DONE DEAL… Obama, baby …all the way.. all hale the President of the United States of America

November 5, 2008 bsmith101
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 081104-obama-family-hmed-915prp420x4001Some didn’t think it could or would ever happen. 

Some had never dreamed of it…and0bb67ac4-9b4c-4312-8a89-1b925c855509rp600x3501 particularly ‘not in their lifetime.’ 

But last night’s returns brought an end to all of that.  Hope is very much alive….and as they say in England, “Long live the Queen.” 

We now can say, “Long live the king!”

And king he is…in every possible way. 

  • King in campaign funds raised
  • King in how his campaign was run. 
  • King in getting the youth vote out
  • King in out-performing his opponent
  • King in the ability to articulate his message
  • King in securing the votes needed to put him over the top. thankyou_banner1
  • King in his ability to bring people together
  • King in rallying up his forces
  • King in being able to maintain his cool under the microscope. 
  • King in turning some key Red States into Blue States
  • King in being able to secure confidence in people that he could do it. 
  • King in capturing the attention of the world
  • King in making the America and world feel that America can once again regain the respect and leadership role she once held among other nations. 
  • And king in his willingness to accept that it is not going to be easy but that he had the personality, the skills, the attitude and confidence to get the job done in order to re-establish America…rebuilt her…and secure her.

It’s Obama, baby.

Could this miracle in America have happened without the aid and support of everyday people like you and me…it is very unlikely.  Barrack Obama expressed it well last night when he said, “When I got started, I wasn’t the a51c2d92-e22a-4b96-a75a-20392c485db1rp420x4001most likely candidate.”

But people like you and me who believe that America can do anything…and that she is worth the effort of going out and seeking to make her the best that she can be.  Many times it does mean that we have to come together and overlook our differences so that we might seek good over evil.  Because at the end of the day…we all care about the exact same things…our children and the future direction of this country.

I am elated at the choice we made last night.  It was the right choice and it 081105-longline-hmed-430arp420x4001was a good choice.  And when I woke up this morning after staying up most of the night waiting on the returns from California and the other West Coast states…I woke up feeling relieved and excited about America 70157a46-7083-47f1-8198-807e05b43fefrp600x3501and about the new course she will now be on.  A course of healing and reconciling…mending and re-befriending. 

I woke up proud and 96d735a6-fcf9-4e2c-bc42-aa4f476700ccrp600x35011looking forward to the times to come for the United States of America, under President Barrack Obama.  I know I will not be disappointed. 

Once again America can hold her head up high as we are at last finally about to come from under the dark cloud of the Bush Administration. 

vlcsnap-69179881As you watched and listened to President Obama last night delivering his acceptance speech…you saw in his body language, demeaner and facial expressions that he realized the difficulty of the job that was now ahead.  It won’t be easy.  But for some reason I sense that Barrack Obama would have it no other way.  The challenge is one he recognized from the onset.  And yet…he decided to take it.  I feel assured that he is going to pull America through these times of hardship like Roosevelt did in the 40’s.

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. PresidentOne can sense that Obama seeks neither fame nor glory…but that he saw a need and felt that there needed to be someone in the right place to faciliate that need.  And that person should be him…because he genuinely cared about the direction of America.  Not only for himself…but for his children…and also for us all. 

America has been hurting for 8 long years…and now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  A new day has arrived…and it is a done deal.  Barrack Obama is now President of the United States of America.

Yesterday, while casting my ballot for President Elect Barrack Obama, I signed at the botton of my ballot that I was casting my vote in the name of my mother and father, my grandmother and great grandmother.  I only wished they had been here to bare witness to this profound time in American History.  Never in my lifetime had I ever conceived such a thing.
When I got this morning and got going, I felt a little bit taller, and pounds lighter…and there was some definite glide in my stride.
  1. Highest amount of money ever raised for any cadidate during any election in American  history ( over $700 millions raised by the Obama Campiagn)
  2. Highest voter turnout in over 40 years for a Presidential Election 
  3. Race proved not a factor…more white men, white women and Hispanic voted for Obama than for John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential Election between Kerry and George Bush…as well as those from various other racial groups in America
  4. Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, North Carolina all turned to Blue States for the first time since 1968, voting  for a Democratic President, Barrack Obama.  
  5. The highest number of college students participating in an American election ever  
  6. Over 95% of the African American vote…over 66% of the Hispanic vote…over 52% of women’s vote…over 42% white male vote;_ylt=AiCmcXDvewCgxMHrv0vp2Yi_.nQA

7be8fc08-3ea3-475f-98f1-028501ec8b62rp420x4001Lines and lines of Americans showed up at voting locations all over the United States proving that their votes really did matter…and what true Democracy is all about.7d1b74db-cde7-4ec8-91f7-b8d077aba062rp600x3501

33c63ff7-9b96-461c-b95f-442dc3ca8645rp600x3501Thank you all for your participation.  God save America!  And bless our new President and his family.

The tears last night in Oprah Winfrey’s eyes and Jessie Jackson’s Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is joined by special guest Oprah Winfrey and his wife Michelle Obama during a rally held at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 9, 2007 in New York Cityeyes spoke volumes.  If you really want to know what this monumental moment in history really means to and for so many  people…then those tears told you the story.  Oprah and Jessie were not the only ones crying.  There were hundred of thousands of others…including me…crying.  There were those who remembered when the only time a black man stood in the middle of a square before crowds of jackson_obama11people in this country…he was standing on the auction block wating to be sold off into slavery.  

They also were crying because they 71296-004-0b8cb4971remember the fire hoses and the police dogs which had been unleased upon black people to keep them from marching to demand a right to vote in this country.  A right to enter a department store and civilrightsblog1to be able to walk up the lunch counter and order something to eat without being spat upon then beat and chased out of the store. 

ebbccc31-a6fd-40f8-add0-21daa9e4ff67rp420x40011Yeah, they cried because they remembered black churches being bombed and little black girls being killed…they remember the lyching, the tar andfrederickchurcheshomeimage1 feathering…and they remember the

days that John, Martin and Bobby were killed.  And now God has bless them and us all to see this day.

I am so happy for this day.

What a moment in our history.was2020625rp420x4001

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

God bless    ‘…pass it on…’  11e072cd-2572-4e7d-9fbb-74ba3856ba10rp600x3501  God bless…and thanks again for reading ©2008

art106yovotercnn1Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper the 106 year old black woman that Obama spoke about in his Acceptance Speech. (CLICK LINK just above to read the full story)

God bless…us all.


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. SteveJJ  |  November 5, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    So, what’s your point? We will all be provided with hammers and sickles very soon.

  • 2. Mark  |  November 30, 2008 at 11:16 am

    Good stuff, over here in england i tend to avert my eyes from the popular media, it was not difficult to sense the racist element played out subtly at the time of the election result, indicating that it was mainly a black victory, who also are indebted to the hispanic vote – the fact that are pointed above one should expect are obvious but that side of the portrayal was i felt down played. Keep up the good words & images.

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