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New Years 2009…

I’m just realizing it now that I forgot to wish my son happy birthday just a few minutes ago.    And yes…he is a New Year’s Eve baby…and nye07horizontal1probably the best thing that has ever happened to me in any year since.  Except the year I spent my first New Year’s Eve in church…and having decided to do so on my own…and from since on.

Been busy trying to clean the house.  Don’t want it to look like a total wreck as I go into the New Year.   And I have been trying to think about what it is that I would like to accomplish this forthcoming year.  You know…besides the usual…loose a few pounds and finish this or finish that.

s10208011Though there are some things that I definitely need to finish.

So, before I have to dash off to work on them…let me just take this time first to thank you for reading my blogs.  I have to admit that before getting started I didn’t even know what a blog was.  And certainly never conceived that I would be writing one.   But somehow to date I have managed to write over 100 of these things.

Let me also say that I hope these blogs   have…inspired…touched…educated…or maybe even informed you. 

As this year draws near to a close…there is much to be thankful for.   It is a shame when people can only see what they think that they are lacking or what they preceive is not right in their life.   And everything else is oblivious to them.

When you consider the number of 19 year old’s who have been killed in the Iraqi War.  Many who only graduated from high school and then went Sweet soldier with scarsdirectly into the military…then got shipped overseas to fight only to come back in body bags.   They never had a chance to enjoy much of life…or to leave many imprints behind them.

I was listening to someone preach t09087091he other day and he was talking about how he was walking down the street and how tears were running   down his face…because he had been the hospital 3 times this year.   And there he was walking down the street crying over his situation. 

When I thought about all the people in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices  and other places wishing that they had the opportunity just to get up…much less be able to walk around and do as they would like to.   Well…  That preacher if he had thought of those people would have realized maybe…that he really didn’t have anything to be crying about.

You see when you put things in perspective…no matter what it is…it is never as bad as you think.

Well, God bless you…and may your New Year’s be rich with blessings from above.

Enjoy your holidays.    God bless againand thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2008

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Laughter is good…

As we end another year…I was just thinking-smallfirerp31

 “It doesn’t hurt to laugh.”

And it doesn’t. 

So, every now and then we can all stand a good clean laugh…which is hard to find.  But here are some.

So, enjoy… 

Enjoy your holidays.    God bless…and thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2008

He is good.

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the Wendy Williams ship wreck…

Tell me…

“Who really listens or watches that stuff…called ‘The Wendy Willams 20071129williams.jpgExperience’?”

“Do you not have anything going on in your life that you would take your valuable time to give someone like Wendy Williams one second of  it?”

She is a ship wreck…just look at her. 

When you sell yourself for what you consider ‘fame’…then you are on a fast track to one big ship wreck.  There is little wonder that H0t 98 in New York showed her the door, and then Philly decided to slam it in her face when they too had had enough, and gave her the boot.  Now, back in New York she is still trying to create high arbitron  ratings by stirring up controversy.

Wendy is a sinking ship.   Better yet…a ship wreck. 

You can only go but so long…trying to cause havoc in the lives of others as a means of your talent.   Beyond a point people will begin to look for more.  And more…is something which Wendy Williams does not have.  That is why she can only do 00507821what she does…..try to create a living while living off others. 

It is sad when someone so visabily sells their soul to the devil and grins at you as though they are happy.  And you can look into their eyes and see that they are not.

You cannot be happy living the kind of life  and lie that Wendy Williams lives.  First of all she has no real talent.   What she has is just a trick of the enemy…created to deceive.  

How dare she be sitting on the radio calling herself giving advice to people…when she needs to be sitting on a psychiatrist couch herself.   Better yet…calling upon the name of the Lord for some help.

I will never forget once while driving through the streets of Manhattan 161608605xaejhv_fs1and somehow the radio happened to be on WBLS and the Wendy Williams Experience…and now that I think about it.  I was in the car with one of my nieces…when she turned the radio to the Wendy Williams Experience. 

That day was a day that Doctor Wendy was on duty.   A woman called in, and I don’t  know if it was real or something  Wendy and crew had invented.   But now that I think of it,  it was a fax supposedly faxed into the radio station telling Wendy that she was married to someone she was considering leaving.  The person to whom the woman was married to was supposedly suffering from cancer and was very sick…near dying.  And she was asking Wendy for help to decide what to do because she wanted to leave him.

Now, that show has stayed with me for a very long time…because Wendy very uncaringly trying to create humor out the situation gave some of the most bogus advice I had ever heard.  She asked of herself in the reading of this fax…well, how long have you been together?   Was he ill when you married him or did he just become sick?     WHAT?

Wendy told the woman that as long as she continued to received some kind of benefit from being with the man then she should stay.  But if there wasn’t a benefit to staying then the woman should get out of the marriage.  And Wendy101622711 said this as if she were an ‘all knowing’ and ‘learned pyschologist’…or some kind of prophet.

Yes, I have a problem with people trying to pass themselves as something which they are not…and with people who think that everything is funny when it is not. 

I have had a problem with ‘The Wendy Williams Experience’ for a long time.  

When you sit in a position where you can ‘speak life or death into a situation’ and chose to speak death…then you are wrong. 

The Bible says that the power of  ‘life and death is in the tongue.’

When you have millions of people hanging onto your every word you have to temper your tongue…and seek not to give bad sinful council. 

There may not be profit from speaking truth…but there is peace.   Which of…Wendy Williams has none.  Practically ever rapper, dancer, singer and everybody else is out to get her. 

How can you live like that?

Then to mess up your body and life so much.   Come on, Wendy.

That breast job…really.   Come on…a grown woman trying to play and look like one of the kids.     It looks ridiculous.  Grow up…grow up.   And get saved.

The time for foolishness is offer.

And poor little Robin Givens.


Getting happy because Wendy has a list of every white male she ever went to bed with. 

And we wonder why the kids are in the state that they are in?

Look what they are listening and watching.   These are the role models they fashion themselves after. 


And shut it down.

No wonder Whitney Houston threaten to pay Wendy Williams a visit one day.  I wish I had a recording of that…when Whitney told Wendy that she was from Newark.   Whitney didn’t even say that she was from Jersey.   No, she made a point of saying that she was from ‘Newark.’      And that does mean something.  To those people who know…it spoke volumes…believe me.  And Wendy understood it…loud and clear.   Because she started stuttering and lost her train of thought. 

And Whitney was not joking.   I still laugh when I think of that day.  

I love you, Whitney.   One of the few people who has ever put Wendy Williams in her place.  

Whitney, I pray that you come victoriously out of that wilderness that you are in.   Be mindful…that God is able.  And let not deceivers deceive you.   You already have the victory.

How dare Wendy try to reap rewards off the suffering of others.

My Lord…

God bless…Happy New Year!09241521

Praise ye the Lord…he is mighty in all things.   For He is just and merciful.   And I am sure He has so much more for you…in 2009.

Well, God bless againand thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2008

“Happy New Years!   And may God bless you all.”

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Eartha Kitt passing…Janet and baby rumor…Obama security…

Hopefully you enjoyed your Christmas.Eartha Kitt

I spent mine mostly in bed…and I am not ashamed to say it.

But the sultry sex kitten whom I

used to watch on the Ed Sullivan Show, Ms. Eartha Kitt

passed yesterday, Christmas day, at the age of 81 in the city unlike any other, New York, New York. 

Somebody said New York was the city so nice…that they had to name it twice.  Only black folks can think of things like that.   I guess that is why I love them so much.

Ms. Kitt passed due to complications associated with colon cancer.,8599,1868753,00.html?imw=Y

It is odd that Eartha should pass at this time when a friend of mine was having a conversation with me about this movie called “Cadillac.”  While discussing the facts  of what black artists had to suffer back in the days when Eartha was really out there as an artist trying to make a living.   How they couldn’t stay in hotels or eat in resturants while touring out on the road those days.  But yet…they somehow managed to make their dates and survive the events and struggles of their times.

Ms. Etta James….

Now, moving on to Jermain Dupree and Janet Jackson.  

12226948512971Been reading for a while…well, kinda catching glimpses here and there of the story of whether or not Janet Jackson is pregnant?

I really can’t understand all the hype or interest in the story.   Janet is what….?

Somewhere in her 40’s now…or at least late 30’s.  And after having been married twice…and now currently shacking with Dupree for what…?    All of at least 6 or more years.  You would think that something would happen.  And I don’t understand why they (Janet and Dupree) are so angry about all the ‘baby rumors.’  

They say that ‘bad news’ beats ‘no news at all.’  Just ask all those rappers who can’t seem to get in the news any other way [Lil’ Kim, Foxy, Da Brat etc….].   So, having a bunch of baby rumors floating around is evidently great news for Janet because it is the most press she has gotten in years…and that goes for Dupree too.

And all I can say is this.  

“Who cares whether or not Janet is pregnant?”

I just hope that she is not suffering from vertigo as they originally released.  Because I have an aunt who suffers from that…and has suffered from it for years.   And being dizzyjacksons_cp_62199401 all the time cannot be any fun.

But what strikes me as interesting is that Janet has managed to find someone whom she is actually taller than.   Because believe me…she is small.   I recall standing near LaToya…I had to keep taking a double take.  If she was 4′ tall…I will pay you.  And she had on boots.

And my personal opinion on the subject…Dupree, “Be a man stop living with her…marry her.   You want to protect her?   Protect Janet by becoming her husband.”

Now regarding Obama’s security.  Yes, I am a bit concerned.

If a group of photographers could get close enough to take pictures of him and his Obama 2008family while they were in Hawaii…than any whackco gunman or gunmen could too.

I am not going to dwell upon fearing for Barack Obama’s life…because honestly I do not.  And I know that he and his family does not either.

But it does not mean that there are not crazy evil people all around this world looking to make a name for themselves…by seeking to destroy other people’s lives.

Obama is the President of this country and I am just wondering just how serious the secret service of this country is taking guarding him and his family with the same type of indulgence that they have protected Presidents and others in the past?

original11I am determined that it is as equally important for me to look out and try to protect Obama as much as it is for those who have been put in that capacity officially.   But I would really like to see more black men put on the secret service to guard Obama’s life…and some black women.   I did read Julius Ceasar…‘et tu Brutus?’

I don’t come from the ghetto…but I do understand…and know a ‘little somethang somethang.”

God bless….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!09241521

Praise ye the Lord…for He is mighty in all things.   And I am sure He has so much more for you…in 2009.

Well, God bless…and thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2008

“Happy New Years!   And may God bless you all.”

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Trying to keep warm…

As I lay here trying to keep warm…and happy about not having to go outside 09878931and shovel any more snow.   But I love it.

I am so thankful that my parent’s house is still standing…that water is not leaking down through the roof…that the raccoons are blocked off from traveling downstairs to meet me in our back hallway…and that God  blocked my parent’s house from going up on the auction block earlier this year in March.

I have much to be thankful for…including not having suffered what I s10610571thought was an on-coming stroke or heart attack last week when my right hand started shaking very badly, and then just froze up on me.  And ultimately forced me to 05191471have to rush from my class to go directly to a hospital emergency room.

But after having endured that…this past weekend I was out shoveling snow straight up to the day before yesterday.  We are buried in it.  And I04800951 am loving every minute of it…and I am so blessed not to have to be spending my holidays in a hospital.

Though the weather is cold…freeeeezzzing to be exact.  It looks pretty.  No, beautiful to me…because if I take a notion…I can get up and go outside and walk through it…when I know that I should not be able to do so.

But in regards to my warmth…I keep looking at our fireplace wishing I  could make a big bustling fire in it.   But I am afraid of risking starting a fire in the wall of the chimney since we haven’t used it or had it cleaned out for a while.  But a big bright and warm fireplace lighting up our living room would be nice…and especially on days like this.  And even more especially since the furnace is still not fixed. 

So, yes the house is cold…but not as cold as it should or  even  could be.  Though the oven is on (and I am being very careful monitoring it)…and most of the doors are closed to block off the cold.  And I do have a portable electric heater (which I am also keeping a close eye on) which you really have do when you run electrical items overtime.  And then on top of it all…I still have hot water.  

So, I’m doing pretty good.  Thank God for the hot water.

And believe me having hot water is important. 

I will not forget how last year this time I was almost in the same situation though the circumstances were different.  From August straight through the  1st of January we had no gas.  This meant that there was not any hot water either…which is a very hard situation…and particularly for women.   Because unlike men…women must bathe.   Washing up is okay…but it is not the same.   And to do it for months…in freezing cold water… 

Well, let me just say it again…women must bathe.

So, I was forced to have to bathe in freezing cold 2 times a day…once in 02430541the morning before leaving out from the house and again once I got back in.  And this I did religously in the freezing cold of the house…and cold water only gets colder as it runs.   It was quite quite quite freeeezzzing cold.  In fact, it was far colder inside our house than it was at any point outside of it.  

I know I was miserable during all those days.   But thank God…He brought me through it.  And I got through it without a sniffle or a sneeze.

And so though I can’t light a fire in our fireplace…I am not as cold as I should be either…and no where near as cold as I was in this house  last year. 

I 08623821am blessed.   

And I am finally finished with all my classes and their assignments…I got everything in even though at times my right hand continued to occasionally act up.  But I 02393871made it through…and yesterday I returned to the school library 2 books that I owed them.

 So, I am in the house for the duration of the holiday…short of having to go back out to shovel more snow…or throw down some more salt if it gets slippery again.

I can’t imagine what the temperture outside is today.  But  I know it is in the low something.    It looks very cold and dark outside.   There is no sun anywhere to be found…nothing but snow upon snow. 

It is like a freezer outside.  So, I am inside…trying to keep warm.  But I am loving it…because God has been good to me.

Remember those who have less than you and who may or may not have a roof over their heads…or a car in their garage…or food in their refrigerator…or in their pantry…or a coat to put on…or electricity…or gas to heat their home.    Let us pray for them…and keep them lifted up in our prayers throughout the year.   They would love to be in my situation I have no doubt.   So, I have nothing to complain about.   I’m blessed. 

Yes, I am blessed…and very highly favored.  And I thank God for His ever loving mercies.

So, whatever your holiday plans are…be careful and enjoy those whom you love.  And may God grant you to step into a wonderful 2009.   I am looking forward to it…and all the God has in store for me.

And always be mindful…that there is nothing like family.  And nothing at all like a good family…definitely worth more than gold.  

We pray also for family unity…unity from this point on…in Jesus’ name.

God bless….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!09241521

And may your Santa give you exactly and everything that you are hoping and looking for.   

Praise ye the Lord…for He is mighty in all things.   And I am sure He has so much more for you…in 2009.

Well, God bless…and thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2008

Double CLICK the screen above in order to view the second video…ignor the text on the screen monitor

Happy holidays…and may God richly bless you too.

Just DOUBLE CLICK the screen to view the above video.

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Mary J. with a “Capital M” to you…and her short hair styles

Okay, only because you wanted to see this.

Here’s Mary with her short hair style.  Anyone as attractive as Mary J. Blige really looks pretty with whatever style she chooses to wear.

Can’t imagine what Mary J. hair style you are looking for.  But  I like this one the best.  But I’ve got a few more for you below.

I think she is pretty but I can’t stand all the tatoos.

The one thing I can say about Mary J. Blige is this… that she keeps her head low and doesn’t get tangled up in a whole lot of mess…and I think that is good for her.  And that speaks volumes for her…not trying to mess with anybody or having anybody mess with her.  Lil’ Kim and Foxy…all of them…can definitely take a page or 2 out of Mary’s book. 

Then I like that part about where she seems to have a true sense of God...and never forgets Him.  Someday perhaps He will allow her and them all to get to His next level…if they want it.

And oh, yeah…does she have some fur coats?

“Hey, Mary.  Can you hook a sistah up?”

And  married life seems to have suited her very well…and I am so happy for her.   Now, as far as her music goes…  Well, personally these days I perfer gospel.  And maybe one day you will too…and Mary J. Blige too.

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByGod bless…and thanks for reading and  …pass it on ©2008

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Debarge family…a family in a history of crisis …shattered lives

I was shocked when I read this story in Vibe magazine.  I would have never realized the things that they were going through…and had gone through as they were all growing up.  It is a shame some of the things that many children are forced to endure.  There is little wonder why some have such anger and rage years later. On the surface who would have thought what hidden darkness they had locked within.  Family secrets can be some of the worst kind of secrets.

They were one of the hottest family groups along with the Jackson’s to emerge from Motown.  It is funny how success usually is often rooted in so much pain, sorrow and personal sadness.

A large family of 8 boys and 2 girlsBunny, El, Randy, Mark and James made up the DeBarges, the Motown singing group, who left home from Detroit by way of Grand Rapids, Michigan to LA in search of success… but they were haunted by many sad memories that perhaps they had been trying to escape…but found that they couldn’t.

Two other members of the family made up part of the group called Switch which was e4071also hot during the early 80’s, Bobby and Tommy.

Tortured by the deep dark secrets they all shared and carried into their success in the 80’s, they were colored by a past that ultimately claimed most of their lives.   Their lives have been left shattered…and though the church could not and did not help shield them from the events that were taking place in their home as very young children…but over time some have found healing and renewing in God.

You can read the full story below.  It is sad…and painful to read.

When I think of the times that a friend and I used to rush home to catch them being showcased on TV shows, and how we used to laugh at them.  Though we loved their music and them…it always struck us, me and one of my friends, that the boys…were well rather ‘sweet.’   And I am shamefully sorrowful of that now.

We should not poke fun or laugh at others.   And I will not blame it upon my youth nor on the lack of proper home training.

I never laughed at people with disabilities but I have seen people who have…and I have seen them do it openly as I was growing up.  These people, of course, were not in our family…because my parents were not that kind of people.  Plus they would not have ever allowed it of us.  Nor did they indulge in gossiping or talking or laughing about anyone.  Yes, they would occasionally chuckle about things.  But they were never mean spirited or degrading people, nor did they find fault with people or talk or laughed about anyone.

There are some things which some people feel is okay to pick at or make fun of about other people.  But if you really think about it…that could never be further from the truth.

I laughed at those boys, fine as they were but yet so effeminate…I found humor in that.

Should we laugh at such things and pick fun at people?

No.  We should not.

And I regret having ever done it…which is why I am writing this blog.

I have never liked preachers doing such things as finding humor at the expense of gay people.  It seems that within the debarge1church everything else is sacred accept poking fun and making jokes about gay people.  They do not do that with any other sinprostitution, lying, stealing, murdering…none of these things find their way into a Sunday morning sermon or any other time…as a joke.

Then why should they find it okay to make jokes about gays, lesbians or homosexuals?

And really the church is loaded with…  Well, it is loaded with some of everything.  And a lot of times from the top to the bottom…somebody is doing something which they should not be doing or acting out in ways which are not Godly.

And I am not trying to come down on the church or incite a war of words.  But the church is full of everything.  It was true in Jesus’ time and it is still very true today.   The church is even full of predators.  Not so long ago at least 10 Priests in the upper North East, the Massachusetts…Boston area were found quilty of such acts…leaving in their wake hundreds of very shattered and broken lives.

In Connecticut a preacher impregnated a 12 year girl that he had been routinely been engaging in sexual intercourse with.  Since she was 12 when she had the baby…she had to be 11 or maybe 10 if not younger when he first got started. 

This was the plight of the DeBarge children.

Without a doubt there should be some level of sensitivity with regards to making jokes that are belittling and unkind to anyone at any time.  And particularly any jokes about all those lost in sin… any sin.   The church is suppose to loving and giving in spirit.   Yet, it is sanctuary for all types of activity as well.

Once well sitting in the choir as a young teen…I was seated beside this boy.  His father was preaching less than…I  don’t know…less that 4 or 5 feet away.  And this boy produced from under his choir robe his…….. and tried to pulled my hand across to touch it.   I at the time did not quite understand anything about erections or anything else.   But that was what he had…and his father was preaching right there beside us as his son did this one Sunday morning…in front of the whole church.  It is hard for me to believe that no one sitting in the church that Sunday saw our exchange as we were seated on the front row of the choir facing outward…must less seeing what he had in his hand.

switch1Nor, will I ever forget the night I dropped this woman home following church service  that night…and this was not so very long ago.  As I pulled in front of her building and she was about to get out of my car she suddenly turned to me and kissed me in a way no woman had ever kissed me before.  And having come out of lesbianism…that should
speak volumes as to how and the way this woman kissed me. But I didn’t say anything.  I didn’t respond.  She got out and I drove home determined to not even think about what that woman had just done.  And I didn’t.

I didn’t think about it…for a couple of reasons.   For one thing because I didn’t want to dwell on that kiss.   For another reason I just did not want to obsess  about it.  I felt it was a trap…orchestrated by the devil to try to lure me back into a life I had now left behind.  And I was not going to fall for it.  So, I shoved that kiss and that woman aside in my mind…and never bothered to linger there thinking about it…now or then.

But the church is full of a lot of things…like whoremongers, adulterers , liars etc.   None of which I see any humor in…as all sin is sin and shameful.  But for some reason people in the church really like to poke  fun and laugh about gay people…and no one seems to find that to be offensive…but me it seems.

It is almost as though it is open season on gays in most churches while all else is taboo as something to joke about.  None of it should be something to joke about.  Perhaps it is that none of them were ever gay…or maybe they just do not want to confess to it.  But there must be some reason for this.

Here were these children, the DeBarges,  growing up in the church and such nasty things were going on in their own home from the earliest of ages.  And I laughed at them when they finally hit the stage and started performing.

They were the most beautiful family of siblings…as were drs_jacksons_200511those Jacksons.




And in case you do not understand what ‘fine’ means when used here this way…it means that they were fantastically handsome, terribly good looking etc…etc…etc…

But those boys acted so gay.

I didn’t try to figure it out…I didn’t try to see anything other than that.  And it struck me as being humorous…and that is as sad as whatever else they had to go through…if not more so.   That we should all be so small…especially me…to have thought that that was humorous.

I sincerely apologize for that now.  Not just because I now have a part inkling of Bobby Debarge their story, affliction and pain that they were forced to suffer…but because it was wrong of me to do so in the first place.  And particularly because of all the misery and heartaches they have all had to come through and to have to bear in their lives very young children.

I cannot imagine how hard it is for a child to grow up having a father who is a predator…and using his own children sexually for most of their years growing up.


In August of 1996, Bobby DeBarge at the age of 39 died after years of alcohol and drugs abuse.  He died from complications AIDS related.  He was named after his father, Robert Louis DeBarge, a man who frequently sexually abused his own children beginning very early in their childhood.  Bobby was a multi-1027_el_debarge_mug14talented song writer, lead singer and musican.  In 1988 both he and his younger, Chico, were arrested for attempting to traffic drugs, they served 6 years in prison.

In October of this year, 2008, El DeBarge was back in court on more drug charges, vandalism and domestic violence.  Though for many years El was able to not fall prey to the demons chasing him, as well as, his other sisters and brothers…but following Bobby’s death and other family issues, El too soon fell to the demons chasing them all.

Update on EL:  I was very happy to see El last week when he emerged on the Soul Train Music Awards Show.  He looks absolutely great… and he sounded great too.  I am happy for him.  Trying to pull your life back together is not an easy accomplishment.  But thank God it can happen.

2116s1e1 Bunny today is free of drugs and alcohol.  She is saved and a mother.  She is living her life as a Christian and has just finished writing a book called “The Kept Ones,” a tell all autobiography.

James DeBarge who was once married to Janet Jackson for a few weeks before her family had the marriage annulled, is also saved and living his life as a Christian, as well is their mother, Etterlene DeBarge.

You can CLICK the LINK S below to read the whole VIBE magazine story.

Their mother Etterlene DeBarge, which is also Bunny’s real name, is 72 with her own page on myspace.

Their lives have not been easy.  But through it all they have a testimony of 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoversurvival, defying the odds and are attempting to rise above, and through it all to once again unite as a family victorious through Christ Jesus.

In the  words of James DeBarge in the last youtube video clip below-

“Oh, Lord…I don’t care what it sounds like…or how I come off.   I just want somebody to be saved.”View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBy

Child abuse hurts…and in many cases it ruins people’s lives.  Many never recover from it.  Some just learn how to go on.  But we all remember it…and it does remain with us for the rest of our lives whether it appears on the outside or not.

UPDATE: July 29, 2010…Robert Debarge, the father, died last year, August 2009.  What a very sad, lonely and broken man he must have been for all the horrors he committed.  Truly a sad story…which I understand is soon going to hit the big screen.

UPDATE: August 7, 2012…Just checking on my files and things as I usually do…when I spotted that a few people had been looking for info on the death of James.  Immediately, I hit the internet looking thinking that James must have just died.  But thank God… he has not.  But I came across some pictures of him… and he has really aged.

In looking at his pictured I noticed how much he looks like his father.  It must be hard waking up in the morning and looking into the mirror and seeing him… the face of the man who used to abuse you and all your other siblings.

I imagine that they all have good days… and bad days.  There are some scars that never go away.  That kind of  hurt most hurt forever…but thank goodness for Jesus, He can make a difference.  A lot of things become easier to bare because of  Him.

Let us keep them all lifted up in our prayers.

THE BISHOP’S WIFE is now on sale…CLICK this LINK to purchase my book.  And I would like to thank you all…if you have purchased my book.  It is amazing to see that my book sells are growing and it is because of people like you.  I thank you…and hope that it is a blessing upon to you.

God bless…and…

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Things always happen when…

1574r-231271…when you can least afford them.

Yesterday, while finishing up on my all nighter trying to push out an essay paper for one of my classes and a presentation…suddenly my right hand began trembling.  Shaking like maybe I was nervous or something.   As first it began gradually I was not overly concerned.  But  then the shaking got a bit worst…as I had seen in the hands of some elderly people.

I thought back on my father’s hands and how later in his life he had develop this problem of his hands shaking.  I can’t imagine what he felt or thought when it first came on.  But daddy never complained about anything.

I know he also never sought medical treatment or consultation on it.   He was just not that kind of person.  Though he never said it, he was always concerned with the taking care of his family and he never let anything interfere with that.

The day before yesterday I was at Staples getting copies made for my class presentation staples21project, when I happened to observe an older woman and the young girl who was assisting her.  At first I thought that the girl was her daughter.  This young girl kept encouraging the older woman through her process of making over $30 worth of copies.

The young woman and the older woman informed me that the older woman who was disabled was being challenged by Social Security which claimed that they had over paid her by $9,000.  The older woman was tired, nerves were acting up, and I realized fic00921that she would have probably felt defeated had not it been for the young woman with her.  She kept assisting the older woman with such a calming voice…telling her-

“You just sit down and I’ll do it.  You know what Grammie would say.  What would she 1013-200335-0112say?  Huh?”

Then the young woman answered her own question saying-

“God will take care of it.”

I was very much taken in listening to their conversation between themselves.  I was taken by the younger woman.   As many people who may work for Social Security…I was sure that  none of them had anybody like that girl to go home to…or to comfort them…or to encourage them.   She was different in a way that became quite apparent to me right off.  It was her patience and the calmingness of her voice.

I thought she was the woman’s daughter.  But I later found out that the girl was the woman’s daughter-in-law.  And I told the older woman how blessed she was to have such a person in her life, as that young woman who heads and shoulders above many people I have ever met.  There was something about her essence and spirit that spoke volums about her and her nature.  She was unique in all ways.  And I felt blessed to be there in same space with them.titian1111

These people were like David against Goliath in the form of the Social Security Administration Office of this country.  But I could see where they were already the winners in the form of their daughter-in-law whom God had blessed them with.  Upon leaving Staples I told the older woman so and that I had no doubt that they would emerge victorious against Social Security too.  I just felt it…based upon that girl.

Well, the history of our family is that we are all quite healthy.  Outside of those childhood illness we…none of us ever had to go to the hospital for anything…outside of a bike injury.  And in a prior blog I mentioned that my parents had 8 of us, children.

As a child I missed no school nor was I ever sent home because I was200168834-0011 sick.  During my college years…I missed some classes but they were never because I was sick.

So, to have my right hand to suddenly developed a severe trembling problem…  Well, yeah…it did concern me more than a bit.   About 2 hours later the trembling turned into my right hand seizing up on me.  Now, that was more than enough cause for me to become more than truly worried.  I was way past concern now.

Many times these things are just a warning sign for something much bigger.  It is important to be in-tune to your body.  And I knew that.

I tried my best to put together the pages of my class porfolio…of which I thought I was going to have to ask for some assistance to do.  Because the hand I use to do everything was suddenly not working…and I knew it was time to get out of that classroom and go directly to the hospital.  And that is what I did.

I had heard too many stories about how people began having experiences of oeprf0211various parts of their body either to the right side or the left side starting to act up and then BAM…they either suffered a stroke or a heart attack.

I did not know what was coming on…but I was not going to wait around for it to just happen to me.  No, I was not.  To the hospital I went…and I was there for all of 3 hours.

My speach began to changed.  I could barely answer questions asked me by the woman at the hospital window who asked me info.  And as they realized that 563597671something was happening…they took me right inside and began taking my blood pressure and a series of other tests including a CAT scan and blood work.

I was told that my blood pressure was high.  I know nothing about blood pressure as I have never had to consider it before.  Remember…I told you that I am healthy and have always been.   Well, almost…up to yesterday.

While I laid there waiting on the tests to come back and watching as the rolled people on stretchers by me, I began thinking-

“Thank the Lord, I am not in the state that they are.”

And then I began to praying to myself for everyone in that emergency room.

Here we are on our way to Christmas.  And I am just about finished with my classes and exams…and wow this happens.

But I didn’t lament my state…after all, all I had was a hand that now seemed to acting and do all the things it was supposed to while I was down in that emergency ward.

Have you ever noticed that?

Ever have a really bad tooth ache?

u250834191The thing killed you and kept killing you…until.  Until you walked into the dentist office to kill it.  Miraculeously no more pain.  Well, that is how it was yesterday.  I didn’t have any pain…but my right hand was just not working properly.  And then it just stop working at all…if froze up on me.  And continued to freeze up on me everytime I managed to get it back to working.

While laying on the stretcher awaiting my tests results I thought about David and how the Bible says-

“David encouraged himself.”

And I began to encourage myself…and I started singing to myself and praying that God would cover me.

My blood pressure went down…no medication…no shots and I was told that jp2006_00036541everything came back negative.  From that point on I was on my home.

And by the time I got into the house and started moving around…   Yes, you guressed it.  My right hand began to act up again.   Just as it is doing right now…but I pulled out my oil and anointed myself and did ‘what David did’ all night long.

I have never had high blood pressure in my life…  Well, except for yesterday.  But I guess it comes with the terrority.  You know aging or growing older.  Is something that you have to get used to…things not working as they used to…or various types of interruption in how they are suppose to operate.

I know a lot people some who died while I was still in grade school and some after graduation…and some after college.  So, I won’t complain.  I’m still around to tell the story…and to glorify the Lord.

Things always happen when you least expect them to…and always at the most un-oportune times.   Right on the last day of 2 of my classes…and when I had work to get out for both classes I loose control of my hand.  And had to fight against my body just to hand in my work.  But I got it in…a bit wriggled up…and not as neat as would have liked.  But I got it in.  And then I got to the hospital.

Be encouraged.  This too shall pass…and for God it is just a ‘light thing.’   I am in the very best of hands…and you can imagine who’s hands they are.

181660sdc1And I will be glad when finals are all over next week.  I can use a nice long sleep…and no more 8 o’clock classes.

God bless…and…

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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Obama’s Senate Seat up for graps…Blagojevich

Blagojevich Corruption Probe If they are not getting busted for fooling around on their wives…then its in a sting operation investigating fraud, shake-downs and/or corruption…and whatever else.Blagojevich Corruption Probe

2008_12_09t123207_450x347_us_blagojevich_crime1It seems that some politicians simply cannot learn.  They repeat the same old things over and over again.  From being caught with under aged male pages on Capitol Hill to sticking their feet into another man’s bathroom stall. 

What is the problem?

Democratics and Republicans alike…where are the morals?

Is there anyone who is not quilty?

edwards_and_maistress_reille2I used to think that John Edwards was a decent stand-up guy…a good husband and family man. 

Well, that is what it seemed.  He also seemed ginuwine…and a person you could really believe. 

Boy, was I way off base there.

The guy was an out and out liar…deceiver and cheat to his wife who was ill and battling for her life against cancer.  And on top of it all…in video footage he calls himself “Ken”….of the Ken & Barbie doll thang.  And grinning no less…as he said it.  Grinning into a mirror while combing his hair.

Now, enter the Govenor of Illinois….Rod Blagojevich.

Was the guy stupid or something?

He gets busted trying to sell off Obama’s seat in the Senate. 

Did he really need money that bad?

The feds actually have audio tape of phone coversation of the Governor seeking financial gain for himself and his wife behind the sell of Obama’s Illinois Senate seat.  Now, that is just plain dumb.

The Bible says they have eyes to see but they see not.  They s10591401have ears to hear but they hear not.  If someone had told him that it was a bad idea…he probably would not have listened to the person.  Because he had ears but could not hear.  And though he had eyes…and has seen other politicians go down for various reasons…yet, he could not see how trying to sell off Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder was both wrong and illegal…and that he might get caught.

Obama SenateThough Governor Blagojevich had a supposed list of 5 probable candidates inclusive of Jessie Jackson’s son, Jessie Jackson, III.  But  he was apparently fishing for some other fishs to add to his list…who had some deep pockets.

The question we should all ponder is-

“What causes people to want to just throw it all away?”

“Why do they want to just throw everything away?”

CLINTON INTERNBill Clinton did it not only with Monica Lewinski…but with all those other women he had been involved with before he even got to the White House as President of the United States.christine-beatty-kwame-kilpatrick2   He just continually kept risking it all.

Kwame Kilpatrick did it, the Mayor of Detroit...text messaging his aid whom he was having an intra-office affair with and was sending hot steamy text messages.

High level Democrats and Republicans  and small local politicians of both parties have been quilty of doing the same…be it was sex or other forms of illegal acts.

Some actors…some business people…some just plain ordinary people…have all ventured to just chuck everything away for something that you and I would classify as…nothing.  And it was for nothing considering who they were and what they had.

Countless governors have fallen from one sex problem after another over the past 2 years.

It seems that both sex and money are still seem still high on the charts as the number 1 and 2 down falls of people.   Sex and money continuously have been the number one and two corruptors of all times…even since the beginning of time.  Though I think that back in the earlier times ‘power‘ was also counted among money and sex.  But today it those with ‘power’ who keep falling into the pits…or some may say….the web of money and/or sex.

I understand the draw of sex…but I don’t know if I would let it sink my 01825741ship.  I can admit to this.  At one point in my life that sex was all I mostly thought about and desired. 

I am so happy now that I am  no longer in that trap.

I am now neither definded by sex…nor does it any longer rule me.

But then there is money…over a few dollars some people would give their lives…their profession…and their reputation.

Can money or sex have that much value…pull…or lure?

Can you be lured in by money or sex?

I have seen people get so far down with sickness where nothing…and I dos10574701 mean nothing…nothing mattered.  Not the car…not the house…not the kids….not whatever situation they had been going through a month ago…nothing.

It is when you see these kinds of things…you come to realize what is really important in life. 

The Bible says a good name is worth more than rubies.  I believe this…I don’t have much money.  I have never worked with money as my focus…and I have said ‘no’ to money many times.  I also have given away alot of money.05846251

s10283721I have been down to my last dime…walked out of a McDonald’s and seen someone who was hungry…and gave them both my bag of hot McDonald’s food and my drink.  All of which I had not touched.  But I figured they needed it more than I did. 

While I could go home and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…I realized that they could not….because they had no home.

No, I don’t value money

In a fire would you rush to get out…or would you rush to get you money071669112 stashed in the next room first?

I think in a fire…most people think about their lives first.  Everybody would vacate the house or building leaving most of their valuables inside.  Because as long as you live you can always make more money or obtain more valuables…get some more pictures etc.  It is true…whether you say so or not…at the end of the day you value your life over money or things.

That is why…when I have seen people get to the point where they are near death…I have also seen people to whom nothing else mattered outside of their current state.  This is how I have come to know the essence of life.  And it is not money…or things.

10762521And a good name is worth more than rubies.  And the stupidity of what that Illinois Governor has done will haunt him for a long time.  As does anythig which we have done or will do foolishly.

Well, we finally have seen our first real snow.  Wasn’t much…but I did have to shovel.   But then it is winter.

Still haven’t gotten a new furance…and thank goodness it has not been overly cold.  But the furance is coming.  God worked it out…  I am so glad that I know Him.   And believe me when I say…He has never let me down.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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Morgan Freeman…crying da blues…in divorce court


No…no…no…don’t get it wrong.  Don’t think I sit around with my head deep in the gossip sheets because ‘no that is not me.’ 

I really am not into that whole gossip thang.  But I do have a friend who every now and then calls me to share these little tidbits…and sometimes I just pass them on to you.  So, here goes…

There is this saying about a woman scorned…which I guess Morgan Freeman found out about the hurt way.

The following morning after driving into a ditch or hitting a tree down there morgan-freeman-divorcein Mississippi with a supposed old white woman right beside (who reports say was a friend of his wife), though some reports say ‘with his new younger girlfriend’…Morgan Freeman’s wife, Myrna Colley-Lee, of 24 years did wait to hit him with divorce papers.  

Before Freeman doctors had completed their morning runs or before Freeman had begun unwrapping his bandages….or before the Tylenol had a chance to wear off…BAM! 

He was served the divorce papers…right in the hospital as soon as reports starting surfacing about the accident…that very morning.  Broken ribs and swollen knee…leg lifted in the air or not…recessitate or not…Morgan’s wife did not hesitate to lower the hammer on  him with the papers.

And little wonder as the other woman was white, older, and she apparently

 had money…and at the time was said to have been a friend of Freeman’s wife. In a small Morgan Freeman And His Wife Are Splitting Because Of New Womantown…and Mississippi is loaded with them…it is hard to believe that Freeman’s wife hadn’t heard the rumors.  Maybe, she even knew it in the back of her mind…and might have refused to accepted it…until…  Well,  it finally hit her right in face…when old Morgan hit that tree. 

But when Freeman hit that tree…or rolled over into that back road ditch…it was all that they wrote for him as far as his wife was concerned…the movie script was completed.  He was on his way to divorce court.  And she couldn’t get him there quick enough.   That is what you call…a woman who had had more than enough.

Freeman’s wife is said to receive as much as over $40 million…some reports say over $80 million of Freeman’s fun money.  Had Freeman probably realized that his little night out on the town with his girlfriend was going to cost him so big…he may have…just might have…would have maybe thought twice about who he was playing with. 

However, I could see where the money probably hurts him worst than the injuries from the car accident…and that would really be sad.  Because it should be the fact that he has probably lost the best thing he will ever have…his wife of some 27 years.

That being said evidently his wife, Myrna was and is no joke.   When she made up her mind…it was made up…and she wasn’t waiting around for any meetings or mediation on the matter…not even for Morgan to heal from his injuries. 

Besides the money…more than that…he ended up loosing a beautiful woman.  In the end it is sad really…because I am sure she would have really perferred a loving, caring and faithful husband over the money…which when you think about it…she had already had the money….it came with being his wife.    Now, she gets a sizeable chunk of it…in her name only…without him.

Morgan whose net worth is reported to exceeds $80 million and up to a possible $170 millions based upon her now ex-husband’s investments.  In the deal his wife is expected to get…$7 million home the couple shared in the Virgin Islands…$5 million home in Alabama…and the $10 million Manhattan apartment.   The couple’s Los Angeles home and their Mississippi home Morgan is expected to keep.

Though the couple were reportedly already separated prior to the car accident…insult undoubtedly had been added to injury.  And it all became too much for his wife to finally bare.

Morgan, 71, is an Academy Award winner for his role in “Million Dollar Baby”…and everybody body remembers him as the driver in the movie “Driving Miss Daisy.”

It is amazing to me how people simply seem time and time again overlook what they already have.  That they already have the best thing in the world for them…and it is that person who struggled with them when the times were rough…and when they had nothing.

And to keep this from sounding more and more like a gossip colum…let me move on to this…

If you’re planning on being in DC for the Barack Obama’s Presidential inauguration come January 20th.  Maybe you should think about it again.   If you haven’t already booked a hotel or made other arrangements just yet it might already be way too late.  Because there is nothing available from Pennsylvania straight to the far parts of Virgina….uhm, say as far down as Virginia Beach...everything is booked. 

 And people are renting out their houses and apartments for as much as between $3,000 to $5,000.   Most bus companies have been booked out too…with lots of churches having already locked in their riders.  I wish I had thought about booking a couple of buses to sell out.  I know I would have had no problem.

The turnout to see Barack Obama get sworn in as the 44th President of United States of America is going to be sooooo big…it will probably beat anything that DC has every seen


including the March on Washington back in the 60’s when Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. gave his “I have a dream” speech.    They are expecting millions of people to make the trip.

I heard yesterday that the singer Odetta 73144_odetta1passed.  She was scheduled to perform during Obama’s inauguralap-us-singer-odetta-03dec08-1901.  A much younger Odetta had  also sung at the 1960’s march on Washington where Dr. King had addressed the crowd that had assembled.  She passed in New York at age 77 of heart diease

Well, have a good day…and.  Don’t know how I did on either exams but I am glad that their are down and now on to all the papers that I have do.  But at least I have been getting some sleep.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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P Diddy…does he really have it going on…or is it more hype than money

Okay…okay, already.  After reading my in-take P. DIDDYbox and seeing that people keep hitting this blog looking for info on Puffy…I mean P Diddy…I finally decided to do a little somethang somethang.  So, here it is.


It is not a secret that Sean Puffy Combs considers himself to be the real “Mr. Big.”   High rollerbig time spender and entrepreneur extraordinair…who happens to be personally responsible for creating such mega stars as Biggy Smalls, had a hand in Mary J. Blige’s career amongst others.  Little wonder Puffy as he was then known was on target for where he is today. 

The one time apprentice of Andre Harrell of Uptown Records….P. Diddy who once co-sponsored the party that ended in the death of at least 2 students during a party at Hunter College.  Puffy…or P Diddy as he now calls himself is raking in the green…and burning it up equally as fast.  Trying to keep up the image doesn’t come cheat.  And believe me it is all about image.sean-p-diddy-combs_2345621

From lavish yachts to high class resturants…and top shelf drinks…P might believe that he has it all.  Widely looked up to among the hip-hop world the former Howard University student who used to jump  Amtrak going back and forth between DC and New York City…now rides in nothing but style…try Bentleys for one…then limousines etc…

Though his claims as a bad boy for life may not really be true.  One thing for sure he is smart.  And has managed to reinvent himself a couple of times.  I must say that his production of Lorraine Hansberry’s play “Raisin in the Sun” was simply great. 

Though as a rule I think Piddy can’t act but based upon the reports of what he did to get him into being that character, which was the son who takes his mother’s money and throws it away and still somehow manages to emerge a champion…and finally does the right thing.  Well, in a word…good.  Puffy or Diddy or Sean…or whatever he calls himself…he did a very good job. 

The entire production was fabulous…which I thought would have failed badly.  But it did not because for one thing Diddy is a very smart guy.  And he really proved that he does take some things seriously…including where he places his money and trying to project a good image every now and then…like paying to produce quality work, such as ” Raisin in the Sun.”  

From restaurants to clothing lines to his own record label to reality TV show…and as you read below by CLICKING on the LINK…a car service for drunken stars.  He thinks of everything…that can make him ‘mo’ money.

In it all…one has to wonder…is he really happy?

I have seen over and over again how hard it is for people to find true happiness in life…when they have too much money.  It seems that money rules them…that it had been their aspiration and life focus.  But at the end of the day…it is not all about money.  Believe me.  In fact there are many things that money can’t buy.   And those are the things which are the most a raisin in the sun trailer 08important in life.  True respectlovea good familyhealthpeace of mind…etc. 

There is much that can be said about the free things in life…and it is so sad that they go so widely overlooked.   To me they have so much more value.

But we are happy for anyone who can find a balance.  Here’s to you and your balance in life.  Hold always…God first and everything else follows.

Well, have a blessed day.  And maybe Mr. P Diddy will find the ONE who really counts and has more value than gold.

Finally, got some rest last night.  Got 2 exams tomorrow.  So, I will be studying most of the night.  But God is good…and I am so happy that I know Him.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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More Dexter King drama 5…Thanksgiving jetlag…

That Dexter King is a greedy little boy.

dexter_king11What I have never liked about some people…I really have a distaste for people…grown children who can’t make it through this world without living on others…namely their parents. 

They have been educated…sent off to school.  But still they can’t make it on their own.  Or maybe they don’t want to.  They want everything that the parent has got…and actively set out to get it.  And many times while the parent is yet alive.

They desire to live off their parents…be it on the memory of their parents…on their parents earnings…or financial resources…or businesses.  Whatever it bld0502791is…and however it is.  They seek to do it.  If the parent has a business which the parent got started then the child decides they will take it over.  And they (if more than one child) set about removing the parent. 

That whole removing thang…is really the main problem.  Because if an aging parent is not careful the child or children will remove their name from off of their own bank accounts (the parent’s name from the parent’s bank account)…and off everything else if they can. 

And I am not crazy.  It is true. 

I have seen it first hand and have had documentation of it. 

574344741Over time the chid takes over handling all the parent’s personal business…the putting in or pulling money out of the bank for the parent.  They start writing the checks drawn against the parent’s bank account…at first supposedly taking care of the parent’s bills for them.  Which at first all might seem helpful and quite loving and attentive of the child.  And it may even be very convenient for the parent.   But parents beware.

It is a set-up for disaster. 

It is the biggest mistake any parent can make.  Before they know it nothing is their’s anymore…everything has been changed.  And the child has taken over. 

The parent will be standing around wondering how did it all happen?42-169055491

It hurts. 

Yeah…I imagine that it hurts really bad when you see the people that you breath life into…fed and clothed grow up to be your own worst enemy.  But it does happen.

It’s family matters. 

Sometimes it starts as the parent starts aging.  Sometimes it starts after one of the parents passes.  But it does happen.  And before long the parent will start fearing the child who now begins to terrorize them…and telling them that they aren’t dying quick enough.

It is sad.  And there is really no real way to protect against it.  It has to go to the nature of the child.  And oftentimes this nature is never revealed until it is too late.

king_siblings_r350x20011Enter Dexter King.  There was a point where his mother, Coretta Scott King, had removed him from being the head of the Martin L. King, Jr. Non-violence Center.  Dexter at that point claimed that she had done so because “they had had differences in opionions.”  So, it would seem that his only two remaining siblings image_53998251share those same differences now also.

The below articles only prove my point about ol’ Dexter boy.  CLICK on the LINKS BELOW to read.

What a shame.  Imagine how powerful he could be…if only he…and they could live up to the legacy.

Fees sought for King images on Obama items

 image_78443411T-shirts featuring President-elect Barack Obama and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. are shown for sale on an Atlanta street. The King family wants a share of proceeds from such items.

Who wouldn’t have expected black folks to create t-shirts and other merchandise with both Dr. Martin L. King, Jr and Barack Obama side by side. 

Are not they both icons in the black community?

Aren’t black folks equally as excited about Obama as they now celebrate Martin?

I can understand being ridgid about it…if say Nike was doing it.  But not just some brothers and sisters trying to spread the word and generate some bread (money to put food) on their kitchen tables.  I think Martin would be proud and properly smile about it. 

Imagine the long miles Martin L. King, Jr. walked.  The amount of churches he had to visit.  The number of OBIT KINGpreachers he had to try to placate just in order to get one little thing done. And to have it calumniate in a ‘Barack Obama.’ 

Oh, yeah…I know he would smile…and be proud to be on that t-shirt or that cap…or that carrying bag with his picture right up ther next to Obama’s picture. 

Baby…yeah….he smiling…

So, yeah…I think he would smile to know that some 40 years later…after his “I have a dream” speech that a tall tan black man would stand up in a square of Chicago and be accepting the nomination to be President of the United States.  In fact, he would not only be smiling…but poking out his chest…saying-

“Yes, I always knew it wasn’t going to be in vain.”

I know he would. 

I know that Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. be down right proud to be displayed on a t-shirt or on a baseball cap…or on a silk-screened carrying bay…his picture right there…right next to that of Barack.  And nobody can tell me differently…because I know Dr. King would be proud indeed.

As in the words of Langston Hughes…who wrote “A dream deferred.”  It ain’t deferred any more, baby.

And yeah…I said it. 

Dexter King is a very greedy little boy.   And I do mean ‘boy.’ 

Instead of trying to chase down folks and trying to get his share. He really should be out scouting down the best t-shirts and other merchandise and striking a deal for the copyrights.  Some of those t-shirts are fabulous.

Well, God bless.  Hope you had a great  Thanksgiving.

I am so tired I don’t know what to do.  I stayed up until 5 AM this morning working on a class presentation.  But I got it done.  Missed my 8 o’clock class though.  But the presentation went very well.  It was worth ax005-8091the bld0589471lost of a little sleep. 

Now, I can close my eyes…without having to worry if I will get up on time.  My next class is not until 9:25 AM tomorrow morning.  And I’m going to get some much needed sleep now.

And needed it is. 

I made 10 apple pies this past holiday and boiled the sweet potatoes for the 14 pies that my son made and baked.  We had more than enough…and we are still enjoying them.  Plus everybody got to carry home at least one apple and one sweet potato each.  We have a very larged and highly blessed familyAll praises be to God most high.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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