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December 9, 2008 bsmith101
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Blagojevich Corruption Probe If they are not getting busted for fooling around on their wives…then its in a sting operation investigating fraud, shake-downs and/or corruption…and whatever else.Blagojevich Corruption Probe

2008_12_09t123207_450x347_us_blagojevich_crime1It seems that some politicians simply cannot learn.  They repeat the same old things over and over again.  From being caught with under aged male pages on Capitol Hill to sticking their feet into another man’s bathroom stall. 

What is the problem?

Democratics and Republicans alike…where are the morals?

Is there anyone who is not quilty?

edwards_and_maistress_reille2I used to think that John Edwards was a decent stand-up guy…a good husband and family man. 

Well, that is what it seemed.  He also seemed ginuwine…and a person you could really believe. 

Boy, was I way off base there.

The guy was an out and out liar…deceiver and cheat to his wife who was ill and battling for her life against cancer.  And on top of it all…in video footage he calls himself “Ken”….of the Ken & Barbie doll thang.  And grinning no less…as he said it.  Grinning into a mirror while combing his hair.

Now, enter the Govenor of Illinois….Rod Blagojevich.

Was the guy stupid or something?

He gets busted trying to sell off Obama’s seat in the Senate. 

Did he really need money that bad?



The feds actually have audio tape of phone coversation of the Governor seeking financial gain for himself and his wife behind the sell of Obama’s Illinois Senate seat.  Now, that is just plain dumb.

The Bible says they have eyes to see but they see not.  They s10591401have ears to hear but they hear not.  If someone had told him that it was a bad idea…he probably would not have listened to the person.  Because he had ears but could not hear.  And though he had eyes…and has seen other politicians go down for various reasons…yet, he could not see how trying to sell off Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder was both wrong and illegal…and that he might get caught.

Obama SenateThough Governor Blagojevich had a supposed list of 5 probable candidates inclusive of Jessie Jackson’s son, Jessie Jackson, III.  But  he was apparently fishing for some other fishs to add to his list…who had some deep pockets.



The question we should all ponder is-

“What causes people to want to just throw it all away?”

“Why do they want to just throw everything away?”

CLINTON INTERNBill Clinton did it not only with Monica Lewinski…but with all those other women he had been involved with before he even got to the White House as President of the United States.christine-beatty-kwame-kilpatrick2   He just continually kept risking it all.

Kwame Kilpatrick did it, the Mayor of Detroit...text messaging his aid whom he was having an intra-office affair with and was sending hot steamy text messages.

High level Democrats and Republicans  and small local politicians of both parties have been quilty of doing the same…be it was sex or other forms of illegal acts.

Some actors…some business people…some just plain ordinary people…have all ventured to just chuck everything away for something that you and I would classify as…nothing.  And it was for nothing considering who they were and what they had.

Countless governors have fallen from one sex problem after another over the past 2 years.

It seems that both sex and money are still seem still high on the charts as the number 1 and 2 down falls of people.   Sex and money continuously have been the number one and two corruptors of all times…even since the beginning of time.  Though I think that back in the earlier times ‘power‘ was also counted among money and sex.  But today it those with ‘power’ who keep falling into the pits…or some may say….the web of money and/or sex.

I understand the draw of sex…but I don’t know if I would let it sink my 01825741ship.  I can admit to this.  At one point in my life that sex was all I mostly thought about and desired. 

I am so happy now that I am  no longer in that trap.

I am now neither definded by sex…nor does it any longer rule me.

But then there is money…over a few dollars some people would give their lives…their profession…and their reputation.

Can money or sex have that much value…pull…or lure?

Can you be lured in by money or sex?

I have seen people get so far down with sickness where nothing…and I dos10574701 mean nothing…nothing mattered.  Not the car…not the house…not the kids….not whatever situation they had been going through a month ago…nothing.

It is when you see these kinds of things…you come to realize what is really important in life. 

The Bible says a good name is worth more than rubies.  I believe this…I don’t have much money.  I have never worked with money as my focus…and I have said ‘no’ to money many times.  I also have given away alot of money.05846251

s10283721I have been down to my last dime…walked out of a McDonald’s and seen someone who was hungry…and gave them both my bag of hot McDonald’s food and my drink.  All of which I had not touched.  But I figured they needed it more than I did. 

While I could go home and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…I realized that they could not….because they had no home.

No, I don’t value money

In a fire would you rush to get out…or would you rush to get you money071669112 stashed in the next room first?

I think in a fire…most people think about their lives first.  Everybody would vacate the house or building leaving most of their valuables inside.  Because as long as you live you can always make more money or obtain more valuables…get some more pictures etc.  It is true…whether you say so or not…at the end of the day you value your life over money or things.

That is why…when I have seen people get to the point where they are near death…I have also seen people to whom nothing else mattered outside of their current state.  This is how I have come to know the essence of life.  And it is not money…or things.

10762521And a good name is worth more than rubies.  And the stupidity of what that Illinois Governor has done will haunt him for a long time.  As does anythig which we have done or will do foolishly.

Well, we finally have seen our first real snow.  Wasn’t much…but I did have to shovel.   But then it is winter.

Still haven’t gotten a new furance…and thank goodness it has not been overly cold.  But the furance is coming.  God worked it out…  I am so glad that I know Him.   And believe me when I say…He has never let me down.

…pass it on…’ www.bsmith101.wordpress.com

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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