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October 27, 2008 bsmith101
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I may be a bit old school but one thing I know for sure…when you step up you’ve got to act and talk like you have stepped up.

I understand that Joe Biden is Joe Biden…but he is now in a whole new ball game.  And frankly, what was okay yesterday is not okay today.

He is well on his way to becoming the Vice President of the United States of America…and it is not a position where one’s tongue can be flippant or quick.  Every thought and  utterence must be weighted and considered first.  It really just goes with the turf.  When you sit high you can’t do what other people do…or say what other people say…or how they say it.  

You must always be guarded.

You must measure everything. 

This past gaff on the part of Joseph Biden was not a test of the Obama Presidency…but one of Joe Biden. 

The one thing that Americans and others around the world can be sure of…that is that Barrack Obama is not a careless person.  He is highly measured…and very well so.

The job of President of the United States of America requires such a person…because every group, every cause and every country is looking for some slip up to leap upon.  So, therefore Presidents have to exercise extreme levels of caution…as well as those around them…when they speak. 

This goes for Vice Presidents as well.  Contary to whatever Sarah Palin may or may not have believed…or even John McCain in regards to the importance of the position of Vice President of the United States.  Vice Presidents whether they work on the corporate level or in the White House all have to have a quality of discretion and precaution when they speak.

Joseph Biden has to learn he is now playing in a whole other league now…it’s not high school…and it is certainly not the Senate House of Rep’s either, it will be as Vice President of the United States. 

This is a much higher and bigger league, Joe…with far more at stake and certainly higher stakes.  So, come on and step up to the challenge and cast aside the ol’ Joe Biden…the one with the quick tongue and no forethought.

Don’t mess it up, Joe…by trying to play politics.  You are not a prophet.  Everybody knows it won’t be ‘peaches and cream’…and that trouble is always looming…and it will come.  There is no reason to think otherwise…that is rooted in history. 

That is why we all seek to put the best people in the right places to handle things…who are competent.   It is for this reason that we seek people of high caliber, who have good sense and reasoning skills, as well as the capability to show grace in every possible situation.

We are still praying for the Hudson family….after all that has been done that Jennifer Hudson’s nephew is at least returned home unharm.

Be encouraged and have a beautiful day.

We’ve got one more week to go…and I am looking forward to next Tuesday night.  I plan on sitting up all night and watching as many channels as I can as tears will surely be rolling down my cheeks as Barrack Obama becomes this country’s 44th President.   It is truly time for a change.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

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God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. McCAIN/PALIN 08  |  October 27, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    PALIN IN ’09 (from VP to President!) AND 2012 “legit”

    It’s true that Sarah Palin does have the most executive experience
    of all the candidates in this election. This experience includes
    “spreading the wealth” (see: Alaska’s Windfall Profits Tax),
    “abuse of power” (see: Troopergate), “questionable expenditures”
    (see: Family travel expenses, hair and wardrobe costs).

    But let us not get caught up in the here and now.
    Let us journey through the past darkly:

    From Lil’ Sarah Palin’s 4th Grade portfolio:

    As in “the democratically elected government of…”

    As in The People’s Republic of China
    The People’s Republic of Cuba

    I hope to grow up to: Live in a FREE Alaska and marry Joe Vogel,
    the leader of the Alaskan Independence Party.

  • 2. bsmith101  |  October 27, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    I see some still live in ‘la la land.’

    I don’t want to sound curel but Palin doesn’t have it now and she won’t have what it takes in 2009 either.

    But the Republican Party does have some elite women who definitely have the possibility.

    If I were one of them…I would be…oh, so up-set that McCain decided to chose a beauty queen over a woman who really had to earned her way to the top. …just me

  • 3. H. Sendai  |  October 28, 2008 at 2:38 am


    Well I guess we are entering the final stretch 🙂. As always it will come down to the swing voters, though I have to admit that I have never seen a presidential race loose as much steam in its final moments as this one has. Once again we seem to be choosing between the lesser of two evils and we are simply shooting for everyone to walk away unhappy😦. Regardless of your political affiliation I would simply encourage you to get out and VOTE on November fourth, and show your support for American political institutions.

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