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December 12, 2008 bsmith101
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1574r-231271…when you can least afford them.

Yesterday, while finishing up on my all nighter trying to push out an essay paper for one of my classes and a presentation…suddenly my right hand began trembling.  Shaking like maybe I was nervous or something.   As first it began gradually I was not overly concerned.  But  then the shaking got a bit worst…as I had seen in the hands of some elderly people.

I thought back on my father’s hands and how later in his life he had develop this problem of his hands shaking.  I can’t imagine what he felt or thought when it first came on.  But daddy never complained about anything.

I know he also never sought medical treatment or consultation on it.   He was just not that kind of person.  Though he never said it, he was always concerned with the taking care of his family and he never let anything interfere with that.

The day before yesterday I was at Staples getting copies made for my class presentation staples21project, when I happened to observe an older woman and the young girl who was assisting her.  At first I thought that the girl was her daughter.  This young girl kept encouraging the older woman through her process of making over $30 worth of copies.

The young woman and the older woman informed me that the older woman who was disabled was being challenged by Social Security which claimed that they had over paid her by $9,000.  The older woman was tired, nerves were acting up, and I realized fic00921that she would have probably felt defeated had not it been for the young woman with her.  She kept assisting the older woman with such a calming voice…telling her-

“You just sit down and I’ll do it.  You know what Grammie would say.  What would she 1013-200335-0112say?  Huh?”

Then the young woman answered her own question saying-

“God will take care of it.”

I was very much taken in listening to their conversation between themselves.  I was taken by the younger woman.   As many people who may work for Social Security…I was sure that  none of them had anybody like that girl to go home to…or to comfort them…or to encourage them.   She was different in a way that became quite apparent to me right off.  It was her patience and the calmingness of her voice.

I thought she was the woman’s daughter.  But I later found out that the girl was the woman’s daughter-in-law.  And I told the older woman how blessed she was to have such a person in her life, as that young woman who heads and shoulders above many people I have ever met.  There was something about her essence and spirit that spoke volums about her and her nature.  She was unique in all ways.  And I felt blessed to be there in same space with them.titian1111

These people were like David against Goliath in the form of the Social Security Administration Office of this country.  But I could see where they were already the winners in the form of their daughter-in-law whom God had blessed them with.  Upon leaving Staples I told the older woman so and that I had no doubt that they would emerge victorious against Social Security too.  I just felt it…based upon that girl.

Well, the history of our family is that we are all quite healthy.  Outside of those childhood illness we…none of us ever had to go to the hospital for anything…outside of a bike injury.  And in a prior blog I mentioned that my parents had 8 of us, children.

As a child I missed no school nor was I ever sent home because I was200168834-0011 sick.  During my college years…I missed some classes but they were never because I was sick.

So, to have my right hand to suddenly developed a severe trembling problem…  Well, yeah…it did concern me more than a bit.   About 2 hours later the trembling turned into my right hand seizing up on me.  Now, that was more than enough cause for me to become more than truly worried.  I was way past concern now.

Many times these things are just a warning sign for something much bigger.  It is important to be in-tune to your body.  And I knew that.

I tried my best to put together the pages of my class porfolio…of which I thought I was going to have to ask for some assistance to do.  Because the hand I use to do everything was suddenly not working…and I knew it was time to get out of that classroom and go directly to the hospital.  And that is what I did.

I had heard too many stories about how people began having experiences of oeprf0211various parts of their body either to the right side or the left side starting to act up and then BAM…they either suffered a stroke or a heart attack.

I did not know what was coming on…but I was not going to wait around for it to just happen to me.  No, I was not.  To the hospital I went…and I was there for all of 3 hours.

My speach began to changed.  I could barely answer questions asked me by the woman at the hospital window who asked me info.  And as they realized that 563597671something was happening…they took me right inside and began taking my blood pressure and a series of other tests including a CAT scan and blood work.

I was told that my blood pressure was high.  I know nothing about blood pressure as I have never had to consider it before.  Remember…I told you that I am healthy and have always been.   Well, almost…up to yesterday.

While I laid there waiting on the tests to come back and watching as the rolled people on stretchers by me, I began thinking-

“Thank the Lord, I am not in the state that they are.”

And then I began to praying to myself for everyone in that emergency room.

Here we are on our way to Christmas.  And I am just about finished with my classes and exams…and wow this happens.

But I didn’t lament my state…after all, all I had was a hand that now seemed to acting and do all the things it was supposed to while I was down in that emergency ward.

Have you ever noticed that?

Ever have a really bad tooth ache?

u250834191The thing killed you and kept killing you…until.  Until you walked into the dentist office to kill it.  Miraculeously no more pain.  Well, that is how it was yesterday.  I didn’t have any pain…but my right hand was just not working properly.  And then it just stop working at all…if froze up on me.  And continued to freeze up on me everytime I managed to get it back to working.

While laying on the stretcher awaiting my tests results I thought about David and how the Bible says-

“David encouraged himself.”

And I began to encourage myself…and I started singing to myself and praying that God would cover me.

My blood pressure went down…no medication…no shots and I was told that jp2006_00036541everything came back negative.  From that point on I was on my home.

And by the time I got into the house and started moving around…   Yes, you guressed it.  My right hand began to act up again.   Just as it is doing right now…but I pulled out my oil and anointed myself and did ‘what David did’ all night long.

I have never had high blood pressure in my life…  Well, except for yesterday.  But I guess it comes with the terrority.  You know aging or growing older.  Is something that you have to get used to…things not working as they used to…or various types of interruption in how they are suppose to operate.

I know a lot people some who died while I was still in grade school and some after graduation…and some after college.  So, I won’t complain.  I’m still around to tell the story…and to glorify the Lord.

Things always happen when you least expect them to…and always at the most un-oportune times.   Right on the last day of 2 of my classes…and when I had work to get out for both classes I loose control of my hand.  And had to fight against my body just to hand in my work.  But I got it in…a bit wriggled up…and not as neat as would have liked.  But I got it in.  And then I got to the hospital.

Be encouraged.  This too shall pass…and for God it is just a ‘light thing.’   I am in the very best of hands…and you can imagine who’s hands they are.

181660sdc1And I will be glad when finals are all over next week.  I can use a nice long sleep…and no more 8 o’clock classes.

God bless…and…

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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