…about woman in the mid-fifties who can’t put out of her mind a pass love though she marries a Bishop who is not what or who she expected him to be.

Oh, forgot to tell ya’ that Small Claims in Florida allows you to sue for up to $5000…that gives me plenty of money to fly down and soak up some sun too as I visit with relatives.  But I will be going down…and soon to get my money.

Check the comments below…someone commented that she had a similar experience with Xulon.  Where was anyone writing stuff like this so I could find it when I was trying make a decision on who to get self-published with.  It certainly would have been helpful.  

Currently, AUTHORHOUSE has my contract to publish my book.  I must say…I like them already.  They even create you a website as part of you deal for no additional money.   They have a legitmate contract…something that I never got from Xulon.  They have a payment plan…and their rates are nowhere’s near Xulon or some of the others depending upon what package you buy.  And if you use them…well, they have a referral plan as well.   I know…I know…shameless of me but I want every $100 I can get…I can help to finish paying off my publishing fee since Xulon ripped me for all of my money.   So, send me a comment if you decide to go with AUTHORHOUSE…so I can collect my referral fee.  And I am not kidding.

Had something else I wanted to say but it has fleed from me now.

The other reason I am trying not to use my bank card too much…is because of the current financial situation.  I have always been told –

“A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bushes.”

I know what I have and I intend to hold onto my money…what little I have after my $2000 Xulon investment…until I’m sure which way this thing is going.  With these banks threatening to cumble you really can’t be too sure about anything.  But since the gas prices are down…keep your tank filled.  Because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Enjoy your weekend.

God bless…  ‘pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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Presidential Debate 2 Analysis…


                                     Big Winner!


 Obama…   1.  Always looked Presidential

                   2.  Statistical facts to backup topics

                  3.  Presented actual future plans

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals as President

                 5.  Talk firmly about terrorist and Bin Linden

                 6.   Clearly defined past judgments which had been the right call

McCain…   1.  Never looked Presidential

                   2.  Joked and kidded around a bit too much

                  3.  Failed to fully layout or explain any explicit      plans or goals he had as President

                 4.  Kept reminiscing too much and kept conjuring up Reagan’s name far too often

                5.  Failed to adhere to the time restraints per their agreement prior to the debate

               6.  Kept falling back on his record as a war hero

 For the past few days I have been trying to figure out what I felt or thought about the past Presidential debate…debate number 2 between Obama and McCain.  There was something in the back of my mind but I just couldn’t figure it out.  I now have it.

Though I was always sure that Obama had won…I wasn’t quite sure about what I thought about McCain’s performance.  But now I do…it came to me last night. 

McCain never came across as Presidential.   That is what was in the back of my mind.  Sometimes he even looked lost.  While Obama would be talking McCain would be wandering around on the stage…like a little lost child.

While Obama seemed calm and collected…McCain seemed otherwise.

If I thought Palin wasn’t ready to be Vice President…McCain certainly misses the mark as President material. 

Truthfully, the only person I can think of on the Republican side who could have possibly matched Obama would have been Mike Huckabee or possibly a Mit Romney.  But McCain, no…never.  And the proof was in the pudding on Tuesday night.

McCain just doesn’t have that thing.  He just doesn’t have that thing  when you look and hear him that says ‘President quality.’   Nor is his resume that great…because the only thing he can continue to fall back on…is that he was a war vet.  ….and….what?   A maverick…okay….   

But is that enough?

Perhaps during the time that McCain has been sitting in the Senate trying to get into the Oval Office…if he only visited the Walter Reed Hospital a couple times he could have become an advocate for the vets who returned home only to find themselves placed in that horrible dungeon.

McCain talks about Ronald Reagan who before he left the White House was suffering with Alzheimer which left his wife at the wheel handling the business of this country…to nobody’s knowledge (but I guess a few very close insiders). 

Then McCain wants to call out the name of Joe Lieberman (what a looser) as if Lieberman was some kind of marvelous man of merit.  Lieberman who ran as Al Gore’s Vice Presidential pick…didn’t even resign his Senator seat to devote any real time in aiding Gore to win the Presidential Election in 2000.  Not to mention that Lieberman is a Republican in Democratic clothing.  The man needs to vacate the office.  This is the kind of man McCain wants to rave about?

Had Lieberman seriously considered adding anything to his own ticket he would have given up his seat in the Senate and rolled up sleeves and seriously got out there for the Democratic ticket…of which he had said yes to becoming a part of.   What a lack of leadership on the part of McCain for wanting rave over the likes of a Joe Lieberman.

And McCain choice of Sarah Palin was never one of the best qualified…but only the selection of a woman with the hopes to stealing from the Democrats those who whe were disenchanted behind the Hillary Clinton not being on the Democrat ticket.  Had McCain’s selection of a woman really been on the best qualified person…Sarah Palin would have never been casted.  Here again…more lack of good judgment on McCain’s part. 

If McCain has done so poorly in his selections on things now…and he hasn’t even gotten into the White House imagine the damage that such a careless man could cause?

One of the things during the debate…that Obama never voiced…which really goes to speak highly for him…he never once said-

“John as green as you may think I am and as much as you don’t think that I know anything.  How is it that you voted to invade Iraq and I voted against?”

And they both got the same intelligence information…but Obama showed temperance, independence and forethought on the matter.  He was not swayed by the crowd jumping on the Bush bandwagon.

During the course of the debate McCain tried to joke his way through it.  I would hate to think that that kind of man was sitting in the White House thinking he could joke his way into a peace accord between Israel and the Arabs…or trying to head off Putin.

Then again perhaps it is all a joke to McCain…as I have said.  He got to where he is by default.  Some how or other during the Republican Primaries…McCain just sunk in when nobody else was looking.

One other thing about Tuesday night’s debate between Obama and McCain…

I watched the debate on a ABC network channel…at the end of the debate they kept the cameras rolling on the stage.  It seems everyone sitting on the stage had a camera under their seat…and they all wanted a picture with Obama.  But also McCain nearly ran off the stage following the debate…but Obama stayed to shake hands and talk with those people.  Not only Obama but his wife…they both were enaged in conversations with people on that stage…everyday people who wer fortunate enough to know that they were in the presence of the next President of the United States.  That doesn’t happen everyday…and he was taking time with them…taking pictures with them…etc.  Wow, I would have loved to have been one of them.,0,2430722.story

That McCain and his people are desperate is obvious…but desperation won’t put McCain into the White House.

Definitely hope you are registered…this upcoming Presidential Election is so important.  If you are not register get registered today.  And if you plan on being away get you absentee ballot…but don’t miss out the signal most important election of 21st Century.

Well, enjoy your day.  It’s been nice out for the past couple of days.
I haven’t gotten over my friend’s passing yet.  I still cry when I think of her.  But I am happy that she is at peace now.

Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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