Vice Presidential Debate Analysis

October 3, 2008 bsmith101
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 Biden…   1.  Very strong factual information

                   2.  Plenty of statistical facts to backup topics

                  3.  Presented future Obama plans with force and clear understanding 

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals and job as Vice President

                 5.  Talked firmly about terrorist, Bin Linden and foreign Policy

                 6.   Clear understanding of problems facing America, American Policies and the world 

Palin…     1.  Never looked Vice Presidential

                 2.  Joked and kidded around a bit too much

                 3.  Failed to fully layout or explain any explicit plans or goals McCain had for the country

                 4.  Kept off topic a lot

                5.  Responses were rehearsed and quite orchestrated

                6.  Never explained anything fully and failed to use facts or figures to back up much of what she said


PALIN…Finding her legs

I have to admit to being somewhat impressed by Sarah Palin last night during the VP debate.  She did hold her own even though I could tell that much of what she had said had been heavily rehearsed.  But one thing about her…she gave it that old school girl try.  Vastly out of her element…and to a very large degree knowing it as oftentimes even voiced by her during the debate…I have to say I admire her. 

She was giddy and girlish through most of the debate…but you know what?  I’m the same way when I’m nervous. 

She is clearly not ready to become Vice President of the United States but that is not her fault.  The scenario reminded me about one of my earlier blogs, ‘On the taboo subject’… where I wrote about a guy who wanted to be a lesbian.  In the blog I made mention that he…well, she…but really he was nominated to become a board member of Sala Soul Sisters, an all women of color lesbian organization.  He…well, she…but really he was nice and a very good worker.  But there was one problem.  He wasn’t really a woman. 

I always thought it was unfair that one of the Sala Soul Sisters had nominated him for a position which she clearly knew he…well, she…no he couldn’t possibly fill.  When the membership at large of Sala Soul Sisters heard of it they all came racing into a Sala Soul meeting one night and demanded to have an emergency meeting on the matter.  They riled and argued…and finally voted on the matter of whether this person should be allowed on the board of Sala.  Of course, the vote was against him…or her…  But I always felt sorry for him…because he sat through it…that meeting where they talked about him…then voted that no one but a woman born biologically woman could ever sit on the board of Sala Soul Sisters.  And I must say I agreed…but felt that she…well, he never should have  been put through that. 

He never came back to Sala after that…whereas he had not missed a meeting or any events or becoming actively involved in the organization.  It was rather sad…but I felt the Sala Soul Sister who knowing that he was actually a male should never have nominated him in the first place.  And that is kind of the way I feel about Sarah Palin.

McCain having chosen a woman who was not perpared to hit centre stage…and I am talking about becoming Vice President of the United States or possible President of the United States should anything happen to McCain…and I certainly do not mean it meanly either.  She was neither polished, nor really had the credentials for the position that McCain had propelled her into. 

If McCain could have made this kind of a huge mistake what other mistakes might he make if he were to become President of the United States?  That job is one where…mistakes cost us all…and simply cannot be willingly made.   We really can’t afford someone who is not thought out…or believes ‘he’s just being a maverick’…when he is actually just being foolish.

One cannot blame Sarah Palin really for any flumbs or gaffs…McCain is to fault.  Because he put her in place where it is clearly not her time.  Besides, the fact that Palin is a mother of 5 children still at home, with one still very much an infant…really should have gave McCain reason to pause before even considering her.  But it was his own selfishness and blind ambition which lead him to pick someone whom he felt could give his campaign the boast that it so direly needed.  And for a while she did.

But reality is reality…Sarah Palin is not ready.  And I say this coming out of the debates liking her.  Because I can truly admire her for attempting to do it…and not feeling that it was or is impossible.  It speaks to human strenght and depth of character.  So, clearly she is to be applauded…not joked or laughed at.  But then…perhaps it was equally…Palin’s blind ambitions which have also gotten her here. 

I have oftentimes wanted to do something…but knew I needed to learn something or do some other things before I would be ready to execute what it was that I was considering.  I am not one for under-rating yourself…or over-rating yourself.  I don’t like letting myself down or others.  When I have stepped through the door to do something…I have always stepped through it knowing that no one worked as hard as I had…to do what I do.  I guess you can say that I am wired to excell…never to under achieve…and always to give 101 percent.  And you can’t do that unless you have first prepared and worked hard to gather the skills and expertise it takes to fill a job.  Real success on any job or in any field cannot be done with in a few weeks and a crash course.  

As we get nearer and near to November…please keep in mind that your vote does count.  Your participation in this up coming election is curcial.  If we don’t do something to set the country back on course we will all loose…rich or poor…advantaged or disadvantaged…Main Street and Wall Street…from shore to shore.

Definitely hope that you are registerd for this upcoming Presidential Election.  It is so important…and may be the most important election of this century.   

Well, enjoy the rest of your day…and weekend. 
Please be sure to share this blog site with all your family, friend, neighbors…and just everybody. 
           …pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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