Disappearing President…George W. Bush… hard act to follow… OBAMA!

November 2, 2008 bsmith101
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Ever since George Bush and the rest of the Republican Party forced their way into the White House by having virtually rigged the 2000 Presidential Election everyone in this country should have realized that we were going to be in for a rude awakening…and a long bumpy ride.

The most you can say about Bill Clinton was that he did his best to keep them out for as long as he could…but those rebellious little Republicans were on a roll and they were not going to let a little thing like Bill Clinton blocking the front door to the White House in order to wait on a final count of the Florida ballots and a Superior Court decision on the matter keep them out of the White House.  Oh, no….

For a man who stole his way into the White House in 2000 and then sat in the Oval Office doing everything a single person could possibly do to sabotage this country there is little wonder today why the Republican Party has ended up in the state it has finally fell to.  And has well deserved to.

Somewhere while growing up…or maybe while sitting in church, I heard it said several times, “That a thief cannot prosper.”

With Presidential Performance ratings the closest in history of any President of the United States, it would be safe to say that neither George W. Bush nor this country has prospered in the past 8 years.  In fact, since Bush went into the White House a millionaire, having to be able the reaped the benefit of coming from a wealthy oil family…and then not to mention his $400,000 annual salary per year as President of the United States, a rate that went up, doubled in fact, upon his entering into the White House over Bill Clinton’s measly $200,000.  The salary $200,000 was that of every U.S. President since 1969.

It is safe to say that Bush probably won’t be starving upon his departure from the White House this year, as he also receives a pension of over $100,000 per year.  But we cannot say the same about millions and millions of Americans whom his policies have financially devastated, personally injured and yes…many have died…all because of him. 

Under the Bush Administration foreclosure swept this country like wildfire, banks crashed, financial institutions had to be bailed out and government spending went through the roof putting this country into receivership. Instead of being the country that lent money to other countries, we became the country that started begging for money from other countries. 

We are now billions upon billions of dollars indebt to countries which used to seek out aid from us.  And some of those countries are Communists countries…like China for one.  Not to mention the overall financial disasters…diving stock markets, raging gas prices, high food and other consumer costs…that one would not have to argue were the direct ’cause and effect’ of 8 years of the Bush Administration’s poor ability to run this country properly.

There is little wonder that Bush was so invisible at the Republican Nomination Convention this past August.  And he has been the invisible man throughout the entire McCain campaign.

There had been a time in history when  had been considered the worst President in American History.  Now, Truman a man whom many thought was probably his own worst enemy…well, he can now rest in peace.  He has been topped by George W. Bush…who never got around to dropping an atomic bomb…perhaps it wasn’t for a lack of trying. 

Neither Harry Truman or Bush were good on economy, both were hawkish in their attitudes and an inability to manage the economy well.  But also there seemed to be a careless nature about them.  This is a character flaw that a President of any country simply cannot have.  It is just too costly.  And costly it was back in Truman’s time and has been now on us all.

It has in fact been so costly that even the Republican Party has spent much of this election season trying to distant itself from the shadow of a George W. Bush.  He has been the invisible man…the Invisible President.

With a disapproval rating of more than 70% would you have him out campaigning for you?

Or would want to be caught shaking his hand if you were trying to maintain your seat in Congress, the Senate or the House of Representatives?

I don’t think so.

But let this be a lesson for those of you who believe you can get it by cheating or stealing your way there…wherever your “there” is.

“A thief never prospers.”

The unfortunate part…is neither did we who allowed George Bush to rob his way into the White House in the first place…and then to be voted in the second place.  As sad as it may be…we are all paying for it now.






Lets get out and vote CHANGE on Tuesday.  And let put a legitimate candidate into the White House…not someone who is heir apparent.  But the best possible choice for this country and all that she means to each and every one of us.  And all that she means for us and for our children, nieces, nephews etc…and for years to come.

There have been one too many black spots on this nation’s history.  Now, is the time to put this country on a new course and to seek to undo some of the harm that the Bush Administration has caused in this country and throughout all the world.

I’ll be looking for you at the polling places from state to state.

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…pass it on…’ www.bsmith101.wordpress.com

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  • 1. ngoldfarb  |  November 2, 2008 at 9:39 pm




  • 2. Compatible Creatures R&hellip  |  January 3, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    […] (Illustration found here). […]

  • 3. obama traitor  |  January 6, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    you’re a tool.. how’s Obama working for you now?

    • 4. bsmith101  |  January 10, 2012 at 1:47 am

      A ‘tool?????’

      Let me start by informing you that I do not like people calling me anything outside of my name. It is just not allowable.

      But if you want to talk about ‘tools’…I’ve got one for you.

      Anybody who sat around watching George Bush and appaudling had to be a fool. Oh…forgot I was supposed to be talking about a ‘tool.’

      It is clear that you are an idiot.

      For your information I am very proud of President Barack Obama. He has not let me down. I’m not blind…even with your friends trying to block him…he is still getting it done.

      And after the mess that Bush left this country in I was never foolish enough to believe that Obama would be able to clean it up…overnight. And I realized he was going to have to face massive opposition…to attempt to keep him from getting anything done.

      How sad it is to be able not to see pass your own arm…or face in the mirror.

      Jobs…war…Bin Laden…terrorists…what is it that you want to talk about?

      I bet I could say something good regarding Obama’s performance on any one of these subjects…and then some.

      Now, what do you have to say to that?

      Thanks for the comment…and please get informed. And don’t fall prey to the lies.

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