Michelle Obama dispelling the myth about Black Women… Venus Williams wins again

November 11, 2008 bsmith101
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It is like a breath of fresh air to have a black woman who totally and so completely despells that myth that many black women have taken such a bad rap for…and has been highly heighten by black music and rap videos.  You know the ones…like being cheaploose…trampy…brainless and easy…etc…etc….

At last a black woman who not only has grace and poise but a brain to go with it.  Somebody who is not flashing her flesh…but yet is sexy in a quiet and enticing way…not understated…or yet overstated.  But stated.  And this is not to miminize my sisters who truly have it…well, going on…some pastors…some evangelists…some business owners…some lawyers…some doctors….etc…and some just moms.  But they got it going on.

Not trying to play like someone else.  Content in who she is…in her blackness…in her feminity…in her michelle_obama_2008-10-22_28129_cropped1womanhood…life…motherhood…and as a wife…daughter…and auntie…

And not only having brains…but powerconfidence…and humility.  What awesome michelle_obama_oversaw_contentious_program1combinations!

There is little wonder that President Elect Barack Obama refused to accept “no” while trying to continuously seeking her to date him.  Sometimes a little opposition can go a long ways.  It may have been just the thing he needed to help have the determination to make it all the way into the White House as the President of the United States this past Presidential Election period.

Having pursued her undergraduate studies at Princeton, in 1985 for her thesis topic she chose “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.”  Within the pages of her thesis, Michelle wrote that her experiences at Princeton University had made her more aware of her blackness than ever before.  Princeton being an Ivy League university 190_princeton1located in Princeton, New Jersey, was a far cry from being in the large urban hub of Southside Chicago from where she came.  At the time there was no Toni Morrison there or a Dr. Cornel West on its campus back then…nor much by way of African-American studies which the school has since expanded, which may have a lot to do with a former student who minored in the subject there.

Michelle Obama graduated cum-laude from Princeton University in 1985 3a1with a major in sociology and a minor in African-American studies.  In 1988, Michelle Obama received her doctorate degree in law from the Harvard Law School.

She met Barack Obama when he came to work as a summer associate at the Chicago law firm for which she was working for at the time.  She was assigned to mentor him through that period at the company.  10obama6-6001

Obviously self-confidence was not something which Barack Obama has ever lacked.  He liked her…but she…well, she just was not interested.   She believed that co-workers should not be fraternizing while working on a job together and so…she maintained that code while Barrack never gave up trying.  He invited her to a community organization meeting and impressed her so much by his work, oration and commitment to what he was doing that slowly he began to win her over.  The rest is history…

But it is clear to say that Michelle Obama is not only a good role model for any young girl…young lady…and/or woman out there…everywhere, but an excellent one.  With Barack Obama’s good looks it is hard to believe anybody could have ever told him ‘no.’   But Michelle Obama did and continuously several times.  If nothing else…this may prove to many that saying ‘no’ might not be such a bad thing to practice.  Look what it can get you. 

Obama didn’t just look over at Michelle and flash that winning smile at 10bush-obama_lg1her…and she went weak in the knees.  No, that didn’t happen.  Barack Obama had to win her affection…her love…her admiration…and her respect.  After a while he finally got her attention.  It didn’t happen the moment she laid her eyes on him.  She wasn’t looking for someone to just throw her down and leap upon her.  In fact…she wasn’t looking.

But Obama found her. 

She was sitting in an office fulfilling the capacities of her job when he r1stepped into her life.  She viewed it as a professional arrangement.   As something her company had put together and asked her to fulfill by being his mentor.

It is perhaps that arrangement which laid the foundation for their future life together…where she can say things to him such as she did following her introduction of him at the 2004 Democratic Primary Convention…when she said to him as she passed him while she was walking off stage, “Now, don’t blow it.”

20080826dems_obama2_5001That foundation having been laid from the time they first met positioned Michelle Obama to be Barack Obama’s closest…dearest…most truthful confidant whom he knows will always lovingly be balantly truthful no matter how much it hurts while at the same time bringing him much joy, happiness and pride in his life.  These are combinations which cannot be beat. 

Born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson on January 17, 1964, there is no way that her parents, Fraser Robinson and Marian Shields Robinson, would have known that their daughter was destine to make260xstory1 history.  And that history would include her marrying the first African-246-20080630-michelle-obamalargeprod_affiliate911American man to become President of the United States, in the form of Barack Obama…or that their daughter would ever become the First Lady of the United States of America.

At 5’11” Michelle Obama is capable of making any fashion statement she chooses.  But if being a fashion statement is what media thinks is the only thing that Michelle Obama is all about…they better back up and think twice.  She is no Jackie ‘O’ but may go down in history as be as beloved, admired and respected… if not more so.   Jackie didn’t Democratic Conventioncome complete with 2 degrees from 2 very prestigious schools, Princeton and Harvard…or hold a doctorate in law…or work as a lawyer.  No, Michelle Obama will be more than just a beautiful woman on the arm of a very handsome President.  And look for her to make more than just fashion statements…though she says she is really looking forward to being just ‘First Mom.’ 

At a time when many African-American college students neglect African-American studies as part of their coor-electives or even as a major or minor…Michelle Obama’s story may prove to be an incentive in increasing the enrollment in those classes by all students…and that would be a very 260xstory11great thing.

Well, she ain’t no hip-hop mama shaking her booty in some rap video.  Oh, no…no…  Or some hotty stepping up out of a pool dripping michelle-obama-ebony1wet…while a bunch of male singers gang around her and start simulating sexual acts.   No…no…she’s too wholesome, too clean cut, too mature and too hip for that…and she sho’ nuff got more than that going on.  She’s got brains plus body…but prefers to display if anything…her brains.  And she has a whole lot more of self-respect for herself than to want rub up and down on some stripper’s pole.

She is a Mack truck coming down the freeway…andmichelle-obama-dress-300x4001 it’s all brain power…and natural inner and outer beauty, baby.

And what a mother…and wife.

Barack Obama could not have made a better choice.  

Every man owes it to himself to find a Michelle Obama…and nothing less.

And every woman owes it to herself to allow a Barack Obama to find her, respect her…and then to become the head of their family.

Welcome into our world, Mrs. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America!

And oh, yeah…First Mom.




VENUS WILLIAMS…still tearing up  the courts….

Photo Topping off her already superb year having won Wimbledon again, the US Open and gold in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this year, with her Doubles partner and sister, Serena Williams, who has also had a very outstanding year.  Which I am sure gives the entire Williams family much to cheer…smile and to be proud about…including the fact that these 2 young ladies are very great role models for young women…and young boys and men everywhere. 

They are the stuff that champions are made of…determination and lots of hard work…and forever perfecting their craft and sharpening those skills.  Both, Venus and Serena…are athletic mechines…capable to chasing down the most far reaching balls and slamming them back with razor sharp precision.

It was hard work but Venus pulled it out…winning her final tournament for this year…giving her…her 39th title_45189498_final3_getty_3001_45189497_final_getty_4161.  She won 6-7, 6-0, 6-2 thus giving her…her first win over Russia’s Vera Zonareva.  The tournament in Doha, Qatar this past Sunday featured the top 8 players in the world of which Serena was also one.






Hope you are having a wonderful day…today is suppose to be a holiday…Veteran’s Day here…but since myveterans_bench_dedication098a_web1 school is private we had class.  But to any of you who are veterans…happy Veteran’s Day and thank you for your service.   

I’m due in Boston tomorrow as I am considering DIV school…that is Divinity School.  I’m viewing the campus of Harvard and sitting in on sessions…should be interesting.   Then I am also thinking about the possibility of Howard University’s Divinity School too.

Well, God bless…

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Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’ www.bsmith101.wordpress.com

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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