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November 21, 2008 bsmith101
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obama_mashup_270x3411First, people wanted to say the Obama wasn’t qualified enough.  Now, everybody is talking about the people he is bringing on board to help him get this mess straightened out “are old political insiders.”

They really need to decide what they want…either they want experience or they don’t?

Moreover, everybody who has every done anything or worked anywhere knows that ‘changes starts at the top’ and not at the bottom.   In everything in this life there is a hierarchy.

Have you ever worked on a job and a new boss was hired to replace your old boss?

Or a new supervisor had been appointed over you?

Well, if not then you are a very rare bird.  Because practically everyone has experienced this in some shape or form and at one time or another in their life.  When theobama-404_680177c1 old went out and the new came in.   Much like New Year’s…now that I am thinking about it.  Your year today was nothing like your year last year…though all the dates were exactly the same.  The months were in the same place…but some how none of your days were ever the same.  So it is with anything new…the same can even be said for clothes.  Once you’ve worn it one time…it will never feel as crisp or fit quite the same way.

So, it is with new management.  When new management comes in…all the employees can be the exact same but policies change.  What was or is not acceptable changed…what was once tolerated many now not be tolerated.  And what had been allowable may not now be allowable.

It is what new management…new leadership…even ‘new direction’ does.  It brings about a change…and it starts from the person who calls the shots or is instituting the changes…and it triggles downward to those who have to now do as the new boss and/or leader…head…chief…executive etc. says.  

abc_obama_clinton_070615_ms1So, what is all the hoopla about President Obama bringing into his presidency some of the Clinton people?

Haven’t they already been there? 

Done that? 

And have a clue of what now might need to be done?

Many of you said, “Obama lacks experience.”   Now, he gives you experience in terms of his staff you start singing yet another tune.  Every executives seeks out people with experience…people they feel they can put their confidence in. 

So, should Obama be any different?

Obama is no fool.  He is highly thought out and he seeks to bring into his folds only the brightest and best…just as he is…and just as any company management does.  So, don’t let the right wing conservatives who sit on your television screens day in and day out lead you to believe that Obama is not going to hold to his promises of bring a new day to politics in Washington, DC.  His campaign showed us the stuff that Obama is made of, and he will continue to made good decisions…his campaign clearly demonstrated that.

We didn’t vote in a dummy.   Not this time around…and I shouldn’t even say “not this time around”….because I didn’t vote for George Bush either times.  And I was angry when more of this country didn’t stand up and cry foul when he stole his way into the White House in the first place following the 2000 Presidential Election.  That never ever should have been allowed.  But my goodness…why go back to the polls 4 years later and then try to legitize that robbery and that lie by voting Bush officially into office in 2004?

The price this country has had to bare because it is almost unspeakble.  the glaring evidence of it cannot be denied.  And certainly it very sad when you consider the innocent lives lost because of it…due that man deciding non-unitarially to start dropping bombs on Iraq.

If you want to wonder why America is in the state that she is in…look at what Americans allowed to happen in 2000.  And then maybe you might come to realize that no good thing can come from evil…and as the old saying goes-

“A thief never prospers.”

Now, turning my attention to something going on on our campus here in town.  I ran into a student to pointed out that I should go on-line to read some of the comments that some of the white students were making about Barack Obama being elected President of the United States.

First of all…what surprised me was the fact that they were openly discussing Obama being killed.  Then came the comments that ‘Biden really was the president’…because Obama was not going to be around long.  Not to mention the typically racist and bias and bigoted statements that some people have historically made about black people.  Such as calling us ‘apes’, ‘monkeys’…and one even stated that ‘the campus a zoo because it had so many black student’ etc…etc…etc..

Needless to say…this did infuriate me.  And I quickly wrote an email notice myself.  First, I informed them that there are 2 things in the United States which are definitely against the law…and that they could go to prison for.  (1) yelling ‘fire’ in a public place, and (2) threating to kill the President of the United, or being found to be conspiring to kill the President of the United States, and being found trying incite others to kill the President of the United States.

Like it or not Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America.  And I will drop a dime on anybody I overhear talking about killing him in any shape or manner…even in joke or as a passing thought.

And I am serious about it…as well as we all should. 

I intend to do everything I can to protect Barack Obama and his family, including telling a bunch of racist students that before they speak they should consider the law regarding the person of the President of this country.  After having posted that…for the most part the ignorant comments ceased.

Barack Obama is going to live a long time.  He has no fear over his life being taken…and neither does hisobama2bfamily1 family.

The only people seeking to be empowered by such acts or thoughts are those who seek evil…for the sake of evil.  And with the hopes of instilling fear

Not many people remember who killed Abraham Lincoln…but we all remember Abraham Lincoln. 

And as I have already stated in a former blog…I believe that Barrack Obama was predesinated ‘for a time such as this.’  And that is Biblical…and if any of you knows what that means…then you know that Obama’s life is set for him (ordained of God).  And can’t nobody do anything to him or take it from him but God.

28obama-6001Speaking of Obama…the buses are already being reserved for the many thousands who plan on being down in Washington, DC to personally witness the swearing in of Barack Obama as President of the United States on January 20th.  Between Maryland and Virigina there will no hotels anywhere due the mass of people who will be converging in DC on that day.  This will probably be the biggest mass convergence in the world…consider the over 250,000 who gathered in Grant Park on Election Night to hear Obama’s acceptance speech.  Well, double that Barack Obamafigure…maybe even triple it. 

They will be in DC, baby.  And they will be flying in from all of the world as well as from all over the USA for this very special moment in American history.  

Not to mention that DC is probably now going to replace New York City in popularity among tourists coming to this country.  Because everybody is going to want to get a picture of the White House…be hoping for a glimpse at the new First Family…and possibly shake the President’s hand.  And I definitely intend on being one of them.

Well, God bless…have a good weekend. 

It is cold this way though the sun is shining.  I was out earlier this week raking up leaves.  Thank goodness my son came and helped me out.  I didn’t know that raking leaves could be such hard work…and particularly when the wind is blowing.  But it was the first day that the sun had come out and it hadn’t rained.

Think about it…next Thursday is turkey day.  I always look forward to the leftovers.  But it is just amazing how quickly the days are rushing by.  It seems like I just started this week and here I am at Friday.  Everything is whizzing by us.

Whatever your plans may be safe…remember those who are less fortunate.  Even if you have nothing more than simply prayer for them…prayer always goes a very long ways.

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God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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