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Blackwater…72 hours…homeward bound…

It will be interesting to see just how many other crooks pull out of Iraq now thatBlackwater contractors the Bush Administration has been retired.

Because Blackwater was not apart of the U.S. military their agents were allowed to reek havoc and do pretty much as they pleased without oversight during their course of stay in Iraq.  During which allegations of murder and various type of other abuses clearly hung upon that organization’s head.  Under contract with U.S. State Department, now under the leadership of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, Blackwater’s contract had been renewed last year in April 2008…but how quickly things have changed.

Contracted to aid in providing peace and safety in Iraq, Blackwater, a North Carolina based company, proved to be and do very much the opposite…leaving in their wake some 17 known killed civilians is what the Iraqi government called a ‘massacare.’  Which included men, women and children…of which Blackwater was found to be at fault…and of which Blackwater was given immunity from any prosecution.

The U.S. State Department had hired some 25,000 para-military groups such as Blackwater engaged in Irag…as alleged private security.  Most of them are nothing more than a bunch of  mercenaries and hired killers…and thieves…with nearly everyone of them over their in Iraq trying to create their own fortunes.

I am sure that Halliburton and other Cheney/Bush compadres…the rest of the crooks that have been looting and robbing…and plundering not only Iraq but the United States government and taxpayers, as wellI am sure they will all be next. 

Can you imagine allowing a company…such as Haliburton…that has been exposed to having submitted bogus invoices totaling millions of dollars and double billing was allowed to keep a government contract…no fines…no nothing…not even a warning?

Well, God bless…

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Serena Williams…. the top paid female athlete… Cha-Ching!

b_williams_29_411Serena is on her way…she made it through the women’s semi-finals.  If she wins it will Serena Williams 4th win in the land down-under.  She won her semi-final match 6-3, 6-4.    If she continues to win, Serena stands to become only the 2nd female athlete to have eclipsed over $22 million in prize money earnings.

Even if Serena were to loose the Australian Open…she has already with her total winnings thus far…including what has won already in Aussie land this past week is $22 million.  And to think that in the first tournament she ever played…she received just a mere $250.00.  But I guess it was enough to continue to motivate both her and Venus and master their craft…and they did it without the help of any professional coaches…just some little known guy they called ‘daddy.’ 

Serena Williams of the United States celebrates after winning over Russia’s Elena

Dementieva during their Women’s singles 

semifinal at the Australian Open tennis

championship in Melbourne, Australia, Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)

And I am so happy to see that Serena nor Venus take any junk from anyone trying to disrespect them.  You have to watch the embedded videos below to understand just what I mean.  It is refreshing.  And what makes it even more refreshing…is the fact that it was done without cursing and swearing…or getting mad…but showing that a good intellect is worth its weight in gold. 

Clearly the parents of Venus and Serena Williams, Richard and Oracene Williams,  should be highly applauded.  They have taught their daughters well.  And through it all they have remained close and protective of each other…though they have had their share of folks who have tried to tear them apart including agents, professional tennis coaches…and rival forces etc.  Hooray, for them.

Well, it snowed again the night before last…then came the sleet and the rain.  So, it is pretty slippery.  But while shoveling I happened to meet a young man who was out trying to earn money by shoveling people’s sidewalks.  Mine was just about done when he came upon me but one of my neighbors…a new family…I had 17763651noticed that they really didn’t care to shovel.  So, I told the young man to try them.  And he did…and he got the job. 

You would have to have seen the job that he did.  It was very well done…and he was quite pleasant as occasionally I would speak to him.  When he finally got his money and turned to leave…I called out to him saying-

february_magazine11“I look forward to seeing your face upon the cover of Black Enterprise magazine.”

And to my surprise he was what he said back to me-

“And you will.  My name is Mingo Patterson.”

And I said to him-

“Undoubtably you possess the same spirit as Barack Obama.”

He kind of grinned at me…and slowly said-

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

“And that is why he is the success that he is today.  And I am sure you will be too,” I said to him as he dashed a way to search out another sidewalk to shovel.  And I am sure he will be…because he possessed all the right qualities.  Success takes hard work…and people who are willing to get up and go after it.  And those people do everything they do…well…and they do it with all diligence without respect of cost or pay.

There is nothing like money earned…and earned well.  It turns everyday folks into the future entreprenseurs…millionaires and executives of tomorrow.  It cannot be 410sb_aa0002_0011beat…nor substituted for…it really can’t.

There have been a lot of great opportunities for young people who wanted to…to get out and make some money this winter.  Almost everybody is tired of shoveling except me.   I love it.    And I just keep thinking…’how I am shoveling my parent’s property.’     That makes me feel real proud…to know that I am doing something for them in their absence.

Well, God bless…

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Venus out in Melbourne… Non-Believers controversy

        Sent packing Thursday following her lost to the number 46th seed woman in the tennis world, Carla Suarez Navarro of Spain, Venus Williams, rated number 6 in the world, was thought to be the woman most likely to emerge as winner on the Women’s  Singles side in the Australian Open…but following her 2-6, 6-3, 7- 5 whipping at the hands of the Spaniard in the second rounds of the tournament that brought an abrupt end to that hope and casted it totally into the wind…Venus…  Well, she took it hard and… 

It was all they wrote for Venus who has yet to win a single championship in the great ‘down under.’    But all may not yet be lost…as there is still the   Women’s Doubles…where Venus and Serena are a very strong team and are presently doing  quite well.

It is amazing how time truly flies…Venus is now 28 years old.  It seems like only yesterday that 2 little black girls stepped out on the world tennis stage leaving  tons of bodies in their wake…with white beads all in their hair beating them across their young gleeful faces while they overpowered the field female opponents, both young and old, with phantom speed and might.

Serena on the other hand moved right along until…   Well, she wasn’t sent packing…but her pride was a bit…   Well, she had to sweat through  her second round…6-3, 7-5 victory over Gisela Dulko of Argentina.

One year younger than my son, Serena having been born on the 26th of September 1981…who at the tender age  of 14 turned a professional tennis player.  My…amazing.  And she has already won the Australian Open 3 times…2003, 2005, 2007…seems she likes odd years.  She just may pull it off again.  Cha-ching!

And along with Venus…she too has her own line of clothes…that story is in one of the LINKS BELOW.,25197,24954548-16143,00.html

First it was those black folk who questioned Obama’s blacknesss.  Then those

Accountable to what?

For what?

To who?

We didn’t create him.  We didn’t feed him.  We didn’t send him to college…didn’t sit with him and tell him-

“Boy, you better study.”

We never told him –

“I’ll be there for you, Barack.”

Now, you want to hold Obama ‘accountable’ to black folks because of what?

Because he is black?

I didn’t hear anybody say they wanted to make George Bush accountable for nothing.  And if ever there was a person that that should have been done to it was him.

Now, here comethe black brethren of the Cloth…upset because in his first speech to the nation during his inaugural…Obama said these words-

“…Christian, Muslim and non-believers.”

They are upset because ‘non-believers’ was included in that speech.  Rather than to have enjoyed one of the highest moments ever in Black  History and American History period…they sat around like a bunch of old hens knit picking.

How very sad for them.

That whole very beautiful event that took place this past Tuesday when a black man was sworn in as the 44th President of this country just totally flew over the top of their heads because of ‘non-believers’ being spoken.

When the #1 man in the world became a black man…they sat around poking out their lips and mumbling about 2 words…‘non-believer.’ 

The #1 man in the free world is a black man…Commander and Chief of our country and armed forces.  I am just curious as to what in world part of that  they fail to understand? 

Perhaps, they are too filled up with their own self-importance…or supposed importance to get to the real significance of this whole thing. 

He is the President.   Barack Obama…he is the President of the United States of America…he doesn’t take orders or anything else from anyone…and particularly a bunch of dis-satisfied and highly disenchanted old men sitting around looking for things to complain about…because somebody has reached a higher level than them. 

He is the President of the United States.  Barack Obama is President of the United States…and in case they don’t know…that is higher than any CEO…any CEEO…any board of Presiding Bishops…higher than anything outside of God.   And even God recognized the law of the land…and told us to ‘give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.’   That includes respect.

 He is the President.  Not chump…whipping boy…or somebody those men should be sitting US President Barack Obama signs his first act as president, a proclamation, after being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States during the inauguration ceremony in Washington on Tuesday (Reuters photo) around trying to analyze every word in order to find fault.


I have never been able to understand people who try to bury their heads in the sand and want to pretend like something is not there…or does not exist.

Just who caused prayer to be taken out of our schools?

Who have had the court houses around this country remove from their walls, edifices and corridors  the 10 Commandments?

Who has been seeking to have removed from the face of American          currency “In God we trust?”

Yes, them.  Those people…those very people whom Barack Obama dared to make mention of in his inaugural speech.  They are real.  They do exist…and in growing numbers.  Those…those non-believers…atheist

Get your head out of the sand, gentlemen.  The world did not stop turning because President Obama included them in his speech.  They are here…and I suggest that you go after them not Obama if you really want to make a statement…and stop letting those people corrupt and change everything to suit themselves. 

You gentlemen are on the wrong side of the battle ground…but then I do understand.  There is only one Barack Obama…and tons of them.  Yes…I clearly understand.

On a higher note… Obama’s approval rating for his first couple of days in office is out…and he gets high marks.  Best since Kennedy.  You can read more on that…CLINK on the LINK BELOW.,0,7660072.photogallery

Well, God bless…

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True to his word…Let the Presidency begin..

Already getting started President Obama signed the order to close Guantanamo Bay, 22obama-60011the high security prison housed on the shores of Cuba…where thousands of detainees had been stored and warehoused since post-9/11…not to mention where they had been tortured by the Bush Administration.

Obama also ordered a review of all the trials and then placed a banned upon the harsh methods of interrogation used to extract information from detainees within that prison.

The behavior of the Bush Administration concerning enemy combatants and those ph20090121040881thought

 to be enemy combatants…or possessing information went against the Geneva Convention concerning the handling and treatment of detainees, combatants and non-combatants.  The time has long been overdue for Bush’s policies regarding such matters to change…and the standards lifted once again as to how America carries herself.

The problem, however, that arises with the closing of Guantanamo Bay is what to do with all those angry prisoners?

And, yes…I can see them being very angry…particularly those who may have been housed in that high security prison system for years now…who may have been innocent of any wrong doing.  But are now more than ready to blow America to smittereens due to what happened to them.  That is what a bunch of bad policies can do.  It creates long time and hardened hatred…and lasting enemies

Two semesters ago I had to pay a visit to the court house in regards to some family matters.  While before the judge…I was ordered to put my hands behind my back.  I could not imagine what was going on.

They were arresting me…and the charge was…  Well…  ‘Not serving Jury Duty.’

The only problem here was…was that I had served my jury duty.  Not only there but in New York a couple of years earlier. 

I protested before the court.  I called it an ‘outrage.’ 

I called it an ‘injustice.’

I proclaimed my innocence

But no one heard me.   In fact, they took my actions for a joke. 

I was outraged.  

I was enraged….I was mad…insulted…and had been made to be embarrassed. 

And I knew while I sat down in that cold jail cell after they un-handcuffed me and bent to remove the shackles…that that day was going to be revisited.  And I knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt.   Because yes…I had already made up in my mind that I was going to sue them.

So, I can understand the outrage and anger of people treated badly or unfairly…and those even treated in such as way…without due cause.  You don’t forget.

Well, Hillary Clinton is looking happier these days…and certainly more confident.  And Hillary Clintonthere is little wonder.   Today she was sworn in as Secretary of State.   

Though Hillary was indeed truly a heated contender in her fight to the White House…it is evident that the President saw something in her.  Perhaps he admired her aggressiveness…or maybe her doggit determination.  I imagine that these type of qualities are much needed when dealing various world leaders and other big time politicans.  If so…then she certainly has all the right credentials.

…and in a vote of 18 to 5 of the Senate Finance Committee Timothy Geithner was approved as consideration as Treasury Secretary of the United States of America.  Now, his confirmation goes up for  a full Senate vote in order for him to take over that position.,1,3732593.story

Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn her name from consideration as the replacement for Hillary Clinton’s old Senate seat, as the Senator from New York.  Though the Governor of Caroline Kennedy has dropped out of the New York  Senate race.New York, David Patterson, had been toying with who his decision would fall upon…he has now allowed too much time to slip by.  What seems to me…should have been a fairly easy decision by way of choice…he now longer has. 

Having spent much of her younger years growing up on 5th Avenue in New York…I am sure that Caroline would have brought much to the State of New York.  Whatever the reason…it is New York’s great lost.  Too bad it was not seized upon earlier…it might have made a difference.

Boy, it is amazing that little Carline Kennedy is now 51 years old.   Seems only like yesterday when she and her brother, John, were the 2 little kids in the White House.

CLICK on this LINK  BELOW to see how Obama’s team is shaping up and where they currently stand in the process of their confirmations.

Click to view image detailsIBM set to lay off  800 employees.  

I bought an IBM computer a few years back…but haven’t seen any more of them around since.  So, I knew that IBM had folded her hand in the desktop business.  But who knows what IBM sells any more? 

UNIX…Servers…LINUX…Power Systems…massive digital storage systems… 

So, I guess IBM is still pretty much in the computer industry…and as they have pretty much have been in the past…more corporate use…and less commercial consumer use.  Maybe, IBM needs to get it’s feet back into the everyday consumer market again.

Well, God bless…

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National Mall


came by bus…

some by train….

some by plane…

some by car…



but they got there.

Some late in the night…

some in the wee hours of the morn…

some by daybreak…

some by noon…

some by midday

some by the time it was nearly through….

some at the end…

but they got there.

Some lined the streets…

USA-OBAMA/some sat on ice cold street curves…

some bundled together…

some crowded the gates…anxious to get in.

Some cried…Inauguration A Nation Gathers

some cheered…

some screamed…

APTOPIX Inauguration A Nation Gatherssome shouted ‘GLORY!’…



and some

 just gave

 God glory.

Some came in furs…

some in overcoats and gloves…

some with ear muffs and thick heavy scarves…

2009_01_18t173947_450x317_us_usa_obama12some in knitted caps…

some in baseball caps…

some in sneakers…

some in boots…

but you made it there.

Some white…

some black…r8811551501

Obama Inauguration


USA/OBAMA/some Native American Indian…

some hispanic…

some jew…

some italian…

some polish…r7005136172

some russian…

some african…

some jamacian…

some asian…

some muslim…

some christian…

Some young…

some old…

r30956757631some yet unborn…

some nearly able to walk…

some barely able to stand…

but they got there.

Some travelled through r14372078281the night…

some caught early morning flights…

but they got there.

Some slept in cars…

some in hotels…

some in motels…

some with friends…

some out in the streets…

but they got there.

Some came by faith…

some motivated by desire…

some by history…

some by pride…

some by curiosity…

but they got there.

Some will remember…

some will forget…

some will cherish forever

what this day truly meant…

              but they got there.

Though history many not relay it with all of its glory…

it may not be kind…

some facts left behind…

but you were there…

you made it there out of  ‘no way’

Through pain…shame,

heartache and

 chains…somehow we made it


So, some

travelled by car…

some from afar…

some said ‘no matter how far’…

hours…years…centuries…bondage…hangings…whippings…and burnings…


we made it…

we were there.

But you were there…you

and some

million…zillion other folk.

You made it  there…you and some 2 million

and more poured into that place…that city…those streets…those sidewalks…

the corner stores…

the restaurants….

the Mall of Lincoln Monument…

places that used to not seat us…

feed us…

or give us a place to rest…

You were there…

praising and singing  ‘We’ve Come This Far By Faith’

to see the dream…

no longer deferred…

to see the courage…

and the pride…

the trust…

the hope…

and to see the promise rise up like Moses…

and the Red Sea once again stand on end…

and destiny again be



Now, you fill the rest in…
CLICK the LINK BELOW to see and hear Martin L.
Jr.’s prophesy regarding an African-American
President in the United States.

At it again…Venus and Serena WILLIAMS

Serena Williams

Sorry, Venus and Serena…I am just too filed up thinking  about Some… the future…the events of  these past couple of days…about our new President…our new First Family…and this country…to pay much attention to tennis right now.  But you keep doing what you are doing…winning.  

You can read how they…Venus and Serena are at it again…CHa-CHiNG!

Australian Open
Tournament Prize: $20,600,000.00    Should I say it again?                                                                                    CHa-CHiNG!
Well, God bless…
Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on”

National Mall

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First Lady…Michelle…Inaugural wardrobe

Obama InaugurationOkay…okay…   I have gotten the message.  

Everybody wants to see what Michelle Obama was wearing today during the inaugral of  her husband, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.  There has been so much talk about what Michelle would be wearing and who made it…that…  

Okay.  I too have been bitten by all the talk. 

However, I am not a fashion anything.   So, don’t expect much from me.  But she looked fabulous.

So, here you are…feast your eyes…Obama Inauguration

 Absolutely stunning. 

There can be no doubt that the President has  much to be proud of when he looks upon his beautiful wife.   What a great pair they make.   No country could have better…or any 2 people more meant for each other.

The yellow suit dress First Lady Obama wore to the Presidential Inauguration was made by a Cuban born seamstress by the name of Isabel Toledo. 

Her gown for the Inaugural Balls was made by a young designer named Jason Wu.





For those of you who are really into this fashion stuff…these are Michelle’s  shoes in a low angle shot of her gown…which was made of ivory silk chiffon, embellished with crystal rhinestones and silver thread embroidery…etc…etc…  Really sounds like something to behold.  clip_image002,29307,1872698,00.html

Well, God bless…

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I had never heard a group that I thought more should have made it than these girls.

The Jones Girls…I really didn’t play much by them when I was on the radio…basically, because I was not the one programming the radio stations that I worked on back then.  But if I had…

It is hard to say exactly why their career as a recording group didn’t take off.  It certainly was not because they couldn’t sing.  Because they could definitely sing.  Nor was it because  they didn’t want it bad enough…because they did.   Nor was it because they were from the wrong place…because they came from the Motor CityDetroit.   And everybody comes out of Detroit.    Stevie Wonder is from Detroit…the  Clark Sisters are from Detroit…Rance Allen…Aretha Franklin…Temptations, Diana Ross, the Supremes…Motown…etc…  Almost everybody comes out of Detroit.

In fact, when I first saw or heard of the Jones Girls they were on tour with Diana Ross.   They were so good it was hard not to notice the singers backing up Diana in that show.  And then Diana showcased them…and I have never forgotten their names since that night.  They were more than just talented…far more.  And far better than just good.

diana-ross-photograph-c121463521And even the Boss Ms Ross knew it…who was far from being shabby herself that night.   And so didn’t Motown to have packaged the Jones Girls on tour with their diva of all divas at the time…Diana Ross.

So, then what happened?

I don’t know.   But whenever I hear ‘Nights over Egypt’….I think of them…those Jones Girls.

It sadden me to read last year sometime while searching the internet 1980for something or other at the time….that one of the Jones Girls had passed some years ago.  And more surprising was the fact that she had died supposedly…based on the information I was reading…that she had died from sclerosis of the liver…due to alcoholism. 

What a sad end to a story I would have thought would have ended otherwise.

Valorie Jones died in Detroit on December 2, 2001…she was the valorie-jones-911middle sister of the Jones Girls.  She was 46 years old.

Have another young nephew who will be heading to DC for Obama’s inauguration on Tuesday.  And I am so happy.

It is so important for our young children to know that nothing can hold them back…block them…or stop them from achieving success in their lives but them…themselves.

2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverI believe in successful living…and living well.   And to do that is very hard to achieve…today…without a good education.

There is something about accomplishments that make you feel goodView Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBy all over.  No wonder Barack Obama’s smile is as pretty as it is….he has managed to achieve one accomphishment after another.  And he never let anything hold him back…or let anybody tell him that ‘he couldn’t.’

 The sky is the limit.  Set your goals and start working towards them now…you just may surprise yourself. 

But remember to be deligent in everything that you do.  And never let anything bearing your name not be done to the best…or to its  highest level.

Well, God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009  

For history on Diana Ross CLICK LINK BELOW.

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He loves her…

Gang Yun my Chinese friend with whom I have an exchange with…she helps me with my Chinese and I help her with her English.   It is a nice little exchange…’ni hao.’

We were having a slight discussion one day when we happened to hit upon Obama…whom she had shared with me before that she knew little about since she was not able to vote being that she is an exchange student upon the campus…and had not paid much attention to all the campaign stuff.  But to my surprise she did have this to say-

“He love he wife.”

Then she went on to say-

“He love her.”

The one thing that no woman has missed about Barack Obama and that is how much he loves his wife. 

Not how much he seems to love his wife…but how much he loves her.

Double CLICK to view the screen below…ignor the text on screen.

There was never a time that Barack Obama hit a stage and his wife was anywhere michelle-and-barack-obama-americas-next-first-couple1near…that he didn’t have a hand on her. 

She never came onto the stage or left it…without Barack Obama kissing her first.

It is so refreshing to see a man who truly loves his wife.  And it is not a thing that went pass any woman watching the Presidential Primaries or the actual race to the White House.  Everywoman who looked on knew that…and somewhere it clicked into the back of her mind…‘that man loves his wife.’

It has to be nice to know that you have a man who truly loves you.  And that he loves you so much that he has to connect with you no matter where he is at. 

When Obama finished delivering his acceptance speech in Grant Park in Chicago following him being proclaimed the winner of the prize beyond all prizes…President of the United States of America.  As his wife and children joined him on stage…Obama turned to his wife and you saw his lips form these words…

“I love you.”

Michelle had her arms around his neck and listened to him as he continued to speak to her…and then you saw Michelle hug him to her.  And you realized at that moment that those 2 people were in for a journey of the greatest magnitude…and that they would only have each other to console and help to hold it together… and to aid in seeing it through to the end.

 And without a doubt…she loves him. 

And he loves his children and his mother-in-law.

We are blessed to have them.  And thank God they have each other.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009

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Water problems… Foreclosure…

It is freeeeeeezing. 

I have been up half the morning trying to get the oven to light up.  And finally it got started…but then I went to turn on the faucet and nothing came out.

Oh, nooooooo!

The pipes can’t be frozen…I left the water running all through the night.  I only turned it off at about 9 something this morning.  I rushed to the bathroom…the hot water was running but the cold water….

I started praying.  

There was no way I could stay in my parent’s house without water.  Then I thought maybe the water had been turned off…and the only reason the hot water was running was because it was what had been left the hot water tank. 

But I kept praying…and trying the cold water faucets.

And finally the cold water started running a little tiny bit…then a little bit more…and finally it gushed through.  I had come so close to the water pipes freezing.   So, bright me…I went upstairs to the vacant apartment upstairs which has been vacant since one of my sisters moved out a couple years ago.  I went up to check the water upstairs…the kitchen and the tub faucets worked…but there was no oemen0341water in the toilet and the basin faucets didn’t work. 

So, I left the 2 faucets that worked running a little…only to be walking downstairs and hear what sounded like water dropping in the basement.  And that is exactly what it was…water was running out of a pipe. 

And all I could think about was how was I going to pay for this?

First, the furance and now this.

And then on top of everything else…I had gotten a letter last week from the lawyer of the mortgage company saying-

“We’re in possession of the property.”

Could it get any worst.  But I am a believer…my faith and trust is in God.

I had already gotten an injunction against the mortgage company and had filed a complaint against them…Citifinancial or CitiMortgage as they call themselves are crooks.  The unfortunate thing is that many people do not know how to go into court and file their own complaints against these companies.  If they could some of these companies would think twice about some of their practices and their treatment of people.

But I will not complain.  As cold as it is…it is still not as cold as it was in this house last winter when the gas had been shut off.   Without gas…there was no hot water in the house.    So, I can bare this…as long as I have hot water.  But now this water problem…that could be questionable.  

But I am believing and trusting in the Lord.

I used to go to auctions…and still do.   But I no longer seek out distressed property.  Because I now realize who the people were who were distressed before that property became distressed.  If people stopped going out to bid on auction property many of these mortgage companies would work harder with people to keep their 284533sdc1property from going into foreclosure.

So, no…now I no longer go to view or bid on distressed property where people were forced out of the property and cast out into the street.   No, I do not want any property like that.  And I am determined to fight for my parent’s property.

I know that there is nothing free.  Bills do have to be paid.  And I understand extenuating circumstances…and many times there are extenuating circumstances behind why people fall behind in their debts.  Everybody is not trying to get something for nothing.  And not everybody is trying to take advantage.  But many people have this attitude about everyone in foreclosure…and it is just not so.

Whatever your circumstances I pray that God opens a door and pours relief into your situation.  There is nothing worst than worrying over something that you have already put into your mind that you are on the loosing end of.  I serve a mighty God…you should try Him.   He was the one…not me who  got that injunction against CitiMortgage…and it was an unbelievable situation.  The lawyers never showed up. 

The judge then sent me out and had me to have them re-summon to court a second time.  And the 2nd time the lawyers failed to show up again.   I know it was God.   I have never been in court where the lawyers didn’t show up.  Lawyers, of course, get paid to appear in court for their clients…but they did not on these 2 occasions…and they probably still got paid.   But I got the injunction…and I have no reason to believe that God did that just so that later on I would loose my parent’s house.  

No, I do not.  I don’t think so.

Be encouraged.

I can’t believe the pipes upstairs are burst.  It never dawn on me to go upstairs and turn on the water up there to keep those pipes from bursting too.   And I would not have realized that the pipes had started to freeze if I had not gone to fill back up the pots I have been boiling on the stove with water…with the hope of aiding in keeping the kitchen to stay somewhat warm.  If  it hadn’t been for that…man…   Thank the Lord.

I don’t care about the pipes upstairs right now…just as long as the pipes down here are not affected.  It just means one more thing I will have to get fixed later.  But first things first…and that is…get my parent’s property totally out of foreclosure first…and settle all the legal matters that need to be settled on this property.

It is soooooo cold.  

I have not been keeping up with the weather…because who wants to 261si_ap0010n0011sit up in a cold house watching television?

But I was just sitting up trying to type this…and my baby toe on my left foot started freezing.  It has to be terribly cold outside.   And if you know anything about a cold house…it is always colder inside than it is outside.

Once, Iwent to visit someone…I can’t remember for what but I think it was during a time when I was doing door-to-door sales.  The woman answered the door…both she and her husband were wearing coats inside the house and I could tell why.  Their house…or apartment…whatever it was was freeeezzzzing.  And I really couldn’t see at the time how they could bear it.  But I understand now…you do what you got to do when you have to do it.   And you do it when you can’t do any better.

God bless…

Boy, what I wouldn’t do to be cuddled up in front of a big beautiful warm cabin fire…right about right now.   That day is coming.  But for now…I am happy to be here…on and in my parent’s property…just keeping watch over it. 

But I will tell you one thing…living in an apartment…and trying to maintain property are 2 different things.  Having for the most part grown up in this house until my parents decided to purchase a second house…one that was bigger by at lease 9 additional rooms and sat on a hill overlooking water.   But my father did everything.

I could not imagine marrying a man who couldn’t do anything. 

Daddy was the plumber…the electrician…dry-waller…painter…wall paper hanger…automobile mechanic….bike fixer…    Daddy was eveything…including a great cook, great  Kool Aide, lemonade and ice tea  maker…ice cream maker…gardener…   Wow, there was  nothing that daddy couldn’t do.

I obld0484751nly wished I had recognized it before…I might have bought him less neck ties and socks…and more of  more expensive things.  He truly was worth it…and so much more.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009 

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Interesting… Obama…Martin L. King, Jr’s Holiday… History

I think that it is interesting that Martin L. King, Jr’s Birthday Holiday should be celebrated the day before Barack Obama is to be sworn in as President of the United States of America.   It is funny to me just how things seem to line up…as if in some kind of historical order.

Considering the years of fighting it took to get Martin L. King, Jr. recognized as an American hero and then to have a day proclaimed in his honor was no light feat.  Stevie wrote the song…Jesse preached about it…the Black Caucus voted on it…the NAACP said it must be…and black folks agreed upon it.  And finally over time it was done.  The Federal Government of the United States of America proclaimed it to be so…Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Holiday the 3rd Tuesday of every January since 1986, signed into law by President Ronald Regan.

I have decided not to go to Washington, DC on Tuesday…not because I would not like to be there. But to be there simply to say “I was there”…is really not a good reason to be going. But to say…

“I was there to see the manifestation of years of struggle and sacrifice combined with hope come to life…in the life, breath and limb of Barack Obama.”

Now, that would be a good reason for going. I am happy that my family is 0893637a-bf61-43f1-9165-e7cb02cef476rp420x4001being represented in the form of my sister…who is definitely going to be one among many to see and hear Barack Obama take his oath and take his place in the corridor of American History as the 44th President of the United States of America. It is exciting.

Upon having gone down to Memphis this past November for the Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ, my son told me how he Martin Luther King was shot here Small Web view.jpgvisited the Lorraine Motel, the place where Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968 at the age of 39.

My son said that the day that Martin L. King was shot that the black men around him had refused to allow anything to be touch.  So, the hotel room that Dr. King stayed in was exactly the way he had left it upon leaving his room that day…the cars and everything are in the exact same spot that they were in when Dr. King was assassinated.   And that the site is now a National Museum.

From that time to this…this country has only celebrated the life of one black man though thousands have died through the course of the building up of this country into a nation.  Most of the greatest inventions in this harriet21country have been invented by unrecognized fallen black heros and she-ros.  The highest bounty ever put upon the head of a Wanted person prior to the 1900’s  was put upon the head of Harriet Tubman$40,000 Dead or Alive, in 1852…due to her travels back and forth into the South bringing with her on her numerous trips over 300 slaves into freedom via the Underground Railroad.

When Tuesday comes there is much to be reflected upon…many memories to be thought of.  Some tears I am more than sure…shall be shed.  And they shall be tears of joy…promise…and more hope.

There is much to be thankful for.  I am so happy captcpsodk40071108163921photo01photodefault-512x3361that Tuesday is coming and I look forward to it with much hope and anticipation for my nieces, nephews and my son…and his and their families for futures to come.

God bless America.

Just found out that another one of my sisters is going…and that she will be taking one on my nieces and nephews.   This is so great…we will talk about it for years to come.   Washington, DC will never be the same…nor this country.  Change is on the way.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009

CLICK LINK  below to hear Bill Cosby speak on Meet the Press regarding Obama.  I read in the transcript of that program that Bill said on Election Day he barackobamacampaignsaheadsupertuesdayrw9hneqsas-l1took with him into the voting booth a picture of his father, his mother and his brother, Russell who had passed at the age of 9.  Then Bill said he pulled their pictures out of  his coat and spread them before him and said-

“We’re going to vote now.”

I think that is so beautiful.

On Election Day…I took my ballot and wrote upon the face of it the full names of my mother, father, my grandmother and great-grandmother…and cast my vote in their names…as well as, my own…and for the sake of our family history in this country.

CLICK the LINK BELOW to see and hear Martin L. King, Jr.’s prophesy regarding an African-American President in the United States.

Well, God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009

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Benjamites… concerned…

A few years ago…really it has been more like….many years ago a friend had a conversation with me concerning the town that he grew up in.  He told me something which totally surprised me and of which I bld0463591have never spoken about until now.  He said-

“In the city where I grew up…the older men would have sex with all the young boys.”

He said this to say…that the older men in his hometown preyed upon the very young boys in that town.  And I knew without asking…that he had been one of those young boys.

It is hard to believe that such things could happen…and that such things could possibly go on. 

Could you call it sexual perversion?

Or some kind of sickness?

I have been looking around town and I am seeing more and more young girls involved in lesbianism…and gay young men.  One day while shoveling the snow last week 2 young women just happened to pass by…and I could see that one of them could have possibly have been gay.

I have to clarify this just a bit…I don’t want to say that she was ‘gay‘…because I have a friend who accuses me of ‘always calling everybody gay.’   It might be a bit hard to believe…but even I have had to come face to face with it. 

And you know what?

Yes, I am a bit homophobic.  Gay most of my life…and now finding is989-0781myself homophobic…and if the truth be told…I have always been so.  There is no rhythm nor reason to it.    I am odd…to some degree.  I really am.

So, I work hard at trying not to be homophobic…and I don’t think I am homophobic in the classical sense.  Not as most people know or understand homophobic to be.  But because once I came out of the life…I had even become somewhat scornful.  And that is the problem with sin.  I have seen it in people who were involved in drugs or alcohol.   They are quick to hurl words like “that ol’ crack addict’….or ‘that ol’ bum’ or ‘ol’ drunk.’

Yes, falling into scornfulness once you come out of being something  yourself…is quite easy.  And it is a danger.

I felt for my friend and have felt for him for many years.  He seemed to always be in need of validating his manhood.  And I have no doubt that it was because of his early experiences.  Those men were paedophiles.

As children we have no power to dictate what will or will not happentfl0011 to us.  The only power we have is over our future.  There is much we might have liked to have changed in our past…but that time is gone.  And there were things and times we would love to take back and changed even today.  But that too may be impossible. 

Some children carry guilt with them forever.  And really we all do…we are just not as scared as some other children are or were.  But we all have been scared…and no matter what anyone says-

“We do carry these scars forever.”

However, I could see that one of the young ladies, of the 2 who walked by as I was shoveling… by her apparel seemed to be dressed a bit…well…shall we say ‘non-feminate.’   Which is something you really cannot go by today…since78631-12lc1 a lot of girls are choosing to wear their clothes baggy and with pants hanging down too…like most of their male counter-parts.  Something which I may address later…as I have much to say on the matter.

 So, lets say she looked ‘AG.’    I learned that this past summer from a couple women friends of mine in New York.  It stands for ‘aggressive.

So, I thought as I had glanced up and saw the 2 young women that they might have been ‘gay.’   A few minutes later the non-AG one came walking back alone but along beside was a car of guys trying to talk to her as their car drove  beside her…and I heard her say-

“Yeah, but my girl….and my girl…my girl…”

And I knew that that was what she called her friend…the other girl whom I had seen her with earlier.  But in my day we called them ‘our lover.’  But everything changes over time…even me..  And I am so happy that I am.

But I have noticed increased numbers of gay people…perhaps it is 558428041that I am more keyed in to them than most people.  I don’t know…but it seems to be on a raise.   And I have to be concerned. 

I am not concerned because I am afraid of gay people…or that I have a fear that they are seeking to turn the world gay…or that there is some master plot or plan somewhere.   No, that is insane.  

My fear is for my friends…those whom I left ‘in the life.’   People whom I loved…and shared many good times with.   Women who help me to grow up and mature…and how to celebrate my ‘femininity.’  4270511Not all women in the life are hard core and butchy…far from it.  And I feel for the young boys and girls who are falling into a lifestyle…that I used to be in.  I am concerned about them.

I had fun while I was in it…but I was never happy.   I thought that was who I was…but it was not.   It is funny I always felt that I was happy though…but I never knew how unhappy I was in that life until God pulled me out it.

I have heard many proclaim that it is a ‘gene’…a ‘sickness’…a ‘chromosome.’  But I know it is none of those things.  There are many desires we fall prey to.  Many things that we become curious about.  Things we seek to find out more about…experiment with.  They are choices that we choose to make.  To do…or not to do…that is the question?

When I used to hang out, I used to hear the gay guys talking and 759105101laughing about the guys they used to pick up.  The joke was they 558426341would go out to find the most manly men they could find only to take them back to wherever…and the men would lay down and throw their legs up in the air looking for the gay guys to do them.  The gay guys would do what they call ‘howl’…they would howl on end at that.   Meaning they laughed themselves almost to tears…because they found it to be so funny.   And I imagine it was funny.

After all the gay guys were the ones who were ostracized for being ‘gay.’   And here were these big burly mucho men…quick to lay down and give it up in a heartbeat.  Which reminds me of my cousin, Vincent, who used to tell me stories. 

Vincent told me how he used to look out his apartment window and 200246043-0011see the telephone man up the pole…how he would catch the man’s attention then with his finger indicate ‘come here.’   He said the man hurried down the pole and into his apartment. 

Vincent told me of another time…when the UPS man delivered a package to his apartment and how he had invited the UPS man in for a cup of tea.  And I am sure that you can guess the rest.

These stories may seem a bit amusing to you.  But what they show is that there is something wrong…and it is not always with those whom you or many others would chose to blame.  Gay people take the wrap for ar1216052161many things.  But they are not the culprit…nor does the fault lie within them.  But, however, it is those people who would never call themselves ‘gay’…who parade around as though they did not indulge in such things…and are the biggest perpetrators.  It is these people who prey upon children…not gay people.  Like all those old men in that town where my friend grew up…men who had families and pretended to be both godly and honest decent…upstanding men…while all the while ruining the lives of young children.  These people who prey upon children are paedophiles…they are sick beyond understanding. 

They are Benjamintes.

There is a book in the Bible…and at the end of this book there is this story about a priest who goes after this harlot which has left him to return to her family.   Claiming to love her so much that he couldn’t do without her, the priest goes after her and upon setting out to return to wherever he came from…it turns dark.  And he decides to turn into a city of his own people feeling that he and his woman will be safe there for the night.  While there the priest encounters an old man who invites him to come and spend the night in his home…as he informs the priest that it is not safe to sleep in the streets of that city. 

Shortly after the man and priest enter into the old man’s house…a group of men pay a visit to the old man’s home.  They bang on the door and demand that the old man send out the priest…so that they ‘may have their way with him.’  It was a sad story…that ended in the woman being casted out into street to the men who had come seeking to have sex with the priest.   That city was not Sodom or Gomorrah.  Those men were men of Benjamin…they were Benjamites.  And that city was plagued with morbid men corrupt in their nature.

I don’t know what has prompted me to write this.  It is hard to do so…but it is not anti-gay…if anything it is anti-those who pretend that they are not something much worst.  And unlike that woman years ago who came out against homosexuality…I have bxp363411forgotten her name (Anita something or other…the one who  caused gay people everywhere to ban drinking orange juice back in the ’70’s)…and it was soon discovered that it had all been because she had found out that her husband was gay.  I am not her…I don’t have those kind of problems.  But I am concerned  about some things.

Maybe it is that I am concerned about how gays are always under attack.   Or maybe I am concerned about all the lies concerning homosexuality and lesbianism.  Or maybe I am concerned about all the confusion in this world.  Or perhaps I am just confused as to what I really concerned about.

I don’t even know if this thing even will make any sense to anyone.  I really don’t. 

Perhaps, I am just too analytical.

I loved my cousin Vincent dearly.  He was more manly than most men…yet I know for most of his life he had to fight being jeered and bld0502701called names because he was so effeminate. 

One night late while returning to his apartment a woman screamed out in the distance and my cousin Vincent went running to save her.  He grabbed and threw down the man who had been attacking and attempting to rob and possibly rape that woman.  And he held that man down on the ground until the police came.  No one gave him a metal.  No one put a star on the walk way outside where he used to live.   He went running in the dark to recue a woman who had screamed out into the dark of night for help.  He did what a lot of men…so-called ‘real’ men would not have done…and he did it without thought of injury to himself.   That was the kind of person he was.

Vincent was the kind of guy who held the door open for women to walk through.  He would pull out your chair so you could be seated.  He helped women with their coats…and he would get up out of a seat to offer his seat if he saw her standing.  He was a gentlemen…worth more than 50,000 bld0502691or more of the so-called real men

He would give the shirt off his back to friend or a stranger…and family.  He was always giving…and quite caring.  Quite handsome and always nice…and friendly.  I never once saw him angry…though I had seen him hurt.  And knew when he was in pain.

Vincent died from A.I.D.S. many years ago…and I am sure that when those men, the telephone man and UPS man…finished their day’s work whatever day that was when they paid Vincent a visit…that they went home to their wives or their girlfriends…pretending.

Speaking of which, I went to dinner the other night with my son and one his church friends…a young lady.  They told me a slightly amusing story about another church girl.

“Oh, she don’t know God didn’t bless her with that car so she couldn’t drive nobody nowhere,” said my son’s friend who was out with us.

Then she dropped the bomb saying how their mutual church friend had just got a brand new car and was out driving one day.  The girl told how my son and her mutual friend just happened to come across this boy whom she used to go to school with many years ago.  So, seeing the boy was walking the girl offered him a ride to wherever he was going.

So, the boy got in…the girl then commence to ask the boy if he wasbld0547751 interested in watching a movie and how she would cook him some dinner.  The boy agreed and while the girl was in her kitchen throwing together the pots…cooking turkey wings, macaroni & cheese, warming some greens, making corn bread and things…the boy came and told the girl that he had felt something down in her car.  So, she gave him her car keys.

Yes, the boy stole the woman’s car…while she was busy as a bee singing and humming to herself as she slung together her pots cooking…and thinking about what she was hoping to get in between the movie. 

Now, how foolish was that?

As the girl at our table continued to talk…she began talking about herself and how she only ‘likes older men.’  Now, I am my son’s mother and we are out with a friend of his whom he just happened to offer if she would like to join us.  I don’t know but when I was growing up there things that I would have never talked about in the company of one of my friend’s mother. 

I find young women today lacking.  They seemed to be overcome by bld0406181a strong desire to only have sex…and if they are not having sex then all they want to do is talk about it.   They consume themselves and their conversations with nothing else. 

The young lady who had joined us at the restaurant was suppose to be in church…and her friend that they, she and my son had told the story about…the one who’s car was stolen.   Well, she was the church secretary.   Their minds are as corrupt as everyone else’s.  The issue of sex is such a huge issue…even in the church.

There is indeed much to be concerned about.   And I am, therefore, concerned…

God blessand thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009 

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Condoleezza Rice…the clock is ticking…

Well, she has decided that she is ready to go back to life in the regular ph20081126037891lane…forget the fast lane…or the jet lane.   No, she doesn’t want that any more.   She is tired of all the lights…TV cameras and microphones being thrown into her face….and everybody holding their breath for her every word.  She is giving up getting up early on Sunday mornings to go Meet the Press.  She has finished shaking the hands of State leader  after State leader.  No, she is giving it all up to now go to greeting college students. 

Yeah, it is back to teaching.  And I can only believe she will be looking forward to it.  

But after a while will she still enjoy it?

That is the question.   It is hard to believe that going back to teaching will be something that will able to hold her for long.  After having the life that she has lead for the past 8 years…can you really go back to teaching and ever be satisfied again?

rice-sarkozy-460_791014c1One thing you can really respect about Condoleezza Rice besides her poise, brains and quiet professionalism…is the way she has managed to keep her private life out of the media.  Having such a high profile life…it could not have been easy at all.   Because I am sure that they have all been looking…to spot Condi and somebody. 

But she mastered it…somehow.  Because I am sure that she has not spent the last 8 years alone.  When you are in the eyes of the world….somebody in going to try to catch your attention.   So, I am sure that there have been many suitors vying for her attention.   Yet, somehow she managed not to get tangled in one media story after another over her love life and who she was or is dating now. zoranphoto1 

And on top of it all…no one will ever be 04-09-2008_rice-300x2251able to say…that she did not do her job well.

“Bravo to you, Madam Secretary of State.”

And good luck at Sanford….I am sure your classes are all going to be quite full with long waiting list of students waiting on stand-by to get in.

I really admire another thing about Condoleezza Rice…and this whole new breed of black folk who are in positions of power and prestige.    They are no longer afraid or ashamed of their blackness.   They  love who they are…and celebrate their lives and history as black folk in America.    And we do have much to be very proud of…years and years of it…and all kinds of black folk who lit our way. 

Besides walking the halls and grounds of Sanford University…I am sure that there are plenty of book deals waiting on Condoleezza Rice.  And I am sure that she has many rich stories to relay…without the lost of her dignity or integrity.  You can just tell that about her…can’t you?

Everybody should not be allowed to have a gun permit and I don’t care who they are.

u192197001Saturday I was in the beauty salon getting my hair done when this peddler came in.  He was towing a suitcase loaded with incense, oilsmed70206011 and various special soaps.  I had seen this guy for many years and never said more to him than ‘hi’….or him to me.

But on this particular day he took a seat beside me and began talking to me as if we went way back as friends.  He began to tell me how he and his wife had broken up a couple of years ago and how foolish she had been.  To my surprise I had known his wife…and he knew that.   I didn’t really know that this guy knew me.  But he not only knew me, but one of my brothers and my father. 

Needless to say, I was quite surprised by all of this.   But what surprised me even more was when he lifted up his jacket and showed me a pistol he was packing on his side.

I don’t like guns…and I don’t trust people who carry them.

After having seen this guy for years standing out on the streets peddling his wares I never once thought he had a gun…or anything u164958301close to a weapon on him.  I never really ever thought the guy was…   Well, was all there…if you know what I mean.   There was just something about him.  He never smiled…and certainly never seemed to have much of a personality.

The person whom he had been married to…  Well, I was surprised when he told me that she had been his wife.  I wouldn’t have thought that she would have married someone like this guy.   Not that I knew him…but he just didn’t seem to have much going on.  And she was nice and smart…and not someone who I thought would have fallen 000094bs1for a guy such as this guy.

But the guy went on talking to me about his gun.  How he could pull it apart and how quickly he could put it back together again.  How he had taken it apart when he boarded the train to come back to our town…and how he had wrapped it in a special plastic so that it would not be detected. 

This guy was dangerous.

Then he started pulling out his gun permits.    Yes, I did say gun permits.

All of this this guy did…and he had never in his life every spoken to me before.  And he did this while he continued to talk to me about his wife.  Needless to say…when he finally got up and I thought about it over a few hours…I have come to the conclusion that that guy was a walking time bomb.   And that the clock was ticking…

Because I could hear and see that he was depressed over the divorce of his wife…and he was walking around carrying a very dangerous weapon.

bn2690561We never know from one moment to the next…who we are standing beside or what they are going through.  In the world we live in today with all the problems of people being out of work, laid off, job closing, forclosures, evictions, divorce, separations etc…etc… there are a lot of time bombs walking around.

I really don’t want to come across the guy again…because I recognized that he was unstable as well as being dangerous.

Well, it is beautiful today.  Still plenty of snow and ice though.  And all I can think about is how nice it is not have to get up for any more 8 o’clock classes…in fact classess at all.  I am so happy…I just keep smiling….‘free at last…free at last…thank God, I am free at last.’

God blessand thank you for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009 

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