Presidential Debate 3 Analysis… the finale

October 16, 2008 bsmith101
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                      …well, maybe Joe the Plummer


 Obama…   1.  Always looked Presidential

                   2.  Laid out his financial plan well

                  3.  Never wined         

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals as President

                 5.  Clearly defined his position on Supreme Court choices, abortion, importance of Education, reforming Health Insurance, future fuel advances…

                 6.   Clearly defined political objectives as President of the United States

McCain…   1.  Looked a bit more Presidential

                   2.  Never seemed relaxed or in control

                  3.  Was a bit more forthcoming with future  Presidential plans but never went far enough

                 4.  Came off winny at times

                5.  Seemed to be more aggressive but yet would    oftentimes end up on the defensive

                6.  At times got ruffled

Clearly a better debate as both candidates did get an equal chance to clearly define themselves and their future objectives as President of the United StatesThough highly skilled and poised, Obama proved once again that McCain was no match against him.  He was still able to fend off any attacks that McCain attempted to voice against him…and this he did with great eloquence.

Though McCain appeared a bit more Presidential than in the past debates…he still did not have what Obama had.  Obama seemed far more engaging, he was not stiff or erect but leaned toward the moderator in a warmer friender kind of way.   He also talked more directly to the American public but looking into the TV camera often particularly while delivering key points of his plans and also while trying to explain how his plans would work, and how they would effect the various groups.  John McCain failed to do this.   

In fact, John McCain had little full explanation for much of what he was talking about.  He hedged questions such as how he would pick Supreme Court Judges by merely stating that he would not have a litmus them…while not saying anything about their ideologies.   He seemed to purposely want to stay away from fully answering many questions fully.  

Obama did exceedingly well in expressing his stance on abortion and a woman’s right to make her own choice.  But what I liked most of all…was his opinion on teaching restraint and abstinence.  Something I had not heard voiced by any candidate…….ever. 

Again, while Obama seemed calm and collected…McCain seemed otherwise.

When questioned about their choices for Vice President…Obama gave a fair and forthright assessment of his choice of Joe Biden.  But McCain fell short of saying that if anything should happened to him…as to whether or not he was confident that Sarah Palin was President material or would be able to handle the job.   In contrast, Obama clearly stated that Joe Biden could do so and that he felt that Biden would see through all his of plans, as well. 

If anyone was undecided…last night’s Presidential Debate should have certainly brought them closer to making a sound choice.  And the format of both men sitting closer together…and near the moderator allowed for a far greater to really examine both men close up…and it also allowed them to speak more frankly and openly.

I am sure that poor ol’ Joe the plumber probably got more than his share of phone calls this morning and maybe all through the night following the debate.  One network immediately following the debate had already spoken with him…and had recorded their interview.   All this because Barack Obama stopped to talk, shake his hand and gave Joe some of his time…while stumping for votes.  One thing about it…while most candidates merely shake a hand and keep on pushing…Obama all during his campaign did take time to meet and talk with regular everyday people.   And I guess that goes right back to his community organizing roots.
 Hope you are register…yesterday was it for here.  But we all have got to get out and vote come November 2008…and lets put somebody in the White House who will truly work for the people…won’t compromise morality…will speak truth to lies…and do his best to serve both this country and all its people who live within it. 
Your vote counts…remember that this coming November. Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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  • 1. movie fan  |  October 17, 2008 at 7:40 am

    it’s kindof sad that McCain and Palin have lowered people’s standards so far that, when they finally manage to put whole sentences together during their debates suddenly they either “tie” or “are really making strides in their campaign” Between the two of them, they’ve got the pity vote locked away for sure. As for their actual competancy….

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