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December 1, 2008 bsmith101
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That Dexter King is a greedy little boy.

dexter_king11What I have never liked about some people…I really have a distaste for people…grown children who can’t make it through this world without living on others…namely their parents. 

They have been educated…sent off to school.  But still they can’t make it on their own.  Or maybe they don’t want to.  They want everything that the parent has got…and actively set out to get it.  And many times while the parent is yet alive.

They desire to live off their parents…be it on the memory of their parents…on their parents earnings…or financial resources…or businesses.  Whatever it bld0502791is…and however it is.  They seek to do it.  If the parent has a business which the parent got started then the child decides they will take it over.  And they (if more than one child) set about removing the parent. 

That whole removing thang…is really the main problem.  Because if an aging parent is not careful the child or children will remove their name from off of their own bank accounts (the parent’s name from the parent’s bank account)…and off everything else if they can. 

And I am not crazy.  It is true. 

I have seen it first hand and have had documentation of it. 

574344741Over time the chid takes over handling all the parent’s personal business…the putting in or pulling money out of the bank for the parent.  They start writing the checks drawn against the parent’s bank account…at first supposedly taking care of the parent’s bills for them.  Which at first all might seem helpful and quite loving and attentive of the child.  And it may even be very convenient for the parent.   But parents beware.

It is a set-up for disaster. 

It is the biggest mistake any parent can make.  Before they know it nothing is their’s anymore…everything has been changed.  And the child has taken over. 

The parent will be standing around wondering how did it all happen?42-169055491

It hurts. 

Yeah…I imagine that it hurts really bad when you see the people that you breath life into…fed and clothed grow up to be your own worst enemy.  But it does happen.

It’s family matters. 

Sometimes it starts as the parent starts aging.  Sometimes it starts after one of the parents passes.  But it does happen.  And before long the parent will start fearing the child who now begins to terrorize them…and telling them that they aren’t dying quick enough.

It is sad.  And there is really no real way to protect against it.  It has to go to the nature of the child.  And oftentimes this nature is never revealed until it is too late.

king_siblings_r350x20011Enter Dexter King.  There was a point where his mother, Coretta Scott King, had removed him from being the head of the Martin L. King, Jr. Non-violence Center.  Dexter at that point claimed that she had done so because “they had had differences in opionions.”  So, it would seem that his only two remaining siblings image_53998251share those same differences now also.

The below articles only prove my point about ol’ Dexter boy.  CLICK on the LINKS BELOW to read.

What a shame.  Imagine how powerful he could be…if only he…and they could live up to the legacy.

Fees sought for King images on Obama items

 image_78443411T-shirts featuring President-elect Barack Obama and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. are shown for sale on an Atlanta street. The King family wants a share of proceeds from such items.

Who wouldn’t have expected black folks to create t-shirts and other merchandise with both Dr. Martin L. King, Jr and Barack Obama side by side. 

Are not they both icons in the black community?

Aren’t black folks equally as excited about Obama as they now celebrate Martin?

I can understand being ridgid about it…if say Nike was doing it.  But not just some brothers and sisters trying to spread the word and generate some bread (money to put food) on their kitchen tables.  I think Martin would be proud and properly smile about it. 

Imagine the long miles Martin L. King, Jr. walked.  The amount of churches he had to visit.  The number of OBIT KINGpreachers he had to try to placate just in order to get one little thing done. And to have it calumniate in a ‘Barack Obama.’ 

Oh, yeah…I know he would smile…and be proud to be on that t-shirt or that cap…or that carrying bag with his picture right up ther next to Obama’s picture. 

Baby…yeah….he smiling…

So, yeah…I think he would smile to know that some 40 years later…after his “I have a dream” speech that a tall tan black man would stand up in a square of Chicago and be accepting the nomination to be President of the United States.  In fact, he would not only be smiling…but poking out his chest…saying-

“Yes, I always knew it wasn’t going to be in vain.”

I know he would. 

I know that Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. be down right proud to be displayed on a t-shirt or on a baseball cap…or on a silk-screened carrying bay…his picture right there…right next to that of Barack.  And nobody can tell me differently…because I know Dr. King would be proud indeed.

As in the words of Langston Hughes…who wrote “A dream deferred.”  It ain’t deferred any more, baby.

And yeah…I said it. 

Dexter King is a very greedy little boy.   And I do mean ‘boy.’ 

Instead of trying to chase down folks and trying to get his share. He really should be out scouting down the best t-shirts and other merchandise and striking a deal for the copyrights.  Some of those t-shirts are fabulous.

Well, God bless.  Hope you had a great  Thanksgiving.

I am so tired I don’t know what to do.  I stayed up until 5 AM this morning working on a class presentation.  But I got it done.  Missed my 8 o’clock class though.  But the presentation went very well.  It was worth ax005-8091the bld0589471lost of a little sleep. 

Now, I can close my eyes…without having to worry if I will get up on time.  My next class is not until 9:25 AM tomorrow morning.  And I’m going to get some much needed sleep now.

And needed it is. 

I made 10 apple pies this past holiday and boiled the sweet potatoes for the 14 pies that my son made and baked.  We had more than enough…and we are still enjoying them.  Plus everybody got to carry home at least one apple and one sweet potato each.  We have a very larged and highly blessed familyAll praises be to God most high.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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