Blackwater…72 hours…homeward bound…

January 29, 2009 bsmith101
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It will be interesting to see just how many other crooks pull out of Iraq now thatBlackwater contractors the Bush Administration has been retired.

Because Blackwater was not apart of the U.S. military their agents were allowed to reek havoc and do pretty much as they pleased without oversight during their course of stay in Iraq.  During which allegations of murder and various type of other abuses clearly hung upon that organization’s head.  Under contract with U.S. State Department, now under the leadership of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, Blackwater’s contract had been renewed last year in April 2008…but how quickly things have changed.

Contracted to aid in providing peace and safety in Iraq, Blackwater, a North Carolina based company, proved to be and do very much the opposite…leaving in their wake some 17 known killed civilians is what the Iraqi government called a ‘massacare.’  Which included men, women and children…of which Blackwater was found to be at fault…and of which Blackwater was given immunity from any prosecution.

The U.S. State Department had hired some 25,000 para-military groups such as Blackwater engaged in Irag…as alleged private security.  Most of them are nothing more than a bunch of  mercenaries and hired killers…and thieves…with nearly everyone of them over their in Iraq trying to create their own fortunes.

I am sure that Halliburton and other Cheney/Bush compadres…the rest of the crooks that have been looting and robbing…and plundering not only Iraq but the United States government and taxpayers, as wellI am sure they will all be next. 

Can you imagine allowing a company…such as Haliburton…that has been exposed to having submitted bogus invoices totaling millions of dollars and double billing was allowed to keep a government contract…no fines…no nothing…not even a warning?

Well, God bless…

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