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November 1, 2008 bsmith101
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Maybe you’ve been like me and do not have enough time to watch television.  Due to my classes and other things I rarely watch TV any more. 

So, I therefore never knew when Obama’s program was going to be broadcasted. But  today I decided to Google for the date only to find out that it had all ready aired.  

Well, if you were just  like me and missed it…here it is.  Just CLICK on the LINK below.

I don’t know if I think infomercials work.  But if it gives you a chance for people to better understand who you are…and what you are concerned with as it lines up with the concerns of others…then perhaps it does work.  It’s Saturday…and Tuesday is quickly rolling around. We cannot afford to make a mistake.

I was invited to lunch today. A Chinese student wanted to treat me because we do this exchange thing. She aids me with my Chinese and I aid her with learning English. 

Since I took the time this past week to aid her with her oral presentation she wanted to show me her appreciation by treating me to lunch. S o, we met this afternoon. Somehow we landed on the subject of the Electionsand I asked her who was she going to vote for. She informed me that she could not vote because she is not a citizen.  She was also not familiar with who either Obama or McCain were.

But she said, “I know Bush. He like to fight. That not good.”

And I agreed.

A lot of what is wrong with America today came about as soon as Bush first entered the White House…and in particular as soon as he decided to start dropping bombs on Iraq. That one act caused the gas prices to soar like we have never seen in this country.

That one act also caused everything else to also soar right along with the gas prices… the costs of food, utilities, clothing costs, traveling costs etc. We can’t afford to have anyone else sitting in the White House who does not consider what his or her actions will do to the average family or person in America.

That war is killing us all…one way or another. We have and are all suffering because of one foolish move which most people in this country and others aboard were all against from the very start… including Barrack Obama who voted against it.

VOTE Tuesday…and let’s make a real change in the direction of this country. Everyday people count too…and we have voices too. And our voices are in the power of our votes. 

 I loved the video of  Barrack dancing…though one of the girls in my class said she found it offensive.  Whereas she saw it as Obama being a joke…I saw it as Obama proving that he too has a sense of humor. And that he also is not afraid to show his human side. 

If you want to see Obama dancing just stroll down to the bottom of this blog.

The thing about John Edwards that really bothered me…was that I believed he was for real.  To see him in that video talking about people, and seeing him as ‘Ken’ of the Ken & Barbie Dolls… none of us even had a clue as  to who he really was. 

We all thought he was some sweet doting father and loving husband.  Edwards was a clear disappointment and gladly he has now dropped way off the radar screen. 

What a con man.

That is not to say that we don’t all make mistakes.  But his was more than a little mistake… it was out and out deception.  And he did it knowingly and without any remorse or fear of being caught. 

Indeed, Edwards was a master at his craft.  He was a real politician… who mostly all come out of the legal profession…lawyers, just like Edwards.  And I hate to classify them all as this… but I have found most of them… lawyers to be a bunch of liars.

And someone will say, “So, doesn’t Obama.”  

Yes, Obama does.  He came out of Harvard being a lawyer.  But thank goodness some people are not crooks, deceptive or liars…nor a bunch of thieves.  I am oh so thankful that there still is some degree of morality among us…a remnant.   It  certainly beats none at all… such as the atmosphere of Bush and those around them.  

Nor do I see Obama trying to pretend to be anything or anybody other than who he is.   We have seen that every time we have seen him. He remembers his roots, his family ties, the lessons taught him, the struggles he has had…and though he has risen to levels you and I may never get to…he has not forgotten.

He doesn’t try to recreate himself based upon other people’s opinion of what is or is not right. And I like how he goes with what he feels is right.

How can you argue against that?

Get out and vote Tuesday.

I have to admit that since writing this blog I have been listening to the entire half hour segment by the Obama campaign…and you know what?

“It does work.”

It was money well spent.

Now CLICK TO SEE BARRACK DANCING on Ellen…and Michelle.



 The Presidential Election is so important.

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

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God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008


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