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October 15, 2008 bsmith101
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There is one thing about death…it brings about a whole other set of new found problems.

It is bad enough that a parent dies…or some aunt or uncle…but if there is anything to be gained by that passing therein lie the problems.  Before the dying person’s eyes are closed the problems start to show up…and if the self-interests begin before that…then the dying or aging party is in real trouble.  I have seen it happen…and I am going through it myself.

I would have never believed that I would be in the situation in which I now sit.  I have been in and out of court due to family matters.  Some of those times it was me bringing the charges and others it was them.  But let me tell you this…there is nothing more painful than family conflicts.  There is nothing worst than having to be forced to do things such as taking legal actions against a sibling or other family member…when you really don’t want to…but there is in many cases is no other choice but to do so.  This I know because I have been there…and still am.  But if you don’t the repercussions of in-action would be far more devasting…and much sadder when in time you look back to reflect on what you should have…could have…but didn’t.

I turned a blind eye on many things saying to myself-

“Their there and I’m here in New York.”

And I called myself letting them handle it…never dreaming to what depths they were ‘handling’ it.   I know for sure…it destroyed my father.  And I had been no help to him…because I turned a blind eye to it all…even when I saw and witnessed things for myself.  And now…I greatly…greatly regret it now.

But finally when I was forced to go home to face the mess which I had so conveniently shut my eyes to for years…which perhaps in the earlier stages would have cost less, headaches, heartaches and financial dismay had I merely stepped up early on.  But by the time I was forced to deal with it…the evilness had become rooted…and my battles are great.  And have caused me many many tears and many many sleepless nights…and days.

There is no way that I would believe that great consideration has not been taken on what going back and forth into court and having to bring one action after another against their brother Dexter would mean to their family legacy…and the memory of their mother and father, Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr..  But just like myself…Bernice and Martin, the third, either have to do it…or sit back and allow Dexter to destory everything that their mother fought for…along with totally annihilating the memory of their father, Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., who gave his life for a cause in this country…which should never be forgotten. 

These things are very unfortunate…but they happen.

And they begin happening at the saddest moments in most people’s life…while having lost a very dear love one…their parent, be it mother or father…or them both.

These things keep us up at night…and find us constantly in prayer.  But along with prayer action must be taken…the prayer merely aids as a reminder that we serve someone who is greater than money.  But also prayer keeps us from having to go to jail…because that is how deep family matters can get…and many times people do end up in jail behind family disputes and all kinds of other family matters.

The latest set of legal problems facing the siblings of the Dr. King’s family…is that a law suit was again brought against Dexter to keep him from selling his mother memoirs.

At the center of this current feud is $1.4 million book deal that Dexter signed with Penguin books, however, though Dexter may well be the head of his father’s center, the Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Center of Non-Violence, in Atlanta, GA, it is Bernice King who is the head over their mother’s estate.  Yes, here we go again.  So, then why is Dexter seeking to sell something, yet another piece of their family legacy off…and believe me…he is busily trying to sell off as much of the King property, papers, photos etc…as he can. 

 Which all seems to be for guess who?

Yes, for Dexter.  His own personal gain.  Without regard to the King family legacy and what it means to their family…his other siblings…or African Americans at large.  It is all for personal gain. 

Clearly, Dexter sees the works of his mother and father as nothing more than mere assets to be liquidated and sold off to the highest bidders.  All of which are means or his way of getting rich on the backs of his parents memories.   What a shame that that is all he can see his mother and father’s legacy as.

It is sad to think this…that Dr. King would have such a son…a man who gave his life as a sacrifice so unselfishly.   But there is at least one…if not more Dexters…in every family.  Those who want whatever they can get…and he or they want it before the others get a chance to lay a claim or say anything otherwise.

I have seen it in our own affairs.  I know it destoryed my father…who would think that after working all their lives to raise a bunch of selfish and self-serving children…that they would grow up to be selfish and self-serving enough to push you out of your own home…that you worked for…that you bought…that you fought to maintain.   But it happened…and this is when I had to go home…to fight to try to get my father back into his own home.  It is quite sad when you become only a dollar sign to your children…very sad indeed. 

I know about the pain of family matters.  There can be nothing worst…than family disputes.  And they are ususally over money.  And if you say things….that is because certain things equal money.  So, yes…it is always about money…and greed.  And very much about selfishness.

It is sad…but it will be only sadder to sit around and let reckless people destroy everything…which ususally later in life everyone including the trouble-makers will regret.  And if you don’t believe it…just go to some family reunions and listen.

Presidential Election is so important.  If you are not register get registered today.  And if you plan on being away get you absentee ballot…but don’t miss out the signal most important election of 21st Century.

In our town today is the last day to register.  As my son is planning being out of town to go to Memphis…I told him to be sure to put in his absentee ballot.  For days he has forgotten to do it.  So, today after getting out of my class, I went by his job to get him so I could sit in the car downtown while he ran in to take care of his absentee ballot.  But by the time I had gotten there…he had already gone.

This November is going to be soooooo important.  It was worth the walk to his job to ensure that he got his ballot in. 

Not to mention I was talking with a cousin of mine in Philly…and she had been going to senior citizen homes and aiding them with getting their voices heard.  I think that was fabulous.  And I know that those seniors all appreciated it.

Vote.  It was something that many…even right here in America had to fight for.

Well, enjoy your day.  It’s been nice out for the past couple of days.

I haven’t gotten over my friend’s passing yet.  I still cry when I think of her.  But I am happy that she is at peace now.
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