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January 17, 2009 bsmith101
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Gang Yun my Chinese friend with whom I have an exchange with…she helps me with my Chinese and I help her with her English.   It is a nice little exchange…’ni hao.’

We were having a slight discussion one day when we happened to hit upon Obama…whom she had shared with me before that she knew little about since she was not able to vote being that she is an exchange student upon the campus…and had not paid much attention to all the campaign stuff.  But to my surprise she did have this to say-

“He love he wife.”

Then she went on to say-

“He love her.”

The one thing that no woman has missed about Barack Obama and that is how much he loves his wife. 

Not how much he seems to love his wife…but how much he loves her.

Double CLICK to view the screen below…ignor the text on screen.

There was never a time that Barack Obama hit a stage and his wife was anywhere michelle-and-barack-obama-americas-next-first-couple1near…that he didn’t have a hand on her. 

She never came onto the stage or left it…without Barack Obama kissing her first.

It is so refreshing to see a man who truly loves his wife.  And it is not a thing that went pass any woman watching the Presidential Primaries or the actual race to the White House.  Everywoman who looked on knew that…and somewhere it clicked into the back of her mind…‘that man loves his wife.’

It has to be nice to know that you have a man who truly loves you.  And that he loves you so much that he has to connect with you no matter where he is at. 

When Obama finished delivering his acceptance speech in Grant Park in Chicago following him being proclaimed the winner of the prize beyond all prizes…President of the United States of America.  As his wife and children joined him on stage…Obama turned to his wife and you saw his lips form these words…

“I love you.”

Michelle had her arms around his neck and listened to him as he continued to speak to her…and then you saw Michelle hug him to her.  And you realized at that moment that those 2 people were in for a journey of the greatest magnitude…and that they would only have each other to console and help to hold it together… and to aid in seeing it through to the end.

 And without a doubt…she loves him. 

And he loves his children and his mother-in-law.

We are blessed to have them.  And thank God they have each other.

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