Giving Thanks….Sarah Palin (hopefully for the last time)

November 26, 2008 bsmith101
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Well, today is the day before Thanksgiving.  And if you are like me, I am sure that you are looking forward to it.  Though I will probably be up all night cooking…I am still looking forward to it.  Even though by u289780121the time we finally sit down to eat…I will be too tired to want to eat much.  I will still enjoy it…and look very much toward Friday…the day after.  And not because the following Friday is a huge shopping day…but because the leftovers always taste better.

I definitely hope that your Thanksgiving will be a joyful one and that you will remember those who may not have all of what you have…or even a portion of it.

Hopefully, if you are a person who feels that there is nothing to be thankful for…but if you have the leisure of reading this then that in of itself is a reason for you to be thankful. 

Many times, I have found that we do not take the time to appreciate what we have.  Falsely, we are oftentimes too busy thinking about what we don’t have or what we think we want, and therefore we forget or minimize the things that we do have.  I have come to learn that this can be a shortcoming and a vast fault in human nature itself.  We all from time to time have been quilty of it.

There was a time that I never loved myself.  Hated the way I looked…my size…my hair…etc…etc…  I never at ls0146311all minded that I was black.  In fact, I have always been thankful to be black…I’ve even always thought that I wanted to be darker.  A thought I had last night when Michael Jackson ran across my mind…not about being darker but…just about being black. 

Imagine if Black folks wanted to be white.  Today that technology does exist.  I believe that Michael believed that he was going to set a trend in that direction.  But it didn’t happen.

For years and years African-Americans, black people had been told that they were too dark.  They were called ‘black this’ and ‘black that.’  They were made to feel that their lips were too big…their noses too flat…their butts too bighair to nappy etc.  All of which modern technology has made possible for those people who criticized and told black people that their characteristics and facial features were just not acceptable…and in many cases just plain downright ugly.  They degraded us not only for those things but also because of our skin color.

Now, these very people…they spend millions upon millions making surgeons richer than rich to get big rb06wo_0721lips, wide hips, big butts, sun tans…and some even braid or have dread their hair…all for the sake of trying to look more like the very people they once  supposedly scorn. 

Though I am sure that they would certainly not say that they were opting to go up under all that surgery for the purpose of trying to get ‘black’ or even…that they have or have had any deep hidden desires to look more like black folks.  Whatever their driving force the things that they claimed to have hated and dispised about black people’s features and everything else…today they don’t mind shelling out plenty of money with the hope of duplicating.

But that trend has not been in the reverse…though as Michael Jackson proves that technology does exists too.  But very few of us have choosen to rush out and change our noses, lighten our skin dangerousera1162or shrink the size of our lips. 

Sorry, Michael…I guess way down deep inside we really didn’t james-brown-photo1buy all that stuff after all.  Which is maybe why James Brown’s hit Say It Loud…I’m Black and I’m Proud” was such a large hit among black folks in the 70s.  And then he hit big with “Sex Machine”…and he had to be talkin’ about us when he wrote that one.

But going back to what I was trying to say in the beginning about myself…I never used to love myself because…well, because I just never thought of myself as being ‘pretty’ or ‘attractive’ and certainly never ‘beautiful.’  And of course…every woman wants to feel these things.  

I have most been amazed when I have run upon people whom I felt were not  attractive…but for stk122300rke1some reason they seemed to have a far greater sense of being then me…thinking of themselves ‘more’ handsome or ‘more’ beautiful than anyone else.  I suspect that these things really are a matter of perspective…and definitely dependent upon who is looking at who.  And of course how you perceive you own self. 

Over time I have truly come to realize that beauty really is skin deep.  And that we all should be very much thankful for what God has given us.  Whether it be family, family members, siblings, car, house, job, even our problems…or our perceived problems. 

No matter the situation…there is always someone who is in atr04003411 worst state of being…who has a worst family (or no family at all)…worst siblings…car that is in worst condition…or house in greater disrepair etc…  Or even those who think that she or he is not as smart as…or as pretty as.  It is all a matter of perception.  If you perceive yourself as being beautiful…then you will be beautiful.  And the same thing goes for being smart.  

It is kind of like that Scarecrow in the moive the ‘Wizard of Oz.’  Just by receiving that piece of paper (that degree) his whole perception of how intelligent and smart he was changed…and he became confident in the knowledge he now felt he possessed.

Everybody is attracted to confident people…who are sure about themselves and are grounded in who they are…and exhibit high standards of personal quality.

So, I guess you could say it is a mind thing.  Today in my mind my view point of myself  is very different from what it had been.  I do love myself.  Today, sometimes when I a reflection of myself…I smile.   I feel I am growing into my looks.  And I am highly confident in myself…in my skills, who I am and certainly about the gifts that God has instilled in me.  I didn’t have that before…and I never felt I was all that good in anything that I did…though I was told the opposite.   And told it often by others…many whom who sought me out to do so.   But I just thought that they were being kind.

I love me now.  I still may not think I am the best looking…but I feel I have a lot more going for myself than mere looks. .and I really really really…really do.

And you know what? 

But this above all I do have…the love of God.  I  am a good person…who will do nothing for money.  And I have never valued money over people.

This is what I think of beauty today…when you want to find real beauty in this world…it can be found in those who have true humility…and those willing to give of themselves for others.  That is real beauty to me. 

Wow…do I wish I had humility…even just a piece of it. 

I have had the pleasure of being in the presence of at least 2 people who possessed true humility…and I have never been the same nor stopped enving them because they possess it and I did not. 

True humility has to be the greatest of all things that any person could possess.  It far exceeds good looks…it is something with resides on the inside.  And there is something very calming and peaceful about it…and those who possess it.

In a few words…  ‘Happiness in this world is what we make it.’  We can either choose to be unhappy, sad or depressed all of the time…part of the time…or none of the time.   But it is a personal choice…and languishing over such things as physical beauty is an absolute waste of time.  As we are in a constant state of evolving…what we looked like 20 years ago is no more and is forever gone.  But personal and mental growth is something which we should all always be in search of.

Be safe this holiday season and enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Always seek to do good over evil…and stay encouraged. 

Now, can I go to Sarah Palin, at least one last time?

It seems to me that the world celebrates mediocrity in ways that it never did before.

On the heels of suffering a lost as Vice President of the United States, Sarah Palin is being hit with a slew of offers from film to television to books.  She is reportedly close to closing a $7 million book deal sarah20palin11about her life.  But the problem that I have always had with Sarah Palin is that she was below the standard.

She was a governor from a very large yet isolated state, not populated by very many people.  She had a 17 year old daughter who was and may at this time still be pregnant, and out of wedlock.  And in my personal opinion, she was a woman who cared less about her family and home life than her own political ambitions and being in the lime light.

I really don’t know many women who when they were pregnant and their amniotic fluids leaking would risk their baby’s life by flying off to conferences or any conventions, as Sarah Palin did.  Knowing that her last child was already going to face challenges it is inconceivable to me how Palin would have risked further Alaska Governor Babydanger upon her then unborn son, Trig.  Who ended up being born at least 2 months early…you can read more on this story as I wrote on the topic in more detail in an earlier blog on Palin….@

Though I have never thought much of Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential pick…I have certainly thought even less of her as a mother.  When you compare just how her children even the baby was dressed when they were paraded out on the world stage..or even the McCain kids for that matter.  There was a Moving to the White Housesharp contrast to them and how the Obama children have looked and been dressed. 

There is something which can be said for parents who pay close attention to not only their own attire but also to that of their children as well.  It shows up…and speaks volumes about those people and the type of  parents that they really are.

My parents were somewhat well off.  My mother stayed in the stores…she loved to shop…but she also was hard working, as well as, my father.  They had 8 children and they worked to ensure that we had everything we needed and most of what we wanted. 

My mother had plenty of bld0573971furs and the best of women’s church apparel.  She was attactive in our church and a big giver in many ways.  

My father equally…he was top shelf too…and always maintained himself very well down to his mustache and the shine of his shoes…and his shoes always shined as he took the time to ensure it before putting them onto his feet.  He didn’t just wipe his shoes…he bluffed them…shoeshine rag and all. 

But my parents never forgot about us…my brothers stayed in the barber’s chair…my father’s.  And we stayed up under bld0441351the comb or curling irons.  Our clothes were always clean crisp…as my mother washed every day.  She also cooked every day and usually mopped the kitchen floor once everyday…besides hold down her own job as a nurse supervisor.  This she did up until the time I became of age and was able to take on certain responsibilities around the house as well.  But when Sundays came or special events that called for us to be presentable…we were and without fail…from head to toe. 

That is the nature of parents who not only care about themselves and how they look…but also take pride in their family as well.  And my parents certainly did.  They took great pride in us…and it showed in their care of us but also in the great amounts of money they spent on us.

aa0068571Enjoy your family…and your friends.  Happy Thanksgiving.

And whatever your plans may you be safe…and please remember those who are less fortunate than you. 

I don’t know about you but we Smith’s have an awful lot to be thankful for.  We truly…truly do.  And I for one certainly thank God for everything…and His many many blessings unto me and my family thoughout all the years.  I hope that you can say the same.

God bless…   Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends, family and…and just everybody.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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