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January 7, 2009 bsmith101
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Well, my son just called telling me he just checked into his hotel.   Now, I can gets10483141 00345721some sleep because they made it okay.  It’s after 3 AM and I am not really sleepy right now.  Can never sleep when I want too…it is called menopause.  It’s not so bad though…I don’t flare up and get mad all of the 08268661sudden.  Not yet…at least.   Though there might be some who would probably argue that point.

Now, that I wrote that a couple of nights ago…it is now 6:30 PM and my son just called and said he is just below Baltimore now…on his way home.   And they had a wonderful time in Winston-Salem, NC.   And he said he didn’t have to put on a coat or jacket the whole time.  Which is definitely not the case here…and a snow storm warning is in the news for later tonight.

Now, on to the Roland Burris issue.  He seems to be caught between a rock and06burris5-6001 a hard spot.   But legally speaking…technically Rod Blagojevich is still the Governor of Illinois.   And as such he does have the right to place into the vacated seat of Barack Obama anyone whom he choses.

However, it is too bad that he didn’t just do that in the first place rather than go around seeking someone to pay him for Obama’s Senate seat.   An act which shall surely go down in the history books as one of the dumbest things anyone has ever done.

Blagojevich’s act was so outrageously stupid that one has to wonder how in the world did he or his wife ever conceive it…much less believe that they could get away with it with all the attention on and around Obama…and anything that has or had to do with him.  (you can read the story on Blagojevich in a prior blog…

It is just too bad that Mr. Burris had to suffer the insult of being rejected today when he showed up in the Senate Secretary’s office.  Hopefully, since Diane Feinstein has put her seal of approval upon him others will follow suit…and but an end to this glaring Illionois problem.

Hope that you and all of yours came through the holidays happily.

Just the evening before my son hit the road he got a call from the sister of a friend of his.  She had called to tell him how her sister was in New York getting into the car with a woman who was her mother-in-law…when a car rode directly s10694541in the mother-in-law killing her immediately.  The car sped away from the scene…and my son called me and said-

“Ma, I hung up.  I couldn’t hear the whole story.  I just couldn’t.”

All I could think about that story was this…besides feeling sad as I had met the woman…but all I could think of was how she had almost made it into 2009.  How she had gotten so close…almost a day away.

From one moment to the next we never know what incident might happen in our lives that will alter everything.   Enjoy your life and thank God for every moment of it.

God blessand thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009

It is really amazing…we are already 6 days into 2009.

I could not resist adding the below video enjoy it.


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  • 1. coffee fiend  |  January 7, 2009 at 7:24 am

    it’s crazy what Blagojevich has gotten away with already… he’s an international embarrassment

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