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Giving Thanks….Sarah Palin (hopefully for the last time)

Well, today is the day before Thanksgiving.  And if you are like me, I am sure that you are looking forward to it.  Though I will probably be up all night cooking…I am still looking forward to it.  Even though by u289780121the time we finally sit down to eat…I will be too tired to want to eat much.  I will still enjoy it…and look very much toward Friday…the day after.  And not because the following Friday is a huge shopping day…but because the leftovers always taste better.

I definitely hope that your Thanksgiving will be a joyful one and that you will remember those who may not have all of what you have…or even a portion of it.

Hopefully, if you are a person who feels that there is nothing to be thankful for…but if you have the leisure of reading this then that in of itself is a reason for you to be thankful. 

Many times, I have found that we do not take the time to appreciate what we have.  Falsely, we are oftentimes too busy thinking about what we don’t have or what we think we want, and therefore we forget or minimize the things that we do have.  I have come to learn that this can be a shortcoming and a vast fault in human nature itself.  We all from time to time have been quilty of it.

There was a time that I never loved myself.  Hated the way I looked…my size…my hair…etc…etc…  I never at ls0146311all minded that I was black.  In fact, I have always been thankful to be black…I’ve even always thought that I wanted to be darker.  A thought I had last night when Michael Jackson ran across my mind…not about being darker but…just about being black. 

Imagine if Black folks wanted to be white.  Today that technology does exist.  I believe that Michael believed that he was going to set a trend in that direction.  But it didn’t happen.

For years and years African-Americans, black people had been told that they were too dark.  They were called ‘black this’ and ‘black that.’  They were made to feel that their lips were too big…their noses too flat…their butts too bighair to nappy etc.  All of which modern technology has made possible for those people who criticized and told black people that their characteristics and facial features were just not acceptable…and in many cases just plain downright ugly.  They degraded us not only for those things but also because of our skin color.

Now, these very people…they spend millions upon millions making surgeons richer than rich to get big rb06wo_0721lips, wide hips, big butts, sun tans…and some even braid or have dread their hair…all for the sake of trying to look more like the very people they once  supposedly scorn. 

Though I am sure that they would certainly not say that they were opting to go up under all that surgery for the purpose of trying to get ‘black’ or even…that they have or have had any deep hidden desires to look more like black folks.  Whatever their driving force the things that they claimed to have hated and dispised about black people’s features and everything else…today they don’t mind shelling out plenty of money with the hope of duplicating.

But that trend has not been in the reverse…though as Michael Jackson proves that technology does exists too.  But very few of us have choosen to rush out and change our noses, lighten our skin dangerousera1162or shrink the size of our lips. 

Sorry, Michael…I guess way down deep inside we really didn’t james-brown-photo1buy all that stuff after all.  Which is maybe why James Brown’s hit Say It Loud…I’m Black and I’m Proud” was such a large hit among black folks in the 70s.  And then he hit big with “Sex Machine”…and he had to be talkin’ about us when he wrote that one.

But going back to what I was trying to say in the beginning about myself…I never used to love myself because…well, because I just never thought of myself as being ‘pretty’ or ‘attractive’ and certainly never ‘beautiful.’  And of course…every woman wants to feel these things.  

I have most been amazed when I have run upon people whom I felt were not  attractive…but for stk122300rke1some reason they seemed to have a far greater sense of being then me…thinking of themselves ‘more’ handsome or ‘more’ beautiful than anyone else.  I suspect that these things really are a matter of perspective…and definitely dependent upon who is looking at who.  And of course how you perceive you own self. 

Over time I have truly come to realize that beauty really is skin deep.  And that we all should be very much thankful for what God has given us.  Whether it be family, family members, siblings, car, house, job, even our problems…or our perceived problems. 

No matter the situation…there is always someone who is in atr04003411 worst state of being…who has a worst family (or no family at all)…worst siblings…car that is in worst condition…or house in greater disrepair etc…  Or even those who think that she or he is not as smart as…or as pretty as.  It is all a matter of perception.  If you perceive yourself as being beautiful…then you will be beautiful.  And the same thing goes for being smart.  

It is kind of like that Scarecrow in the moive the ‘Wizard of Oz.’  Just by receiving that piece of paper (that degree) his whole perception of how intelligent and smart he was changed…and he became confident in the knowledge he now felt he possessed.

Everybody is attracted to confident people…who are sure about themselves and are grounded in who they are…and exhibit high standards of personal quality.

So, I guess you could say it is a mind thing.  Today in my mind my view point of myself  is very different from what it had been.  I do love myself.  Today, sometimes when I a reflection of myself…I smile.   I feel I am growing into my looks.  And I am highly confident in myself…in my skills, who I am and certainly about the gifts that God has instilled in me.  I didn’t have that before…and I never felt I was all that good in anything that I did…though I was told the opposite.   And told it often by others…many whom who sought me out to do so.   But I just thought that they were being kind.

I love me now.  I still may not think I am the best looking…but I feel I have a lot more going for myself than mere looks. .and I really really really…really do.

And you know what? 

But this above all I do have…the love of God.  I  am a good person…who will do nothing for money.  And I have never valued money over people.

This is what I think of beauty today…when you want to find real beauty in this world…it can be found in those who have true humility…and those willing to give of themselves for others.  That is real beauty to me. 

Wow…do I wish I had humility…even just a piece of it. 

I have had the pleasure of being in the presence of at least 2 people who possessed true humility…and I have never been the same nor stopped enving them because they possess it and I did not. 

True humility has to be the greatest of all things that any person could possess.  It far exceeds good looks…it is something with resides on the inside.  And there is something very calming and peaceful about it…and those who possess it.

In a few words…  ‘Happiness in this world is what we make it.’  We can either choose to be unhappy, sad or depressed all of the time…part of the time…or none of the time.   But it is a personal choice…and languishing over such things as physical beauty is an absolute waste of time.  As we are in a constant state of evolving…what we looked like 20 years ago is no more and is forever gone.  But personal and mental growth is something which we should all always be in search of.

Be safe this holiday season and enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Always seek to do good over evil…and stay encouraged. 

Now, can I go to Sarah Palin, at least one last time?

It seems to me that the world celebrates mediocrity in ways that it never did before.

On the heels of suffering a lost as Vice President of the United States, Sarah Palin is being hit with a slew of offers from film to television to books.  She is reportedly close to closing a $7 million book deal sarah20palin11about her life.  But the problem that I have always had with Sarah Palin is that she was below the standard.

She was a governor from a very large yet isolated state, not populated by very many people.  She had a 17 year old daughter who was and may at this time still be pregnant, and out of wedlock.  And in my personal opinion, she was a woman who cared less about her family and home life than her own political ambitions and being in the lime light.

I really don’t know many women who when they were pregnant and their amniotic fluids leaking would risk their baby’s life by flying off to conferences or any conventions, as Sarah Palin did.  Knowing that her last child was already going to face challenges it is inconceivable to me how Palin would have risked further Alaska Governor Babydanger upon her then unborn son, Trig.  Who ended up being born at least 2 months early…you can read more on this story as I wrote on the topic in more detail in an earlier blog on Palin….@

Though I have never thought much of Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential pick…I have certainly thought even less of her as a mother.  When you compare just how her children even the baby was dressed when they were paraded out on the world stage..or even the McCain kids for that matter.  There was a Moving to the White Housesharp contrast to them and how the Obama children have looked and been dressed. 

There is something which can be said for parents who pay close attention to not only their own attire but also to that of their children as well.  It shows up…and speaks volumes about those people and the type of  parents that they really are.

My parents were somewhat well off.  My mother stayed in the stores…she loved to shop…but she also was hard working, as well as, my father.  They had 8 children and they worked to ensure that we had everything we needed and most of what we wanted. 

My mother had plenty of bld0573971furs and the best of women’s church apparel.  She was attactive in our church and a big giver in many ways.  

My father equally…he was top shelf too…and always maintained himself very well down to his mustache and the shine of his shoes…and his shoes always shined as he took the time to ensure it before putting them onto his feet.  He didn’t just wipe his shoes…he bluffed them…shoeshine rag and all. 

But my parents never forgot about us…my brothers stayed in the barber’s chair…my father’s.  And we stayed up under bld0441351the comb or curling irons.  Our clothes were always clean crisp…as my mother washed every day.  She also cooked every day and usually mopped the kitchen floor once everyday…besides hold down her own job as a nurse supervisor.  This she did up until the time I became of age and was able to take on certain responsibilities around the house as well.  But when Sundays came or special events that called for us to be presentable…we were and without fail…from head to toe. 

That is the nature of parents who not only care about themselves and how they look…but also take pride in their family as well.  And my parents certainly did.  They took great pride in us…and it showed in their care of us but also in the great amounts of money they spent on us.

aa0068571Enjoy your family…and your friends.  Happy Thanksgiving.

And whatever your plans may you be safe…and please remember those who are less fortunate than you. 

I don’t know about you but we Smith’s have an awful lot to be thankful for.  We truly…truly do.  And I for one certainly thank God for everything…and His many many blessings unto me and my family thoughout all the years.  I hope that you can say the same.

God bless…   Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends, family and…and just everybody.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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Obama picks…. Bush demise… out with old and in with the new…

obama_mashup_270x3411First, people wanted to say the Obama wasn’t qualified enough.  Now, everybody is talking about the people he is bringing on board to help him get this mess straightened out “are old political insiders.”

They really need to decide what they want…either they want experience or they don’t?

Moreover, everybody who has every done anything or worked anywhere knows that ‘changes starts at the top’ and not at the bottom.   In everything in this life there is a hierarchy.

Have you ever worked on a job and a new boss was hired to replace your old boss?

Or a new supervisor had been appointed over you?

Well, if not then you are a very rare bird.  Because practically everyone has experienced this in some shape or form and at one time or another in their life.  When theobama-404_680177c1 old went out and the new came in.   Much like New Year’s…now that I am thinking about it.  Your year today was nothing like your year last year…though all the dates were exactly the same.  The months were in the same place…but some how none of your days were ever the same.  So it is with anything new…the same can even be said for clothes.  Once you’ve worn it one time…it will never feel as crisp or fit quite the same way.

So, it is with new management.  When new management comes in…all the employees can be the exact same but policies change.  What was or is not acceptable changed…what was once tolerated many now not be tolerated.  And what had been allowable may not now be allowable.

It is what new management…new leadership…even ‘new direction’ does.  It brings about a change…and it starts from the person who calls the shots or is instituting the changes…and it triggles downward to those who have to now do as the new boss and/or leader…head…chief…executive etc. says.  

abc_obama_clinton_070615_ms1So, what is all the hoopla about President Obama bringing into his presidency some of the Clinton people?

Haven’t they already been there? 

Done that? 

And have a clue of what now might need to be done?

Many of you said, “Obama lacks experience.”   Now, he gives you experience in terms of his staff you start singing yet another tune.  Every executives seeks out people with experience…people they feel they can put their confidence in. 

So, should Obama be any different?

Obama is no fool.  He is highly thought out and he seeks to bring into his folds only the brightest and best…just as he is…and just as any company management does.  So, don’t let the right wing conservatives who sit on your television screens day in and day out lead you to believe that Obama is not going to hold to his promises of bring a new day to politics in Washington, DC.  His campaign showed us the stuff that Obama is made of, and he will continue to made good decisions…his campaign clearly demonstrated that.

We didn’t vote in a dummy.   Not this time around…and I shouldn’t even say “not this time around”….because I didn’t vote for George Bush either times.  And I was angry when more of this country didn’t stand up and cry foul when he stole his way into the White House in the first place following the 2000 Presidential Election.  That never ever should have been allowed.  But my goodness…why go back to the polls 4 years later and then try to legitize that robbery and that lie by voting Bush officially into office in 2004?

The price this country has had to bare because it is almost unspeakble.  the glaring evidence of it cannot be denied.  And certainly it very sad when you consider the innocent lives lost because of it…due that man deciding non-unitarially to start dropping bombs on Iraq.

If you want to wonder why America is in the state that she is in…look at what Americans allowed to happen in 2000.  And then maybe you might come to realize that no good thing can come from evil…and as the old saying goes-

“A thief never prospers.”

Now, turning my attention to something going on on our campus here in town.  I ran into a student to pointed out that I should go on-line to read some of the comments that some of the white students were making about Barack Obama being elected President of the United States.

First of all…what surprised me was the fact that they were openly discussing Obama being killed.  Then came the comments that ‘Biden really was the president’…because Obama was not going to be around long.  Not to mention the typically racist and bias and bigoted statements that some people have historically made about black people.  Such as calling us ‘apes’, ‘monkeys’…and one even stated that ‘the campus a zoo because it had so many black student’ etc…etc…etc..

Needless to say…this did infuriate me.  And I quickly wrote an email notice myself.  First, I informed them that there are 2 things in the United States which are definitely against the law…and that they could go to prison for.  (1) yelling ‘fire’ in a public place, and (2) threating to kill the President of the United, or being found to be conspiring to kill the President of the United States, and being found trying incite others to kill the President of the United States.

Like it or not Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America.  And I will drop a dime on anybody I overhear talking about killing him in any shape or manner…even in joke or as a passing thought.

And I am serious about it…as well as we all should. 

I intend to do everything I can to protect Barack Obama and his family, including telling a bunch of racist students that before they speak they should consider the law regarding the person of the President of this country.  After having posted that…for the most part the ignorant comments ceased.

Barack Obama is going to live a long time.  He has no fear over his life being taken…and neither does hisobama2bfamily1 family.

The only people seeking to be empowered by such acts or thoughts are those who seek evil…for the sake of evil.  And with the hopes of instilling fear

Not many people remember who killed Abraham Lincoln…but we all remember Abraham Lincoln. 

And as I have already stated in a former blog…I believe that Barrack Obama was predesinated ‘for a time such as this.’  And that is Biblical…and if any of you knows what that means…then you know that Obama’s life is set for him (ordained of God).  And can’t nobody do anything to him or take it from him but God.

28obama-6001Speaking of Obama…the buses are already being reserved for the many thousands who plan on being down in Washington, DC to personally witness the swearing in of Barack Obama as President of the United States on January 20th.  Between Maryland and Virigina there will no hotels anywhere due the mass of people who will be converging in DC on that day.  This will probably be the biggest mass convergence in the world…consider the over 250,000 who gathered in Grant Park on Election Night to hear Obama’s acceptance speech.  Well, double that Barack Obamafigure…maybe even triple it. 

They will be in DC, baby.  And they will be flying in from all of the world as well as from all over the USA for this very special moment in American history.  

Not to mention that DC is probably now going to replace New York City in popularity among tourists coming to this country.  Because everybody is going to want to get a picture of the White House…be hoping for a glimpse at the new First Family…and possibly shake the President’s hand.  And I definitely intend on being one of them.

Well, God bless…have a good weekend. 

It is cold this way though the sun is shining.  I was out earlier this week raking up leaves.  Thank goodness my son came and helped me out.  I didn’t know that raking leaves could be such hard work…and particularly when the wind is blowing.  But it was the first day that the sun had come out and it hadn’t rained.

Think about it…next Thursday is turkey day.  I always look forward to the leftovers.  But it is just amazing how quickly the days are rushing by.  It seems like I just started this week and here I am at Friday.  Everything is whizzing by us.

Whatever your plans may be safe…remember those who are less fortunate.  Even if you have nothing more than simply prayer for them…prayer always goes a very long ways.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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1 in 5 Teen girls wants to be a teen mom… babies having babies

It has been no secret to me…and it should not be to you.bld04090711   I don’t know if this statistic is true or not…but I would hope not.

574487851Nearly one million teens get pregnant each year…this is an absolute outrage.  And what are we all doing about it?

These young girls are receiving all the wrong messages and there is little being said about it.  And forget…about ‘being done about it.’  Bcause that isn’t happening either.

 The teen pact in Massachusetts was a shocker and should have created  far more than just a wake-up call.  It should have had people rolling out of their beds onto the floor and leaping up yelling-

“We’ve got to do something about this.”

But it did not.  It was merely a hot topic for the moment…and then it was gone off the horizon. 

sd1261Did anyone really become outraged about it?

What has since been done?

What heighten interest in this topic has been generated?

How many encounter groups have been formed to sincerely meet this problem head-on?

 How many teen peer groups on the subject of abstinence have been formed?

Where is the concern on this topic?

Teen sexual habits as they are today are highly serious problems.  There is more at stake than a boy and girl getting together sexually.   The problem is bigger than that and no one is really or sincerely looking into this problem. The issues and the impact are huge.

There are health issues involved…all kinds of dieases…many of which are life sd1261long.    But this problem is also going to put millions more on the welfare rows. 

Under age girls becoming mothers does impact us all and it should be all of our concerns.  It is a moral issue…but it is even greater than that.  And this concern is not only to what it will cost the states and eventually the federal government of this country, but there should also be a concern that these young girls are no more than mere kids themselves.  Beyond a point the level of resentment does arise.  And these kids have no knowledge that they are severely limiting their future life goals, expectations and levels of success…and choices in life. 

pe00334881Having a child at a very age is a handicap…grown-up people (adults) learn to rework their schedules around their family (children) needs…but young kids do not have the luxury of doing this. 

While the kids are suppose to be busy going back and forth to school every day…they now have to balance their education with trying to parent babies or very  young children.  This can be a very daunting task for young parentsas babies and/or children take up a lot of time.  It is even a very difficult task for the most grown-up adults to handle.

Children take time…and lots of it.  They also require responsible and reasonable people in the care of them.  Young girls under the age of 12 of even into their 20s or 30s many times are not ready for such a heavy responsibility nor the sacrafices that becoming a mother calls for. 

Instead of chasing behind the gay population and trying to change them, and trying to get them to conform when laws are being created every day to encourage just the opposite…we should try working instead to make an impact in an area where we all have some level of control and a voice and that is among our children.bld0593851

Oftentimes, the argument about education gets down to ‘the home’…well, this argument certainly is a ligitmate argument in this debate…as things in ‘the home’ can lead to effecting change

Whether parents realize it or not…they can regulate their homes, the type of messages that their children are receiving, what is watched and listened to in ther homes…etc…   But it is far more involved than just putting a chip in the cable system to block certain faa0300002951programming.  It means getting your child’s face off myspace, out of facebook and whatever or wherever else it is…or whatever means they use to to make contact and meet people with whom they are enaging in sex…which on the face of it alone even sounds and looks wrong. 

I personally don’t believe that anybody worth meeting is on the internet.  You, if you are an adult, you should not indulged in it…and certainly your children should not.  Yes, the internet has it values and good uses, but it 200519740-0011also has a lot of risk factors…and safety issues when it comes to your children, teens…and even for older people who never learned that….yes, the world can be full of evil people who lie and try to sway you into dangerous places and situations.  Predators are real…and none of you should have to find this out first hand.

But the kids are not alone when it comes to the jg02228491internet.  There are tons of grown up supposedly adult people who are doing the exact same thing.  They have pages on myspace and pictures in facebook etc.  And it is all wrong if you use it like a game of Russian roulette.

There is little wonder why the kids are in the situation that they are in if the adults are setting the examples or…and I hate to say this…or if the adults in their lives are following their examples…the kids examples in meeting people and becoming sexually involved with just anybody and everybody via the internet. Or even outside of meeting them over the internet.

What in the world is this world coming to?

Casual sex???

What is the world is that?

There is too much tied in to sex…just the inter-personal nature of it alone.  Call it what you want…but sex is not casual…it is just too intimate for that. 

It is all wrong.  WRONG….WRONG.

And of course, I know that the kids are hooking up at school too.  Let’s face it now…even I at some point was a kid.  But I never was stupid…and there is just no other way to say that.  Nor was I…or have I ever been common.

200495929-0011There is something seriously wrong when a bunch of young girls are busy thinking more about getting pregnant than they are about the dress they plan of wearing to their class prom…or how they are going to get their mom to give them the money to go to movies next weekend. 

There is something wrong when sex is the only thing on the fore-minds of young kids in school…more so than trying to study for an exam or thinking about their futures. 

They do not care about an exam…or evidently their futures.  No, they do not.  Because if they did they wouldn’t be busy trying to get pregnant…or thinking about getting pregnant.


574488581That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. 

When I was growing up people tried hard to avoid getting pregnant.  But then he standards of the day have been drastically lowered as opposed to those of yester-year.  In fact, there are none…not today.

When did getting pregnant at a very early age become a badge of honor in this country?

And how can these kids be expected to do any better than the people they are watching and trying to emulate present these kinds of things to them day in and day out?

These kids are obsessed with images of the people they consider to be so-called stars.  These so-called stars…they read about them, skim through the web to catch photos of…watch them in the movies or on television…and/or listen tofaa0110000111 on their iPods.  And these people are their role models…whom they desire to emulate in every possible way…down to having babies by this one and by that one over there.  And they never see a marriage ring or a wedding band. 

No commitment

That is the world our many of kids live in…and many adults, as well.  That is why they can search facebook or myspace…and go from one person to the next.   Because they live in a world of ‘no commitment.’   There parents are not committed to them.  There teachers aren’t committed to them.  Their schools aren’t committed to them…the government…society…nothing. 

So, what do you expect…when a stranger over the internet shows them more interest than you do?  

Even if it is for a hot minute.  To them it beats none at all…no matter what they end up having to sacrifice.

Parents have got to invest time in…and quality time with their children. They need us to be concern about them…about their day…what’s going on with them…and the things we can help them with…as well as to encourage them…and, of course, to look out for their well being, as well as, protect them.  There has to be quality time invested in your children’s lives all through their development…even into adulthood…if they allow you. And they will…if they trust you…but that trust is built up over time.   That trust comes with involvement in their lives from the earliest stages of their lives straight throughout their developedment into adulthood.

It is time for America to not just take a serious look at this problem of teen and under age sex…but also to actively work to do something to cuve it.   This tide must be stemmed because of the dire future consequences for America.  

Something has to be done for the young babies which are born to these young girls and boys who are nothing but kjg02235281ids themselves.  This problem poses a real future crisis for this country. 

These young babies need to have a fighting chance at life.  And they can’t do that by being born to people who are not mature enough to parent them properly. 

The cost, to the system upon whom they will soon be imposing, should not become the driving force to make this country face this problem today.

…pass it on…’

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends and family…everybody.  And thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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BAILOUT….the ‘Big 3’…America’s Automobile Companies…Obama & Bush… Gulf War Syndrome

 Gulf War Syndrome

afghan20war1For some time the US government has failed to accept responsibility for having placed US Troops in harms way.  Part of the problem is that this country has boldly and somewhat routinely experimented on unsuspecting US citizens without consideration to them, their quality of life, or the effects such experimentation would have on their families.  And many times this experimentation has been on those serving in our own military…as well as, on some minorities in this country. 

Chemical warfare is real and this country engages in it as much as any other. 

During the Gulf War the US forces released certain chemicals without regard to our own troops.  This waprod_146681s something which occurred also during Vietnam and various other periods in the history of this country.  Very rarely has the US government ever accepted any culpability for these actions.  But finally, after numerous charges and group action suits brought on behalf of the Vietnam Vets against the US government the government finally owned up to having dropped Agent Orange during the Vietnam war which left thousands of American service men and women with all types of health issues and irregularities, e.g. various respiration problems, children with birth defects, increased incidences down syndrome, body rashes etc.

Now, after hundreds of thousands of complaints the Gulf War viets will finally find some relief after their long battle against America’s denial that they too have been injured and are suffering various ailments due our countries non-caring attitude when it comes to her own people…and particular to those serving in uniform trying to protect this country…our own troops.  Who have found that their own country was more deadly to them than those they were sent to fight.  It is called the ‘danger from within.’  The one which they certainly should not have suspected…nor did. 

But while our troops were busy down in the Gulf under the orders of the first George Bush…he had the military dropping a bunch of dirty little bombs filled with all kinds of chemical warfare.  And never whispered a word of it to our own troops…after which thousands upon thousands on this side of the battle became contaminated…and for have been suffering the paining affects of…all to the denial of this country until just recently.

It is sad to say but Sadom Hussein wasn’t the only person who ever hurt his own people.  And for a country who is the only country to have ever dropped an atomic bomb…this country not only has much to apologize for to other countries…but also to those living right here in America as well.

Last week Tuesday was Veterans Day.  Every so often we really do need to stop and consider them and their service to this country.  Without them where would this country be?

WELCOME TO MY HOME….20081110_5e5u4007a-515h1

I had to chuckle when I read the article below. 

It is about body language.  It says that Obama and Bush may not have taken questions from the press but their body language spoke volumes.  You have got to read the article…I think you will enjoy it too. Just CLICK on the LINK below to read it.;_ylt=ApgRill4SpzF1QfaMXlCDbQGw_IE

OBAMA and MCCAIN meeting…

The one thing you have got to say about Barack Obama…and that is that he is no fool.  And he is not afraid to extend a hand and seek…to solicit the aid the help he feels he will need to help him to put this country back on track. 

He is a person who doesn’t think party when he is looking for the best people or when seeking the allies he knows he will need to assist in getting things through Congress and the Senate when he finally takes over the White House.  Even though the Democratics made significant gains in both the Senate and Congress during this past election…I agree with Obama.  It still doesn’t hurt to have friends on both side of the aisles.

It is just unfortunate that more politicians fail to share his perspective.

THE BIG 3…give them what they need.

This whole thing about bailing out the ‘Big 3’….GM, Ford and Chrysler reeks of partisanship if ever I have heard of it.,27753,24668402-31037,00.html,28124,24668402-36418,00.html

When you examine the map of this country you will find that the states whom the failure to bailout the big 3 will impact the most are those states which were ‘red’ and ford-mustang-giugiaro-concept-7-lg1that turned ‘blue’ during this past Presidential Election 2 Thursdays ago.  If you want to talk about sour grapes and cry ‘foul’…now is the time. 

When those Republicans rushed back to Capital Hill to bail out Wall Street a few weeks ago…it was in the hopes of trying to save a sinking ship called the “Republican Party.”   It failed because…well, because John McCain did not win the Presidential race and a lot of their buddies and friends…and even some of them got voted out of office.  Now, as their last official act…that bunch of stub nosed politicians are targeting everyday people…who dared to go to the polls and voted them out.   And really…if the truth be known….they absolutely should have voted them out.

Had it not been for the Republican domination of the US Senate and Congress for fordsuvl1nearly the past 8 years the Bush Administration may not have gotten away with as much…and we just might not be in the dire straights that this country is now in.

But why should that bunch of sour grape Republicans be upset?

They wholly deserved to be voted out of office because they failed to properly execute their positions properly.  Nobody voted them into office to ‘okay’ a bunch of failed Bush policies.  Then as a ‘new day’ came upon the horizon they all realized that they were in deep trouble…as well as they should have been for failure to represent their constituents.  But they were busy serving themselves, vying for higher and higher positions, and seeking ranking offices in their party rather than caring for what their voters had sent them to Capitol Hill to do.

So, Wall Street hit the wall and began to crumble a few weeks ago and they all 289479_140x701went running in to Captiol Hill like a bunch of wild animals pretending that they hadn’t a clue…hadn’t expected it…didn’t know what to do…but knew that ‘no matter what Wall Street had to be bailed out.’   Now, those same nice little gentlemen with their righteous indignation say-

“Why should we bailout General Motors…or Chrysler…or the Ford Automobile Companies?”

289479_280x1401I’ll tell you why…because it has nothing to do with one Corporate executive but everything to do with millions of soon to be displaced and out of work Americans who have depended on those companies to provide them with a living.  They are taxpayershomeowners…and they deserve the same consideration and sense of emergency afforded to Wall Street.

How could we dare to be so jaded that we would dare to turn our backs on the workers upon which this country runs?

The blow to those people living in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio loosing any more jobs will be a shot heard around this country.  This country cannot afford to turn her back on these hard working people. 

gm_headquarters_in_detroit1I will not forget visting Detroit this past summer and seeing first hand every other house boarded up and every other business closed.  It is something that you will really have to see for yourself in order to understand just how extreme this thing was…and I do mean every other.  This was not a fantasy and I was amazed looking out at it street after street…main streets and side streets…all alike.  It is the blurb2001reality that these hard working everyday people live in…many of them having already seen their neighbors loose everything due the downsizing and the shutting down of many automobile factories across this country as well as in Detroit, Indiana and Ohio.

And what industry was the one that has opened up in Detroit?


Even GM has one which bares its logo very largely on the building.

For some reason every state and every politician believes that the cure all for the economy is to give people any kind of job…by the way of casinos.  They look at casinos as the new trend for job creation.  But somebody has to walk into those casinos and take some risk.  And usually it is those faced with what they believe is the last resort to saving their house or business.  Those who should least do it…but feel trapped and that there are no other options for them in oder to hold on to what they already have.

promotion1So, they go into the casino which has opened up while their jobs vanished…and they bet everything.  They bet it all.  And they end up loosing it all.  They gambled it all away.

Sooner rather than later, they found themselves without a job, had gambled away their severance pay…and then have no money left to even try to meet the debt on their homes or businesses which they had gone into the casino with the hopes of trying to save in the first place.  They are now in a worst state than they started in.

In Detroit many of factory jobs are gone…and yet that city has 2 very large brand new casinos…and a third, if you consider the casino across the waters from them in nearby Canada.  I had never been in Detroit before but I was amazed by all the houses that were boarded up and all the boarded up businesses…unbelieveably so.  In fact, between every boarded up house stood a house which wasn’t…and those people represented those who still had a job at GM.  And soon if something isn’t done for the ‘Big 3’ those people too will be out in the cold, and their houses will be boarded up as well…and other businesses will go under along with them.

That group of angry gentlemen Washington, DC…those Republicans seeking to pay back Americans for voting them out of office for their lousy job at co-governing this country and as the supposed ‘check & balances’ of this country.  They sincerely need to step back and take a deep breath to consider the millions of people who will suffer if they fail to vote in favor of bailouting the ‘Big 3.’   And it will hurt and it will reel some dire consequences upon us all if they don’t.

112_0501_z_hybrid_ford_escape_top_view_diagram11But of course, such things really don’t matter to them…they live in other states and will soon be back home fishing or flying off to some remote island to retreat.

I think that there is just too little love of neighbor these days.   No one cares about anyone else anymore.  The populous is beginning to become just like the bunch of selfish and self-serving politicians.  Whom many of us are starting to emulate in every possible way…and look just like them too. 

Recently in one of my history classes we hit upon this subject…of how during the building of the EU (the European Union) many of the opinions about what is wrong or right with the EU are shaped by those in charge of media and in power.  Don’t let these same groups shape you or your opinions of others…or what is or isn’t right.

There was once a time that neighbors looked out for one another.  But those days are ford_f-150_317_1024x7681sadly long gone.  And it really is too bad.

Oh, yes…before I end this blog. 

Let me just say…that the automobile industry started in this country.  It is as American as apple pie.  It is a part of Americana…because other countries have entered the marketplace does not mean that we should forfeit an industry that belongs to country to foreign interests.  This is how we got into the mess we are in today with the foreign oil countries.  We forfeited that industry too.  We found it easier to buy from other countries than to continue to build upon our own reserves and resources.  And look at the state we are in because of it.   

There is no question that the American automobile companies should be bailed out.  There is no question that the automobile industry in this country would be suffering…who is buying anything these days?bilde1

Who can afford to?

We are all suffering from this current climate of failed economic management.  But is that any reason to desert our own people and an industry which this country single handedly created.

If the airlines and Wall Street have been bailed out…the auto industry certainly should be too.  To thousands from New Jersey and thousands in other states around this country upon whom there will be a great impact in lost of jobs, there can be no other answer.  But ‘bailout.’ 

Not to mention the lost that every US citizen themselves will suffer.  Heaven forbid that every American citizen should have to turn to foreign imports only as possible vihicle purchases whenever we decide we want to buy a car or SUV.  And that the only selection we will have is a foreign vehicle.  If this happens…this country will really be in big trouble.

For an industry which has done over $70 billion worth of business in this country, with millions of car owners on the roadway today who all would stand to loose big, not even including the police departments and large companies who are invested in U.S. autos…if these companies were forced out of business by not being able to service, get parts or have any recourse when problems arose with their vehicles imagine the problems.  This would be a very great problem for tons of us.  And it is certainly something to be considered.


Well, have a beautiful day…and thank you, as always, for reading.

Obama GrandmotherIn memorial of Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham…I take this time to thank her for c0003711all of her dedication and love that she showed to our President.  And the aid that she gave him in becoming the person whom he is.  We applaud you and celebrate you…along with Rosa Parks, Shirley Chisholm, Fanny Lou Hamer,fannie_hamer1 Harriette Tubman, Mary McLeod Bethune and aa_tubman_subj_e1beth-mar1parks_bus_logo1many numerous other women for whom we owe much…and upon who’s shoulders we certainly now stand. 

Thank you Lord God for them.

 God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, in 1979 gets a hug during his high school graduation in Hawaii from his maternal grandparents, Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Payne, both natives of Kansas.

Loving You – Minnie Ripperton,0,2249369.story

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Michelle Obama dispelling the myth about Black Women… Venus Williams wins again

It is like a breath of fresh air to have a black woman who totally and so completely despells that myth that many black women have taken such a bad rap for…and has been highly heighten by black music and rap videos.  You know the ones…like being cheaploose…trampy…brainless and easy…etc…etc….

At last a black woman who not only has grace and poise but a brain to go with it.  Somebody who is not flashing her flesh…but yet is sexy in a quiet and enticing way…not understated…or yet overstated.  But stated.  And this is not to miminize my sisters who truly have it…well, going on…some pastors…some evangelists…some business owners…some lawyers…some doctors….etc…and some just moms.  But they got it going on.

Not trying to play like someone else.  Content in who she is…in her blackness…in her feminity…in her michelle_obama_2008-10-22_28129_cropped1womanhood…life…motherhood…and as a wife…daughter…and auntie…

And not only having brains…but powerconfidence…and humility.  What awesome michelle_obama_oversaw_contentious_program1combinations!

There is little wonder that President Elect Barack Obama refused to accept “no” while trying to continuously seeking her to date him.  Sometimes a little opposition can go a long ways.  It may have been just the thing he needed to help have the determination to make it all the way into the White House as the President of the United States this past Presidential Election period.

Having pursued her undergraduate studies at Princeton, in 1985 for her thesis topic she chose “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.”  Within the pages of her thesis, Michelle wrote that her experiences at Princeton University had made her more aware of her blackness than ever before.  Princeton being an Ivy League university 190_princeton1located in Princeton, New Jersey, was a far cry from being in the large urban hub of Southside Chicago from where she came.  At the time there was no Toni Morrison there or a Dr. Cornel West on its campus back then…nor much by way of African-American studies which the school has since expanded, which may have a lot to do with a former student who minored in the subject there.

Michelle Obama graduated cum-laude from Princeton University in 1985 3a1with a major in sociology and a minor in African-American studies.  In 1988, Michelle Obama received her doctorate degree in law from the Harvard Law School.

She met Barack Obama when he came to work as a summer associate at the Chicago law firm for which she was working for at the time.  She was assigned to mentor him through that period at the company.  10obama6-6001

Obviously self-confidence was not something which Barack Obama has ever lacked.  He liked her…but she…well, she just was not interested.   She believed that co-workers should not be fraternizing while working on a job together and so…she maintained that code while Barrack never gave up trying.  He invited her to a community organization meeting and impressed her so much by his work, oration and commitment to what he was doing that slowly he began to win her over.  The rest is history…

But it is clear to say that Michelle Obama is not only a good role model for any young girl…young lady…and/or woman out there…everywhere, but an excellent one.  With Barack Obama’s good looks it is hard to believe anybody could have ever told him ‘no.’   But Michelle Obama did and continuously several times.  If nothing else…this may prove to many that saying ‘no’ might not be such a bad thing to practice.  Look what it can get you. 

Obama didn’t just look over at Michelle and flash that winning smile at 10bush-obama_lg1her…and she went weak in the knees.  No, that didn’t happen.  Barack Obama had to win her affection…her love…her admiration…and her respect.  After a while he finally got her attention.  It didn’t happen the moment she laid her eyes on him.  She wasn’t looking for someone to just throw her down and leap upon her.  In fact…she wasn’t looking.

But Obama found her. 

She was sitting in an office fulfilling the capacities of her job when he r1stepped into her life.  She viewed it as a professional arrangement.   As something her company had put together and asked her to fulfill by being his mentor.

It is perhaps that arrangement which laid the foundation for their future life together…where she can say things to him such as she did following her introduction of him at the 2004 Democratic Primary Convention…when she said to him as she passed him while she was walking off stage, “Now, don’t blow it.”

20080826dems_obama2_5001That foundation having been laid from the time they first met positioned Michelle Obama to be Barack Obama’s closest…dearest…most truthful confidant whom he knows will always lovingly be balantly truthful no matter how much it hurts while at the same time bringing him much joy, happiness and pride in his life.  These are combinations which cannot be beat. 

Born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson on January 17, 1964, there is no way that her parents, Fraser Robinson and Marian Shields Robinson, would have known that their daughter was destine to make260xstory1 history.  And that history would include her marrying the first African-246-20080630-michelle-obamalargeprod_affiliate911American man to become President of the United States, in the form of Barack Obama…or that their daughter would ever become the First Lady of the United States of America.

At 5’11” Michelle Obama is capable of making any fashion statement she chooses.  But if being a fashion statement is what media thinks is the only thing that Michelle Obama is all about…they better back up and think twice.  She is no Jackie ‘O’ but may go down in history as be as beloved, admired and respected… if not more so.   Jackie didn’t Democratic Conventioncome complete with 2 degrees from 2 very prestigious schools, Princeton and Harvard…or hold a doctorate in law…or work as a lawyer.  No, Michelle Obama will be more than just a beautiful woman on the arm of a very handsome President.  And look for her to make more than just fashion statements…though she says she is really looking forward to being just ‘First Mom.’ 

At a time when many African-American college students neglect African-American studies as part of their coor-electives or even as a major or minor…Michelle Obama’s story may prove to be an incentive in increasing the enrollment in those classes by all students…and that would be a very 260xstory11great thing.

Well, she ain’t no hip-hop mama shaking her booty in some rap video.  Oh, no…no…  Or some hotty stepping up out of a pool dripping michelle-obama-ebony1wet…while a bunch of male singers gang around her and start simulating sexual acts.   No…no…she’s too wholesome, too clean cut, too mature and too hip for that…and she sho’ nuff got more than that going on.  She’s got brains plus body…but prefers to display if anything…her brains.  And she has a whole lot more of self-respect for herself than to want rub up and down on some stripper’s pole.

She is a Mack truck coming down the freeway…andmichelle-obama-dress-300x4001 it’s all brain power…and natural inner and outer beauty, baby.

And what a mother…and wife.

Barack Obama could not have made a better choice.  

Every man owes it to himself to find a Michelle Obama…and nothing less.

And every woman owes it to herself to allow a Barack Obama to find her, respect her…and then to become the head of their family.

Welcome into our world, Mrs. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America!

And oh, yeah…First Mom.,0,256879.story&h=350&w=500&sz=32&hl=en&start=6&um=1&usg=__UqgOxMaWRjb6gwDZLuBN9OEMLok=&tbnid=cDLIzaYShrWZSM:&tbnh=91&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dpicture%2Bof%2Bmichelle%2Bobama%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den

VENUS WILLIAMS…still tearing up  the courts….

Photo Topping off her already superb year having won Wimbledon again, the US Open and gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this year, with her Doubles partner and sister, Serena Williams, who has also had a very outstanding year.  Which I am sure gives the entire Williams family much to cheer…smile and to be proud about…including the fact that these 2 young ladies are very great role models for young women…and young boys and men everywhere. 

They are the stuff that champions are made of…determination and lots of hard work…and forever perfecting their craft and sharpening those skills.  Both, Venus and Serena…are athletic mechines…capable to chasing down the most far reaching balls and slamming them back with razor sharp precision.

It was hard work but Venus pulled it out…winning her final tournament for this year…giving her…her 39th title_45189498_final3_getty_3001_45189497_final_getty_4161.  She won 6-7, 6-0, 6-2 thus giving her…her first win over Russia’s Vera Zonareva.  The tournament in Doha, Qatar this past Sunday featured the top 8 players in the world of which Serena was also one.

Hope you are having a wonderful day…today is suppose to be a holiday…Veteran’s Day here…but since myveterans_bench_dedication098a_web1 school is private we had class.  But to any of you who are veterans…happy Veteran’s Day and thank you for your service.   

I’m due in Boston tomorrow as I am considering DIV school…that is Divinity School.  I’m viewing the campus of Harvard and sitting in on sessions…should be interesting.   Then I am also thinking about the possibility of Howard University’s Divinity School too.

Well, God bless…

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The King Family Matters…continues 4

I have gone into court on many occasions and felt that I should have won image_77460231where a Judge decided against me.  In life there are many battles.  Though we have to pick and choose our battles…as it is not possible to fight everything all of the time.  And when fighting them…we always have to be prepared to loose.

Loosing is as much a part of the process as anything else.  There are times in life when we loose and there will times in life when we win.  It is a fact.  And if you are in sales…they will tell you that ‘it is the law of averages’…meaning sooner or later either is bound to happen.

Bernice and Martin L. King III were recently in court with their brother Dexter who sued them to have their mother’s letters released to him.  As he claimed his mother’s letters are part of his father’s estate.  Since he negoiated a book deal for $1.4 million for his mother’s memoirs it stands to reason as to why he would want those letters to be in his possession.

At this particular hearing the Judge sided with little Dexter.

One of the best things the court has incorporated in it…is the appeal sept04lebx27x11process.  It is not often used as it can be a much harder battle…just preparing the proper paperwork and submitting it as the court requests it to be formatted can be overwhelming in of itself.  But the state Court of Appeals are a near final step…you can always go back into court and ask the Judge to reconsider his discision by setting it aside.  Which many times though you may get a court date, some Judges just won’t change their minds…not unless you really come up with some evidence which can really sway them to the other side…and that is provided that the Judge is willing to listen to it in the first place.  Some Judges can be very difficult and quite hardnose. 

Then, if you are still not satified because the Judge failed to change his mind, you may inform the court that you are going to appeal…and BAM!  You submit the court with your Notice of Appeal.  And you are on your way to the state court to appeal that decision, verdict or whatever the argument or contested matter is of that case.

Now, little Dexter has been busily selling off as much of the King estate as he king_family-dexter_bernice_marty-iii_295x2062can while lavashing himself with million dollar property in CaliforniaLA to be exact, as he desires to enter into the movie business ad plans on relocating.  Well, he has pretty much actually done that…moved from Atlanta for the sandy beaches of LA.  And also for the stage lights of the Hollywood sets…well, this not quite.  What he doesn’t understand about the movie business…is that he looks too much like his father to make it in Hollywood.  The only person he could possibly play would be his father…and I do understand the magic of make-up and all of that…and there are not enough movies being made about Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. to bring his son’s dream into reality. 

The point I am making regarding casting of movies….Martin L. King’s face is 040727_denzel_washington_vmedwidec1known around the world.  No one would belive or accept a character who looked like Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. as any one else outside of being Dr. Martin L. King, Jr..  In order for it to work his son would have to be able to beat Densel acting, denzel_washington_011where he could assume a role and make  that role, or character come  so alive in a way that in the viewing of the movie the audience didn’t see Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  but whatever character Denzel…I mean Dexter was   playing.  And that is not an easy task. 

So, Dexter will never make it in LA as an actor…and you can tell him…I said it.  If it were possible Yolanda King who studied drama and was an actor would have been able to find success in the business.  But even as woman…she looked very much like her father.  In a business where people suspend reality…it is fathersday-gallery-002-martin-luther-kingjr-children11hard to do that when you are looking into the face of Civil Rights icon and trying to imagine or see him as anything else but that Civil Rights icon…and that is exactly what Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. was, and still is…a Civil Rights icon.

The current letters which the court gave Dexter access to are letters written to their mother from their father during the Civil Rights Movement.

Because Rev. Bernice King is supposedly legally over their mother’s estate, it is interesting to me that the Judge would have awarded Dexter with that decision.  And Dexter is in control of the Martin L. King, Jr. Center for Non-Violence and his father’s estate.

You have got to have the right lawyer or lawyers.  And I am going to tell martin_luther_king_jr_and_lyndon_johnson1you something that lawyers hate.  Sometimes you have to kick the lawyers to the curb and better go in fighting for yourself…if you have the skill and ability to do it. 

Who better to represent you…than you? 

But without the proper verbal skills or confidence…and the ability to restrain your emotions…you better not try it.  At times in court I have been good…but during family matters I many times  just break.  Family stuff hurts.

I don’t think that I am all that confident…and believe me when you start standing in front of the Judge having to defend yourself it is even worst.  They have terms…legal terms that will fly right over your head.  And I should know…because a few of them have flown over mine.

There were times when I wish I had done or said that…at the time it came to me but I didn’t do it.  Later afterwards…I could have kicked myself time and time again for not having done so…because it cost me the case.  Or I wished I had been smarter.

The first case I ever won was a case I took into Small Claims Court.  I had bought a car.  The ad read ‘great running condition’ etc…etc…  And when I tested the car it ran beautifully.  But the next day when I went back to pick it up and give them my money…the car never ran properly.  I have no idea what it was…or what they did to it…but I ended up buying a beautiful looking vehicle…but mechanically it was not the vehicle I had tested. 

judge-judy-400ds062012I quickly found the newspaper ad and file my complaint in Small Claims.  Small Claims Court is very much like Judge Judy’s show presents it to be.  You stand up there and tell your side, show what you have to back it up…then the other side talks…and after a while the Judge ususally says you’ll receive your decision in the mail…whereas on TV…Judge Judy renders a decision during the show.

So, I presented my complaint before the Judge and I got my decision in the mail.  And guess what?

The Judge was very nice to me.  I had won.  But I not only won my money back…but the Judge let me keep the car too.  And those people who had sold me the car they paid me all of my money back sending me weekly amounts until I had totally received it all back.  And I 196620pontiac20bonneville20convertible-7461571got the car fixed.  It was a beautiful Bonneville convertible, 1968.  I could not get out of the car without finding notes on from people interested in buying it from.  But this ended being a very expense lesson for the people who sold me that car.

Judges as a rule are not that overwhelmingly kind or generous.  So, for a very long time I walked around thinking how I was so smart because I had won…and won like that.  But now I have come to realize…that I am not that smart at all…but just exceedingly blessed.  I have a very dear and good friend who sits high and looks low…and sees and knows everything.

I never won that case.  God did…He won it for me.  And many times you go into court…you should really consider Him.  I have had many different outcomes in court…but each one whether I have won them or lost them…I Columbia Paramilitariesknew that God did it.  If I didn’t win, I knew that there was something in that case that God desired to show me…or have me consider.

I almost always take everything as a learning experience.  I may not always like the outcome of the set of events…but the lessons behind them have lead me not to do somethings again…or seek to do somethings a lot better.  And each time I have always found that they were setting me up for the case…which oftentimes were bigger and more important…like our Appellate case in Carolina now.

The lawyers have a this saying, “Only a fool is his own lawyer.” 

And unless you are a very quick learner and can adapt quickly…and also…this is a very important point…have the ability to speak up for yourself…and can be quiet while the Judge is talking or listening…unless you can do these things think twice of going into court ‘pro-se’…which means representing yourself.  You have to be concise, to the point and extremely well thought out…and certainly able to prove your case for real evidence…whether a paper trail or bills or some type of contract etc…  You must be able to prove your case.  And need to definitely pick your fights.

And if it is a case that you get to make a decision as to whether the jury decides or the Judge…go jury.  Twelve or 6 people give you a better chance at winning.

Recently, I had a case thrown out of court.  I brought it against a local doctor and hospital here.  I knew the probability of my winning the case was low…but I just could not let it go.  For what that doctor did to me…he definitely deserved to be sued.  And though I knew I was entering into a veryjudgegoodman1 steep up-hill battle…I decided to file my complaint any how.  Which is what I did…because the way I figured it out even if I lost…and here is another point. 

You have to really be careful at bringing a case that you might loose because the other side will turn around and levy all their court fees, lawyer fees and everything else they can against you.  And you could end up having to pay a lot more than what you thought. 

But I decided to go forward with my case against that doctor.  The case never got very far because to get specialist and all of that costs money…but I knew one thing.  I knew that all legal cases become public record…and that is what I sought to do.  I knew I couldn’t probably win one way…but I got him the other way.  My complaint against him was and is public record.  Now, any lawyers seeking to bring a case against him and are looking for amunition against for another complaint…well, they will come upon my case and be able to read in full detail why I bought that law suit.  That is why I did it.

We are hoping that everything works out well for the King Family with regard to their current battles.  It is very difficult dealing with family matters.  And not all times does the right or the truthful party win.  But one thing is for sure God will work it out for your good.

God bless…and be encouraged all.

Talking about God.  If you read my blog on my parent’s furnace almost exploding.  Yes, I am suppose to be in cold…as the furnace is gone.  But God gave my parents the wisdom not to have the heat and hot water tied into one.   The hot water tank is separate…which mean I still have hot water.  So, if I have to go through the winter without the furnace…I can.  Because I still have electricity and I still have the stove. 

So, God is soo soo good.  And I cannot thank Him enough.

…pass it on…’

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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DONE DEAL… Obama, baby …all the way.. all hale the President of the United States of America

 081104-obama-family-hmed-915prp420x4001Some didn’t think it could or would ever happen. 

Some had never dreamed of it…and0bb67ac4-9b4c-4312-8a89-1b925c855509rp600x3501 particularly ‘not in their lifetime.’ 

But last night’s returns brought an end to all of that.  Hope is very much alive….and as they say in England, “Long live the Queen.” 

We now can say, “Long live the king!”

And king he is…in every possible way. 

  • King in campaign funds raised
  • King in how his campaign was run. 
  • King in getting the youth vote out
  • King in out-performing his opponent
  • King in the ability to articulate his message
  • King in securing the votes needed to put him over the top. thankyou_banner1
  • King in his ability to bring people together
  • King in rallying up his forces
  • King in being able to maintain his cool under the microscope. 
  • King in turning some key Red States into Blue States
  • King in being able to secure confidence in people that he could do it. 
  • King in capturing the attention of the world
  • King in making the America and world feel that America can once again regain the respect and leadership role she once held among other nations. 
  • And king in his willingness to accept that it is not going to be easy but that he had the personality, the skills, the attitude and confidence to get the job done in order to re-establish America…rebuilt her…and secure her.

It’s Obama, baby.

Could this miracle in America have happened without the aid and support of everyday people like you and me…it is very unlikely.  Barrack Obama expressed it well last night when he said, “When I got started, I wasn’t the a51c2d92-e22a-4b96-a75a-20392c485db1rp420x4001most likely candidate.”

But people like you and me who believe that America can do anything…and that she is worth the effort of going out and seeking to make her the best that she can be.  Many times it does mean that we have to come together and overlook our differences so that we might seek good over evil.  Because at the end of the day…we all care about the exact same things…our children and the future direction of this country.

I am elated at the choice we made last night.  It was the right choice and it 081105-longline-hmed-430arp420x4001was a good choice.  And when I woke up this morning after staying up most of the night waiting on the returns from California and the other West Coast states…I woke up feeling relieved and excited about America 70157a46-7083-47f1-8198-807e05b43fefrp600x3501and about the new course she will now be on.  A course of healing and reconciling…mending and re-befriending. 

I woke up proud and 96d735a6-fcf9-4e2c-bc42-aa4f476700ccrp600x35011looking forward to the times to come for the United States of America, under President Barrack Obama.  I know I will not be disappointed. 

Once again America can hold her head up high as we are at last finally about to come from under the dark cloud of the Bush Administration. 

vlcsnap-69179881As you watched and listened to President Obama last night delivering his acceptance speech…you saw in his body language, demeaner and facial expressions that he realized the difficulty of the job that was now ahead.  It won’t be easy.  But for some reason I sense that Barrack Obama would have it no other way.  The challenge is one he recognized from the onset.  And yet…he decided to take it.  I feel assured that he is going to pull America through these times of hardship like Roosevelt did in the 40’s.

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. PresidentOne can sense that Obama seeks neither fame nor glory…but that he saw a need and felt that there needed to be someone in the right place to faciliate that need.  And that person should be him…because he genuinely cared about the direction of America.  Not only for himself…but for his children…and also for us all. 

America has been hurting for 8 long years…and now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  A new day has arrived…and it is a done deal.  Barrack Obama is now President of the United States of America.

Yesterday, while casting my ballot for President Elect Barrack Obama, I signed at the botton of my ballot that I was casting my vote in the name of my mother and father, my grandmother and great grandmother.  I only wished they had been here to bare witness to this profound time in American History.  Never in my lifetime had I ever conceived such a thing.
When I got this morning and got going, I felt a little bit taller, and pounds lighter…and there was some definite glide in my stride.
  1. Highest amount of money ever raised for any cadidate during any election in American  history ( over $700 millions raised by the Obama Campiagn)
  2. Highest voter turnout in over 40 years for a Presidential Election 
  3. Race proved not a factor…more white men, white women and Hispanic voted for Obama than for John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential Election between Kerry and George Bush…as well as those from various other racial groups in America
  4. Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, North Carolina all turned to Blue States for the first time since 1968, voting  for a Democratic President, Barrack Obama.  
  5. The highest number of college students participating in an American election ever  
  6. Over 95% of the African American vote…over 66% of the Hispanic vote…over 52% of women’s vote…over 42% white male vote;_ylt=AiCmcXDvewCgxMHrv0vp2Yi_.nQA

7be8fc08-3ea3-475f-98f1-028501ec8b62rp420x4001Lines and lines of Americans showed up at voting locations all over the United States proving that their votes really did matter…and what true Democracy is all about.7d1b74db-cde7-4ec8-91f7-b8d077aba062rp600x3501

33c63ff7-9b96-461c-b95f-442dc3ca8645rp600x3501Thank you all for your participation.  God save America!  And bless our new President and his family.

The tears last night in Oprah Winfrey’s eyes and Jessie Jackson’s Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is joined by special guest Oprah Winfrey and his wife Michelle Obama during a rally held at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 9, 2007 in New York Cityeyes spoke volumes.  If you really want to know what this monumental moment in history really means to and for so many  people…then those tears told you the story.  Oprah and Jessie were not the only ones crying.  There were hundred of thousands of others…including me…crying.  There were those who remembered when the only time a black man stood in the middle of a square before crowds of jackson_obama11people in this country…he was standing on the auction block wating to be sold off into slavery.  

They also were crying because they 71296-004-0b8cb4971remember the fire hoses and the police dogs which had been unleased upon black people to keep them from marching to demand a right to vote in this country.  A right to enter a department store and civilrightsblog1to be able to walk up the lunch counter and order something to eat without being spat upon then beat and chased out of the store. 

ebbccc31-a6fd-40f8-add0-21daa9e4ff67rp420x40011Yeah, they cried because they remembered black churches being bombed and little black girls being killed…they remember the lyching, the tar andfrederickchurcheshomeimage1 feathering…and they remember the

days that John, Martin and Bobby were killed.  And now God has bless them and us all to see this day.

I am so happy for this day.

What a moment in our history.was2020625rp420x4001

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

God bless    ‘…pass it on…’  11e072cd-2572-4e7d-9fbb-74ba3856ba10rp600x3501  God bless…and thanks again for reading ©2008

art106yovotercnn1Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper the 106 year old black woman that Obama spoke about in his Acceptance Speech. (CLICK LINK just above to read the full story)

God bless…us all.

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Let the games begin… THE ELECTIONS 2008

There is no doubt that the Republican Party has a real problem.  That problem really became evident during the fight that ensued following the Presidential Elections 2000.  Their problem is…they don’t know how to play fair.

The Republican Party is full of a bunch of cheats who don’t mind using a series of underhanded tricks to get their candidates in office.  And their games are just beginning.

There is no doubt that tomorrow will be mared with lots of little maneuvers devised to keep certain voters from showing up at polling locations around America, and/or to give them a hard and fustrating time tomorrow at the polls. 

During the 2004 Elections between George Bush and John Kerry, in Ohio it was broken balloting booths which kept vast numbers of black voters standing in the rain for hours trying to wait on their turn to cast their vote.  Only to find that when they finally got inside the women were asked to leave their pocketbooks outside. 

What kind of nonsense was that? 

Yesterday while watching the political spin pundits on the various Sunday programs…it was stated that letters had gone out in various states informing people that the election was not going to be held on Tuesday, tomorrow…but on Wednesday instead.

Now, in Philly the black community is being hit with flyers telling them they will be arrested at the polling locations for having an unpaid parking ticket.

When I have gone to vote a couple of times…I have been told that I couldn’t because my name was not on the list.  Only to find out later that my name had been removed for a censuses form that was not returned.

These are the games they play.  And they are devised to created as many hangups, confusion and as much fustration to certain voters as they can…in order to have them turn around and leave without casting their vote.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who would be trying to keep the number of voters low on tomorrow.  I’ll give you one guess. 

Okay, then let me say it like this. 

Who would reap the most from such underhanded political pranks?

One thing is for such it is not the Obama campaign.

Yes, it is those underhanded, lying, cheating and cakniving thieves…known as the Republican Party.

Do yourself a favor and just drop by your voter registration office today and ensure that all your information is up to date.  It just may save you the headache of having to deal with some unexpected problems tomorrow.

It’s not fair…but sometimes you just got to learn how to out smart the crooks.

I’ll be looking for you tomorrow at the polling places from state to state.

…pass it on…’

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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Disappearing President…George W. Bush… hard act to follow… OBAMA!

Ever since George Bush and the rest of the Republican Party forced their way into the White House by having virtually rigged the 2000 Presidential Election everyone in this country should have realized that we were going to be in for a rude awakening…and a long bumpy ride.

The most you can say about Bill Clinton was that he did his best to keep them out for as long as he could…but those rebellious little Republicans were on a roll and they were not going to let a little thing like Bill Clinton blocking the front door to the White House in order to wait on a final count of the Florida ballots and a Superior Court decision on the matter keep them out of the White House.  Oh, no….

For a man who stole his way into the White House in 2000 and then sat in the Oval Office doing everything a single person could possibly do to sabotage this country there is little wonder today why the Republican Party has ended up in the state it has finally fell to.  And has well deserved to.

Somewhere while growing up…or maybe while sitting in church, I heard it said several times, “That a thief cannot prosper.”

With Presidential Performance ratings the closest in history of any President of the United States, it would be safe to say that neither George W. Bush nor this country has prospered in the past 8 years.  In fact, since Bush went into the White House a millionaire, having to be able the reaped the benefit of coming from a wealthy oil family…and then not to mention his $400,000 annual salary per year as President of the United States, a rate that went up, doubled in fact, upon his entering into the White House over Bill Clinton’s measly $200,000.  The salary $200,000 was that of every U.S. President since 1969.

It is safe to say that Bush probably won’t be starving upon his departure from the White House this year, as he also receives a pension of over $100,000 per year.  But we cannot say the same about millions and millions of Americans whom his policies have financially devastated, personally injured and yes…many have died…all because of him. 

Under the Bush Administration foreclosure swept this country like wildfire, banks crashed, financial institutions had to be bailed out and government spending went through the roof putting this country into receivership. Instead of being the country that lent money to other countries, we became the country that started begging for money from other countries. 

We are now billions upon billions of dollars indebt to countries which used to seek out aid from us.  And some of those countries are Communists countries…like China for one.  Not to mention the overall financial disasters…diving stock markets, raging gas prices, high food and other consumer costs…that one would not have to argue were the direct ’cause and effect’ of 8 years of the Bush Administration’s poor ability to run this country properly.

There is little wonder that Bush was so invisible at the Republican Nomination Convention this past August.  And he has been the invisible man throughout the entire McCain campaign.

There had been a time in history when  had been considered the worst President in American History.  Now, Truman a man whom many thought was probably his own worst enemy…well, he can now rest in peace.  He has been topped by George W. Bush…who never got around to dropping an atomic bomb…perhaps it wasn’t for a lack of trying. 

Neither Harry Truman or Bush were good on economy, both were hawkish in their attitudes and an inability to manage the economy well.  But also there seemed to be a careless nature about them.  This is a character flaw that a President of any country simply cannot have.  It is just too costly.  And costly it was back in Truman’s time and has been now on us all.

It has in fact been so costly that even the Republican Party has spent much of this election season trying to distant itself from the shadow of a George W. Bush.  He has been the invisible man…the Invisible President.

With a disapproval rating of more than 70% would you have him out campaigning for you?

Or would want to be caught shaking his hand if you were trying to maintain your seat in Congress, the Senate or the House of Representatives?

I don’t think so.

But let this be a lesson for those of you who believe you can get it by cheating or stealing your way there…wherever your “there” is.

“A thief never prospers.”

The unfortunate part…is neither did we who allowed George Bush to rob his way into the White House in the first place…and then to be voted in the second place.  As sad as it may be…we are all paying for it now.

Lets get out and vote CHANGE on Tuesday.  And let put a legitimate candidate into the White House…not someone who is heir apparent.  But the best possible choice for this country and all that she means to each and every one of us.  And all that she means for us and for our children, nieces, nephews etc…and for years to come.

There have been one too many black spots on this nation’s history.  Now, is the time to put this country on a new course and to seek to undo some of the harm that the Bush Administration has caused in this country and throughout all the world.

I’ll be looking for you at the polling places from state to state.

…pass it on…’

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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Obama’s half hour…

Maybe you’ve been like me and do not have enough time to watch television.  Due to my classes and other things I rarely watch TV any more. 

So, I therefore never knew when Obama’s program was going to be broadcasted. But  today I decided to Google for the date only to find out that it had all ready aired.  

Well, if you were just  like me and missed it…here it is.  Just CLICK on the LINK below.

I don’t know if I think infomercials work.  But if it gives you a chance for people to better understand who you are…and what you are concerned with as it lines up with the concerns of others…then perhaps it does work.  It’s Saturday…and Tuesday is quickly rolling around. We cannot afford to make a mistake.

I was invited to lunch today. A Chinese student wanted to treat me because we do this exchange thing. She aids me with my Chinese and I aid her with learning English. 

Since I took the time this past week to aid her with her oral presentation she wanted to show me her appreciation by treating me to lunch. S o, we met this afternoon. Somehow we landed on the subject of the Electionsand I asked her who was she going to vote for. She informed me that she could not vote because she is not a citizen.  She was also not familiar with who either Obama or McCain were.

But she said, “I know Bush. He like to fight. That not good.”

And I agreed.

A lot of what is wrong with America today came about as soon as Bush first entered the White House…and in particular as soon as he decided to start dropping bombs on Iraq. That one act caused the gas prices to soar like we have never seen in this country.

That one act also caused everything else to also soar right along with the gas prices… the costs of food, utilities, clothing costs, traveling costs etc. We can’t afford to have anyone else sitting in the White House who does not consider what his or her actions will do to the average family or person in America.

That war is killing us all…one way or another. We have and are all suffering because of one foolish move which most people in this country and others aboard were all against from the very start… including Barrack Obama who voted against it.

VOTE Tuesday…and let’s make a real change in the direction of this country. Everyday people count too…and we have voices too. And our voices are in the power of our votes. 

 I loved the video of  Barrack dancing…though one of the girls in my class said she found it offensive.  Whereas she saw it as Obama being a joke…I saw it as Obama proving that he too has a sense of humor. And that he also is not afraid to show his human side. 

If you want to see Obama dancing just stroll down to the bottom of this blog.

The thing about John Edwards that really bothered me…was that I believed he was for real.  To see him in that video talking about people, and seeing him as ‘Ken’ of the Ken & Barbie Dolls… none of us even had a clue as  to who he really was. 

We all thought he was some sweet doting father and loving husband.  Edwards was a clear disappointment and gladly he has now dropped way off the radar screen. 

What a con man.

That is not to say that we don’t all make mistakes.  But his was more than a little mistake… it was out and out deception.  And he did it knowingly and without any remorse or fear of being caught. 

Indeed, Edwards was a master at his craft.  He was a real politician… who mostly all come out of the legal profession…lawyers, just like Edwards.  And I hate to classify them all as this… but I have found most of them… lawyers to be a bunch of liars.

And someone will say, “So, doesn’t Obama.”  

Yes, Obama does.  He came out of Harvard being a lawyer.  But thank goodness some people are not crooks, deceptive or liars…nor a bunch of thieves.  I am oh so thankful that there still is some degree of morality among us…a remnant.   It  certainly beats none at all… such as the atmosphere of Bush and those around them.  

Nor do I see Obama trying to pretend to be anything or anybody other than who he is.   We have seen that every time we have seen him. He remembers his roots, his family ties, the lessons taught him, the struggles he has had…and though he has risen to levels you and I may never get to…he has not forgotten.

He doesn’t try to recreate himself based upon other people’s opinion of what is or is not right. And I like how he goes with what he feels is right.

How can you argue against that?

Get out and vote Tuesday.

I have to admit that since writing this blog I have been listening to the entire half hour segment by the Obama campaign…and you know what?

“It does work.”

It was money well spent.

Now CLICK TO SEE BARRACK DANCING on Ellen…and Michelle.

 The Presidential Election is so important.

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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